Opening Quote: "He had killed man, the noblest game of all, and he had killed in the face of the law of club and fang." - The Call of the Wild

Scene: Maggie Bowden checks off the items needed for a group of fathers and their sons to go on a camping trip.

Maggie: Four tents, eight sleeping bags, two axes, T.P.
Chip: I brought some firewood—
Maggie: No, you didn't. We collect our own firewood. And now it is time to give me all cell phones, iPads-anything that plugs in goes into this bin.
Albert: Come on, guys. Disconnect. Give 'em up.
Todd: [Taking a phone from one of the kids] Nice try, Elliott.
Maggie: Water, first aid kit, check, check, check. You boys are ready to go.
Albert: All right, let's load up. [He gets into the van] Say goodbye to civilization. [He starts to pull away] Bye, Maggie.
Maggie: Bye, dad.
Todd: See you, sis.
Maggie: See ya.

Scene: Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee talk about Juliette being in jail.

Monroe: If Juliette is going to bars and beating people up and going to jail...
Rosalee: Are you gonna leave her there?
Nick: If I get her out, she could kill somebody.
Monroe: Did she say anything along the lines of, like, "Sorry, I didn't mean to beat up folks I'd never met before?"
Nick: No. She said she's having fun.
Rosalee: Oh, Nick, this is not looking good.
Hank: You guys haven't found anything that can stop this?
Monroe: This is a unique, like, once in a lifetime, "doesn't ever seem to have happened before" kind of event... conundrum.
Rosalee: We haven't found anything that works, and we've looked through everything.
Monroe: We're not giving up. It's just, I mean, we have no idea where to go from here.
Rosalee: Except Adalind. She might be the only one that knows something about this.
Nick: No. If I see her again—
Rosalee: I really doubt she'd do anything to help Juliette anyway. Juliette is paying the price for us taking Adalind's child.

Scene: Todd has all the fathers and sons gather into a circle after they set up tents.

Todd: Come on, everyone. Circle up. Circle up. Circle up! Come on.
Albert: Now, I know the natural world seems harsh to you. [He chuckles] That's because you don't know it. You don't know it because we've lost touch with our past. We've lost touch with that world and therefore with ourselves. But that's all gonna change as we open up to reconnecting to our past-to who we really are. You boys, you have a responsibility... to embrace your true natures. So get ready. This is not a game. It's not playtime. Are you ready?
Everyone: Yeah.
Albert: I said, "Are you ready?"
Everyone: Yeah!
Todd: To the hunt!
Albert: To the hunt!
[Everyone puts their hands on top of one another's and chants]
Everyone: To the hunt! To the hunt!
[A few minutes later, Albert watches as the fathers and sons try to catch a rabbit. They all chase it around until one of the boys catches it]
Elliott: I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it!
Elliott's dad: Yes, son!
Elliott: I caught him!
Elliott's dad: He got it. Hold on, hold on.
Albert: Hold it high, Elliott. Be proud.
Elliott: I got it. Yeah.
[Later that night, after cooking the rabbit, everyone eats it]
Albert: As our ancestors once lived, you boys are about to discover what it is to be a man, to be Wesen. But it is not easy. Whether you are Löwen, Blutbad, Drang-Zorn, or Balam, we are all blessed. And when you woge for the first time, you will feel a power like you have never felt before. But this is never to be revealed. Normal people will never feel what you feel. They will never know what you know. They will never live life as deeply as you. Do not be afraid of what you are. It's your history. Be proud. And now, we feast from the hunt. [He woges into a Löwen]
[All the other adults also woge. When Albert retracts, everyone else does as well. The boys all take a bite of the rabbit. One boy's face ripples, and everyone cheers]

Scene: Renard gets ready to go to bed, but he suddenly gets chest pain.

[Renard checks to see if he is bleeding, but there is no blood. He takes a drink of water and leans over. Suddenly, he finds himself by a fountain. He looks around and leaves]

Scene: Albert sits by the campfire while everyone else is asleep.

[Nearby, a hitchhiker tries to get a ride to Salem but has no luck]
Hitchhiker: Aww, hey! Come on! I ain't gonna hurt you. You can still pull over.
[The hitchhiker is suddenly tackled to the ground and killed]

Scene: Rosalee goes to visit Juliette in jail.

Juliette: [She and Rosalee both pick up the phones] Rosalee, it's so nice of you to pop by.
Rosalee: Juliette, I just-I wanted you to know how sorry I am for everything that's going on. I've-I feel partially responsible.
Juliette: You are, but I don't blame you. In fact, I think I should thank you.
Rosalee: No, look. Juliette, this isn't you.
Juliette: It wasn't me. But it sure is now. What happened? Did Nick come over and do a big boo hoo with you?
Rosalee: He loves you.
Juliette: That's really nice, Rosalee, but can the love stuff. I mean, life is so much more interesting now. I mean, would you give up being a Fuchsbau if you could?
Rosalee: I-I would if it was the only way I could be with Monroe.
Juliette: And would he do the same for you?
Rosalee: I believe he would.
Juliette: Well, Nick wouldn't give it up for me. He had the chance.
Rosalee: You can't blame Nick for that. We needed him back because of the threats against us. And you agreed.
Juliette: No, no, no. I'm not complaining. Like, everything just worked out for the best. You got your husband back, Nick is a Grimm again, and I am on top of the world.
Rosalee: No. No. You're-you're angry and you're bitter and I don't blame you. I mean, nobody-nobody does. We're your friends, though. Juliette, I'm your friend, and I know you, and I know you're still in love with Nick.
Juliette: Thanks for stopping by. [She sets the phone down and walks away]
Rosalee: Juliette!

Scene: Wu leads Nick and Hank to the hitchhiker's body.

Wu: The victim appears to have been hitchhiking when he was attacked. Assumption is he was hit where he dropped the sign, seeing that he was probably fighting for his life as he was dragged into the bushes and not thinking about getting to Salem.
Nick: Who found the body?
Wu: A jogger with his dog about 6:00 this morning. Credit goes to the dog, who probably smelled the blood.
Hank: It looks like an animal attack, which it probably wasn't. Ah, a few dollars in his wallet, belonging to Gary Goff. Expired Illinois license.
Nick: Here's some kind of print.
Wu: You recognize it?
Nick: [He takes a picture with his phone] Not really. But that has got to be Wesen.
Hank: Should we track it?
Nick: Seriously?
Hank: No. I was just waiting for you to say we need Monroe.
Nick: We need Monroe.

Scene: Franco goes into Renard's office as Renard looks out the window.

Franco: Captain. Captain.
Renard: Yeah.
Franco: Got last night's crime report you asked for. Busy night. GTAs, domestic, D and Ds, urinating in public—
Renard: Any assaults?
Franco: Yeah, plenty of those.
Renard: Aggravated?
Franco: Uh, there were two in ours and one in the Southeast. [He hands Renard the file] Something specific you're looking for?
Renard: I might have seen something. Yeah, I was near this one. Check with the victim. See if there's any suspect description.
Franco: Yeah. Will do. [He leaves]

Scene: Rosalee talks with Monroe about her visit with Juliette.

Monroe: Honestly, how can Juliette be okay with this?
Rosalee: Because we keep thinking she's the same as she was, and she's not.
Monroe: I mean, what are you gonna tell Nick? He's on his way over here.
Rosalee: I think we should stay out of it. She needs to realize she loves him, we can't tell her to.
Monroe: Has she completely forgotten all the good? I mean, how much they loved—
[Nick and Hank walk into the spice shop]
Monroe: Hey.
Rosalee: Hey, guys.
Monroe: You got that photo?
Nick: Yeah. Right here. [He shows Monroe and Rosalee the photo]
Monroe: Oh, that looks Löwen, more than likely.
Rosalee: Not Fuchsbau. Could be Blutbaden.
Monroe: I'm sorry? With those toes?
Rosalee: Yeah, well, definitely Wesen.
Monroe: What was the condition of the victim?
Hank: Sort of a midnight snack.
Rosalee: Oh, that's not good.
Monroe: You guys want me to go out there and have a—
Nick and Hank: Yes.

Scene: Franco tells Renard the details he found out on the assault case.

[Franco knocks on the door and Renard signals for him to come in]
Renard: [On the phone] I will. Thank you. [He hangs up]
Franco: Got the details on that assault. Victim's name was James Waddell. He was attacked at 2:45 a.m. right next to the Skidmore Fountain.
[Flashback of Renard standing by the fountain]
Franco: On his way home from a late shift at Olympia Provisions. No witnesses. He was semiconscious at the scene, [He hands Renard the folder] but couldn't provide a description of his attacker. He's at St. Joe's. You want me to check on him?
Renard: No. Thanks. That's all.
[Franco leaves]

Scene: Kenneth talks with the King on the phone.

Kenneth: Damerov is no longer in our employ. Sean and I came to an understanding. I made it very clear that any more interference on your son's part would be his last.
Adalind: [She walks up] Who are you talking to?
Kenneth: The King. You have something you'd like to say to him?
[Adalind shakes her head]
Kenneth: No, sir. Sean is well aware this comes from you. Thank you. [He hangs up]
Adalind: Is the King gonna kill Sean?
Kenneth: Considering he's the father of one of your children, does that upset you?
Adalind: Does anyone actually care what I think—
Kenneth: No. But I do have some information you might find interesting. I just found out your little Hexenbiest chum, Juliette, has gotten herself arrested.
Adalind: She's in jail?
Kenneth: She throttled a couple of people at a bar. Apparently, they didn't have it coming.
Adalind: And if that happened, that means she's starting to accept becoming a Hexenbiest. And things are gonna get worse before they get... really bad.
Kenneth: Including her desire to kill you.
Adalind: Yes.
Kenneth: Then this could be the opportunity we've been waiting for.
Adalind: I'm sorry, but I don't see an opportunity anywhere near her.
Kenneth: Juliette knows just about everything about Mr. Burkhardt, about his mother, and therefore about where the child-your child-might be.
Adalind: Okay, she may have beat up a couple people in a bar-I mean, God knows we've all done that-but there is no way she's gonna betray Nick if that's where you're going.
Kenneth: It's surprising how quickly betrayal becomes a viable option, given the right circumstances.
Adalind: Which "right circumstances?"
Kenneth: By the way, have you made up your mind about who the father of that one is? Don't strain yourself. I know it's Mr. Burkhardt.
Adalind: What?
Kenneth: Appropriate indignation. But the real question is, what will Juliette do when she finds out that you and Nick are having a love child?
Adalind: You wouldn't...
Kenneth: Given the right circumstances.
Adalind: I'm the mother of the child you want.
Kenneth: It's surprising how quickly betrayal becomes a viable option. Cheerio. [He leaves]

Scene: Monroe has a look around the area where the hitchhiker was killed.

Monroe: You say the body was partially consumed?
Hank: That's what it looked like.
Nick: The animals could've fed after he died.
Monroe: Mm, I don't think so. This feels more like a hunt.
Hank: A hunt?
Monroe: Not all of us are reformed, you know? Yeah, look at this. [He points at the footprint] No shoes. Stripped down, you know, going old school. Yeah, my guess is this is some badass dude. There's not much scent left. But he might've taken a piece with him. Maybe we can track the blood trail.
[They start walking]
Nick: It's private property.
Hank: [Looking at a fence] Wire's bent up like somebody went through here.
Nick: We should see who owns this. If the killer got through, they could be in danger. Or involved.
[Hank makes a call. After getting the info they need, they drive up to the Iron Hans Ranch]
Monroe: Wow, I've actually heard of this place. I think it's, like, a coming-of-age camp for boys.
Hank: Like a Boy Scout camp?
Monroe: Sort of, yeah. It's word-of-mouth; it's kind of an underground thing. It's like a Wesen Men's Movement deal, you know? Like that poet, Robert Bly, except getting in touch with your wild side has a whole different meaning for Wesen. I actually went to one when I was a kid. Then they sort of died out for a while. I heard they were making a comeback.
Albert: [Walking up with Todd] Can I help you?
Nick: Yeah. I'm Detective Burkhardt. This is Detective Griffin and Monroe.
Hank: You the owner of this property?
Albert: I am. Albert Bowden. This is my son, Todd. Is there a problem?
Hank: We're investigating an attack. Happened down on the highway. A man was killed.
Todd: Then what are you doing up here?
Nick: There's a possibility the suspect crossed through your property.
Todd: How would you know that?
Hank: We followed the track.
Todd: You don't look like trackers.
[Monroe woges and Albert and Todd both woge into Löwen]
Nick: Hey, take it easy.
[Everyone retracts]
Albert: I've heard about you.
Todd: I am not afraid of any Grimm.
Albert: Todd.
Hank: We're here on an investigation. We needed to ask you a few questions. Is that going to be a problem?
Maggie: [She walks up] Is everything all right?
Todd: He's that Grimm that we heard about.
Maggie: Wow. So this is what a Grimm looks like.
Albert: This is my daughter, Maggie. What do you need from us?
Nick: We just need to know where everyone was last night.
Albert: Right here. All of us. You say you've heard of these camps before?
Monroe: Yeah. I went to an Iron Hans camp with my dad when I was a kid. It was great. Didn't know they were still doing 'em.
Albert: So you've accepted who you are?
Monroe: You could say that.
Albert: Well, a lot of Blutbaden can't.
Monroe: Yeah, it's not always easy.
Albert: What did you say your name was?
Monroe: Monroe.
Albert: I've heard of you too.
Hank: Anyone else here last night?
Maggie: We host two camps most weekends. One Friday, another Saturday. Last night we had three fathers and their sons here.
Hank: You were with them all night?
Todd: Yeah. That's the point. We were camping out. Except for Maggie.
Maggie: Boys only. I was here. It was nail night. [She shows her nails]
Albert: Maggie...
Hank: How far is the camp?
Albert: Just a few miles in.
Nick: We'd like to take a look at it.
Albert: Certainly. We can take the van.

Scene: Juliette lies in her cell, watching a bug walk across the wall.

[Flashback of Juliette meeting Adalind in "Love Sick" and flashback of Juliette getting scratched by Adalind's cat in "Woman in Black." Juliette then telekinetically squishes the bug and smiles]
Jailer: Time to go.
Juliette: Where?
Jailer: Bail's been paid.
Juliette: By whom?
Jailer: [She opens the cell door] Not my job.

Scene: Albert and Todd bring Nick, Hank, and Monroe to the campsite.

Albert: We like to get 'em up here around noon and get settled into camp. You have to understand that for most of these fathers and sons, it's their first time out in the woods. They don't even know what it's like not to sleep in a bed.
Todd: Or have a bathroom.
Albert: And the boys haven't woged yet. And as you well know, that can be quite emotional for them and for their fathers.
Hank: We're gonna need the name of everyone who was here last night.
Albert: Sure. Maggie can get those for you.
Todd: So, you're a Blutbad and you hang with a Grimm?
Monroe: I do.
Todd: You don't have a problem with that?
Monroe: I don't, and I'm not interested in your opinion if you do.
Nick: Looks like we got some blood.
Todd: It is. Without the blood, you miss the whole purpose.
Hank: Who does it belong to?
Albert: We went on a hunt. And we did kill something. A rabbit. We gutted it right there. We cooked it right here over the fire, and we shared its flesh.
Todd: Nothing illegal in that.
Albert: We don't go after what our ancestors did. The days of that kind of hunt are long gone, even if you fantasize they're not. [To Monroe] You've been on a hunt before. I can tell. You know the struggle, and you've made peace with it, and now you work with a Grimm. Fascinating. I'd like to hear about how that happened.
Monroe: Long story.
Albert: Well, maybe you can tell it tonight. I have a new group.
Monroe: Oh, no. I don't think so.
Albert: It would be an honor to have someone like yourself-someone who's lived it-talk to us. You could give a little back. You could change the lives of some of these young boys.

Scene: Juliette leaves the police station.

Kenneth: Juliette. My name's Kenneth. We've never met.
Juliette: You bailed me out. Why?
Kenneth: We have something in common.
Juliette: Am I supposed to ask what?
Kenneth: You're not curious?
Juliette: No. [She starts to walk away]
Kenneth: He can't be much of a boyfriend if he left you to rot in jail. Seems like we both have good reason to be upset: the Grimm.
Juliette: What do you want?
Kenneth: What we've always wanted. Adalind's child. No surprise there, I suppose.
Juliette: You're one of the Royals.
Kenneth: Yes. The one who's going to get the child back.
Juliette: Well, I don't know where she is.
Kenneth: I believe that you don't, but I also believe that you could.
Juliette: Sorry you wasted your bail money.
Kenneth: My God. You're still loyal to the Grimm even after what he's done to you. You know, I admire loyalty when it's deserved, but this borders on tragic.
Juliette: You know, it might be more tragic for a Royal to die in Portland.
Kenneth: [He chuckles] For me, yes. Of course. But I thought for sure you'd be interested to know that Adalind's pregnant again.
Juliette: And that is a surprise why?
Kenneth: Think about it. Nick assumed he was sleeping with you, so you can't really blame him for cheating with Adalind. Still, you have to appreciate the irony. She's having what should have been your baby with your boyfriend.
Juliette: No, you're wrong.
Kenneth: I'm not. And the sooner you decide to help me get what I want, the sooner I can make your life a lot better.
[Juliette walks away]
Kenneth: When you're ready, I'll be at the Hotel Deluxe. Otherwise, I'll see if I can get you an invite to the baby shower.

Scene: Nick and Hank interview the dads from the camp while Monroe checks to see if any of their scents matches the area where the hitchhiker was killed.

Chip: I guess it was about 11:00. We stayed up for a while, looking at the stars and talking.
[Monroe signals that the scent doesn't match, so Elliott's dad is interviewed next]
Nick: Did you hear anything after you went to bed?
Elliott's dad: No. I passed out as soon as we were in the tent. I didn't wake up till morning, probably about 6:30.
Hank: Everyone was there in the morning?
Elliott's dad: Yeah.
Nick: Tell us about the hunt.
Elliott's dad: Well, it's pretty primitive, you know? I-I-I mean, I don't know how else to describe chasing down a rabbit with our bare hands, you know?
[Monroe signals that Elliott's dad doesn't match the scent they're looking for]

Scene: Adalind goes into Renard's office.

Adalind: I have to talk to Nick.
Renard: In my humble opinion, you should get the hell out of here before Nick sees you.
Adalind: I have something to tell him.
Renard: And what makes you think Nick is interested in anything you might have to s- [Adalind shows him her pregnant stomach] That is not mine.
Adalind: Of course it's not yours. Don't you think I know who I've slept with?
Renard: Yeah, well, who haven't you slept with? Let's start there.
Adalind: I know who the father is. It happened when he thought he was sleeping with Juliette.
Renard: What?
Adalind: The child is Nick's. I haven't been with anybody else. So where the hell is he?

Scene: The final dad is interviewed.

Dad #3: Watching those boys chase that jackrabbit, I mean, we were all connected. It was so primal. It was-it was awesome! Uh, look, I know this is serious, but I didn't see anything.
[Monroe shakes his head at Nick]
Nick: Well, thanks for your time. We got everything we need. You can go.
Hank: We have any further questions, we'll let you know.
[The dad leaves]
Nick: Could it be any of them?
Monroe: I don't think so. I mean, I can't be certain. They've all gone home and showered, and so, you know. They all reek of deodorant and aftershave. But I'm not getting any killer instinct from these guys at all.
Hank: Well, then it's got to be Hans or Todd.
Nick: What if you went back out there tonight? I mean, they said they wanted you to talk to the boys.
Hank: You might pick up on something.
Monroe: [He sighs] I could do that.
Renard: [He comes in] Hey, Nick. Can I see you in my office, please?
[Nick goes with him to his office]
Nick: Is there a problem? [He sees Adalind] What the hell is she doing here?
Renard: Ask her.
Nick: I'm not asking her anything. I'm done with her. She ruined Juliette's life.
Adalind: I didn't know that would happen.
[Nick starts to leave]
Adalind: Wait, Nick.
Nick: What? [Adalind shows him that she is pregnant and he looks at Renard] Again?
Renard: That's not mine.
Adalind: [To Nick] It's yours.
Nick: Are you crazy? That's impossible.
Adalind: Impossible? Don't I wish. Remember that wild afternoon with "Juliette" before Monroe and Rosalee's wedding? This is not something that I wanted either. I'm pregnant, Nick.
Renard: Look, I had no idea, believe me, and... doesn't look like she's making it up, either.
Adalind: I've already had one child taken from me. I'm not losing another. Even he wouldn't protect his child last time.
Renard: I did what I thought was best for Diana.
Adalind: Yeah, well, it's a room full of heroes. Well, now I need one. I need you, Nick.
Nick: What do you want from me?
Adalind: I need you to protect me from Juliette. Nobody else will.
Nick: Why the hell would I do that?
Adalind: I'm not expecting you to do this for me. I was hoping that you would do it for your child. But, if not for that, maybe you'll do it for Juliette.
Nick: For Juliette? Are you kidding me?
Adalind: I know a way to help her.
Nick: I don't believe anything you're saying.
Adalind: Do you think I would risk coming here if I didn't have anything? Look, I'm not making any promises, and you have to understand that there's no way to cure her completely.
Nick: Well, then what's the point of this?
Adalind: Because there is a way to suppress the Hexenbiest in her.
Nick: But she'll still be one, so what good does suppressing it do?
Adalind: Well, a lot, if it works.
Nick: If it works? Yeah, I've heard that before. What kind of side effects this time?
Adalind: This isn't about changing her. This is so that she can live a normal-if that's what you want-life.
Renard: We've been through the book that you used. There's nothing about what you're saying.
Adalind: It's not in the book, specifically. My mother's aunt told me about this when my mother was going through a very tough time. She didn't end up doing it, but there is a way. It's not easy, and there is one ingredient that's almost impossible to get.
Renard: What is it?
Adalind: A dead Hexenbiest.
Nick: That shouldn't be too hard to get.
Adalind: Not me. It can't be fresh. Besides, if anything happens to me, you'll be stuck with Juliette the way she is forever. Now, if you're good with that, then fine. But it just so happens that I know where a dead Hexenbiest is buried. That would be my mother. Your mother killed her. Remember? [To Renard] And you slept with her.
Renard: Right. Well, as long as we're digging up the past, we may as well dig up your mother. What else do you need?
Adalind: Rosalee's help. And I need you to convince her. 'Cause I can't do that alone. [She puts her hand on her stomach] He's kicking. Wow. A lot. It's a boy. I wanted to know. It's still kicking. You should feel this, Nick.
[Nick backs away]
Adalind: He's yours. Whether you accept this child or not, that'll never change. You all act like I'm responsible for everything, but I only did what I did to you because you took my child from me. He's strong like you. [She tries to grab Nick's hand, but he pulls it back. She tries again and grabs his hand. She then puts it on her stomach]
[Outside of the precinct, Juliette pulls up]
Adalind: I'm gonna have our baby, Nick. There's only one person who can stop me.
Nick: [He pulls his hand back] I'll take you to Rosalee, but I don't know if she'll help.
Renard: I honestly don't think this can get any more complicated.
Adalind: [She and Nick leave Renard's office] This was a big shock to me too. It never even occurred to me that something like this could—
Nick: It happened.
[They run into Juliette in the hallway]
Nick: Juliette...
Juliette: So it's true. You really are gonna have a baby. Well, congratulations. [She starts walking forward] I should've finished you off when I had the chance.
Adalind: Keep her away from me, Nick.
Juliette: Well, don't you two make a cute couple.
Nick: Juliette, you know how this happened.
Juliette: I sure do. Adalind told me it was a real whopper.
[Wu and Hank come into the hallway]
Adalind: Juliette, listen to me. I came here because I have a way of helping you.
Juliette: I've had enough of your help.
Nick: Nothing's gonna happen here. I'm sorry, Juliette, but you have to leave.
Juliette: Really, Nick? That's what I have to do? Let me tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to rip this little bitch's throat out.
Nick: You are in a police station—
Juliette: I am in hell, Nick. And it is time she went there with me.
Nick: No matter what you think about her, the child is innocent.
[Renard, Franco, and other officers watch in the hallway]
Juliette: You mean your child?
Nick: Juliette—
Juliette: No child of hers is innocent.
Nick: [He grabs Juliette's arm] Don't.
Juliette: You're choosing her over me.
Nick: That is not what I'm doing.
Juliette: Then get out of my way.
Wu: Hey. Everything okay here, Nick?
Nick: Yeah. We're just working something out.
Adalind: We're not working anything out. She needs to leave.
Juliette: She's right. I do need to leave. We'll catch up later. [She leaves]

Scene: Monroe talks with Maggie before going to the campsite.

Monroe: So how long has your dad been doing this?
Maggie: About ten years. Since I was 20. That's when my mom died. He had a rough time with that. He needed something to help get him through. He remembered doing these camps as a kid, so... you've really done it, haven't you?
Monroe: What are you talking about?
Maggie: Hunted.
Monroe: That was a long time ago. [He gets into Maggie's vehicle]
Maggie: [She also gets into the vehicle] Yeah, I could tell you were legit. It's a real good thing, you talking to the boys. [She starts driving to the campsite]

Scene: Nick takes Adalind to the spice shop to talk to Rosalee.

Rosalee: Hey, Nick.
Nick: Hey, Rosalee.
Rosalee: [She sees Adalind] Oh, my God.
Nick: That won't be the last.
Rosalee: I thought you never wanted- [Adalind shows her that she's pregnant] -oh, my God! Again?
Adalind: Nice to see you, too, Rosalee.
Rosalee: Who's the sperm donor this time?
Nick: It happened when she was Juliette.
Rosalee: I think I... I-I-I might explode. Does Juliette know?
Nick: Yes.
Rosalee: [To Adalind] Well, you have a surprise coming.
Adalind: She's a Hexenbiest, I know. Look, I am well aware of your help in kidnapping Diana, so nobody's perfect.
Nick: Look, if Adalind knows how to help Juliette, then we have to help her do it. Or at least I have to help do it. Or you may just never want to see me again—
Rosalee: Nick—
Adalind: That's my mother's book. Do you have the hat?
Rosalee: Yes.
Adalind: Then all we need's my mother.
Rosalee: I thought your mother was dead.
Adalind: Well, she couldn't help if she was alive.
Nick: Can you do this?
Rosalee: If there is even the slightest chance it will help Juliette, yes. Because I have nothing.
Nick: [His phone rings and he answers] Hank.
Hank: I know this is probably not a great time. Captain told me why Adalind was here. You all right?
Nick: Pretty far from that.
Hank: Yeah, well, another body was found off the same highway, half a mile south of where we found our first vic.
Nick: I can meet you there. [He hangs up]

Scene: Juliette meets with Kenneth in his hotel room.

[Kenneth offers Juliette a glass of wine]
Juliette: He actually told me to leave her alone. After what she's done to us...
Kenneth: Well, now that he's going to be a father, his protective urges have shifted.
Juliette: What's in it for me?
Kenneth: A whole new life with a family that values what you are and what you can do. This isn't about one city or one country. This is about everything. And not to mention, the family's very generous. You can have anything you want. So will you be a pawn, or will you be a queen? It's up to you.
Juliette: What do you want me to do?
Kenneth: Nick must have some way of communicating with his mother, yes?
Juliette: Yeah.
Kenneth: Wouldn't it be wonderful if Nick was in mortal danger and needed Mummy's help? I do hope she's the heroic type.

Scene: Albert introduces Monroe to the fathers and sons.

Albert: We're very fortunate to have a special guest with us tonight, a Wesen man. An Erlangen Wieder Weidmann. He has seen it and done it all. Monroe, thank you for being here. Please.
Monroe: Thanks. [He sighs and woges. He then retracts] Any idiot can woge, okay? There is a hell of a lot more to being Wesen than that. It's true, we've been persecuted down through the ages, but we've also done our share of persecuting. We have tremendous power within our bodies and within ourselves. But what you do with that power is ultimately up to each and every one of you. As Wesen, we all live with a... a dichotomy, like, a split-a conflict between two perfectly natural but opposing instincts. Okay? One is a killer. The other very much respects life. And every day, we have to choose which one we're gonna be. And I admit... I have been both. Now, n-no, no, no. That is-it is nothing to be proud of. Life is precious, and it should only be taken when your very survival is at stake. You have to fight the instinct, basically, that draws you to blood. The feeling of blood in your-in your throat and the-the-the... the taste of it in your... yeah, that-it's-it's important that you, uh, that you-you don't let it get the better of you. That's...
Albert: Thank you. Thank you.
Monroe: Thanks.
[Everyone applauds]
Monroe: Thanks.
Albert: And now we will use our power for the hunt.
[Monroe and Albert watch as Todd leads everyone on a hunt]
Todd: Flush 'em out. You got to flush 'em out.
Dad: There! Go! Go!
Monroe: [He turns his head and sees a Löwen. He woges and gives chase. He soon stops running and retracts] Where the hell did he... [He's tackled to the ground]
[Maggie retracts]
Monroe: Maggie? What are you doing?
Maggie: Sharing the hunt. You're the real thing-an Erlangen Wieder Weidmann. You've tasted Kehrseite blood before. And tonight, you're gonna taste more. Come on! [She gets off of Monroe]
Monroe: What? No. No, are you crazy?
Maggie: I've already picked him out. Let's go!
Monroe: No, Maggie. You can't do this.
Maggie: Why not? No one'll miss him. Look, the stronger take the weaker. That's the old way. The real way.
Monroe: No. Not anymore. That's—
Maggie: Not anymore? Those words did not come out of your mouth. I cannot believe you just said that. You're weak. You're weak, just like all the other wannabes out here, playing "find the bunny" just like my father and my brother. Well, you know what, Little Miss Monroe? Guess who's not. [She starts running]
Monroe: Maggie! Maggie!

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu look at the latest body.

Wu: [Plugging his nose] Ugh. This one is anything but fresh.
Hank: Guesstimate at least a week.
Nick: Could still be Hans or his son. We are close to the ranch.
Hank: Well, he says they have those camps every weekend.
Nick: I'm gonna call Monroe, see if he's still up there.

Scene: Monroe runs back to the campsite.

Monroe: Hans! Hans! We got to stop her—
Todd: What's wrong?
Monroe: It's Maggie. She's on the hunt.
Albert: What?
Todd: Maggie? You're crazy. She's at the house.
Monroe: I just saw her. She wanted me to go with her.
Todd: Dad, you can't believe this—
Albert: Shut up, Todd! Where did you see her?
Monroe: Down by the highway. She said she already picked somebody out. [His phone rings]
[Albert and Todd start heading towards the highway. Monroe answers his phone and follows Albert and Todd]
Monroe: Nick!
Nick: We found another body just off the highway. Killed the same way. You still at the ranch?
Monroe: Yeah. I know who's doing it. It's Hans' daughter. It's Maggie.
Hank: His daughter?
Monroe: She's on the hunt right now. Where are you?
Nick: Just north of the junction.
Monroe: No, you got to come back this way. We're going to the highway. Hurry!
[Nearby, Maggie watches a hitchhiker]
Albert: [Running towards the highway] Maggie!
[Maggie attacks the hitchhiker and drags him into the forest]
Albert: Maggie!
[Nick, Hank, and Wu find the hitchhiker's backpack]
Nick: There. There. Pull over.
[They all get out of the car]
Hank: Backpack's here. No one's with it.
[They hear the hitchhiker screaming and run into the forest. Maggie stumbles out from behind some bushes with a knife in her abdomen. Nick goes to help her while Wu calls it in]
Wu: We need an ambulance. Knife wound.
Hitchhiker: [Coming out from the bushes] Help. I was attacked by an animal. I was... [He sees Maggie] no. No! No! No!
[Monroe, Albert, and Todd run up]
Albert: Maggie! Maggie!
Hitchhiker: I swear to God! No! No! No!
Wu: Stay right there.
Albert: [He holds Maggie in his arms] Maggie, why?
Maggie: Because you never paid attention to me. You never saw how much I wanted to be a part of your life, how much all this meant to me. And then I found out what even you don't know... what being a Wesen really means. You guys were always just playing in the woods... some big game.
Albert: [Crying] No, Maggie. I love you.
Maggie: Oh, I love you, too, dad. I just wish you could have seen me for who I was. I wasn't just a girl. [She dies]
Albert: [Crying] No. No. No!

Scene: Juliette lights a candle in the trailer.

[Flashback of Juliette turning into a Hexenbiest for the first time in "Chupacabra" and flashback of Juliette telling Nick he can't even look at her anymore in "Bad Luck." Juliette sets the candle down and grabs one of the diaries about Hexenbiests. She starts ripping the pages out, before throwing whatever she can onto the ground. She then throws the candle on the ground, starting a fire. She grabs the bottle of Spirit Oleander and throws it on the fire, causing it to grow. She angrily woges as she watches the fire spread. She retracts, leaves the trailer, and calls Nick]
Nick: [His phone rings and he answers] Juliette, where are you?
Juliette: You might want to stop by Aunt Marie's trailer.
Nick: What have you done?
Juliette: Just trying to stay warm, Nick. I don't have anybody to hold me anymore.
Nick: Juliette—
Juliette: Bye, Nick. [She hangs up]
Nick: Juliette!


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