James Addison
James Addison
Actor: Ted Rooney
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Status: Living
TV Show: "Let Your Hair Down"

James Addison is a former neighbor of the Clark family. He appeared in "Let Your Hair Down".


"Let Your Hair Down"Edit

He had loaned camping supplies to the Clarks and recommended places to camp. On the day Holly Clark, age seven, disappeared, Addison went to a hospital more than one hundred miles away and reported that he had been bitten by a wild dog in the woods. The dog bite fractured a bone and removed some muscle tissue. Addison was permanently disabled.

In truth, he was the one who abducted Holly, but Holly retaliated by wogeing into her Wesen form for the first time, fending off Addison and leaving him crippled for life before fleeing with some of his camping equipment. The experience greatly disturbed Addison, but he did not dare tell anyone what he had seen for fear of being thought insane.

After the police learned that Holly was still alive, Hank Griffin and Sergeant Wu questioned Addison about why he drove one hundred miles to seek treatment for a dog bite rather than visiting closer hospitals. At the police station, Addison heard mention of his property being found near the surviving Holly Clark and yelled that she had bitten him. Later, Holly identified Addison out of a line-up as the man who had abducted her.


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