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Konstantin Brinkerhoff

Konstantine Brinkerhof


Actor: Roger Bart
Gender: Male
Type: Wildermann
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot by Hank Griffin
Job: Wesen psychiatrist
TV Show: "Big Feet"
Mentioned: "Bad Moon Rising"

Konstantin Brinkerhoff was a Wildermann that appeared in "Big Feet".


"Big Feet"Edit

121-Brinkerhoff controlling inner Wildermann
He was an identity doctor for Wesen that could not control their inner creature selves. His form constantly rippled rather than fully wogeing because he had learned to control his inner Wildermann.

Brinkerhoff's preferred method for helping counter one's woge was the "talking cure," encouraging Wesen to form support groups and share their concerns regarding therapy. Brinkerhoff published a book about the "inner man" just before experimenting with chemical therapeutic solutions.

Brinkerhoff's chemical therapeutic solution was made from herbs, spices, and trace amounts of steroids, all of these later confirmed by the Portland Police Bureau not to be illegal substances. The mixture was pumped subcutaneously into the back of the patient's neck, and its purpose was to inhibit neural signals known to promote a woge.

Unfortunately, presumably due to lack of funds, Brinkerhoff wasn't able to conduct the necessary preliminary tests on the drugs, resulting in him skipping medical protocol and testing them upon his willing test subjects.

Brinkerhoff's initial three test subjects were Larry Mackenzie (a patient of Brinkerhoff's), Alan Evercroft, and Dan Murray. Evercroft and Murray were found and recruited by Larry Mackenzie. Another man, Reynaldo, was approached with the opportunity to test this therapy, but he declined since he didn't support "cure-alls."

Tragically, Brinkerhoff's four test subjects (all of them Wildermann, himself included) encountered the same withdrawal symptom when the level of medicine pumped into the body decreased: they would lapse in such a way that they could not woge back into human form.

Brinkerhoff realized this when he found out his first three subjects had all died in a similar manner, and just as he was recording this information, the same happened to him as well, leading to his own rampage and demise. His death, witnessed by Hank, who saw him change back to his human form, was a milestone in the detective's initiation into the world of the Wesen.



  • The first name Konstantin is a derivation from the Latin name Constantinus (Constantine), meaning "constant" or "steadfast," while the surname Brinkerhoff has Dutch and German origins meaning "home on or near a hill," or rather more fittingly, "on the brink."[1]
  • Brinkerhoff was the first Wesen that Hank saw woge, as Brinkerhoff retracted back to his human form after he died.


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