Kent Vickers
401 Kent Vickers
Actor: Andrew Stearns
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Status: Living
TV Show: "Thanks for the Memories"
"Octopus Head"

Kent Vickers is an employee at Sitre Corp. He first appeared in "Thanks for the Memories".


"Thanks for the Memories"Edit

He tried calling Henry Slocombe when his account was being used off site, but he was unable to reach him. He incorrectly assumed that as long as the access codes were correct that enabled the use of his account, it was probably just Henry working from home.

"Octopus Head"Edit

Kent called Henry Slocombe again and left a message on his answering machine for Henry to call him at home as soon as possible.

Timothy Perkal called Kent and spun him a story about Henry having been in an accident. He arranged to meet Kent at his home so he could fill him in on everything.

Kent Vickers was on the phone telling someone that Dr. Slocombe had been in an accident and that he didn't know the details. There was then a knock at the door, and he said he was about to find out the details and that he would call back. Kent let Timothy into his house and questioned him about Henry's injury. Timothy then asked for a glass of water and Kent left the room to get it.

Trubel approached a glass door and peered inside, where she saw Kent knocked-out on the floor. Later, Timothy went over to Kent, who was still unconscious on the floor, and rolled him onto his back and began consuming his memories until Trubel attacked him.

When Nick and Hank arrived, Hank checked on Kent to make sure he could remember who he was. He was a bit confused and was bleeding from the back of his head, but he knew who he was and where he lived.


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