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For issue 2 of volume 2, see Issue 2 (Volume 2).
"Issue 2 (Volume 1)"
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June 2013June 12, 2013

Comic Information
Page Count: 32
Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Cover artist: Lucio Parillo
Writers: Story: David Greenwalt & Jim Kouf
Script: Marc Gaffen & Kyle McVey
Artist: José Malaga
UPC: 072-5130-20463-9
Diamond Product #: APR131014
APR131015 (photo subscription variant)
JUN131097 (Midtown)
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Issue 2 is the second issue of volume 1 of the Grimm comics series and Volume 1: The Coins of Zakynthos. It was published in June 2013 by Dynamite Comics and distributed on June 12, 2013 by Diamond.

Plot Synopsis[]

Short synopsis: Nick, Hank, and Monroe quest to destroy the Coins of Zakynthos, but are caught in the middle of a centuries-long Wesen war. Surrounded by players with unclear agendas, the gang forges a reluctant alliance, as Kelly makes an escape from her captors.


Maya brings Nick, Hank, and Monroe to a Resistance base, where Laszlo Dietrich greets them and tells the three that they have no choice now but to join them. Dietrich passes along a box to Nick from Kelly. Unfortunately, the box has a combination lock that none of them knows how to open.

This meeting is interrupted when Verrat agents, who apparently followed them to the Resistance base, open fire. Dietrich helps the four escape safely.

Meanwhile, a Resistance agent helps Kelly escape from her cell, but they don't make it very far before Drauz, in minotaur form, eliminates that agent.

Dietrich, Maya, Hank, Monroe, and Nick travel to Milan, where Kelly is being held hostage. Aboard the train, Nick finally cracks the code for the puzzle box, which reveals a GPS tracking device with coordinates programmed into it to find the Coins of Zakynthos. While Maya is busy getting to know Nick, the others are assaulted by Verrat agents. Nick and Maya escape to a car closer to the front of the train just in time to see the dining car the others were in explode.



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