Opening Quote: "Revenge is the act of passion, vengeance is an act of justice." – Samuel Johnson

Scene: A man pours water onto a samurai sword next to a river.

Scene: Nick pulls over, and Eve telekinetically opens the passenger side door and gets in.

Nick: We're not gonna kill anyone, are we? 'Cause I'd like to know that up front.
Eve: Renard is cooperating with Black Claw.
Nick: Did he know that Dixon was gonna be assassinated?
Eve: Not at the time, but he does now.
Nick: How do you know that?
Eve: Rachel told me.
Nick: Rachel just flat out told you that Renard is involved with Black Claw? Why would she do that?
Eve: I slept with her.
Nick: I'm serious.
Eve: So am I. I was Sean Renard at the time. I didn't know how personal their relationship was.
Nick: So, Rachel was sleeping with the Captain and talking to you?
Eve: Yes.
Nick: That's a lot to unpack.
Eve: Black Claw wants to take control of the government, and they're starting in Portland with Renard. Have you noticed any changes in Adalind?
Nick: What are you talking about?
Eve: The suppressant you gave her won't last, and if she becomes a Hexenbiest again, she will not be who you know now.
Nick: Kind of been there, done that.
Eve: Then you should be prepared. [She puts her hood up and exits the car]

Scene: Teri and Dennis Johnson prepare to go out.

Teri: Did you give him the number of where we're going to be?
Dennis: He's got our cells.
Teri: He needs to know where we are.
Dennis: Then tell him. I'll go start the car.
Teri: [The phone rings and she answers] Hello?
Roger: Hi, Mrs. Johnson. Uh, it's Roger.
Teri: Roger? Are you okay?
Roger: Yeah, um, I'm good. Uh, is Brian there? He's not picking up any of his phone calls.
Teri: Just a second. [She calls to Brian in the basement] Brian, Roger's on the phone.
Brian: I'm not here.
Teri: I'm sorry, Roger. I guess he's just not in the mood.
Roger: Yeah, okay. Uh, thank you. [He hangs up]
Teri: [She goes downstairs] You can at least call your best friend back. He has been trying to call you. He needs to talk to you. Maybe your dad and I should stay home tonight.
Brian: Mom, I'm fine.
Teri: It'd be good for you to talk to Roger. [She holds out the phone]
Brian: Okay. I'll call him, all right? [He holds up his phone] As soon as you leave.
Teri: Okay. [She goes back upstairs] Goodbye, Brian. Call us if you need anything.
[Brian goes upstairs as the man from the river stands outside one of the windows. Brian then grabs a drink from the fridge]
Roger: [He knocks] Brian, open up! I know you're in there, man! Open up the door!
Brian: I don't want to talk!
Roger: Come on, man! I've been calling you all day!
Brian: Yeah, so stop!
Roger: Brian, come on, man!
Brian: Goodbye. [He heads back downstairs]
Roger: Brian!
[Brian sits down and finds an origami dog on the table. He looks around and the man from the river, woged as an Inugami, knocks Brian out. Brian is taken to the river where he is buried up to his neck in sand]
Brian: [He gasps awake and coughs. He then sees the man taking out his sword] No, no, no! Please, don't! Don't hurt me! Don't hurt me! Please! No!
[The man decapitates Brian with his sword]

Scene: Nick talks to Monroe and Rosalee about what Eve told him.

Nick: Eve knows Renard is working with Black Claw.
Monroe: How can she know that for sure?
Nick: Because Rachel, the woman who's working for Dixon's campaign, told her.
Rosalee: Why admit any of this to Eve?
Nick: She slept with her.
Monroe: Whoa, whoa. Eve slept with Rachel?
Nick: She wasn't Eve, she was the Captain, but Eve didn't know that Rachel was already sleeping with the Captain. So, she really had no choice but to go through with it by the time things started getting personal.
Rosalee: Well, I wonder what that was like.
Nick: I didn't ask. But that isn't all. Eve warned me that Adalind is going to become a Hexenbiest again. I don't know what I'm gonna do when that happens.
Monroe: Well, you should probably start thinking about how you're gonna handle that.
Nick: Do you have any idea when that's gonna happen?
Rosalee: She didn't say anything to you?
Nick: No. Why?
Rosalee: Nick, she was supposed to tell you.
Nick: What?
Monroe: What?
Rosalee: I told her she had to tell you. It was while you were in Germany. She was there. Tony was there. If Adalind hadn't have been there.
Monroe: Wait a minute. Tony was in town?
Rosalee: I didn't want to say anything—
Monroe: [His eyes woge] I swear to God, I will kill that guy.
Rosalee: Because of that.
[Monroe retracts his eyes]
Rosalee: He asked me for money and when I said no, he got angry. He was gonna hurt me and then Adalind came in. She told him she was gonna call the cops, and then he went after her and it just-it just happened.
[Flashback of Adalind breaking Tony's fingers in "Into the Schwarzwald"]
Rosalee: [She sighs] She broke every finger on his hand without even touching him, and then he ran away. She didn't want it to happen, but it did. She was scared of what you'd do to her. I told her she had to tell you, Nick.
Nick: Well, she didn't.
Monroe: That's probably not a great sign.
Rosalee: I'm so sorry, Nick, but she's afraid.
Monroe: You know, maybe it's best we let her keep her secret for now.
Rosalee: She's got to be the one to tell you, otherwise there won't be any trust at all.
Monroe: Just be careful, dude. Seriously.

Scene: Renard and Rachel sleep together.

Rachel: Well, that more than makes up for last time.
Renard: Wait, what?
Rachel: [She kisses Renard's shoulder] Exactly. Never even happened. [She grabs her tablet] Time for you to start thinking about settling down. When are you gonna pop the question?
Renard: Hmm.
Rachel: Voters need a married man with a happy family.
Renard: I don't have a family, happy or otherwise.
Rachel: Don't worry. You will.

Scene: Nick goes to the tunnel beneath the loft and re-wraps the stick in the cloth.

Adalind: [She hears Nick as he climbs out of the tunnel opening] Nick?
Nick: Yeah.
Adalind: Are you okay?
Nick: Just getting some water. [He turns the faucet on] Sorry, I was trying not to wake you up.
Adalind: That's okay.
[Nick gets into bed]
Adalind: I forgot to tell you something.
Nick: Yeah?
Adalind: I have an interview at my old law firm tomorrow.
Nick: Oh, okay. You ready to get back to work?
Adalind: Yeah, I am. As long as they'll let me bring Kelly with me. You okay with that?
Nick: Yeah. If that's what you want.
Adalind: I think it's time. [She closes her eyes]
[Nick looks at Adalind]

Scene: Wu wakes up from a nightmare.

Wu: [In his sleep] No. No. [He wakes up, panting. He gets out of bed, but falls to the ground. He notices a glow and fog coming from underneath his bathroom door and hears howling in the distance. He crawls over to the door and opens it, revealing a forest. He walks through the door and starts running through the forest. He wakes up in the morning and goes to his bathroom door, but everything is normal. He exhales, chuckles, and goes into the bathroom, but two leaves are on his bed]

Scene: Nick tells Monroe and Rosalee about the tunnels beneath the loft.

Nick: You need to climb down into the first part of the tunnel. There's an old steel door when you get about 20 yards in. It took me a long time to open it 'cause I don't think it had been opened in 50 years.
Rosalee: What's on the other side?
Nick: More tunnel. I know it goes down but that's all I know. I haven't been able to go into it yet. I've checked city plans. There's nothing. I think it was built sometime during Prohibition. It might even hook up with the Shanghai Tunnels.
Monroe: Does Adalind know about this?
Nick: Yeah, she knows there's a tunnel, but now that I know that she's a Hexenbiest again, I don't want her knowing any more than she already does.
Rosalee: Probably a good idea.
Monroe: I'm thinking you should find out where this tunnel goes, just in case, you know, what if someone else has access you don't know about?
Nick: I know, but it's hard to explore with Adalind there.
Monroe: Right.
Nick: But she's gonna be gone all day at a job interview.
Rosalee: She's going back to work?
Nick: Yeah. Her old law firm wants her back.
Monroe: You want me to take a look?
Rosalee: You mean us.
Monroe: Us?
Nick: That's what I was thinking.

Scene: Nick yawns as he arrives at the precinct.

Hank: You get enough sleep?
Nick: Not really.
Hank: Why not?
Nick: Rosalee told me that Adalind is a Hexenbiest... again.
Hank: What?
Nick: It happened when I was in Germany with Monroe. Rosalee told Adalind to tell me, but she did not.
Hank: Well, now I know why you're not getting enough sleep.
Nick: And that's not all. Eve told me that the Captain is knowingly working with Black Claw.
Hank: He knew Dixon was gonna be shot?
Nick: If he didn't then, he does now.
Hank: [The phone rings and he picks it up. No Nick] How do we handle this?
Nick: Like we don't know what we know.
Hank: [He answers the phone] Griffin. Yeah. Where? Be there in 15.
Nick: We got a body?
Hank: Not entirely.

Scene: Nick and Hank meet Wu at the scene of Brian's head.

Hank: Wu!
Wu: Down here.
Hank: You got a body yet?
Wu: Still looking. Fisherman called it in. He's right down over here. Found the head. Actually, to be more accurate, his dog found the head. I'm sure the pooch thought he found one hell of a chew toy. We're searching the area all around where the dog was, but without the rest of the body, gonna be a challenge to establish identity.
Hank: [He whistles] Male, young. Under 20. Hasn't been dead that long.
Nick: Any vehicles in the area?
Wu: No.
Hank: Well, somebody brought him here.
Wu: Or just his head.
Nick: What about a blood trail?
Wu: No, not that we've found. And there is no surveillance in this area.
Nick: Start with missing persons.

Scene: Adalind meets with Harrison Berman.

Berman: Adalind. So glad you are here.
Adalind: Harrison, thank you for being interesting in having me back.
Berman: Well, I won't lie. You were always a favorite around here. It was quite a blow when you decided to take that job in Austria.
Adalind: It was what I needed to do at the time.
Berman: Mm. Well, this must be Kelly. Well, Kelly, we are so glad that your mother decided to come back to work, [Kelly smiles at him] but don't expect to make partner until you're at least out of kindergarten. Well, why don't you sit down? We'll talk about when you two can start.
Adalind: I can start pretty much any time you're ready.
Berman: Oh, we're ready. [He woges into a Lausenschlange] It'll be nice to have a Hexenbiest back in the firm. Assuming you are still available in that capacity.
Adalind: [She woges] Same as ever.

Scene: Nick tells Hank what the medical examiner said in her report.

Nick: According to the ME our victim's head was severed by a surgically-sharp blade.
Hank: So, we're probably talking some kind of sword.
Nick: Probably.
Wu: [He walks up] Don't get too comfortable. Got a possible ID on your vic. Brian Johnson, 18 years old. Parents reported him missing. It is the only report we got last night.
Nick: Let's talk to the parents. See if he's still missing.
Hank: Yeah. Let's keep the details to ourselves.

Scene: Nick and Hank meet with Brian's parents.

Hank: Why did you report him missing? Did you think something happened to him?
Dennis: No. Not at first. We got home late last night and he wasn't here. We hoped he'd just gone out.
Teri: I called all of his friends. No one had heard from him.
Hank: Did he have a cell?
Teri: We tried calling but he left his phone here.
Dennis: When we didn't hear from him, we reported it.
Hank: When was the last time you saw him?
Teri: In the basement playing video games.
Nick: Can you show us?
Dennis: Yeah, right this way.
[They go down to the basement]
Hank: All right, where was he when you talked to him?
Teri: He was sitting on the couch.
Nick: What did you talk about?
Teri: His friend Roger had called, but Brian didn't want to talk to him or anyone.
Hank: Was there a problem?
Dennis: He had been having a tough time. Brian and his friend Roger had been found guilty of criminally negligent homicide about three weeks ago. They both got five years' probation.
Teri: It was an accident.
Nick: What happened?
Dennis: Last January, they were all drinking. One of them had a gun. They were showing off. It was loaded, and their friend Kuma was shot, and he died. Brian couldn't handle it.
Teri: We put him in therapy, but all he did was sit on the couch and play his video games.
Dennis: He wouldn't talk to us or his friends.
Teri: We shouldn't have gone out last night. We should have stayed home.
Hank: Did he have access to a vehicle?
Dennis: Yes. But it's still in the garage. Tell us what happened to our son.
Nick: We believe your son was murdered.
[Brian and Teri both get emotional]
Teri: [She gasps] Wha-my God. Oh, my-
Dennis: No.
Teri: Brian. My baby.
Hank: Now, were there any signs of a break-in or a struggle?
Dennis: No, but we found his cell phone on the floor over there.
[Hank puts Brian's phone in an evidence bag]
Nick: [He picks up the origami dog from the floor] Your son make this?
Teri: No.
Dennis: I know who did this.
Teri: What?
Dennis: Jin Akagi. He never believed the shooting was an accident.
Hank: Who's Jin Akagi?
Teri: Kuma's dad, the father of the boy who died.
Dennis: That son of a bitch threatened Brian and Roger in the courtroom.
[Hank's phone rings]
Dennis: He said that they deserved to die. Everyone heard it.
Hank: [He answers his phone] Griffin. Yeah. Where? In the same area? We'll be there as soon as we can. [He hangs up]
Teri: Was that about our son?
Hank: We don't know yet. We'll call you as soon as we know something. [He and Nick leave the house]
Nick: So, what do we know?
Hank: They found a body and it doesn't have a head.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee open the door to the tunnels.

Monroe: Kind of dark.
Rosalee: Kind of? [She and Monroe climb down]
Monroe: God, I hope there aren't any rats. [He and Rosalee walk to the formerly locked door] Well, this must be the door Nick told us about. Looks like the locking mechanism for a watertight door. Like a bulkhead on a submarine.
Rosalee: So, maybe there's water on the other side?
Monroe: Like what? The ocean? [He hands Rosalee the lantern and goes to open the door]
Rosalee: Ma-mm. Maybe you shouldn't open it.
Monroe: But Nick told us he already opened it.
Rosalee: Well, maybe it was low tide.
Monroe: [He unlocks the door] Maybe hold your breath, just in case. [He opens the door and they walk through, and look down into the dark pit. He sniffs] Ooh. That's kind of pungent.
Rosalee: How far down do you think this goes?
Monroe: One way to find out.
[They hear rats squeaking down below]
Monroe: I'll go first. [He starts climbing down the ladder]

Scene: Nick and Hank meet with Wu at the scene of Brian's body.

Nick: Where is it?
Wu: Over here by the river. Buried up to the neck. That's why it took us so long to find it. How'd you do with the parents?
Hank: Pretty sure it's their son.
Wu: [He pauses and groans as he gets head pain] Sorry.
Nick: You feeling okay?
Wu: Yeah. Just a little headache. But not as bad as Brian's, so I'm not complaining.
Hank: He was buried standing up.
Wu: Don't you generally bury somebody lying down?
Nick: Usually. Now, assuming this is Brian, then our killer must have abducted him from home, brought him all the way out here, buried him, beheaded him and thrown his head under a bridge.
Hank: Somebody went through a lot of trouble to dig a hole this deep.
[Nick's phone rings]
Hank: There must be some reason why they buried him this way.
Nick: [He answers his phone] Burkhardt.
Teri: Detective, it's Teri Johnson. He's gone.
Nick: What's wrong? [He puts the call on speaker]
Teri: Dennis is on his way to Jin Akagi's house. He thinks that Jin killed Brian. I'm afraid he's going to hurt him.
Nick: What's Akagi's address?

Scene: Dennis arrives at Jin and Madoka Akagi's house.

[Dennis knocks on the door and Madoka answers]
Dennis: Where's your husband?
Madoka: What's wrong?
Dennis: Jin! [He goes into the house]
Madoka: What are you doing?
Dennis: Jin!
Madoka: He's not here.
Dennis: His car is in the driveway. Jin! I know you're here, you son of a bitch! You killed my son!
Madoka: I'm calling the police!
Dennis: Jin!
[Jin runs up from behind, woged as a Kitsune, and knocks Dennis out. Nick and Hank then pull up in front of the house]
Nick: Johnson's already here. [He and Hank go into the house] Police.
Madoka: He came into our house and attacked my husband.
Jin: He assaulted me. All I did was defend myself.
Hank: You must have hit him pretty hard.
Jin: He came in here screaming about how I murdered his son.
Madoka: It was his son that killed our son.
Hank: Can you hear me?
Dennis: Yeah.
Jin: Dennis Johnson needs to be locked up where his son should have been.
Nick: His son was murdered last night.
Madoka: Oh, my God. No.
Dennis: [He sits up] Something attacked me. I don't know what it was.
Hank: Can you walk?
Dennis: Yeah. Yeah. Just get me out of here.
Hank: All right. [He helps Dennis up and they leave the house]
Nick: [He sees swords hung up on the wall] Can you tell me where you were last night?
Jin: We were assaulted in our own home and you're questioning us as if we're murderers?
Nick: Anything you tell me could help.
Jin: Here's what I'll tell you: I want him arrested for assault, and we're not answering any questions without our lawyer present.
Nick: Then you're gonna want to talk to your lawyer.

Scene: Nick and Hank talk to Dennis at the precinct.

Dennis: I don't know what it was. I can't really describe it. It was like some kind of animal or a mask.
Hank: Just do your best to describe what you saw.
Dennis: It happened pretty fast. It was kind of white, and it had these really blue eyes. Look, my son just died. I'm obviously not thinking straight. I know I shouldn't have gone over there. I just want my son back.
[There is a knock at the door and Nick answers it]
Wu: Mr. Akagi's here with his attorney. Where do you want him?
Nick: Put him in two.
Wu: Yeah. [He walks away]
Nick: Mr. Akagi's here. I'm gonna hold you until we find out if he wants to press charges.
Dennis: I just want to get back to my wife.
[Nick and Hank go talk to Jin]
Jin: This is my lawyer, Takeshi Himura.
Takeshi: This is a very unfortunate set of circumstances. Jin and Madoka were saddened to learn of Brian's death, and are more than willing to cooperate with your investigation.
Hank: Are you going to press charges against Mr. Johnson?
Takeshi: They do not wish to add to Mr. Johnson's suffering. However, if Mr. Johnson attempts to contact my clients again, we will force to take legal action.
Nick: Understood.
Hank: We need to ask you where you were last night.
Takeshi: They were at a fundraiser. Doernbecher Children's Hospital. I have names if you wish to corroborate. [He gives Nick and Hank a sheet of paper with the names] I believe 25 should be enough.
Hank: That ought to do it.
Nick: We're conducting a murder investigation into the death of Brian Johnson, and we'd like to ask you some questions about the accident that killed your son.
Jin: It wasn't an accident.
Takeshi: Jin's son, Kuma, went to his friend Roger Voorhees' home. Roger and Brian were both drinking. Roger brought out a gun that was owned by his mother. Kuma was shot and killed. Roger and Brian were convicted of criminally negligent homicide.
Jin: All they got was probation. They killed my son and they got away with it.
Hank: Mr. Johnson told us you threatened his son in court.
Takeshi: I'm sure you can understand the emotional state of Jin at that time. Just as you understand Dennis Johnson's state today.
Hank: We still need a follow up. Now, one of the boys you threatened was murdered.
Jin: Okay. This is crazy. I didn't kill anyone. Losing our son destroyed our life. You don't feel the same after that. Nothing does.
Takeshi: If you had any real evidence, you would charge my client. This conversation is over.
Nick: One more question. When Dennis Johnson entered your home, was there anyone there besides you or your wife?
Jin: No.
Takeshi: I don't follow this line of questioning.
Nick: We're just trying to establish if there are any witnesses.
Takeshi: No, there were none. Now, if you'll excuse us. [He and Jin leave]
Hank: With 25 people willing to vouch for him, he's probably not our guy.
Nick: No, probably not.
Hank: But I believe he's connected to this somehow. Now, there's motive out there. We just don't know who it belongs to.
Nick: Let's talk to the other kid. He's the only one still alive who was actually there when Kuma died.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee get to the bottom of the ladder.

Monroe: Here, hand me the lantern. [He coughs] Phew. Wow. It's bigger than I thought.
Rosalee: We must be under the city.
Monroe: Yeah. Nick was right. I think this is part of the old Shanghai Tunnels. Huh.
[They see an opening in a wall]
Rosalee: Where do you think that goes? So... how far are we gonna go here?
Monroe: I guess we'll find out.
[They come across a skeleton]
Rosalee: Oh, my. I think this is far enough.

Scene: Nick and Hank talk to Roger Voorhees and his mom at the precinct.

Roger: What do you mean Brian's dead? I just talked to him last night.
Patricia: How did he die?
Nick: He was murdered.
Patricia: Oh, my God. Is my son in danger?
Nick: We're not sure. We need to know what happened to Kuma Akagi that night.
Roger: It was an accident.
Patricia: That all came out in the trial.
Hank: We'd like to hear it firsthand. There might be something that you remember that could help us.
Patricia: Do I need to get a lawyer again?
Nick: No. Roger's not a suspect.
Roger: It's okay. My mom was gone for the weekend, and, um, Brian came over and we were drinking and smoking some weed.
Nick: And what happened when Kuma came over?
Roger: Nothing. At first.
[Flashback of the night that Kuma was killed]
Brian: Whoo.
[Roger coughs]
Brian: Aww, it's like you never chugged a beer before, man.
Roger: I have.
Kuma: Where you guys at?
Brian: Once.
Roger: Still counts.
Brian: Mm.
Roger: Yo, it's Kuma. What's up, bro?
Kuma: You guys got to check this out.
Roger: What is that?
[Kuma unwraps a sword]
Brian: Oh, that's awesome.
Kuma: Chill. It's my dad's. But I thought we could slice and dice some things.
Brian: This is seriously the coolest thing ever. I'm gonna be like Jackie Chan.
Kuma: Jackie Chan doesn't need a weapon. He is the weapon.
Brian: You know what I mean.
Roger: I've got something way cooler than this. Just wait. Hold on.
[The flashback ends]
Roger: I went upstairs and got my dad's gun. It was his grandfather's when he was a policeman in Chicago.
Patricia: I kept it under my bed. After my husband died, I don't know. Never even used it. I'm here alone with my son. I should have got rid of that damn thing. I don't-I don't know why I kept it.
Hank: What happened when you brought it back down?
[Flashback of when Roger returned to Brian and Kuma with the gun]
Roger: Yo. If my mom found out about this, she'd kill me. My great grandfather used it in a shootout against Al Capone's mob.
Kuma: Seriously?
Brian: That thing is so old. [He picks up the gun] Do you think it still work-
[The gun fires and the flashback ends]
Roger: The bullet hit Kuma and he died. That's it.
Nick: The police report said there were two shots fired.
Hank: You don't pull a trigger after it goes off the first time unless you mean to.
[Patricia looks at Roger and shakes her head]
Roger: I want to tell them what really happened.
Patricia: Don't. They won't believe you.
Hank: Roger, if we're going to catch who killed Brian, we need the truth.
Roger: [He sighs] Brian grabbed the gun from the case.
[Flashback of the gun going off]
Brian: Do you think it still-
[The gun goes off and Kuma woges into a Kitsune]
Brian: What's going on?
Roger: No.
[Brian drops the gun and it goes off again hitting Kuma]
Roger: Kuma.
[Kuma dies and retracts. The flashback ends]
Roger: And maybe it was because we were so messed up, but I swear Kuma turned into some-some kind of animal. A-and I know it sounds crazy, but I know what I saw.
Hank: You didn't tell anybody that?
Roger: No. Just my mom.
Patricia: I couldn't let him say that in court. Obviously, it was the drugs.
Roger: It wasn't the drugs, mom.
Nick: Did Brian see it too?
Roger: Yes. Yeah, we both saw it.
[Nick and Hank leave the room]
Hank: If Kuma Akagi is a Wesen then his dad is Wesen. You're gonna have to go Grimm on him.
Nick: Yeah, but if the killer's a Wesen, then why bury Brian in the ground, cut off his head, and leave a paper dog behind? I mean, why not just tear him to pieces like every other Wesen does?
Hank: I don't know. Maybe it's a ritual? Akagi does have a sword collection.
Nick: I think we're gonna have to talk to him off the record.
Hank: And let's put a unit outside Voorhees' house.

Scene: Nick and Hank go to the Akagi's house.

Jin: Was I not clear? We're not answering any questions without our attorney.
Madoka: What's wrong?
Jin: Nothing. They were just leaving.
Nick: We'd like to talk to you off the record.
Jin: What is that supposed to mean?
Nick: Well, we just talked to Roger Voorhees about what really happened the night your son was shot.
Jin: Whatever he told you is a lie.
Nick: He said he saw Kuma woge.
Jin: I-I don't know what you're talking about.
Nick: Yeah, you do. And this is where it gets interesting. You're Wesen. I'm a Grimm. And we have a lot to talk about.
[Jin and Madoka both woge into Kitsune]
Madoka: Oh, my God. He'll kill us.
[They both retract and Jin tries to shut the door, but Nick stops it]
Hank: We're not here to hurt you unless you give us an excuse. [He and Nick go inside the house]
Jin: I did not kill that boy. We had nothing to do with it.
Nick: We need to know about these swords.
Jin: Why?
Nick: 'Cause someone buried Brian underground and cut off his head.
Madoka: What? They cut off his head?
Jin: I-it can't be.
Nick: What can't be what?
Jin: Inugami.
Hank: Hope you can explain that.
Madoka: [She sighs] It's a ghost dog. A guardian.
Nick: What kind of guardian?
Jin: Like a samurai.
Nick: So, you're saying that Brian was killed by a ghost dog?
Jin: No. Inugami are Wesen. They're bound in servitude to a family, and they're only called upon to protect or avenge. And when they kill, they follow a very specific ritual.
Hank: Which is?
Jin: They bury their victim up to the neck facing northeast towards a river, and they cut off their head with a katana and throw the head under a bridge.
Hank: Why would they do that?
Madoka: To leave the victim's soul in eternal peril, never allowing it to pass into the afterlife.
Nick: So, if this Inugami ghost dog is your guardian, then you must know who it is.
Jin: No, we don't have one. The only way to bind an Inugami to your family is to save that Inugami's life. I-I've never saved anyone's life.
Madoka: Neither have I.
Nick: Well, somebody has.
Madoka: Oh.
Hank: What?
Madoka: Uh, my-my father saved the life of a-of a friend of his when they were both boys.
Nick: Who was it?
Jin: If you know anything, you have to tell them.
Madoka: Takeshi.
Hank: Your attorney?
Jin: No, no, no. It can't be.
Madoka: It has to be. He was my father's best friend, and when my father passed away, he always looked after me. But I never thought he was Inugami.
Nick: He's trying to get you the justice he couldn't get you in court.
Hank: Call Takeshi. We need to find out where he is.
Madoka: What do I tell him?
Hank: Tell him you're being harassed by cops.
[Madoka walks away]
Nick: Would Takeshi kill Roger to avenge your son?
Jin: I don't know. Maybe. This would be about honor. He would feel it was his duty if he is the Inugami.
Madoka: [She returns] He's not answering.
Hank: We need to get to Roger's house.
Jin: Take me with you. I can help.
Hank: It's his ghost dog.
Nick: Will he listen to you?
Jin: He's doing this for us. If I tell him to stop, he should stop.
Hank: If he doesn't, he will be shot.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee climb up the ladder to the loft.

[Monroe is about to climb out of the opening, but Adalind returns home, so he closes the door]
Rosalee: What are you doing?
Monroe: It's Adalind.
Rosalee: She's back?
Monroe: Apparently, yeah.
Rosalee: Well, how are we supposed to get out?
Monroe: I don't know. I guess we'll have to wait.
[Rosalee sighs and starts climbing down]
Monroe: I'm coming down.

Scene: After knocking out Roger and his mom, Takeshi takes Roger from his house.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Jin arrive at the Voorhees' house.

Nick: Where's the officer? He's not in the car.
Hank: Takeshi's already inside.
[They run inside the house and Hank checks on the officer while Nick checks on Roger's mom]
Hank: He's alive.
Nick: She's still breathing. Call this in. Where would Takeshi go?
Jin: He's got to perform the sacrifice near a bridge.
Nick: Call him. Maybe we can track his phone.
[Hank calls for paramedics]
Jin: [He calls Takeshi] He's not answering.
Nick: We can still track him. We'll just have to start with the bridge he's already been to.
Hank: I need paramedics. Two injured. 517 Northwest Hamilton.

Scene: Takeshi works on burying Roger as Nick gets a call from Wu.

Nick: [He answers his phone] Wu.
Wu: Hey, we got a hit on Takeshi's cell at the Sandy River Bridge.
Hank: He's going back to where he killed Brian.
Nick: Block up the highway both directions. We're on our way.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee wait around at the bottom of the ladder.

Rosalee: I'm not spending the night down here. And I have to pee.
[They hear the elevator]
Monroe: Maybe she's leaving.
Rosalee: Go find out.
[Monroe climbs up the ladder and sees Eve walk out of the elevator]
Adalind: Are you here to kill me?
Eve: Juliette might have. I'm not.
[Monroe climbs back down the ladder]
Rosalee: Is it Nick? Can you get his attention?
Monroe: It's Eve.
Rosalee: What?
Adalind: What do you want?
Eve: We haven't had a chance to talk face-to-face. I thought now would be a good time.
Adalind: I'm not sure we have a lot to talk about.
Eve: We don't, but things are happening very fast and there is something you do need to know. You will be approached by Black Claw. They will try to draw you in.
Adalind: Why do they want me?
Eve: Hexenbiests are valuable.
Adalind: I'm not a Hexenbiest anymore.
Eve: You're lying. I don't blame you. You're scared. You should be. With a child, you're vulnerable. But if you hurt Nick... I will come for you. [She looks around] I like the new place. [She leaves]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Jin park near Takeshi's car.

Jin: That's his car. He'll be somewhere down by the river.
[They start jogging]
Nick: Split up.
[The scene shifts to Takeshi taking his sword out]
Roger: No, please. Please. Please.
[Takeshi woges]
Jin: Takeshi, no! [He runs up to Takeshi]
[Takeshi retracts]
Jin: Don't do this. Please, don't do this.
Takeshi: I am bound by tradition and honor to avenge your family.
Jin: They're just boys. [He woges] I release you from whatever tradition you think you must do. [He retracts]
Takeshi: You may be weak, but I am not. [He woges and starts to swing his sword]
Roger: No!
Jin: No! [He runs towards Takeshi and Takeshi puts the sword up to his throat]
Takeshi: [He retracts] By honor, I cannot harm you or your family. But you will not stop me! [He throws Jin to the side and raises his sword]
Roger: No!
[Nick tackles Takeshi]
Takeshi: You.
[Nick and Takeshi begin fighting, and Nick disarms Takeshi of his sword. Takeshi is able to knock Nick to the ground, but Nick kicks him away and quickly gets up. Nick soon throws Takeshi to the ground. Takeshi reaches for his sword, but Hank steps on it]
Hank: We also have a tradition. You have the right to remain silent.
[Jin runs over to Roger]
Roger: I'm so- I didn't kill Kuma. I swear. It was an accident.
Jin: I know. [He starts to unbury Roger]
[Nick gets a text from Monroe letting him know that he and Rosalee are trapped in the tunnel]

Scene: Renard arrives home.

Rachel: [From the top of the stairs] Sean. I was going to call, but I thought the surprise would be better.
Renard: And what surprise is that?
[Rachel signals for Diana to walk over]
Diana: Daddy.
Renard: Diana?
[Diana's eyes briefly glow purple and she runs down the stairs to hug Renard]
Renard: You're such a big girl now.


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