Jay Jars
Owned by: Multiple Wesen
Purpose: Pain killer/recreational drug
Location: Exotic Spice & Tea Shop

Jay (from "jacine," the mold it is made from) is an opiate-like painkiller, often used for recreational purposes. The drug is highly addictive, and it seems to elevate mood and induce drowsiness in Wesen. The drug is lethal for most humans but not for Wesen. As it is unknown to most humans, there is no law prohibiting it. According to Monroe, it is derived from a mold called jacine. Monroe also said it is the equivalent of mixing Meth, rat poison, and helium. Abuse can cause liver disease and brain damage.

The drug can be acquired through dealers or through private clubs that resemble opium dens. Jay addicts will go to great lengths to acquire Jay, as evidenced by the murder of Freddy by addicts after his supply.

Rosalee reveals in "Island of Dreams" that she was a Jay addict for seven years before she cleaned up and moved to Seattle.


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