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Dead Ὑδρα Λερναια (Hydra Lernaia)
Alexandros (hybrid)

An Ichor-thanatos (EE-khor THAH-nah-tohs; Anc. Gr. ἰχώρ (ikhōr) "ichor" + θάνατος (thanatos) "death"), often referred to as a hydra, is a pureblood Wesen resembling a hydra, a many-headed water serpent. Instead of blood, ichor flows through the veins of the Ichor-thanatos. As its name suggests, ichor is extremely toxic to mortals. This ichor is red and displays regenerative properties enabling the Ichor-thanatos to regenerate lost heads. It has multiple heads when in its Woge, and all are mortal and eyeless, except the largest in the center. However, when the immortal head is its only head, the immortal head becomes vulnerable.

Hercules's second laborEdit

Hercules was sent to slay the Ichor-thanatos that lived in the swamps of Lerna. She was feared as a cattle-killer and had nine heads, eight of which were mortal, by the time Hercules took his first stab at killing her. Upon discovering two heads would grow back for each he chopped off, he consulted his nephew Iolaus for advice. Iolaus devised a manner which Hercules found worked-- use a torch to sear the stump where a head had been immediately after chopping it off. Once Hercules chopped all her mortal heads off, the immortal head became vulnerable at last.

For his second labour Herakles was instructed to slay the Lernaian Hydra. The beast was nurtured in the marshes of Lerna, from where she would go out onto the flatland to raid flocks and ruin the land. The Hydra was of enormous size, with eight mortal heads, and a ninth one in the middle that was immortal. With Iolaos driving, Herakles rode a chariot to Lerna, and there, stopping the horses, he found the Hydra on a ridge beside the springs of Amymone where she nested. By throwing flaming spears at her he forced her to emerge, and as she did he was able to catch hold. But she hung on to him by wrapping herself round one of his feet, and he was unable to help matters by striking her with his club, for as soon as one head was pounded off two others would grow in its place. Then a giant crab came along to help the Hydra, and bit Herakles on the foot. For this he killed the crab, and called on his own behalf to Iolaos for help. Iolaos made some torches by setting fire to a portion of the adjoining woods, and, by using these to burn the buddings of the heads, he kept them from growing. When he had overcome this problem, Herakles lopped off the immortal head, which he buried and covered with a heavy boulder at the side of the road that runs through Lerna to Elaios. He cut up the Hydra's body and dipped his arrows in its venom.


Nick's third laborEdit

Nick was sent not to slay an Ichor-thanatos responsible for engineering the plot to kill Kennedy, but to collect some ichor from it. He sent Rosalee on a mission to seduce him and she slyly stole the required sample. This Ichor-thanatos was Jacob Learna, a lobbyist with two mortal heads and one immortal head.

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