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Other languages: German: Hyänenratte
Hungarian: Csirkefogó
Russian: Шустролап
Spanish: Klaustreich
Farsi: کلاسترایک
Notables: Handcuff.png Tim Steinkellner
Handcuff.png Joe
Dead.svg Richard
Dead.svg Shaw Steinkellner
Dead.svg Rick Thornton
Dead.svg Heidi McDunnah
Selina Golias
Dead.svg Robert "Robby" Kyle
Dead.svg Johnny Rodwick
Dead.svg Chester Avery

A Klaustreich (KLOU-strahyk; Ger. Klaue "claw" + Streich "strike") is an alley cat-like Wesen that first appeared in "The Thing with Feathers".


When Klaustreichs woge, they gain outward pointed ears and a feline muzzle that terminates in a pink feline nose. Their faces and bodies are covered with fur, which varies greatly in color and pattern, sometimes light gray, brown, or a dappled pattern resembling that of a calico cat. Males lose their human hair while females keep theirs. Eye color also varies between jade green and yellow. They reproduce in litters like cats. ("The Thing with Feathers") Like several Wesen, they can focus their woge to just their eyes; doing so may improve their vision at night, which can be particularly helpful when trying to spot a Reinigen from a distance. ("The Rat King")

Physically, they are quite strong, able to perform cat-like leaps over a distance of several yards, and they can match blows with a Grimm, suggesting superhuman strength. While their strength is still inferior to Grimms, they are powerful enough that they can knock a Grimm out if they deliver a sucker punch to the face. Despite having both razor sharp fangs and claws, Klaustreichs prefer to use the latter in combat, which can cause massive damage when combined with their strength.

They are also significantly more durable than humans, able to take and quickly recover from suffering incredible force, even to the head. One, for example, was able to take multiple strikes to the head with a frying pan, have a vase and jar broken over his head, and be repeatedly assaulted, and he still showed no signs of damage afterwards. ("Eyes of the Beholder")


Women often find male Klaustreichs irresistible, but it never ends well for those who fall for them, as male Klaustreichs are very possessive and abusive towards their soul-mates. It is very rare for a woman to escape a relationship with a Klaustreich relatively or completely unscathed. It is unknown how they attract women, be it a physiological feature similar to Ziegevolks, or simply pure charisma. It would appear to be charisma, however, as a Klaustreich's hold is nowhere near as strong or as permanent as a Ziegevolk's. Monroe told Nick that it is a good idea to sleep with one eye open when there's a Klaustreich around, as Klaustreichs are treacherous and highly aggressive.

Like many Wesen, they fear Grimms. However, Tim Steinkellner did not show fear when he saw Nick, only hatred. ("The Thing with Feathers")

Female Klaustreichs are not nearly as aggressive nor as treacherous as their male counterparts, but they tend to keep bad company and can sometimes be found in a line of work that is not very reputable, as with Heidi McDunnah, who was a prostitute. Female Klaustreichs do care deeply for their friends, however, and will look out for those they care about much more than male Klaustreichs do.

Klaustreichs, particularly males, enjoy harassing Reinigen for fun in a pastime known as Reini-bashing. The goal is usually to just beat up the Reinigen, but on some occasions, the Reinigen is killed. ("The Rat King")

Excerpt from Grimm Diaries[]

A cat-like creature with amazing strength and leaping ability. I found them to be constantly deceptive and demeaning to women.

I followed one to a bar in Linfit for a chance to document behavior. I suspected he had been abusive to his wife from reports from other people who knew him. At the bar, I watched him hit on other women and then a most curious thing happened: He began discussing with his buddies about how he'd tricked his wife into believing he loved her in order to gain access to her inheritance.

What terrible creature would abuse the woman who loves him so? I've decided to check on... every night until he crosses a line... not hesitate to end his miserable...

(The following was written by Nick Burkhardt)

The Klaustreich I came in contact with was aggressive, predatory, sadistic, and treacherous.

207 - Klaustreich.png118-Nick's drawing of Tim Steinkellner woged as Klaustreich.png

Season 1 Blu-ray Grimm Guide Profile[]

Vicious alley cat-like creatures, they are known typically for being jerks in the Wesen community. Women love them, but it never ends well for those who fall for them. They are violent and abusive, and it's best to sleep with one eye open if one's nearby.



  • Selina Golias is the only Klaustreich to have appeared with a dappled pattern in her woged form, resembling that of a calico cat. Calico cats are typically almost always female.
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