309-Joe woged

Actor: Tom Walton
Gender: Male
Type: Klaustreich
Relationships: Alicia, ex-wife
Status: Living
TV Show: "Red Menace"
"Eyes of the Beholder"

Joe is a Klaustreich and the former abusive husband of Alicia. He first appeared in "Red Menace".


"Red Menace"Edit

Joe's wife, Alicia, who is a friend of Juliette, got into another fight with him. She left to go to Portland and stay with Juliette and Nick to avoid Joe.

When Joe noticed she was gone, he searched for her. He eventually called Nick and Juliette's number and demanded to know if she was at their house. He ended up hanging up when Nick and Juliette would't tell him if Alicia was there. He sat in his car outside Nick and Juliette's home and woged in anger.

"Eyes of the Beholder"Edit

Outside the restaurant where Nick, Alicia, and Juliette were eating, Joe watched them.

After Juliette tried to confront Alicia about being Wesen again, Alicia continued to deny everything until Juliette told her Nick was a Grimm, which caused her to woge into her Fuchsbau form. She tried to run out of the house, and Nick caught up to her, trying to calm her down. Just then, Joe came in the house and sucker punched Nick. Alicia ran back towards the kitchen with Joe after her, and Juliette jumped on Joe's back and hit him in the head a few times before she was flipped off his back. She grabbed a frying pan and hit him in the face. Joe woged, but Juliette was unimpressed and briefly fought with him. She and Alicia both smashed glass items over his head, and once he was on the ground, they both kicked him. Nick came in with his gun drawn, and Joe realized Nick was a Grimm and immediately became scared, promising to never hurt Alicia again. Nick quipped that he didn't think it was him Joe should be worried about, and Nick then arrested him and took him to the precinct.


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