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Jim Kouf
Jim Kouf
Roles: Creator
Executive Producer
First Episode Written: "Pilot"
Last Episode Written: "The End"
Episodes Written: 36
First Episode Directed: "Headache"
Last Episode Directed: "Tree People"
Episodes Directed: 2
More Info
Wikipedia: Jim Kouf
IMDb: Jim Kouf
Twitter: @GrimmEps

Jim Kouf (born July 24, 1951) is an American screenwriter, director, and producer. He received the 1988 Edgar Award for Best Motion Picture Screenplay for his work on Stakeout (1987). He worked as a producer and screenwriter on multiple movies, including National Treasure and Rush Hour. He is currently working on Grimm. His daughter, Brenna is one of the writers for Grimm.


  • Wacko (1982) - screenwriter
  • Up the Creek (1984) - screenwriter
  • The Hidden (1987) - screenwriter
  • Stakeout (1987) - screenwriter and producer
  • Disorganized Crime (1989) - screenwriter and director
  • Gang Related (1997) - screenwriter, producer and director
  • Rush Hour (1998) - screenwriter
  • Snow Dogs (2002) - screenwriter
  • Angel: The Series (2000-2001) - writer and consulting producer
  • National Treasure (2004) - screenwriter


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