Jarold Kampfer

Jarold Kampfer

203 - Jarold Kempfer Morph

Actor: Mark Pellegrino
Gender: Male
Type: Coyotl
Relationships: Dead Lisa Kampfer, wife
Carly Kampfer, daughter
Handcuff Hayden Walker, brother-in-law
Handcuff Kyle Walker, nephew
Handcuff Todd Walker, nephew
Hank Griffin, friend
Status: Living
TV Show: "Bad Moon Rising"

Jarold Kampfer is a Coyotl that appeared in "Bad Moon Rising".


"Bad Moon Rising"

Jarold was an old and close friend of Hank Griffin's. They played football together in high school. After graduation, Jarold had Hank named as godfather to his daughter.

He came to the precinct to see Hank when his daughter, Carly, went missing. While relating the last time he saw her and that he had no idea what had happened to her, he inadvertently woged whilst looking at Hank, so he did not realize that Nick was a Grimm. He remained at the precinct, compiling a list of associates for Hank to investigate, while Nick went to the trailer to research Coyotl (Nick claimed to be checking predators). After Nick returned, while Hank was getting coffee, Nick told Jarold that he was a Grimm and asked if there was a Coyotl connection to his missing daughter. Nick also asked about the Aseveración ritual, and Jarold said that that he and his wife, Lisa, had returned to Portland to spare their daughter of the ritual. He then suggested that his brother-in-law, Hayden Walker, might be responsible except that he was in Texas. Hank, who returned at this point, checked and discovered that Hayden was in Portland and working as a mechanic at a garage.

Jarold accompanied Nick and Hank to the garage but did not see Hayden there. When Nick and Hank went to the home address that the garage had for Hayden, he remained in the car as they discovered some dead and partially eaten animals. Hank initially suggested that he go home while he and Nick went to the farm, but Jarold asked to go along and Nick agreed with him.

At the farm, Jarold pointed out Hayden to Nick and Hank. He left the car and confronted Hayden and his sons and was captured by them while Nick and Hank rescued Carly. He was held at gunpoint by his nephews while Hayden went to talk to Nick and Hank in the barn. When Carly screamed, all but one of his nephews ran to the barn, at which point Jarold, with the help of Carly, subdued the remaining nephew as Nick and Hank arrested the others.

Back at the precinct, he apologized to Hank for not revealing his nature to him earlier, and when Hank said that this was the first time he could not put on a report all that he knew, Jarold said that the important thing was that Carly was safe, a sentiment that Hank agreed with. Hank also reassured Jarold that him being Wesen in no way changed their relationship.


  • His family name, Kampfer, assuming the umlaut was dropped from Kämpfer, is German for the word fighter; Kampfer means camphor.


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