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Other languages: Farsi: کاکن کوپف
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A Kackenkopf (KAH-kin-kopf; Ger. "poop head") is a dung beetle-like Wesen that first appeared in "Into the Schwarzwald".


Though most of their body and limbs do not change much when they woge, the facial appearance of Kackenkopf changes quite drastically. They lose their hair, and a flat, shield-like, plated exoskeleton, which is brown in color, forms over their forehead, nose, and in between and below their eyes, and extends back over their ears before rejoining near a ridge-like border above their head. This extension has the appearance of an exoskeleton-like zygomatic arch. In their woged form, there is also a flat exoskeleton-like surface that covers the back of their head and part of the back of their neck. As the ridged borders extend slightly from their head, the undersides have a gilled appearance. The skin around their mouth, chin, the lower sides of their face, just lateral to their eyes, and on the top of their head is more vulnerable and does not resemble an exoskeleton, but there are many setae, or insect-like hairs, that are present. When woged, Kackenkopf also gain two insect-like appendages or antennae that protrude prominently from below their eyes, just below the part of the exoskeleton that resembles a zygomatic arch. Their eyes become entirely black and their teeth become triangular and sharper.

Kackenkopf are not stronger than all humans, as Hank held his own against Tony and knocked him out, although it should be noted that Tony had a broken left hand, which may have hampered him, and Hank is quite strong himself.


These creatures tend to keep bad company and can be even worse company themselves. They are very emotionally volatile and can start behaving violently and aggressively with little warning or provocation. As such, it does not take much to set them off. They have an inclination to use drugs and engage in illegal activities, which typically involves petty crimes. Those that Kackenkopf actually offer to "help" may one day really find themselves in their debt, as these Wesen rarely, if ever, do any favors for anyone without the expectation of something back in return. They will not hesitate to attack those that they perceive are physically weaker than they are, but when facing a much larger threat that they know they can't defeat, these creatures will turn coward and attempt to flee to save their lives.

The living conditions Kackenkopf can often be found in are typically poor and foul-smelling, which a Kackenkopf apparently does not mind at all, despite their good sense of smell.

Excerpt from Grimm Diaries[]

(By Walter Kessler, 1971)

Not many people realize that a lot of petty crime around the world is committed by the Kackenkopf Wesen – a low-life dung beetle-like creature. For some reason, these pests would rather take from others than earn a real living. The Kackenkopf is best recognized by its antennae and sclerite plated face. They are known to have a keen sense of smell.

Not surprisingly, the last Kackekopf I encountered was attempting to steal a woman's purse. I heard the woman screaming as I was walking to meet friends for dinner. The Kackenkopf made it a block and a half with her purse before I caught up with him. I left his body in a dumpster, as any Grimm would, and returned the woman's purse. I wasn't even late to dinner. Other Kackenkopfs I have dealt with include drug dealers, con artists, and thieves.
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Season 5 Blu-ray Grimm Guide Profile[]

A dung-beetle Wesen. They're shitty people.


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