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John Oblinger

322-John Oblinger

322-John Oblinger woged

Actor: Kyle Vahan
Gender: Male
Type: Eisbiber
Relationships: Suzanne Acker, girlfriend
Bud Wurstner, friend
Arnold Rosarot, friend
Woman in pickup, ex-wife
Status: Living
TV Show: "Tarantella"
"Leave It to Beavers"
"Natural Born Wesen"
"Blond Ambition"
"Wesen Nacht"
Webisodes: "Bad Hair Day"
Mentioned: "Of Mouse and Man"

John Oblinger is an Eisbiber and a friend of Bud Wurstner. He was first mentioned in "Of Mouse and Man" and first seen in "Tarantella".


Season 1Edit


He was in the house to which Juliette Silverton followed the woman in the truck. ("Of Mouse and Man") Nick Burkhardt went to the house to find out who the woman was and surprised John and Bud. Together, John and Bud assured Nick that they had only told others about him being a Grimm because no one in the Eisbiber community believed Bud's account of having seen a Grimm. ("Danse Macabre") John told Nick that none of them had ever seen a Grimm before. Nick warned both to ensure that no one else visited his home, or he would return. John said there would be no reason for Nick ever to return, although he added quickly that he was "welcome any time."

"Leave It to Beavers"Edit

After witnessing Robert Grosszahn's murder by the Hässlich, Sal Butrell, Arnold Rosarot hid out in John's cellar.

John and Bud took Nick to the Lodge, where the Eisbiber community held democratic votes. They tried to convince the rest of the community to fight against the Hässlichen, but only one joined their side. However, they convinced Arnold, the sole witness to the murder of Robert Grosszahn, to come forward and give a witness statement to the Portland Police.

Season 2Edit

"Natural Born Wesen"Edit

He was one of the members of the concerned Wesen crowd in the spice shop after Cole Pritchard, Krystal Fletcher, and Gus Campbell robbed a bank fully woged.

Season 3Edit

"Blond Ambition"Edit

He was one of the wedding guests at Monroe and Rosalee's wedding.

Season 5Edit

"Wesen Nacht"Edit

John was one of the scared Wesen in the spice shop concerned about the Wesen Uprising.


"Bad Hair Day"Edit

Part 4, "Late Night Crisis"Edit

He was the friend of Bud who was suffering from hair loss, and he had the remedy washed into his head by Monroe.


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