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{{Infobox character
{{Infobox character
|humanimage =
|humanimage = Jarold Kampfer.png
|actor = [[Mark Pellegrino]]
|actor = [[Mark Pellegrino]]
|altactor =
|altactor =

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Jarold Kampfer

Jarold Kampfer.png

203 - Jarold Kempfer Morph.png

Actor: Mark Pellegrino
Gender: Male
Type: Coyotl
Relationships: Dead.svg Lisa Kampfer, wife
Carly Kampfer, daughter
Hayden Walker, brother-in-law
Todd Walker, nephew
Kyle Walker, nephew
Status: Living
TV Show: "Bad Moon Rising"

Jarold Kampfer is a Coyotl and an old friend of Hank Griffin whose daughter has gone missing. He at some point disgraced the family name of Hayden Walker, who is a Coyotl from a rival pack.


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