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The House of Kronenberg are members of a Royal family that resides in Vienna, Austria.

News reports of Eric's death refer to the family as the House of Kronenberg. ("PTZD")


Name Title Status
Viktor Chlodwig zu Schellendorf von Konigsburg King Living
Frederick Renard King Deceased
Sean Renard Exiled Prince Living
Diana Schade-Renard Princess Living
Eric Renard Prince Deceased
Kenneth Alun Goderich Bowes-Lyon Prince Deceased
Mia Gaudot N/A Living
Anton Krug N/A Deceased


  • Sean Renard, younger half-brother to Eric, was the target of an assassination attempt by the Queen when it was revealed that he was the son of a Hexenbiest. He then fled to the United States with his mother, Elizabeth Lascelles.


Name Role Status
Sebastien Associate of Sean Renard Deceased
Marnassier Bounty Hunter Deceased
David Esquibel Bounty Hunter Deceased
Baron Samedi Bounty Hunter Deceased
Thomas Woolsey Bodyguard of Anton Krug Deceased
Lucas Bodyguard of Eric Renard Deceased
Carter Bodyguard of Eric Renard Living


Paleways of three pieces, Murrey and Or; bordure Argent; chief Sable, charged with two cinquefoils Argent and rose Or. For the crest, an escutcheon, three fesses, Murrey, Or, and Sable; the escutcheon on the breast of an eagle displayed Sable.


  • OE-M3Q, the plane used by the Crown Prince, is a fictitious aircraft registration number since there are no aircraft with a registration number beginning with OE-M (Original Equipment Manufacturer).
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