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For issue 3 of volume 2, see Issue 3 (Volume 2).
"Issue 3 (Volume 1)"
Comic 3 Cover



July 2013July 10, 2013

Comic Information
Page Count: 32
Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Cover artist: Lucio Parrillo
Writers: Story: David Greenwalt & Jim Kouf
Script: Marc Gaffen & Kyle McVey
Artist: José Malaga
UPC: 072-5130-20463-9
Diamond Product #: MAY131051
MAY131053 (photo subscription variant)
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Issue 3 is the third issue of volume 1 of the Grimm comics series and Volume 1: The Coins of Zakynthos. It was published in July 2013 by Dynamite Comics and distributed on July 10, 2013 by Diamond.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Short synopsis: Nick teams up with the mysterious, new Grimm Maya and comes face to face with the ferocious enemy responsible for his mother's kidnapping. Meanwhile, separated from the others in Europe, Hank and Monroe must figure out their next move while dodging squads of Verrat soldiers.


Maya holds Nick back from checking on his friends, saying he's got to learn to act like a Grimm. With kindled vengeance for his friends, he and Maya have an eventful entrance into the Drauz's castle. In a side room, Maya spares Drauz, and we learn she is working for him, reluctantly as a spy. Maya, Nick, and Kelly make their escape.

At the site of the accident, Monroe takes out the remaining Verrat agents. He and Hank carry Laszlo Dietrich and the GPS tracking unit to a nearby house. The resident is hospitable and nurses Dietrich. He offers them his van so they can get to work finding the Coins of Zakynthos. When they arrive at the site, the coins are not there, only the velvet-lined lead box.


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