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A Jubokko (joo-BOH-koh; Jap. 樹木子 "Tree child") is a type of tree that has a symbiotic relationship with Kinoshimobes to help protect their natural habitat. It survives on human blood. The Kinoshimobe drags the body of the victims they've killed to the Jubokko, and the Jubokko then extends root-like processes, twines them around the human body, and drags the body inside its lower trunk. Distinctive creaking noises are heard as a Jubokko goes through this process. The ground around a Jubokko is saturated with the blood from its food.

Any humans that are absorbed by a Jubokko will have their face appear as knots in the bark. These faces always have a horrified expression and appear to be screaming, perhaps in a state of purgatory for their crimes against nature. Should a Kinoshimobe be absorbed by a Jubokko, the resulting knot will be animated, sentient, and able to move its eyes. Jubokko trees appear to absorb a Kinoshimobe in order to help protect it from imminent death. Humans, Grimms, and Wesen alike all get an unnerving feeling when in close proximity to a Jubokko.



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