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510-Karkinos Grimm Diary

A Karkinos (KAHR-kee-nohs; Anc. Gr. Καρκινος "Cancer") is a giant crab-like Wesen that was seen in a Grimm diary in "Map of the Seven Knights".


When woged, Karkinos' hands turn into powerful claws, and their skin becomes an armored crab-like carapace. They were immortalized by the Greeks when one of them famously fought Hercules.

Excerpt from Grimm DiariesEdit

I was on a trade ship bound for Alexandria when suddenly a fierce storm turned the sea... Gathered upon the rocks of a small... It was providence that had kept me alive. Grace was not upon the crew. I am wounded, my body wretched with pain, though God gave me breath to experience it. A figured hun... out of the... It surveyed the scene... for salvage but, still one who came.
Before I raised my hand to signal him, another figure followed the first, then another, until at least ten moving to the flotsam of the... Later, I realized their sinister designs. The beasts bent over them and the creatures resembled crabs as men with fearsome claws and unspeakable evil. They savaged the corpses of the crew, greedily eating flesh and crushing bone. Summoning my last breaths I stood, grasped a statue in a shattered boat and wielded it as a club. The Karkinos are scavengers akin to all those that feed on opportunities... cowards. I shattered three of them before a number fled inland. The sound of battle attracted local hunters who took me in. It was with the... the name of these beasts. In gratitude for helping me I stayed on the Island until I was certain every member of the Karkinos... to the sword.

510-Karkinos Grimm Diary2


  • Cancer is one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac. The Latin word cancer means crab, and its symbol has often been represented as such. In Ancient Greece, the poet Aratus was the first to call the crab Καρκινος (Karkinos).
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