Jenna Marshall
216 Jenna Marshall
Actor: Camille Chen
Gender: Female
Type: Human
Relationships: Dead Brody Crawford, boyfriend
Ridley Cooper, ex-boyfriend
Dead Vicky Edwards, former colleague
Dominick Spinner, boss
Rashid Raju, colleague
Status: Living
Job: Software engineer/programmer
TV Show: "Nameless"

Jenna Marshall is a software engineer/programmer working for a game programming company. She appeared in "Nameless".



She was the software team leader for the new "Black Forest" game, a new type of MMORPG. At the launch party, she retired to a side room with her boyfriend, Brody Crawford, and after a short discussion, she left the room. Once outside, she heard screaming coming from the room, and she returned to find Brody sliced in half at the waist. When she was interviewed by Nick and Hank at the scene, she was unable to provide any useful information.

Once the detectives had established that she was both central to the investigation and a possible target for the killer, she was re-interviewed and admitted that an external support technician had helped with the code in return for a date, and she then stood him up. Unfortunately, she was unable to remember his name.

The police then moved her to a safe house where she played the game and killed the character controlled by Trinket Lipslums, making him furious. This prompted him to breach the safe house, where he was confronted by Nick, Hank and a female officer, and he then leapt off the roof of the building to his death.

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