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Actor: Erin Way
Gender: Female
Type: Glühenvolk
Relationships: Vincent, husband
Newborn baby, daughter
Status: Living
TV Show: "Endangered"

Jocelyn is a Glühenvolk that appeared in "Endangered".

Appearances[edit | edit source]

"Endangered"[edit | edit source]

She was pregnant, launching Vincent's mutilation spree on cows for their ovaries.

When their old truck broke down and Vincent returned with Maureen Rodriguez and her truck, she was concerned that Maureen was seriously injured, but Vincent assured her that Maureen had just passed out.

While traveling along a forest road, Jocelyn said it was becoming too uncomfortable and that she needed to rest. Vincent noticed a cabin just off the road, so they stopped there. She then said that she was starting to get hungry, so Vincent went out to hunt.

While Vincent was hunting, Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee discovered the cabin where the couple were resting and hiding. She was so afraid at the arrival of the three of them that she woged, but she calmed down when Rosalee declared that she was beautiful. She was very concerned about what they had done to Vincent, and she relaxed only when Nick explained that they were there to help and wanted her to help them find him. Jocelyn then started to go into labor. According to Monroe, this was caused by the shock of seeing Nick (and recognizing him as a Grimm). Rosalee delivered the baby with assistance from Nick and Monroe. Vincent returned just as the baby was born.

After Nick shot and killed George Lazure with Lazure's own gun, Jocelyn left for Alaska, where there were other Glühenvolk, with her baby daughter and Vincent in Lazure's truck.

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