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"Issue 6 (Volume 1)"
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October 2013October 16, 2013

Comic Information
Page Count: 32
Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Cover artist: Lucio Parrillo
Writers: Marc Gaffen & Kyle McVey
Artist: José Malaga
Diamond Product #: AUG131226
AUG131227 (photo subscription variant)
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Issue 6 is the sixth issue of volume 1 of the Grimm comics series and the first issue of Volume 2: Bloodlines. It was published in October 2013 by Dynamite Comics and distributed on October 16, 2013 by Diamond.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Short synopsis: Nick is thrown against a vicious enemy with a unique Peter Pan complex. This Wesen is looking for a new playmate, and he just found his newest victim in Nick.


In allusion to J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan, a Sorglosgör uses a methamphetamine-like "fairy dust," to kidnap the Davies children. The corpses of three children are found hanging from trees, and they are identified as children kidnapped six years ago. Peter delightfully observes he's being tracked by a Grimm. After making Wendy queen of the lost boys, he returns to beat up Nick.

Nick and Juliette go after him after learning about the new Wesen, but Juliette is taken prisoner, facing certain death. Wendy and the boys recognize her authority over them and release her, and then turn on Peter. Nick pursues Peter, and apprehends him.

The children are reunited with their families, and Peter is placed in an orphanage.

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This issue occurs after Juliette learns about Wesen, but it is clear this is one of her first adventures. However, she learned during the zombie invasion, and there's no sign at all of zombies (Nick isn't a zombie, either). This clearly implies the comics are taking place in another universe.


  • Wu has a larger part in this issue than any preceding issue.
  • Juliette is shown for the first time in the comic series.
  • The Davies family's names (including their dog) are identical to those in the story Peter Pan. However, their story is not the same.
  • Inside the issue, it says it is a part of volume 1, although it is a part of the volume 2 trade paperback, Bloodlines.

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