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Hippos athanatos
Issue 11 - Hippos athanatos
Notables: Four Devos sisters
Αιθων (Aithôn)
Κοναβος (Konabos)
Φλογευς (Phlogeus)
Φοβος (Phobos)
Alexandros (hybrid)

A Hippos athanatos (HEEP-pohs ah-THAH-nah-tohs; Anc. Gk. ἵππος αθάνατος (hippos athánatos) "deathless horse") is a pureblood Wesen resembling a horse. As its name suggests, it is generally considered immortal. Notably, several of the Greek gods were said to hire Hippoi athanatoi to pull their chariots.

Little has been revealed about these Wesen, but it is known that the steeds hired by Ares in ancient times could breathe fire, as can the Devos sisters. They are affected just as much as any other Wesen by Wesen knockout gas.

Murderous Ares came [to the battlefields of Troy], unmarked of other Gods, down from the heavens, eager to help the warrior sons of Troy. Aithon (Red-fire) and Phlogeus (Flame), Konabos (Tumult) and Phobos (Panic-fear), his car-steeds, bare him down into the fight, the coursers which to roaring Boreas grim-eyed Erinnys bare, coursers that breathed life-blasting flame: groaned all the shivering air, as battleward they sped. Swiftly he came to Troy: loud rang the earth beneath the feet of that wild team.

–Quintus Smyrnaeus

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