Opening Quote: "What's past is prologue." – The Tempest

Scene: Nick and Monroe get up after the ground collapsed below them.

Monroe: Oh, that hurt.
Nick: Are you okay?
Monroe: I don't know yet. I don't think anything's broken.
Nick: I think I'm okay too.
[They look around]
Monroe: We in some kind of a cave?
Nick: I have no idea.
Monroe: Dude... [He sees a bunch of skulls and bones] It's a catacomb.
Nick: This must be a church.
Monroe: Not just any church. This is the church from the map. [He laughs] My God. Whatever they hid, they have to have hidden it down here.
Nick: Well, they must have buried it. Start with the floor. Look for some kind of opening.
Monroe: Get the shovels.

Scene: The crowd continues to panic after Andrew Dixon was shot by Marwan Hanano.

Reporter: Sir. Sir.
Woman: He's bleeding.
Renard: Back away.
Rachel: Medics!
Wu: Out of the way. Out of the way.
Hank: I got him. Balcony.
Renard: Andy, Andy. Come on.
Hank: [He, Wu, and multiple officers run to the apartment building] Open the door. [They are let in] Hey, secure the building. Block access. Nobody in or out. Get officers on the street. [He and Wu run up the stairs]
[An ambulance and another police car arrive to the scene]
Man: Come on.
Man 2: Sir, sir.
Renard: Give him space. Get them out of here. Where are the medics?
[Eve stands by the stage, looking for Marwan. Inside the apartment building, Hank and Wu arrive at Matt's apartment and find his body]
Wu: Clear.
Hank: Dead.
Wu: All clear.
[Hank goes to the balcony]
Renard: We need space. Move away.
[Marwan goes to the roof. He woges and runs to the edge]
Hank: He's got to be in the building. We couldn't have missed him.
Wu: Unless he went out that balcony.
Hank: Or the roof. Call that in. I'll check it out. [He heads to the roof]
Wu: [He calls it in] Need a bus. Apartment 1212, Plaza.
[Hank goes to the roof and looks around as Eve watches Marwan climb down the side of the apartment building. On the stage, Dixon coughs as the bleeding gets worse]
Renard: Oh, God. Get the medics.
Rachel: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Put pressure.
Renard: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Help. Hey, hey. Wake up. Wake up. Come on.
[The paramedics arrive to the stage]
Paramedic: Got him?
[Dixon is put down on his back and, Renard and Rachel watch as the paramedics try to save Dixon. Nearby, Eve follows Marwan after he reaches the ground]

Scene: Nick and Monroe try digging in the catacomb to find the treasure.

Monroe: [He groans] I got nothing.
Nick: Neither do I.
Monroe: Burying something under these stones? I mean, that's kind of overkill, don't you think? I mean, we are in the catacombs of an ancient church in the middle of the Black Forest. You really think the Crusaders would have made it that difficult if they ever wanted to come back for this thing someday?
Nick: Well, we have to check, because they might have, and we're not coming back.
Monroe: But think about it-archeology, anthropology as we know it didn't exist back then. History wasn't something you studied. It was something you made, usually with a lot of blood. [He sighs] I'm just saying, I think... I think we need to think like them.
Nick: Okay. So 800 years ago, people were very superstitious. They wouldn't have liked being down here.
Monroe: Right? So maybe putting something behind a bunch of dead people would give it a little more security than just, you know, burying it under any old stones.
Nick: Protected by the spirits of the dead.
Monroe: Exactly. Skull and crossbones. Crossbones make an X.
Nick: I'll start with this one.
Monroe: Nothing personal, guys. Or gals.

Scene: Adalind helps Rosalee in the spice shop.

Rosalee: [On the phone] I'll call you when the cinchona arrives? Uh-huh. Okay, you're welcome. [She hangs up]
Adalind: I should go check on Kelly.
Rosalee: Look, you don't have to do any more. You've done plenty today.
Adalind: Don't you think we should have heard from 'em by now?
Rosalee: Yeah. Maybe. I'm trying not to think about it.
Adalind: Maybe they're out of cell service.
Rosalee: Yeah, that's one of the things I keep telling myself. I'll try to come up with a few more for you.
[Kelly starts crying]
Adalind: Okay, yep, coming.

Scene: Nick and Monroe continue to search around the bones.

Monroe: Maybe this is wrong too.
Nick: No, we're not done yet.
Monroe: [He picks up a bone and accidentally drops it, breaking it] Oh, sorry, buddy. Better now than when you were alive, though, right? [He bends down to pick up the bone as a bunch of bones fall on top of him] Wow. I don't think there's anything else up there.
Nick: There's something we're not seeing. Just like the maps on the keys. The X was right in front of us, but we couldn't see it until we started thinking differently.
Monroe: Well, I'm thinking all these bones look the same to me.
Nick: No, it's got to be down here somewhere.
Monroe: What if we're looking too hard? You know? I mean, I don't see an X, Nick.
Nick: We need to go back 800 years.
Monroe: We kind of are back 800 years. I don't think a lot has changed down here in that time.
Nick: I'm not talking about the place. I'm talking about us. It's like you said. We're not thinking the way they are. [He looks at a lantern] Nobody would come down here without light, right?
Monroe: Not if they wanted to see anything, no.
Nick: And they would've been too scared by the spirits, right?
Monroe: Yeah, and in a world lit only by fire, they would have had, like, you know, torches.
Nick: [He picks up the lantern] So what if light actually prevents someone from seeing it?
Monroe: Wait a minute. If nobody would ever come down here without torchlight but what they hid can't be seen with torchlight, then, yeah, I mean, fear alone would have kept anybody from doing that.
Nick: So maybe we should turn off the lights. [He turns off his flashlight and lantern]
Monroe: Uh... Yeah, I mean, I guess... guess we could do that. [He turns off his lantern] Okay, dark.
Nick: Well, it's not an X.
Monroe: What's not an X? I can't tell what you're looking at. Oh, my God, that better be your hand.
Nick: Look at those skulls.
[They see skulls glowing in a wall of skulls]
Monroe: Seven of 'em. Kind of a circle.
Nick: Don't look like a circle. Looks more like a G.
Monroe: Oh, my God. For the seven Grimm Crusaders. Holy crap. [He and Nick turn their lanterns back on]
Nick: They're all facing in, not out.
Monroe: What do you think those seven are looking at?
Nick: Let's find out. [He and Monroe remove some of the skulls, revealing an X on the other side] There's the X.

Scene: Marwan calls Lucien Petrovitch to let him know the job is done.

Marwan: It's done.
Lucien: Any complications?
Marwan: No. Send the car.
Lucien: On its way.
[Eve walks past Marwan]
Marwan: Make sure the driver has my documents.
Lucien: He does.
[Eve's eyes turn white and she telekinetically makes a cyclist lose control of his bike and crash into Marwan, knocking him out]
Lucien: Marwan. Can you hear me?
Eve: Call 911. I'll see if he's okay.
Lucien: Marwan. What happened?
[Eve telekinetically makes Marwan's phone fly into her hand from the ground. She then hangs up on Lucien and puts the phone in her bag. She woges and breathes a gas into Marwan's mouth, putting him into a comatose state]

Scene: Nick and Monroe work on removing a shield with the X from the wall.

Monroe: This is a seriously old shield.
Nick: I doubt they would have just hidden a shield. It's probably protecting something.
[They remove the shield from the wall revealing a lot of spider webs]
Monroe: Holy crap.
[Nick removes the spider webs, revealing a box]
Monroe: Check it out.
[Nick goes to grab the box]
Monroe: Careful, careful, careful. It could fall apart.
[Nick picks up the box and Monroe laughs. Nick then sets the box down]
Monroe: Those...
Nick: I think it's bronze.
Monroe: Those look like keyholes. Four on this side... three on the other.
Nick: Seven locks, seven keys. Let's give it a try. [He takes out his keys and hands one to Monroe] Oh, man. [He and Monroe each try to find which lock each key goes to, but have no luck at first]
Monroe: Not boding well.
Nick: I got one.
[Both of them laugh]
Monroe: [He gets his key to work] Oh, my God, Nick. Dude, this is it. I mean, this is really it. We're touching history! I mean, this thing hasn't been seen for, like, 800 years. I mean-I just-I think we should take a moment and just, you know, recognize the significance of this.
Nick: Well, it's not open yet.
Monroe: I know, I know, but this is momentous, even if it's empty. I mean, we came this far, we found it, after all the others have searched throughout the centuries!
[Nick looks at Monroe]
Monroe: I know. I know. I mean, we should see if it opens, but I'm just saying.
Nick: [He tries to pull the top off the box] We're gonna need the other two keys or lockpicks.
Monroe: I forgot my lockpicks. I should have brought my lockpicks. I mean, we can't take it to a locksmith here. How do we explain what it is or how we found it or any of it?
Nick: We're gonna have to take it to Portland.
Monroe: All right, well, the first thing we got to do is figure out how to get out of here.
[Nick puts the box in his bag]
Monroe: I mean, we certainly can't climb back up the way we fell in.
Nick: Well, there's got to be an entrance.
Monroe: All right, I'll take this one. [He walks down a corridor]
[Nick goes down a separate corridor. Monroe comes across skeletons with crowns and jewellery, which shocks him at first]
Nick: [He finds a set of stairs going up] Hey, I think I found the way out! [He walks to the top of the stairs until he can't go any farther due to the path being blocked]
Monroe: [He walks up the stairs to Nick] This has to be it.
[Nick begins clearing the block]

Scene: A customer informs Rosalee about Andrew Dixon being killed.

Rosalee: I can't believe it. It's horrible.
Customer: Ugh. Well, I have to go. You take care.
Rosalee: You too.
[The customer leaves and Rosalee walks up to Adalind]
Adalind: What happened?
Rosalee: Somebody killed Andrew Dixon.
Adalind: The guy running for mayor?
Rosalee: Yes. He was shot at a rally just a couple of hours ago.
Adalind: Oh, my God. Did they get who did it?
[The spice shop door opens]
Rosalee: I don't know. A customer just told me. She didn't know anything more than that. [She goes to help who just arrived] Can I help you? Tony?
Tony: Why didn't you answer my letters? I know you got 'em. I checked the address outside. I sent 'em here.
Rosalee: Look, Tony, I have moved on with my life, and I don't think we need—
Tony: I need your help.
Rosalee: The kind of help you need, I-I can't give you.
Tony: What's that supposed to mean?
Rosalee: I don't want to get into this.
Tony: You owe me.
Rosalee: I don't owe you anything.
Tony: I went to jail for you.
Rosalee: You didn't go to jail for me, Tony.
Tony: I robbed those people 'cause you were crashing.
Rosalee: You robbed those people so you and Carlos could get high!
Tony: Well, Carlos is dead now. J.J.'s in Boise, and Burt's in jail. I got no one left to turn to. I need five grand. You can come up with five grand. I mean, look at this place. [He goes behind the counter] Probably make that in a day.
Rosalee: You need to leave now.
Tony: [He throws a jar at Rosalee, but it misses and shatters behind her] So you get your little ass straight. Think you're better than everyone. You know me, Rosy, and you should know better than to piss me off. [He starts knocking jars off a shelf]
Rosalee: Get out!
Tony: [He hits Rosalee across her face, knocking her to the ground] You owe me, bitch!
Adalind: [She walks into the room] Stop it! Leave her alone.
Tony: How much money you got? [He starts walking towards Adalind]
Adalind: I'm calling the police.
Tony: The hell you are. [He woges into a Kackenkopf and walks up to Adalind]
[Adalind suddenly gets sharp pain in her stomach]
Tony: [He retracts] Still want to call the cops? [He grabs Adalind]
Rosalee: Tony, no!
[Tony tries to hit Adalind, but just before his hand gets to her face, it is stopped. Suddenly, one by one, each finger on his left hand bends all the way back, breaking. Tony cries in pain and quickly leaves. Rosalee quickly locks the door behind him]
Adalind: Oh, God! Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God, oh, my God. [Whispering] Oh, my God. Oh, my God. It can't be back. Oh, my God, it can't be back; it can't be back. I don't want it back.
Rosalee: [She takes Adalind to the back room] Maybe-maybe it's just... temporary.
Adalind: No, no, no, I can't have it back. I never want it back. Don't-please, you-you can't tell Nick. Please, please promise me that you won't tell him. He'll get rid of us. Please, you can't tell him.
Rosalee: I won't tell him, but you can't keep it from him if it-if it happens again. It would be so much worse if he found out and you hadn't told him.
Adalind: I can't go back to being that.
Rosalee: You are so different now. Maybe it would be different even if it came back.
Adalind: You don't understand what it's like being a Hexenbiest-what it does to you, the way it makes you think and feel. It's not good.
Rosalee: Maybe we can find a way to boost the suppressant. [She walks away]

Scene: Monroe pops his head out of the ground.

Monroe: We're out. [He climbs the rest of the way out] All right, hand me the stuff. [Nick hands him the lanterns and bag] All right, got it.
Nick: [He climbs out] Okay.
[They both laugh]
Nick: Let's go.
Monroe: Okay.
[They start walking down the hill when they see a lot of flashlights]
Man: Darüber!
Monroe: That's a lot of lights.
Nick: Coming this way.
Monroe: Well, maybe somebody's lost and it's a search party looking for...
[A man speaks German]
Nick: We should go.
[Father Eickholt and a mob of men search for Nick and Monroe while they hide in a bush]
Monroe: Was that the priest?
Nick: Yeah, I think so.
Monroe: What the hell is the priest doing out here? You think he knows about the keys?
Nick: No, I think the guy we scared in the church made me as a Grimm.
Monroe: Oh, my God, you're right. He obviously told the priest.
Nick: They're hunting us.
Father Eickholt: [He comes across the hole Nick and Monroe fell into. In German] For the love of God. Come here! Come here!
Monroe: He's calling for them to go to him.
Nick: He must have found the catacombs.
Monroe: Well, that ought to keep 'em busy for a while.
[Nick and Monroe come across Gottlob who woges and bites Monroe on the arm before running away]
Monroe: Little bastard. He bit me! [He tries to chase after Gottlob]
Nick: [He stops Monroe] No, hey, no. We don't have time. Go.
Monroe: Man.
Gottlob: [He runs towards Father Eickholt and the mob] Der Grimm, der Grimm, der Grimm!
Father Eickholt: [To the mob in German] Follow me.

Scene: Renard arrives at his office, and Hank and Wu knock and go in.

Renard: Did you get him?
Hank: No. Somehow, we missed him.
Wu: Every room in that building has been checked top to bottom.
Renard: So we got nothing?
Hank: No, we know who it is. It's Marwan.
Renard: Wait, you saw him?
Hank: No, but it's him.
Renard: Then how do you know?
Hank: Trubel confirmed he was in Portland, and he was reported in the area.
Wu: He must have attacked the cop that made him. It was definitely Wesen.
Renard: No, this doesn't make any sense. Why would he kill a candidate running for mayor of Portland? He's Black Claw. His targets are bigger than this.
Hank: Unless Dixon was Wesen.
Wu: Was he?
Renard: No, I don't think so. Feds are here.
Hank: They're gonna be all over this.
Wu: What do we tell 'em? Can't I.D. Marwan, 'cause we can't explain our source.
Renard: Run them through it. Tell them you saw a shooter in the window. Let them run their own investigation, and stay out of it.
[Hank and Wu leave, and Renard sees Dixon's blood still on his hands]

Scene: Nick and Monroe run towards their car, but Ludwig and Dolph are standing by it.

Nick: [He pauses] Hey, look.
[Ludwig and Dolph speak German to each other]
Monroe: Our car is right in the middle. How are we supposed to get down there without them seeing us?
Nick: Call them. Tell them you're here.
Monroe: What?
Nick: In German.
Monroe: But they don't know me.
Nick: What if you did it while you were woged?
Monroe: All Blutbaden do not look alike.
Nick: I know, but it's dark, and if they're looking for a Grimm, the last place they'd expect to find one is with a Blutbad in the middle of the Black Forest.
Monroe: That's true.
Nick: You have any better ideas?
Monroe: [He sighs] No, I guess I don't. [He woges and starts jogging towards the men] Hallo, hallo! [In German] They need your help! It's the Grimm! Quick! Quick!
[Ludwig and Dolph run into the forest]
Monroe: [In German] So many hurt! [He retracts. To Nick] Come on. Come on.
[They run to their car]
Nick: It's not gonna take 'em long to figure out what happened.
Monroe: Well, we can't outrun all of them.
Nick: They're not gonna know which way we went.
Monroe: Well, then, they're gonna split up. We're gonna have to deal with some of 'em.
Nick: One tire, each car.
Monroe: Shovels.
[Nick and Monroe each use a shovel to pop a tire for each car. Meanwhile, Ludwig and Dolph run up to Father Eickholt and his mob]
Father Eickholt: [In German] What are you doing?
Ludwig: [In German] We've come to help.
Father Eickholt: [In German] You're supposed to guard their car.
Dolph: [In German] He said you needed help.
Father Eickholt: [In German] Who?
Ludwig: [In German] I don't know. He was Blutbad. I thought you knew him.
Father Eickholt: [In German] Idiots! That was them! They are at the cars! [He leads the mob to the cars]
[Ludwig and Dolph both woge into a Wettbewerbsgewinner, and follow. At the cars, Nick and Monroe continue popping tires]
Nick: [Using his enhanced hearing] They're coming.
[Nick and Monroe get into their car and start driving away as the mob arrives. The mob gets into various cars, but soon realize they all have a flat tire]

Scene: Eve returns to Hadrian's Wall's compound and puts Marwan's phone on a table by Meisner.

Eve: It's Marwan Hanano's.
Meisner: How'd you get it?
Eve: He dropped it when he was hit by a bike.
Meisner: Does he know you have it?
Eve: No. He won't be awake for a while.
Meisner: Well, the names and numbers on it will fill in a lot of blanks for us. Where is he?
Eve: Paramedics took him to Overton Medical.
Meisner: We have to get the phone back to him. He mustn't suspect it was out of his control.
Eve: When he wakes up, he'll call somebody. [She sits down at a computer] That could lead us to the Black Claw cell that set this up.
Meisner: Make a copy of the SIM card and put it back in. Make sure the phone and card are clean of prints. Then we'll see where the son of a bitch takes us.

Scene: Nick and Monroe continue driving after escaping the mob.

Monroe: I don't see 'em.
Nick: We're going straight to the airport.
Monroe: [He groans in pain] Damn it.
Nick: Is your arm okay?
Monroe: That little creep wad got me good, but we're not gonna stop to deal with it. Just keep going.

Scene: Eve goes to Marwan's hospital room and puts his phone with his clothes.

[Eve walks over to Marwan and woges. She waves her hand above his face and leaves. Marwan then wakes up and sits up in his bed]

Scene: Adalind gets ready to leave the spice shop.

Adalind: We should be getting home. You don't have to stay with us tonight.
Rosalee: His name is Tony. He was part of a group I used to crash with for a while in Seattle. Sort of a low point in my life. No money, bad relationship. Experimenting with... too many things. I wish I could just bury that entire part of my life. You ever do anything like that when you were young that you regret?
Adalind: Not really. I was kind of a nerd student. I guess I wanted to prove to my mother that I was nothing like her, so I became a lawyer.
Rosalee: Oh. How you feeling?
Adalind: About the same.
Rosalee: I haven't found anything that could help.
Adalind: You won't. Dead Hexenbiest isn't easy to come by.
[The phone rings]
Rosalee: I'm sorry. [She answers] Spice and Tea—
Monroe: Rosalee, it's me.
Rosalee: Monroe? Where are you?
Monroe: We're in a taxi in Stuttgart. We're on our way to the airport. We're due in to Portland at 9:50 tomorrow morning.
Rosalee: Did you find anything?
Monroe: I probably shouldn't talk about it on the phone. Don't say a word to anyone, but let's just say it wasn't for nothing.
Nick: [To Monroe] Is Adalind there?
Monroe: Hey, is Adalind there?
Rosalee: She is.
Monroe: Nick wants to talk to her.
Rosalee: [She hands the phone to Adalind] It's Nick.
Adalind: Nick?
Nick: Hey, how are you and Kelly?
Adalind: We're good. How are you?
Nick: We are... [He looks at Monroe holding his arm] coming home. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that we're okay, and I'll see you soon.
Adalind: Safe flight.
[Adalind gives the phone back to Rosalee and Nick gives the phone back to Monroe]
Rosalee: Monroe?
Monroe: Love you.
Rosalee: I love you. [She hangs up]

Scene: Lucien watches news coverage of Dixon being assassinated.

News Anchor: Portland mayoral candidate Andrew Dixon was shot at a political rally at Lovejoy Fountain Park this afternoon.
[Lucien's phone rings]
News Anchor: The gunman or gunmen have not been apprehended, and no suspects have been identified. Dixon was leading in the-
Lucien: [He answers] Yeah.
Marwan: It's me.
[Eve and Meisner track Marwan's call]
Eve: He's making a call.
Lucien: We've been trying to find you. Where are you?
Marwan: [He groans as he stands up] In the hospital.
Lucien: What happened?
Marwan: I don't know. I got hit by a bicycle. Get here.
Lucien: It's all over the news, but there are no suspects. They've got nothing.
Marwan: Pick me up now.
Meisner: Track his phone. He'll lead us to them.
Marwan: Overton Medical Center.
Lucien: I'll be there in 20 minutes.
[Marwan hangs up]

Scene: Hank and Wu go talk to Renard in his office.

Renard: Anything?
Hank: No, still pulling surveillance-anything within a square mile of the building where the shot was fired.
Wu: We have checked a lot so far. Nothing yet.
Renard: No, this guy's too good. He knew where every surveillance camera was and picked his route accordingly. Now, we need to find out when the information on the rally was made available and if there was any connection to Dixon. [His phone rings and he answers] Renard.
Lucien: I know who shot Andrew Dixon.
Renard: Caller says he knows who shot Dixon. [He puts the call on speaker] Who is this?
Lucien: The man you're looking for is at Overton Medical. He may not be there much longer. [He hangs up]
Wu: What-he's in the hospital? How'd that happen? Is this a crank?
Renard: Can't take that chance.
Hank: We could surround the hospital.
Renard: No, if we go in big, he'll see us coming.
Wu: Then what do you want?
Renard: Just us.

Scene: Marwan exits the hospital as Eve and Meisner track his movement from the compound.

Eve: He's exiting the front entrance of the hospital. Now he's stopped.
Meisner: Waiting to be picked up.
[Marwan sees a car pulling up and starts walking towards it]
Eve: Moving again. Moving back to the hospital.
Meisner: What's he doing?
[Hank gets out of the car and Marwan looks at him and turns around to walk the other way. Hank follows him and Marwan turns around to look. He then starts running and Hank chases him]
Meisner: Moving pretty fast. He's in a car.
Eve: He's running.
Meisner: From who?
Eve: From whoever came to pick him up.
[Wu pulls up, blocking Marwan, so he turns and keeps running]
Meisner: No, something else is going on.
[Marwan goes down stairs where Renard is waiting. Marwan turns around, and sees Hank and Wu up the stairs behind him. Marwan and Renard both woge, and begin fighting]
Eve: He's fighting. Whoever was after him must've caught him.
Meisner: Now, who's screwing this up?
[The fight continues until Renard kicks Marwan down the stairs, killing him. Renard and Marwan both retract]
Eve: He's not moving. He could be dead.
Meisner: All this for nothing.
Eve: We still have his contacts.
Meisner: And once they've realized he's been compromised, they're going to change it all. Tell me if he moves. [He leaves]
[Hank and Wu walk up to Renard]
Renard: Call it in.
Wu: Yes, sir. [He calls it in] I need all available units-
Hank: You okay?
Renard: Yeah.
Hank: His hair wasn't blond.
Renard: He dyed it.
Hank: Yeah, but I don't think I would've recognized him if he hadn't run.
Renard: Well, that's him.
Hank: Yeah, but how did the person who called you and told you he was in the hospital know it was him? The picture we put out- he didn't look like that. Now, this whole thing has to be some kind of setup.

Scene: Eve goes to talk to Meisner in his room.

[Eve knocks]
Meisner: Yeah?
Eve: [She opens the door] Marwan's cell is moving.
Meisner: To where?
Eve: Renard's police precinct.

Scene: Renard watches footage of Dixon's speech, rewinding and fast forwarding every so often.

Dixon: Desire to see your neighbors as well as yourselves thrive. [Rewind] Folks, Portland is a great place. [Fast forward and rewind] Portland is a great place.
[Renard notices Rachel on the phone as she looks up towards where Marwan sniped Dixon from]

Scene: Meisner confronts Renard in the parking garage of the precinct.

Meisner: You screwed it up.
Renard: What are you talking about?
Meisner: We put him in the hospital for a reason. We needed his contacts. The accident that put him in the hospital, that wasn't an accident. We had his phone; we had every contact, every call, everyone he was working with.
Renard: You knew what he did.
Meisner: We needed him alive.
Renard: Then you should have told me.
Meisner: We didn't know you were going to kill him.
Renard: You're the one who told me about him.
Meisner: How did you even know he was at a hospital?
Renard: We got a tip.
Meisner: From whom? Who could give you that kind of tip? You were set up.
Renard: By who?
Meisner: The people who brought him here, Black Claw. You destroyed months of work.
Renard: Then you should have said something.
Meisner: Oh, this was bad... for all of us. [He walks away]

Scene: Renard arrives home where Rachel is waiting for him.

Rachel: Sean. I thought about calling. I really need you tonight. [She and Renard go inside]
Renard: [He kisses Rachel] I think it's time we play a little rougher. [He pins her against a wall and woges] You knew Dixon was gonna get shot.
[Rachel woges into a Löwen]
Renard: Who the hell are you working for? [He and Rachel both retract]
Rachel: The people who are gonna change your life.

Scene: Adalind sits at home after eating dinner when her glass of water suddenly begins to boil.

Scene: Lucien arrives at Renard's house.

Rachel: Lucien... Sean Renard.
Lucien: Nice place.
Renard: You want to tell me what's going on?
Lucien: Dixon was meant to die, and you were meant to kill the man that killed him.
Renard: You were the one that told me Marwan was in the hospital.
Lucien: And you're a Zauberbiest.
Rachel: Which makes you one of us.
Lucien: We could make you the most powerful man in the city. And that's only the beginning.
Renard: You're Black Claw.
Lucien: Show him.
[Rachel unrolls a campaign poster with Renard on it]
Renard: You got to be kidding.
Rachel: You're a hero. You can win.

Scene: Nick and Monroe arrive at the spice shop.

Rosalee: [She runs up to Monroe and hugs him] I'm so glad you're back.
Monroe: Me too. Ow.
Rosalee: What happened?
Monroe: I got bitten. We'll deal with it. We'll deal with it later.
Nick: Hey, Rosalee. Let's get everyone over here.
[Wu and Hank arrive, and works on cleaning the bite on Monroe's arm]
Rosalee: This does not look good. I think it's infected. How does it feel?
Monroe: It hurts.
Rosalee: You could have blood poisoning. I think we should get you to a doctor.
Monroe: Yeah, yeah, definitely.
Nick: [He picks a second lock on the box] Got it. Get your keys.
[All five of them grab a key]
Nick: I hope whatever's in here is worth it for everyone who died. Ready?
[Everyone puts their key into a lock]
Nick: Now.
[Everyone turns their key]
Nick: [He tries to open the box, but it still won't open] It's not opening.
Monroe: What do you mean, it's not opening? The keys all clicked.
Rosalee: It's got to take more than the keys.
Monroe: Why? Why does it have to take more than the keys? They're just locks. If they lock, they should open. That's what locks do.
Hank: There's some stuff between the lid and the box.
Wu: Looks like some kind of sealant.
Rosalee: What kind of sealant holds for 800 years?
Nick: Well, they were all Grimms.
Monroe: Look, I'm just spitballing here, but your blood did take away Adalind's powers, right? So maybe, I don't know...
Nick: Will you get me a knife?
Hank: It sort of makes sense.
Monroe: If this doesn't work, I'm busting out the freaking hacksaw.
[Rosalee gives Nick a knife and he cuts his finger. He wipes blood around the lid of the box, breaking the seal. Monroe coughs and everyone chuckles]
Nick: Oh, my God. [He takes the lid off the box]
[Everyone chuckles and looks inside]
Monroe: Okay, there better be something inside that.
Nick: [He takes out a wrapped item] Oh, okay. There is. [He unwraps the item]
Monroe: It's a stick?
Hank: Looks like a stick.
Wu: A really old stick.
Rosalee: It can't be just a stick.
Nick: Well, that's what it looks like.
Monroe: They wouldn't have buried a stick unless they were some kind of dog Wesen.
Hank: Maybe it's some kind of important stick that belongs to a bigger... piece of wood that means something to somebody.
Wu: Well, if it was a stick-mata... sorry, that was a reach.
Rosalee: Maybe it's something like a stick from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
Hank: You're talking about the tree that Eve picked the apple from in the Garden of Eden?
Monroe: If that's the case, then we just flew halfway across the world and risked our lives for a stick that has screwed up all of humanity since the beginning of time.
Wu: Maybe that's why they buried it in the first place, 'cause the gates of hell are gonna open up and the world as we know it is gonna end.
Rosalee: On that thought, maybe you should put it back.
Nick: The last thing we want are the gates of hell opening up in Portland.
Hank: Seems like they already have.
Rosalee: Okay, now let's get you to a doctor and get your arm looked at before it falls off.
Wu: Oh, whoa, hold, hold, hold, hold, hold. There's-there's some writing on this cloth.
Nick: I have no idea what language this is. Do you?
Rosalee: Monroe? What's wrong?
Monroe: Huh? I, uh... [He stands up] I don't, uh... [He starts to fall]
[Nick and Hank quickly grab Monroe]
Wu: Okay.
Hank: Hey, hey.
Nick: He's passing out. Come on. Get him down.
Rosalee: Must be his arm.
Nick: Hey, buddy.
[Monroe is put onto the steps]
Wu: All right?
Rosalee: Oh, my God. [She unwraps the bandages on Monroe's arm] Oh, I knew it. It's blood poisoning. Quick, we need a tourniquet, somebody. Put it on his arm before any more infection gets to his heart.
Hank: We can use my belt. [He takes his belt off and he goes to put it on Monroe's arm]
Rosalee: Here. Call 911.
[Wu calls 911]
Nick: I think he's going into shock.
Wu: We need an ambulance. Got a medical emergency.
Hank: [He tightens the belt] All right. Now what?
Rosalee: We can't wait for an ambulance. We have to get him to a hospital.
Nick: Get him up. Let's get him up, come on. [He and Hank stand Monroe up] Come on.
Wu: Okay.
Nick: Wait, wait.
Rosalee: Nick, we can't wait.
Nick: Look at his arm.
Rosalee: What's happening?
[Monroe's arm suddenly starts to heal]
Nick: I don't know.
Hank: It's getting better.
Wu: What? Anyone want to take a stab at explaining that?
Hank: Not me.
Rosalee: I've never seen anything like that.
Monroe: [He regains consciousness] What did you do? What happened?
Nick: [He holds up the stick] This.


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