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For her current identity, see Eve.
Juliette Silverton


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Actor: Bitsie Tulloch
Other Actor: Claire Coffee (impersonation)
Gender: Female
Type: Hexenbiest
Relationships: Nick Burkhardt, ex-boyfriend
Hank Griffin, former friend
Monroe, former friend
Rosalee Calvert, former friend
Drew Wu, former friend
Trubel, former friend
Bud Wurstner, former friend
Adalind Schade, adversary
Alicia, friend
Roni, friend
Ricki, friend
Briana, friend
Elisha, friend
Josh Porter, friend
Sean Renard, acquaintance, former sexual relationship
Dead.svg Kenneth Bowes-Lyon, sexual relationship
Status: "Reborn" as Eve
Job: Veterinarian
Languages known: English
Comics: X
Books: X

Doctor Juliette Silverton, now known as Eve, was a domestic animal veterinarian, a Hexenbiest and the ex-girlfriend of Nick Burkhardt. She studied at Oregon State University, located about 90 minutes from her and Nick's former home in Portland, Oregon. ("Big Feet") She worked at the Roseway Veterinary Hospital beginning in 2006. ("Bad Moon Rising")

Like with Hank, her direct interactions with Nick led to her receiving her fair share of the supernatural world, including getting put into a coma by one of Adalind's Zaubertranks. ("Woman in Black") After waking up, Juliette went on to find answers of her own and, with Monroe's reluctant help, eventually became a Kehrseite-Schlich-Kennen. However, she later became a Hexenbiest as a side effect of a Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester potion. ("Chupacabra")



Early life

Juliette was of Spanish descent and lived with her grandmother in Spain for an unknown amount of time when she was younger, and, while living in Spain, she became fluent in Spanish. ("La Llorona")

Fall 2011 - Spring 2012: Season 1

Spring 2012 - Spring 2013: Season 2

Spring 2013 - Spring 2014: Season 3

Spring 2014 - Spring 2015: Season 4

Life Changed Forever

Spring 2015 to ???: Season 5

Starting Over

Trubel revealed to Nick that Juliette was not dead when Chavez took her and that Chavez knew Juliette was a Hexenbiest and wanted to use her as a weapon. She was saved by Hadrian's Wall, and Meisner and Chavez then spent weeks breaking her in order to get her to control her rage and turn her into a warrior that could be used against the Black Claw. Meisner arranged a meeting between her and Nick at a restaurant, but he cautioned Nick, "The woman you knew doesn't exist anymore." When she and Nick met, she informed Nick she was now called "Eve," symbolizing a new beginning for her, which wasn't an easy process. When Nick angrily brought up how she set both he and his mother up, she said she remembered everything, but her body language and tone of voice were completely emotionless.


Season 1


Juliette is at home when Nick's Aunt, Marie Kessler arrives.

She is awakened the next night to see Nick outside in Marie's Trailer.

"Bears Will Be Bears"

Juliette goes with Nick to visit Marie's grave.


After Hank receives multiple bee stings, Nick brings him to Juliette to get patched up. She later makes fun of him by saying he was a flower to the bees.

Later the next night Nick is worried if he made the right choice by shooting Melissa Wincroft and discusses it with Juliette. After a couple minutes of talking, she asks him to close the window because she is cold.


When Nick and Juliette are out shopping, he tells her he has been wondering why people are attracted to each other.

"Danse Macabre"

When Juliette and Nick's refrigerator broke, they were forced to get a repairman, who slightly amused Juliette. He had a sewn on name tag that read "Bud” and the stereotypical butt crack showing as he wriggled reaching for parts under the refrigerator and grunted frustrations. Not long after Nick returned home Bud cut his hand on the refrigerator and Juliette left the room to get bandages. She returned just as the terrified repairman ran out of the room begging Nick, "Please don't hurt me."

Juliette questioned Nick about the odd exit and he accused the guy of being crazy thinking the refrigerator was trying to kill him (a statement made somewhat believable by Bud calling the refrigerator model a "death trap".) Later Juliette suggested Nick may have arrested the man once and Nick went along with the theory. On another day Juliette answered the door to find Bud asking to collect his tools before Nick returns. As he gathered his tools Juliette tried to calm him assuring him that Nick didn't even remember arresting him. Both of them become confused as they realize they don’t know what the other is talking about. Bud repeats they will never see him again. Juliette asked about the broken refrigerator not understanding why he couldn't just fix it but Bud says they will send another repairman to fix it. As he scrambled out the door he added to her confusion saying, "I don't know what kind of games you two are playing" and "he's got no reason to come after me. Please make sure he knows that."

"The Three Bad Wolves"

Juliette patched up a dog that was attacked by a cat. Nick expressed surprise that the cat came out the victor in the fight. Juliette advised him "don't piss off a woman with claws." This sparked a flashback for Nick of Angelina pulling him out of his car.

"Let Your Hair Down"

Juliette and Nick discussed his new case before going to sleep. Juliette felt badly for the missing girl suspected of living alone in a forest for the past 9 years. Juliette mentioned that she studied feral child syndrome in one of her psychology classes. She went on to say most are cases of child abuse and the whole "raised by wolves" thing was never really proven.

"Game Ogre"

Juliette called Nick on her way home from the store and asked him to start boiling water for their pasta supper. Juliette arrived home to find Oleg Stark standing over a beaten Nick where a coffee table once stood. Nick cried out for Juliette to run, but instead of running out the door, she ran to the kitchen. Oleg followed her and as he was almost to her she stopped fumbling at the wood block for a knife and grabbed the pot from the stove. She threw the boiling water squarely in his face and backed away. Oleg was temporarily blinded and stumbled out of the kitchen. Nick reached for his gun and from his position on the floor was able to get off a couple of shots before Oleg crashed out another window.

Later at the hospital Captain Renard told Juliette round the clock units were posted at the hospital and her home and he would have a police escort take her home. Nick confessed she probably saved his life. He was visibly shaken by the threat they faced in their own home. Then Nick apologized saying what happened was his fault. She replied, she and the house would be fine and they exchanged I love you and a kiss good-bye. Back at the house Officer Messina offered to stay with Juliette in the house, but Juliette declined. Juliette saw flashbacks of the attack as she looked around at the mess and cried.

"Of Mouse and Man"

Juliette spotted 2 people in a truck looking through binoculars and taking pictures of her and Nick's house. They immediately drove off when she went outside. Juliette told Nick about it and he tried to brush it off suggesting the couple in the truck might be real estate agents. Juliette gave Nick the license plate number for the truck and the moment he hung up the phone from having the plates run they heard a noise from outside. Nick told Juliette to stay inside, but she stood holding the door open and followed him around the corner when she heard another noise. A raccoon lumbered way from the trash and Juliette laughed at Nick for pointing a gun at a raccoon.

Nick got the address for the truck and assured Juliette he would have someone take care of the situation. The next day Juliette drove over to address and saw the woman from the truck and two children playing in the yard. As soon as the women saw Juliette she became alarmed and hurried her kids and herself into the house.

That night when Juliette told Nick what happened, he suggested maybe they are afraid because they have mistaken her for someone else. She said as they embraced, "I wish I knew who they thought I was. At least I know who you are." Nick remained silent.

"Organ Grinder"

Juliette got a shell necklace from Nick that reminded her of something she might have worn in college. She was more interested in the story behind the gift when she heard he bought it for $20 off a street kid named Gracie he was interviewing on a case. Juliette called him a "softy", something Hank called Nick when he made the purchase. Nick suggested taking Gracie and her brother Hanson out to dinner. Juliette agreed to go with and joked, "Well, I can't exactly let you go alone. There's no telling what you might buy."

At Mountain View Diner Juliette was warm and friendly putting Gracie at ease. Nick didn't get very far with his line of questions, but Juliette drew information out of Gracie about Kevin (a boy that left for work at the same time as the victim Steven) by picking up on the signals Gracie had feelings for Kevin.

Afterwards Nick admitted to Juliette that she was "pretty good at this" and suggested she should have been a cop. She humbly replied it's just girl instinct, adding as she looked at the ground, "I know what it's like to have a guy disappear and not call you." The conversation fell silent for a few moments when she looked back up at him. She was the first to break the silence bringing the subject back to the street kids. Before Nick got called away on a lead he suggested he owes Juliette a better date night and tells her he loves her.


Juliette and Nick are at home when their home is egged. Nick runs outside telling Juliette to stay inside. She eventually came outside too and they found that it is two boys, one of which Nick recognized as an Eisbiber. Nick was upset but Juliette told him to let it go and that she did similar things when she was young. Juliette tells Nick that when she was young she and her friends would dare each other to run through the backyard of a disfigured man that they thought looked like an ogre. Her father told her afterwards that the man was a war hero and that he was disfigured in a war. Nick wonders is the kids think he is a monster. Juliette tells him that is probably not the case, but that they have not been model neighbors lately. Nick agrees and Juliette suggest that they should work on that.

"Last Grimm Standing"

Juliette puts the ring away before Nick comes home to a late dinner.

Juliette calls Nick to ask what he wants to eat for their three year anniversary dinner. Afterward, she found Nick's engagement ring in his sock drawer. After Nick was delayed from coming home, due to trying to save Monroe's life, she got upset that the dinner she made would go to waste. She then blew out the candle and went to the bedroom where she looked at the ring again. Nick then called to say he would be home late, Juliette did not want to talk much and was noticeably disappointed. After they hung up she threw the phone on the bed next to her and continued looking at the ring sadly.

"Three Coins in a Fuchsbau"

Nick comes home and tells Juliette some disturbing news. Apparently his suspect Farley Kolt knew his aunt.

"Plumed Serpent"

Juliette thought Nick was cheating on her after another woman answered Nick's phone. Nick later explained that Ariel Eberhart assaulted him. Nick did not arrest her because she is the only person who might know the whereabouts of Mr. Eberhart. Juliette believed Nick after the whole explanation; Ariel was seen spraying the window with her lipids and drawing a broken heart.

The next day, Nick called Juliette to tell her that he was going back to the fire dancer's house, this time with Hank. Juliette said she would be waiting for him at home. While at home, Ariel Eberhart kidnapped and tied her up. Ariel then went to lay in their bed, after Nick chased her out she drove away with Juliette. Juliette was taken into the lair (tunnel) and was held there until Ariel showed up untying her. She told Juliette to scream, but instead Juliette punched and kicked Ariel, and ran with Monroe to safety. Outside, she introduced herself to Monroe and thanked him for saving her life. On the drive home, Juliette asked Nick to stop the car, she told Nick she is unsure if she can handle the stress Nick's job puts on them.

"Island of Dreams"

Nick and Juliette are eating dinner when Juliette says she wants to learn to shoot a gun. Just then, there is a knock at the door. Nick opens it to find Bud. Nick reminds him that he told him never to come back, but Bud says not to take it the wrong way. He says they are sorry for all the things that have happened and gives them a gift. He assures them they will not be bothered; Nick and Juliette go back in the house and Juliette is wondering how the refrigerator repairman will keep people from bothering them. They then open the gift to find a quilt.

"The Thing with Feathers"

Nick and Juliette go to Whispering Pines for a romantic weekend getaway. Near their rented cabin, they stop for directions at a red house. Juliette notices a woman, Robin, looking out the window inside, she looks distressed. After Nick returns with proper directions, they drive to their cabin. Later that evening, they see a man forcing Robin inside the house. Later, in the grocery store, Robin and Juliette meet and Juliette gives Robin contact information, as she is concerned about Robin. Towards the end of the episode, after they have arrived home, Nick proposes to Juliette. However, Juliette turns down Nick's proposal, stating that while she does love him and wishes to marry him someday, she feels as if he's keeping secrets from her, and thus can't be married to him until things change.

"Love Sick"

Juliette and Nick have a dinner/double-date with Hank and Adalind.

"Cat and Mouse"

Juliette is cooking breakfast while talking to Hank. She says to Hank that she didn't think that Adalind was good for Hank, before Nick comes into the room and both him and Hank leave for a crime scene.

"Leave It to Beavers"

When Nick is working on a case, Juliette walks in and notices that he has written Eisbiber on the paper. She asks him what it means and he tells her that it is a possible witness.

"Happily Ever Aftermath"

Nick has a nightmare regarding his parents death and Juliette advises him to look into the matter.

Juliette calls Arnold Gubser, the lead detective on the case and he agrees to send Nick all the information he has on the case, she then calls Nick to let him know.

"Big Feet"

Juliette gets called out to look at a horse that had been attacked. She collects a hair sample and looks at the huge claw marks. They then find a trail that looks to be left by people. They follow it, to find two dismembered bodies. Juliette then calls Nick to report the murder.

She gets a friend to test it in a DNA lab, and it comes back as a combination that had not been seen before.

Back at home, Juliette remarks to Nick on the oddities in the DNA analysis she did on the hairs she found. Remarking that maybe the old fairy tales were true and that she could believe them...

"Woman in Black"

Juliette is scratched by Adalind Schade's cat Majique. When Nick Burkhardt learns of the scratch he fears for Juliette's health and tells her they need to go to the doctor, but she refuses. Nick then resolves to tell her he is a Grimm by showing her the items in his aunt's trailer, but she is only convinced he is insane. He convinces her to give him one more chance to prove himself and takes her to Monroe's house. Before Monroe can turn around and reveal himself as Blutbad Juliette faints and ends up in quarantine at the local hospital. Nick and Monroe take the cat to Rosalee in hopes of finding a cure. Nick goes to Adalind's house and finds it empty except for the cat's milk bowl, which still has some milk in it. A last look at Juliette in the hospital shows the heart monitor beeping faster and Juliette's eyes suddenly open with eyes that are black (no iris) like we have seen in Adalind's cat earlier that day. It appears she is in a coma.

Season 2

"Bad Teeth"

Nick disappearing

Juliette continues to lie in an apparent coma. Renard visits her and finds that her eyes are still completely dilated. In her dream state, Juliette relives the dinner at her and Nick's home to which they invited Monroe. The three discuss the case involving the Postman. Juliette sees Nick's left eye disappear; within seconds, Nick fades completely from view. After Catherine visits the spice shop, Rosalee realizes from Catherine's order that Juliette's coma is induced by L'espirit Ailleus. As Nick is preparing to confront Marnassier, Monroe calls to tell him that the antidote is ready but is unstable needs to be used within forty-five minutes or else they have to make it again.

"The Kiss"

She is given special eye-drops to stop her memory loss.

She is later awakened from her coma by Captain Renard and when Nick comes to see her, she asks who he is.

"Bad Moon Rising"

Juliette has recovered from her coma but is still at the hospital. When Nick enters the room she recognizes him only as the cop who brought her to the hospital. He shows her photos on his laptop of the two of them together. She seems to remember everything about her life except for him. She even remembers Monroe when Nick takes him to visit her, but does not recall that Nick introduced them or was there when they had dinner together. At the end of the episode she is released from the hospital and taken home. She notices a broken window and asks what happened there. Nick has a flashback to the fight with Akira Kimura, ("Woman in Black") but then lies and says that a bird broke it. Juliette says that she is tired, and goes upstairs to go to bed. Nick stays downstairs, and will presumably be sleeping on the couch for a while.


Juliette calls Monroe who she remembers having dinner with, to ask about her relationship with Nick.

Later, she is getting something from the fridge when she suddenly has a flashback to the scene where the fridge repair man (Bud Wurstner) runs out midway through his job, and makes a reference to Nick. Nick comes home, and Juliet shares her frustration with him.

She later goes to find the quilt that the Eisbibers made her, and she flashes back to the scene when Bud gives them the quilt and makes a reference to Nick again.

Juliette invites Bud over for tea and asks him for help to jog her memory. She asks him about her relationship with Nick. He tells her that they were so perfect for each other and so in love. He accidentally lets out that Nick is a Grimm, but Juliette has no idea what that means. Bud realizes his mistake and nervously covers his track by telling her that a Grimm is a term for a "good cop", which perplexes Juliette.

"The Good Shepherd"

Juliette goes out for drinks with a couple of her friends. There she is told that Nick had proposed to her, but that she had turned him down, but they don't know the reason for her refusal.

"Over My Dead Body"

During dinner, Juliette asks Nick how they met. He says that she was a witness to a case he was investigating – Juliette remembers the case – and Juliette says that she remembers talking to a policeman whom she thought was “good-looking”, and wonders if that was him.

"The Bottle Imp"

Juliette pays a visit to the police station hoping some memories will come back to her when seeing Nick's working place. When Renard greets her, she seems confused to see him and leaves in a hurry. Nick arrives home to an ambient candlelight dinner and tells Juliette that they used to “dance on nights like this. Juliette agrees and they dance before kissing. When Juliette breaks away, however, she sees Renard’s face instead of Nick’s. She is disturbed and hurries away, leaving Nick to wonder what happened.

"The Other Side"

At Juliette’s house, Juliette and Nick get ready to go to Nick’s work function. Nick warns Juliette that the function will be boring and Captain Renard will be giving a long speech. Juliette ’s expression wavers at the mention of the Captain, but she shrugs it off and goes anyway.

At the PD work function, Renard gives his speech, all the while throwing glances at Juliette. Juliette is just as captivated by him. After the speech, Renard has drinks with Wu , Juliette, Nick and Hank . The latter two are called in for Brandon’s homicide, and Renard offers to take Juliette home while Nick is away.

Renard drops Juliette off at her house, but doesn’t drive away. Juliette goes to take a shower. On the way in, she notices a framed photo of her and Nick. Juliette hears someone, and thinks that it’s Nick. When she comes out to check though, there is no one in the house, and the framed photograph of her and Nick is cracked.

"La Llorona"

Juliette translates for Luis, as he describes the woman, and his family situation.

Later, Pilar saw Juliette's cat scratch and affirmed what had happened, to Juliette's distraught surprise.

"The Hour of Death"

Juliette calls Adalind’s ex-employer, and is frustrated to find out that Adalind had left the company already. Renard then gives Juliette a call about Nick’s being on edge. They agree to talk about it over coffee the next day.

Juliette meets with Renard in the coffee shop. After short conversation, Juliette slips up – while talking about Nick, she says, “just starting over with you” to Renard, before hurriedly covering up the ‘you’ with ‘him’. Renard touches her hand and she leaves in a hurry, leaving behind her glasses.

Renard comes back to return Juliette’s glasses. Juliette remembers that it was Renard who kissed her in the hospital, and they kiss in the doorway before Juliette pulls herself away with difficulty and slams the door in Renard’s face and sinks to the ground, horrified.

"To Protect and Serve Man"

Juliette has a friend over to talk about her dilemma between Nick and Renard. She at first denies vehemently the fact that there is a third person, before slowly relenting and is clearly confused of her feelings.

Captain Renard calls Juliette and talks to her about their similar obsessive situation. Renard refers Juliette to Rosalee's Spice Shop, believing Monroe can help them.

When they arrive at the Spice Shop, they are forced to wait for Monroe. While waiting, the two kiss only to be stumbled upon by Monroe.

"Season of the Hexenbiest"

Juliette sees that Monroe has seen her kiss Renard and flees. She calls Nick and says that they have to talk in person. When Nick arrives home, Juliette tells him that she has feelings for another man but that nothing happened yet.

Juliette gets a call from Nick, but she does not feel like talking and does not answer the phone. Adalind shows up at her door. They decide to catch up over coffee. While there she asks about Nick's aunt, and learns of her trailer containing all sorts of weird things. Juliette does not know exactly where it is, but does reveal that it was taken to some storage yard.

Nick calls again while she and Adalind are still talking. Adalind tells her to go ahead and take it. Juliette seems offended when Nick asks who she is with, but eventually puts Adalind on the line.

The police show up and arrest Adelind as a suspect in her mother's death. Juliette feels offended, that Nick used her to arrest Adelind, and insists that the latter must be innocent because she was away in Europe at the time.

Nick enters Juliette's bedroom and says that he won't sleep on the couch anymore. He then takes his things and leaves.

"Face Off"

At Juliette's home, Renard shows up to talk to Juliette, and they start making out. Nick silently creeps up on them without being seen. Monroe then calls him, and he decides to return to the precinct. Juliette then tries to stop, and Renard tries to make her keep going, saying he can't stop. Juliette then fires at Renard with his own gun, which he then grabs. Renard leaves moments before a police car shows up with Wu. Nick and a few other officers show up later as well, and Nick tries to speak to Juliette about it. He says he knows who the other man is, and that he wants to deal with this.

Nick and Renard show up at Juliette's door. She answers it and says: "Now what?" Nevertheless she accompanies them to Rosalee's Spice Shop.

"Natural Born Wesen"

At the Spice Shop Juliette, is unsure as to what is occurring and when Nick takes the potion and turns red she wants to call 9-1-1 but is dissuaded by Monroe. She is then led to the other room where Rosalee is preparing another potion for her and Renard to take. Once Monroe brings in the final ingredient (Nick's blood), Rosalee completes the potion and she and Renard take the potion. Juliette then returns home. Nick unknown to her, follows to ensure her safe return. As Juliette enters the house the front room turns into a vast pit.

When she tries to go up the stairs, they seem endless so she sits down by the door.

When her cell phone rings, in her haste to answer it, she drops it into the pit. When she looks into the pit, a spark shoots up, and she jerks back. When she edges forward, several more sparks float up. She decides to sit on the stairs.

Next morning she is woken by her cell phone ringing, she says "screw it" and advances towards the pit. As she advances floorboards shoot into place beneath her feet. When she reaches the cell phone the whole room re-forms. She answers the call, it's from Nick who is calling to see if she is alright, she replies that things are a lot better and she thanks him for calling.

Juliette is in bed asleep when she is awoken by a phone call from an unknown number. When she answers, she receives no reply and asks "who is this?" a couple of times. She then sees lightning flashing across her black phone screen. When she looks over the edge of the bed she sees that is apparently floating over a black chasm with lightning flashing from side to side. A sepulchral voice then starts saying something indistinct which eventually becomes "I just want you to know the truth."

"Mr. Sandman"

Juliette thinks she is losing her mind since she keeps seeing ghost-like shadows everywhere at home. She visits Rosalee at the Spice Shop for advice and convinces Rosalee to come home with her. Rosalee, however, cannot see the shadows. That evening Juliette again sees the shadow and yells at it, it briefly sharpens into the recognizable form of Nick, then disappears.


Juliette arrives home and calls out that she is willing to listen to any spirit that want to talk to her. When there is no response she is annoyed with herself.

That evening while she is in bed a shadow appears that resolves into a soaking wet Nick apparently saying something, but she cannot hear the words.

Next day she visits the spice shop and tells Monroe and Rosalee that the shadows have become images of Nick, and that in one of them he was wet. Monroe recalls that the night Juliette went into a coma it was raining.  ("Woman in Black") They agree to accompany Juliette home to see if that helps. Once there Juliette sees a vision of Nick reading and old book and Monroe blurts out a reference to the trailer. Juliette wishes to visit the trailer, but Monroe says that he'll have to ask Nick.

When Monroe relates the conversation to Nick, he tells him that Juliette said that if she is not told the truth she'll forget Nick by leaving Portland

"One Angry Fuchsbau"

Monroe calls Juliette and says that he'll take her to the trailer. When she asks when, he replies "right now", he's waiting on her porch. At the trailer Juliette is intrigued by all the potions, books and medieval weaponry, and tells Monroe that she remembers being there. Suddenly she starts seeing multiple visions of Nick, all talking at once and flees the trailer in panic. She tells Monroe that she'd like to go home.

That night Juliette is in bed thinking about Nick and remembers her encounter with Pilar.  ("La Llorona")

Pilar comes to visit Juliette and they talk about what has been happening to Juliette with her memory. Pilar says that she was expecting her call.

Juliette wakes up to multiple images of Nick all talking at once and they overwhelm her.


Juliette is continuing to have her visions of Nick, each time more vivid. In frustration and fear, she screams at them to go away and tries to drive off, only to find a vision of Nick in her car. While trying to make it go away, she crashes her car and is knocked out.

She later wakes up in the hospital, where Nick comes to visit her. She has to touch his stomach to make sure he's real and not another vision and tells him that she can't see him anymore. She later goes to Pilar's house for help, saying that she's afraid of going home. Pilar gives her some funny tasting tea to help with her mind and tells her that she has to reconnect with her past to fix her present, or else she will have no future. More practically she tells Juliette to step into the memory and re-live it.

Back at her home, Juliette begins to have another memory come back, but this time she focuses on it, reenacting it. She's reenacting the first time she and Nick moved into their home. As she goes to the fridge, as she did in the memory, she snaps to reality and realizes that there are no more visions of Nick at that moment.


Juliette remembers a moment from two years ago, when Nick first tells her that he loves her. She excitedly takes the photo to Monroe, saying that she remembers everything about it.

219 Juliette's photo.jpg

As she admits to Monroe that she is remembering more and more about Nick, she also says that she's afraid to tell Nick. She's afraid because of how she had been treating Nick and that he will not forgive her. Monroe assures Juliette that Nick has never stopped loving her. Juliette then asks Monroe to tell her what a Grimm is. She is told that a Grimm is "someone who can see into the heart of darkness".

"Kiss of the Muse"

Juliette remembers a flashback of Nick telling her that she has to go to the hospital due to her cat scratch. To try to repair hers and Nick's relationship, she prepares dinner for the two of them. When Nick arrives, she tries to apologize to Nick about how she had treated him and that she's starting to remember him, but to no avail. Nick is too focused on Khloe.

She later goes to Rosalee and Monroe for the keys to the trailer. She wants to go alone to try to reenact and remember what Nick was telling her the night she went into a coma. She remembers the moment when Nick tells her about Wesen and Grimms and the Grimm' ability to see Wesen. When Juliette goes back to the shop to tell this to Rosalee and Monroe, she asks them if they believe Nick. When they say yes, Juliette feels guilty for believing Nick to be crazy.

Juliette also convinces Nick to not kill Anton, making him drop the gun. They hug afterwards, with Nick thanking her for saving him.

"The Waking Dead"

Juliette says to Nick that she is remembering more and more and would like to try dinner again.

Juliette goes to Monroe's home to ask him to show her what Nick wanted her to see just before she went into a coma. Monroe is hesitant but agrees, just then Bud comes out of the kitchen (where he has been working on the refrigerator) and is also reluctant, but when he sees that Monroe is serious, suggests that the spice shop would be a more appropriate place.

Juliette, Monroe and Bud arrive at the spice shop where Rosalee agrees that Juliette should see them woge. Rosalee woges first and Juliette, in shock, leaves the shop. Juliette returns to the shop after a few seconds and then Bud and Monroe woge.

"Goodnight, Sweet Grimm"

Nick knocks on the door and Juliette lets him in telling him that he doesn't have to knock. They have dinner and then Nick stays the night. Next morning they are chilling out when Nick gets the call about the zombie rampage.

When Nick gets home that evening he tells her the whole story about his day, including the Wesen involvement. When Monroe calls about Al, Nick says he has to go and she asks if it is Wesen, and when Nick replies in the affirmative she insists that she accompanies him, stating that she doesn't want to be locked out again and that she has a lot to learn. Once at the spice shop she proves how much she has to learn by asking Al what kind of Wesen he is.

When Nick, Monroe and Rosalee prepare to head out to the container yard, she asks if she can accompany them, Rosalee says that her experience as a vet could be useful in administering the injections. Once in the yard she flees with Monroe and Rosalee when Nick leads the zombies away from them. She is very concerned that when they reach the car she can't see Nick and calls his name several times. Monroe tells her to get in the car just before the zombies surround it.

Season 3

"The Ungrateful Dead"

Juliette is in the car with Monroe and Rosalee trying to escape from the zombies. When Monroe crashes the car, they all climb up on top of a container. Juliette phones the police for help whilst fighting the zombies. The police arrive and rescue them, Renard tells them about the airport so Juliette goes with them all to try and find Nick. At the airport, they watch helplessly as the plane carrying Nick takes off. Juliette slaps Renard and tells him he had better do something as it is his family's fault.

Juliette goes with Monroe and Rosalee back to the spice shop to prepare more antidote. Whilst preparing the antidote Juliette realizes that the antidote could be made into a vapor and inhaled by the afflicted.

At the container yard they throw the antidote into the container holding the captured zombies, and after a few minutes they are cured. When Hank hears about Nick's plane crashing, Juliette insists on going to the crash site.

When they arrive at the crash site, they find that Nick has left and Hank receives a call about the disturbance at the bar, so they all head there.

Juliette and Rosalee remain at the bar with Renard while Hank and Monroe go after Nick.


Juliette and Rosalee stay with Captain Renard at the bar. When Hank calls with his and Monroe's current location, all three head there.

During the fight Juliette distracts Nick and manages to stick the Piqure-Gigantesque into his stomach, but he knocks her aside before she can depress the plunger.

Juliette is with Nick in the Spice Shop along with Monroe, Rosalee and Hank when Nick wakes up. Juliette tells Nick that he was caught by Baron Samedi, and lifts his shirt to show him the injection site.

Juliette takes Nick home and puts him to bed since he is exhausted. While Nick is asleep, Juliette receives a call from Hank telling her to come the the Spice Shop as there has been a complication. At the spice shop Juliette learns that one of the people in the bar fight has died. They all decide on a story, and Captain Renard tells Juliette and Rosalee that he'll have to give their names to the investigating officers as they were seen with him by the local sheriff.

At home Juliette wakes in the middle of the night, looks at Nick and panics because his face is grey and calls 9-1-1. As the operator answers Nick wakes up and asks who she was calling. Juliette explains that he looked dead.

The next day Holtby and Bauer arrive at the house to question Juliette and she sticks to the story, so they leave satisfied. Nick has overheard the conversation and decides to turn himself in, despite Juliette's efforts to convince him otherwise. She calls Hank at the precinct to tell him about Nick's intentions.

"A Dish Best Served Cold"

Nick tells Juliette that the doctor who performed his physical examination says that he is fine. She suggests that it may be the Cracher-Mortel toxin that is still affecting him, but as they can't tell the doctor the truth all they can do is continue monitoring Nick's health. Juliette kisses Nick to which he responds that he feels better already.

That night when Nick tells Juliette about the case, she comments that it sounds like a type of breed specific bloat. This causes Nick to wonder if the victims were all the same "breed" as the restaurant staff were all Bauerschwein.

Juliette attends Nick's leaving Monroe's Home home party along with Hank, Rosalee and Bud.

At home, Nick and Juliette discuss how Nick should deal with Graydon Ostler. Nick tells her there has been a Blutbad-Bauerschwein Feud for centuries and Juliette says if Nick kills Ostler, it won't stop the feud.

"One Night Stand"

Juliette and Nick are getting ready for work in the kitchen and both agree they like the "normal stuff." Juliette asks Nick about the doctor's report, and he says the doctor was going to email it. He tells Juliette to check his email.

Later, Juliette checks Nick's email. The doctor's report says that Nick's metabolism is about half normal, but that he is fit and has tremendous endurance. While she is reading this email, another arrives from "bheadr", which she reads. It is signed "Love you, M". Juliette wonders who "M" is.

"El Cucuy"

Juliette is still studying the email from "bheadr" and trying to work out what it means and who "M" is, when Nick arrives home. When she asks him about the email he explains that it is from his mother, which then means that he has to explain about the events in "Woman in Black" and "Bad Teeth". He says that the email means she is in trouble, but that as he does not know where she is, he is unable to help.

Juliette traces email and discovers that it was sent from Slovenia. When she tells Nick he says that she is going to Greece alone.

Juliette, Nick, Monroe. Rosalee and Hank are having dinner when Nick passes round the pictures of Guzman and Otero's injuries and asks if anyone knows what could have caused them. Juliette says that they are not caused by a dog, wolf or coyote because there is not enough tearing. Monroe says there is too much general mangling for a Blutbad. Rosalee asks what type of Wesen are involved, and, when Nick describes Ray Bolton, she and Monroe decide that it is probably a Höllentier.

That night Nick asks Juliette about El Cucuy and she tells him that it is a bogeyman that her grandmother used to tell stories about. She says that she does not know any more, but she knows someone who might.

Next day she goes with Nick to speak to Pilar, who tells them about the time in her childhood when the women of the neighborhood called on El Cucuy, and that all the bad men were killed. She has a second hand description of El Cucuy as having glowing yellow eyes, razor sharp teeth, foul breath, and it can hear the cries of people in sorrow.

She goes with Nick to the trailer to try to find something about El Cucuy, but they are unable to find anything in any of the books. She suggests that maybe El Cucuy isn't a Wesen.

"Stories We Tell Our Young"

Juliette is at home with Nick reading about Grausen when she realizes that the symptoms and comments of one of the earlier Grimms suggest a disease. As Nick is not confident talking to Mr. and Mrs. Keary about pathogens, Juliette accompanies him to the hospital.

At the hospital Juliette learns that Daniel started feeling ill in Jordan on a family vacation.

Back at home Juliette, tells Nick about a fellow student from veterinary college who did a study on horses that had returned from Jordan behaving aggressively. Her colleague theorized that the cause was a protozoa similar to Toxoplasmosis, but the horses were put down before the theory could be tested.

Juliette goes with Nick to the Keary house and follows Nick outside when he chases Daniel. When Nick finds Daniel in the fort, Juliette tells Nick that hypothermia may kill the parasite, but they have to be careful that the cold doesn't kill Daniel. When the protozoa emerges from Daniel's ears and nose she asks Nick to collect a sample.

"Cold Blooded"

Juliette joins the study group of Nick, Hank, Monroe and Rosalee researching Wesen who are likely to kill people by ripping their arms off.

"Twelve Days of Krampus"

Juliette had agreed to help Monroe decorate the house for Christmas as a surprise for Rosalee.

She later calls Nick about the news footage of him arresting Santa in front of a group of children.

She talks with Rosalee in the back of the spice shop after Rosalee tells her how she feels bad for ruining Christmas for Monroe.

"Red Menace"

Juliette receives a call from her old friend, Alicia. After Alicia tells her that her abusive husband, Joe, hit her again, Juliette offers her home as a place for Alicia to stay.

While Alicia is staying with Juliette and Nick, Juliette takes her to her veterinary hospital, where the two help with dogs, cats and a parrot.

"Eyes of the Beholder"

While at a restaurant, Juliette is told by Nick that Alicia is a Fuchsbau, and that he's afraid of her going back to Joe if she finds out that he is a Grimm.

At her house, Juliette confesses to Alicia that she knows that she's Wesen, which Alicia denies having any knowledge of what that is. After Juliette brings up that Nick is a Grimm, Alicia freaks out and tries to run, only to be blocked by Joe. Juliette jumps on top of Joe, who woges into a Klaustreich. Juliette retorts that she isn't impressed and proceeds to kick him and beat him with a frying pan.

After Nick arrests Joe, Alicia decides to show Juliette her Fuchsbau side, and the two friends embrace.

"The Good Soldier"

Juliette helped Nick and Hank to find a Wesen that could kill with scorpion venom. She discovered the entries of the Shnabeltiermörder and Trasque, as possible venomous killers, but after some deliberation they decided the Wesen they were searching for was a Manticore.

"The Wild Hunt"

Juliette continues her contact with Kelly Burkhardt via email.


Juliette begins researching the killer's habit of scalping, finding that the more scalps you had as an ancient warrior symbolized how skilled and worthy of a warrior you were. She then expresses her concerns of Nick being targeting by the killer, as Nick would be a big target due to his status as both a cop and a Grimm.

Afterwards, Juliette arrives at the spice shop and tells Rosalee that Nick is sorry for what happened with Monroe's parents. She then tells Monroe and Rosalee about Nick's scalping case, leading Monroe to conclude that the killer is a Caccia Morta.

Juliette later joins Nick in having dinner with Rosalee, Monroe, Alice and Bart.

"Mommy Dearest"

Juliette is with Nick and Hank, helping them go over the case. She, Nick and Hank are frustrated that, if the attacker is Wesen, they can't keep Wu in the loop over what they find, which they had promised to do, and will have to lie.

"Once We Were Gods"

Juliette is with Rosalee, Monroe, Nick and Hank at her home debating over whether they should tell Wu about the existence of Wesen or if they should leave Wu on his own with the trauma of what he saw. They conclude that they should wait and see if his psychiatric treatment helps.

Juliette joins Hank and Nick in going through the books for entries on Anubis. There, they find that Anubis had been tortured and killed by the thousands in order to be identified and mummified with pharaohs.

She later visits Wu in the psychiatric hospital. She confides in him that she went through something similar to his situation when she was recovering her memories of Nick, and that she was convinced that she was going crazy and seeing ghosts. When asked how she got over feeling as if it were real, Juliette tells him that it didn't matter if it was real or not; she had to lose her fear of her experiences in order to recover.

"The Show Must Go On"

Nick and Juliette are having dinner with Monroe and Rosalee, where they are asked to be their best man and maid of honor at their wedding. Later on, Juliette wakes up to find Nick disturbed by a dream he had. When Nick explains his fear that he will be recognized as a Grimm when he's standing behind Monroe in front of his and Rosalee's families and cause chaos, Juliette suggests that he tell Monroe of his gratitude for the offer, but that he's afraid he might do more bad than good in being in that position.


"The Law of Sacrifice"

"Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen"

"My Fair Wesen"

"The Inheritance"

"Blond Ambition"

Season 4

"Thanks for the Memories"

"Octopus Head"

"The Last Fight"

"Dyin' on a Prayer"

"Cry Luison"

"Highway of Tears"

"The Grimm Who Stole Christmas"




"Death Do Us Part"


"Trial by Fire"

"Bad Luck"

"Double Date"

With tensions high between her and Nick, she stopped answering his calls. She drove to Sean Renard's house and explained to him that she needed to stay with someone who "understands" her. Sean Renard told her that she is putting him in an awkward situation once again, but he recognized that he needed her help to open the Zaubertrank Recipe Book, which after some persuading, Juliette did open successfully. Renard told her that book was actually the book Adalind used to do what she did to her and Nick.




"Iron Hans"

"You Don't Know Jack"


"Cry Havoc"

Season 5

"The Grimm Identity"

After Juliette was killed by Trubel, a group led by Chavez broke into the house, drugged Nick and took Juliette's body.


"Love is in the Air: Elegant Endeavors"

Juliette is hosting a spa party at her home and Rosalee is helping her to prepare the snacks and refreshments. Juliette is surprised that the sales person is male, but due to his looks the guests have no objections.

When in the kitchen removing food from the oven, she finds a small brightly colored frog on the floor. When she shows the frog to Rosalee, Rosalee immediately recognizes it as a type eaten by Ziegevolk.

Concluding that the salesman, Madison, is the Ziegevolk, Juliette decides to turn up the central heating so that they can collect his sweat from a sleep mask he demonstrates.

Juliette and Rosalee mix a smoothie for Madison containing the Geruck Gland Neutralizing Potion and smoothies for everyone else.

When the party is over, Juliette and Rosalee wonder why the others are still flirting with Madison after he drank the smoothie. When her friend Roni starts to leave with Madison, she remonstrates with her, but Roni says she doesn't understand and leaves. Rosalee then tells Juliette that Roni woged into a Ziegevolk during their discussion and they try to warn Madison, but they are too late.


Juliette was a very calm, level headed, and intelligent woman with good insight. She realized that Nick had a secret, and that things had not been normal since Aunt Marie's visit. She had a very inquisitive nature, often seeking out answers to indiscernible questions in her own way, which led to her becoming aware of the Wesen world. Rather than becoming afraid, she became even more excited at knowing, as seen when she read a few excerpts concerning Wesen from Aunt Marie's trailer.

She cared deeply for her friends and their well-being, seen when she went out of her way to try to protect Robin Steinkellner from her abusive husband and when she physically defended Alicia from being taken away by Joe. ("The Thing with Feathers") ("Eyes of the Beholder") She later voluntarily agreed to help Nick regain his powers, after seeing that Monroe and Rosalee were at risk, and that Nick becoming a Grimm again, was the best chance of guaranteeing their protection.

After realizing her Wesen nature, Juliette exhibited a bestial and aggressive side of herself which was most pronounced whenever her Hexenbiest form surfaced. Furthermore, she started to feel like she was "losing herself" and become resentful towards those she felt were responsible for her condition. ("Hibernaculum") She also seemed much colder towards Nick after he refused to accept her nature, moving out of their house and intentionally avoiding contact with him, and upon her brief return to collect her things, she laughed in his face when he told her he still loved her. ("Heartbreaker") Her increasing lack of empathy was demonstrated when she attempted to kill Adalind by telekinetically making a gargoyle statue fall on her. ("Hibernaculum") She also became much more promiscuous as a Hexenbiest, sleeping with Renard and later, Kenneth.

Despite having shown concern about losing her past personality, she slowly began to fully acknowledge and even enjoy her newfound power. This stark change in Juliette's temperament eventually reached the point that she began flaunting her powers in an attempt to become "the best Hexenbiest" that she could. An inner bitterness and resentment still seemed to reside at her core, however, no matter how much she relished what she was now capable of, and this caused many outbursts of raw emotion and uncontrolled power, one of which finally landed her in jail. ("Mishipeshu")

In one of the final efforts to try to reason with Juliette that she was not acting or thinking like herself, Rosalee visited Juliette while she was in jail, only to find that Juliette now preferred her "much more interesting" life and that she had fully embraced who she had now become. When Rosalee brought up her still being in love with Nick, Juliette ended her talk with Rosalee. She was soon bailed out of jail by the opportunistic Royal, Kenneth, who manipulated and used Juliette's feelings and bitterness towards Nick to persuade her to help work with him and aid in the Royal Family's agenda, which involved getting Diana back. Kenneth told Juliette about Adalind being pregnant with Nick's child, and when she found out this was indeed true, it was the last straw for Juliette; she expressed feeling as if she was in hell and only grew angrier and more resentful, especially towards Adalind, who she was most motivated to have join the company of her misery. However, at this point, her loyalty towards Nick became much more tenuous, as she felt he had chosen Adalind over her, not acknowledging the primary obligation Nick felt to protect his unborn child. ("Iron Hans")

As Kenneth further took advantage of Juliette's mindset and only fed into her bitterness and vengeful feelings, having her believe only the Royals truly would value her, he gave her a way to focus and channel this anger: helping the Royals. With the ties to those she once cared the most for all but broken in her mind and her humanity almost completely concealed underneath her now dominant Hexenbiest nature, Juliette began to give into her anger and commit more and more destructive acts with no apparent remorse, resulting in the destruction of the trailer. Later, she had a near-fatal confrontation in the spice shop where Nick was almost telekinetically forced to shoot Monroe. The attempts of her former friends to help her change had now become a violent trigger for her as well. ("You Don't Know Jack") ("Headache")

In spite of how twisted Juliette's personality became after she turned into a Hexenbiest, there was still a glimmer of humanity left in her, best exemplified when Juliette was visibly distraught and taken aback when she realized what she had done to help the Royals led to the murder of Kelly Burkhardt, a line she had not foreseen the Royals would cross. In the end, Juliette did indeed admit she likely still loved Nick, but she could not hold onto her humanity and overcome how becoming a Hexenbiest had changed her; she gave Nick an opportunity to kill her, even urging him to do so, but when he refused, she attempted to kill him instead, perhaps with some regret, as she stated she wished she was "done" fighting as Nick was. Trubel intervened, however, shooting Juliette with a Doppelarmbrust. Juliette managed to survive, before her rage was finally tamed and she was gradually broken down by Meisner and reborn as "Eve," a powerful new weapon for Hadrian's Wall. ("Cry Havoc") ("Eve of Destruction")

Physical Description

Juliette wore red and similarly colorful apparel quite often. She normally wore practical clothing befitting her job as a veterinary surgeon. In addition to often wearing red, she also tended to wear boots.

In Seasons 1 and 2, Juliette had red hair. From "Red Menace" until her death, her hair color changed from red to dark brown.

Typical for a Hexenbiest, Juliette's Wesen form had a wraith or cadaver-like appearance with abysmal eyes and several strips of flesh extending across one side of her mouth. However, due to being made into a Hexenbiest and not having been born one, her cadaver-like appearance was quite extreme even for a Hexenbiest.

Powers and Abilities

She was an accomplished veterinarian whose degree of expertise went beyond her field of profession, and naturally excelled in researching facts. When she became aware of the supernatural, Juliette helped Nick and his friends at identifying other Wesen through the information amassed in the trailer and she showed that she had good fighting skills. ("Eyes of the Beholder")

She did, however, display exceptional skill with a firearm despite having never fired one before, as she impressed even Nick when he took her to a shooting range. ("Island of Dreams") Juliette was also entirely fluent in Spanish, having lived in Spain with her grandmother for some time as a child. ("La Llorona")

As a Hexenbiest, Juliette could woge into a fearsome visage of terrifying strength and power, and she also had the ability to use telekinesis. According to Rosalee, because she was "made" a Hexenbiest rather than born as one, Juliette was more deadly than a normal Hexenbiest. She posed a clear and obvious threat against Adalind when Adalind attempted to get her to come with her, enough to send Adalind fleeing in terror after a violent fight. ("Trial by Fire") Henrietta even noted that Juliette's level of power was completely unprecedented after testing her blood, which displayed formidable corrosive properties during Henrietta's test, and that nothing could be done to reverse her current condition. Henrietta later admitted to Nick that she was nowhere near as formidable as Juliette would become. ("Maréchaussée") ("Bad Luck") Juliette could use telekinesis to kill by exploding the back of someone's skull. ("Tribunal") In addition, she was able to cause a car engine to explode when she was angry, ("Death Do Us Part") and she was able to instinctively use her powers to defend herself against Jonathon Wilde and kill him with his own Manticore stinger. ("Maréchaussée")

Her Wesen abilities were very potent and only grew the more that she used them, although she initially couldn't always control what she did. In spite of that, Adalind herself found Juliette's rapid development with her powers shocking to the point that Adalind saw fit to interrogate Henrietta as to how Juliette could have gotten so powerful in such a short period of time. Juliette demonstrated how powerful her telekinetic abilities had become when she nearly killed Adalind by making a gargoyle fall off of a roof, standing a fairly significant distance away. ("Hibernaculum") Once she further mastered her telekinesis, Juliette showed she could easily throw an adult across a room, ("Mishipeshu") ("You Don't Know Jack") focus her telekinesis to make a bug explode, ("Iron Hans") and even force Nick, a Grimm, to shoot his gun at one of his closest friends in Monroe, despite Nick's best attempts to resist with his will power and let go of his gun. ("You Don't Know Jack") ("Headache") She could also effectively punch someone using telekinesis as well. ("Cry Havoc")


Nick Burkhardt - Nick Burkhardt was Juliette's former boyfriend. She was very loving and supportive of Nick. Initially, she was unaware of his Grimm status. Ever since an unusual visit by a refrigerator repairman occurred, Juliette seemed to realize that Nick was unusual in some way. ("Danse Macabre") Nick decided to try to tell Juliette about the Grimm and Wesen world when Adalind forced his hand, but Juliette passed out and slipped into a coma before Nick could tell her. However, while recovering from what Adalind did to her, Juliette slowly began to understand what happened the night Nick tried to tell her about him being a Grimm, until the moment came when Monroe, Rosalee, and Bud showed her what Wesen were. After learning who Nick realy was, she proved herself to be a valuable asset for Nick as her expertise as a veterinarian allowed her to help him and his friends solve cases. When she became a Hexenbiest as a result of helping Nick regain his powers, her relationship with Nick gradually began to fail as her personality started to change, and she eventually moved out of the house. ("Heartbreaker") After Juliette moved out, things continued to get worse between her and Nick, and she got so angry with him to the point that she telekinetically made him point a gun at Monroe and nearly kill him, ("You Don't Know Jack") helped the Royals set up Nick's mother, ("Headache") and attempted to kill Nick. ("Cry Havoc") Nick, despite being furious with Juliette for her betrayal, still couldn't bring himself to kill her. Despite Juliette's Hexenbiest side changing who she was, she admitted that she still felt something for Nick and did not intend for his mother to be killed. In her attempt to "end things" between them, Trubel shot her with a Doppelarmbrust, saving Nick's life. Nick believed that she had been killed, but her rebirth as "Eve" shocked him."Wesen Nacht" He soon learned that Eve and Juliette had very little in common at all, if anything, beyond their physical appearance.

Hank Griffin - As Nick's partner in the Portland Police Department, Juliette trusted Hank and saw him as a close friend. However, after becoming a Hexenbiest, ("Chupacabra") she seemed to not care about Hank and even made his gun telekinetically fly into a wall. ("You Don't Know Jack") Hank began to view Juliette as a threat after that incident, though he was still stunned to learn of her apparent death from Nick."The Grimm Identity" Hank was similarly confused and stunned as Nick was when he saw Eve for the first time, though he also realized that Eve and Juliette were the same in body only.

Monroe - Juliette first met Monroe when he helped Nick rescue her from Ariel Eberhart ("Plumed Serpent") and initially believed that he was a PI who occasionally worked with Nick. She later realized that he was a close friend of Nick's and that he was aware of the secret that Nick was trying to tell her before she fell into a coma. She also regarded Monroe as a good source of information regarding Nick's feelings when she was trying to rebuild her relationship with Nick. After becoming a Hexenbiest, she seemed to not care about Monroe anymore, as she made Nick telekinetically fire a gun at him. ("You Don't Know Jack") Monroe was extremely upset with Juliette after this happened and gave up trying to help her suppress the Hexenbiest side of her that had so drastically changed her personality. He was shocked to hear of her death, however, and admitted later on to Rosalee that he missed the "old Juliette." ("Lost Boys") He was quite taken aback when he saw and later met Eve for the first time, but as with Nick, he too learned that she truly had very little in common with the old Juliette that he missed.

Rosalee Calvert - Juliette first met Rosalee when she was taken to the spice shop by Nick and Renard for the Infatuation Cure. ("Face Off") Rosalee then became a friend and confidant as she helped Juliette with her visions and slowly returning memory. Rosalee was the first Wesen Juliette saw woged. When Juliette had questions involving Wesen, she turned to Rosalee (similar to how Nick goes to Monroe). Even while Juliette was going through her early changes of becoming a Hexenbiest, Juliette sought out information from Rosalee, though Rosalee never knew what had happened or what was happening to Juliette until Juliette woged in front of her and Monroe. ("Hibernaculum") Rosalee was absolutely shocked about this and worked tirelessly to find some way to cure her friend who was quickly losing her humanity, but not having much luck with that, Rosalee desperately tried to talk some sense into Juliette in prison after Juliette was arrested for assault. ("Iron Hans") However, after Juliette almost killed Monroe, ("Headache") she officially cut any ties she still had with her as a friend. After becoming a Hexenbiest, Juliette began to isolate herself more and more as she started to change, and her fear of what was happening to her started becoming a feeling of great resent towards those she felt was responsible, which included Rosalee. The change in Juliette was clearly apparent when she made Rosalee telekinetically fly into a shelf in the spice shop. ("You Don't Know Jack") Despite all of this, Rosalee was mournful when she learned of Juliette's apparent death, and she told Monroe that she missed the "old Juliette" before she turned into a Hexenbiest. ("Lost Boys") She has seemingly been the only one who has suspected or had hope that remnants of Juliette still exist in Eve.

Sean Renard - Sean Renard is Nick's boss and, unknown to her, a member of the Royal Family in Vienna and a Half-Zauberbiest. Because of his connections, he was able to awaken her from the coma spell cast by Adalind Schade. The awakening spell had the side effect of making them obsessed with each other. According to Rosalee Calvert, this obsession would end the death of one or both of them, but after taking the Infatuation Cure, her feelings towards him changed, and she regarded him as a friend. As a Hexenbiest, Juliette sought Renard for help because he was the only one she knew at the time that could potentially relate to her situation and help her. Their relationship turned sexual as Juliette's personality continued to change and she further distanced herself from Nick, and she suddenly started harboring some resentment towards Renard after he was not able to help her. Renard was one of the first to see that Juliette was changing and becoming a potential threat.

Adalind Schade - After meeting Juliette on a double date with Hank and Nick, Adalind cultivated an apparent friendship with Juliette. Juliette was upset on Adalind's behalf when Nick arrested her after tracking Juliette's phone. ("Season of the Hexenbiest") However, her attitude towards Adalind changed after she found out that Adalind used her cat to infect her and put her into a coma ("Woman in Black"). She further felt more resentment towards Adalind after Adalind tricked Nick into sleeping with her to take away his Grimm powers, having disguised herself as Juliette using a Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester potion. ("Blond Ambition") Adalind was the first Wesen to get into a confrontation with Juliette's new-found supernatural nature and managed to escape with her life. ("Trial by Fire") Juliette's growing hatred for Adalind was evident when she was ready to kill her in the precinct, ("Iron Hans") and Adalind became very fearful of Juliette after their physical confrontation, seeking protection from her in Nick and using their unborn child as leverage. Juliette appeared to truly hate Adalind after learning that she was carrying Nick's child. Adalind was relieved to learn of Juliette's apparent demise because a huge threat to her had been eliminated, though she did offer Nick her condolences. However, when Adalind learned that Juliette had been "reborn" somehow as Eve, she was wary that this threat to her, as well as Nick and their child, still lingered.

Pilar - Pilar is a mystic who Juliette met when Juliette was called in by the Portland Police Department as a Spanish translator. ("La Llorona") Due to Pilar's insights into her mental condition when they first met, she consulted Pilar for help with her visions and returning memories, and Juliette later brought Nick to meet her when they needed information concerning El Cucuy. ("El Cucuy")


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  • (To Monroe) "I'm not the same person that I once was and maybe that is not such a good thing." ("Endangered")
  • (To Nick) "I really feel like we have a chance, even after everything that's happened." ("The Waking Dead")
  • (To Jonathon Wilde) "Maybe he should come home and find YOU dead!" ("Maréchaussée")
  • (To Nick) "You can't protect me, Nick. That's something I'm gonna have to do for myself." ("Maréchaussée")
  • (To Adalind) "Neither was mine [suggestion]. Bring it on, bitch!" ("Trial by Fire")
  • (To Renard) "I want my life back. And if I don't get it... you better watch out." ("Heartbreaker")
  • (To Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee) "Hold on to your hats! (woges) It's the new me!" ("Hibernaculum")
  • (To Nick) "What do you want to figure out, Nick? How a Grimm and a Hexenbiest are just gonna live happily ever after?" ("Mishipeshu")
  • (To Nick regarding Adalind) "I am in hell, Nick. And it is time she went there with me." ("Iron Hans")
  • (To Nick) "You should have killed me when you had the chance." ("Cry Havoc")


  • Juliette was the first human to turn into a Wesen. ("Chupacabra")
  • Juliette's first boyfriend was named Dale Armstead. ("Lonelyhearts")
  • Juliette is an outstanding shot with a handgun, despite claiming to not like guns. She never answered when Nick asked if she never learned how to shoot before. ("Island of Dreams")
  • Silverton is also the name of a small town about 50 miles south of Portland, 15 miles northeast of Salem.


The part of Juliette was described as:

Juliette, Nick's live-in girlfriend, age 26 to 28. A bundle of beauty and energy.

Originally, she was supposed to run a bakery, but this grew quickly stagnant with the plot writers.(Grimm: Special Collector's Edition issue 2)

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