Krisztian Ajandok

510-Krisztian Ajandok

510-Krisztian Ajandok woged

Actor: Carsten Norgaard
Gender: Male
Type: Anubis
Service of: Black Claw
Relationships: Dead Oscar Vasicek, associate
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Throat ripped out by Monroe
Languages known: German

Krisztian Ajandok (June 12, 1970-February 12, 2016) was an Anubis who appeared in "Map of the Seven Knights".


"Map of the Seven Knights"Edit

He and his associate, Oscar Vasicek, showed up at the former home of Josef Nebojsa in search of a trunk that contained several valuable items, including twenty Grimm diaries. Andrea Stroh was in the middle of doing an appraisal, but Krisztian aggressively grabbed her and pinned her up against a wall to get her to tell them where the books were. She told them they'd been taken to Felix Dietrich's antiquarian shop in Leipzig, Germany, and Krisztian let her go. Andrea then expressed her disapproval over her rough treatment, and the two men then woged and killed her.

Krisztian and Oscar then made their way to the book shop, which they tore apart in search of the books. The phone started ringing, and Krisztian picked it up and answered, pretending to be someone who worked at the shop. Monroe, who was looking to speak to Felix, told Krisztian to just tell Felix that "Monroe called," and Krisztian then repeated the message over and hung up.

After flying to Portland, Krisztian and Oscar tracked down Felix in his hotel room, where they killed him, though not without a tremendous fight put up by Felix that resulted in both men suffering some injuries. Oscar's injuries were much more severe, however, as he suffered a serious wound from a bite to his right arm. Krisztian decided to call an ambulance, and he killed at least one of the paramedics himself to prevent him from reporting the incident to the police. The men left the scene and headed to a cargo company to retrieve the trunk of books that had been shipped overseas, information they'd found from a shipping order in Felix's hotel room. However, just upon finding the trunk, the men were interrupted by a furious Monroe, who woged and warned them that they shouldn't have killed his uncle. Kristzian and Oscar woged, and Krisztian went after Monroe, leaping from various shelves and going to the ground with Monroe. Monroe was able to quickly gain leverage as the two wrestled on the ground, however, and he ended up on top of Krisztian and killed him by ripping his throat out.


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