Opening Quote: "There is no mercy in you. You cut off the heads of men and women and these you wear as a garland around your neck." – Kali

Scene: Nick confirms with Juliette that she meant what she said about him being a Grimm again, while Hank extinguishes the burning Wolfsangel.

Nick: I'm only gonna ask you this once. Do you mean what you just said about me being a Grimm?
Juliette: Is that what you want?
Nick: Yes.
Juliette: Then it's what I want too.
Hank: [After extinguishing the flames] What do you want to do? Should we call it in?
Nick: Not until we talk to Monroe and Rosalee.
[The scene shifts to inside Monroe and Rosalee's house]
Monroe: I wanna rip their throats out!
Rosalee: Monroe—
Monroe: They got a problem, they can deal with me. Take me on, but this... cowards. I mean, cowards!
[Nick, Hank, and Juliette come inside]
Nick: We can call this in.
Monroe: What good is that gonna do?
Nick: We can make arrests.
Monroe: That's not gonna stop them.
Hank: Who is them?
Rosalee: Most likely it's the Secundum Naturae Ordinem Wesen. It's a-ancient organization founded during the middle ages to keep Wesen pure.
Monroe: To them, inter-marriage is a crime against man and nature.
Juliette: This is all because you got married?
Rosalee: Yeah.
Nick: And this isn't the first time you've dealt with them?
Rosalee: That cracked window in the spice shop, it was a brick.
Monroe: It had a Wolfsangel on it.
Juliette: You should have told us.
Rosalee: We didn't want to worry you.
Monroe: You got your own problems.
Rosalee: We didn't think it would go this far.
Hank: So the Wolfsangel is their burning cross?
Monroe: Yes. It was originally a wolf trap, or in my ancestors' case, a Blutbaden trap.
Rosalee: Came to symbolize control over all Wesen.
Hank: Is the Wesen Council involved?
Rosalee: Officially, blood purity organizations are outlawed, but there are those on the Council who still believe inter-marriage is a sacrilege.
Nick: Well, you need to stay with us.
Monroe: Oh, no. They are not driving us from our home.
Nick: Well, assuming this isn't going to be a standard police procedure, how do we find them?
Monroe: I don't know. They're all Wesen. That's all I know, so it's not really your problem anymore.
[Nick and Juliette look at each other]
Nick: Well, it's going to be.
Rosalee: What does that mean?
Juliette: Nick is gonna sleep with Adalind.
Monroe: What? Really?
Rosalee: You're gonna take the potion?
Monroe: Are you sure you're up to this?
Nick: We're sure.
Juliette: And ready. And the sooner, the better.

Scene: Dix and Suleka Turner are driving down a highway when they are forced off the road.

Dix: Two hours and 27 minutes to go. You want me to drive?
Suleka: I'm good.
Dix: Coffee?
Suleka: I could use a little. [Looking in her rear-view mirror] Idiot's got his brights on. Ugh.
Dix: Let him pass.
[The truck then speeds by them]
Dix: So much for the scenic route. We should have just left in the morning.
Suleka: You're all the scenery I need.
[They kiss and run over sharp objects, causing tires to pop and making them go off the side of the road]
Suleka: Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Dix: Hang on!
Suleka: Aah!
[They crash into a tree and are shaken up]
Suleka: Oh, my God.
[The truck that passed them pulls up behind them]
Dix: Suleka. Suleka.
Suleka: Door won't open.
[Two men from the truck come jogging up]
Suleka: My legs are stuck.
Dix: Suleka.
Suleka: I can't get out.
[The two men, woged as Phansigars, come up on both side of the Turners' vehicle. One of the Phansigars wraps his tongue around Dix, choking him, causing him to pass out]
Suleka: No! No!
Phansigar: She's stuck. I can't get her out.
Phansigar 2: We'll have to get another.
[The two Phansigars pull Dix from the vehicle and leave as Suleka screams]

Scene: At Kronenberg Castle, Adalind talks with Viktor about who helped her flee to Portland.

Rispoli: If this information is accurate, and I believe it is, we'll need to move quickly.
Viktor: You're certain it's Meisner?
Rispoli: No. Worth the risk? Yes.
[Adalind is let into the room]
Viktor: Well, don't you look fantastic? How do you feel?
Adalind: Hungry.
Viktor: [Pointing to the food on the table] Then you should eat.
Adalind: The last time I was offered food, it didn't turn out so well.
Viktor: [He chuckles] Not to worry. [He takes a bite from one of the food items] It's all organic.
Adalind: This looks so damn good.
Viktor: You know, I know that Resistance helped you to get out and that heir Meisner was instrumental in the orchestration.
Adalind: [She begins to eat] Uh-huh.
Viktor: So how did he know our people were waiting for you?
Adalind: He didn't.
Viktor: He killed six Verrat.
Adalind: Not all six.
Viktor: No? How many did you kill?
Adalind: I didn't kill anyone.
Viktor: Well, they didn't kill themselves, I hope.
Adalind: No. There was a woman. She killed them. She was already there working for the Resistance.
Viktor: She must be quite a woman. [He pours himself a glass of wine]
Adalind: Oh, she is.
Viktor: So it was a bit of a mistake, you deciding to go to Portland. Rather obvious.
Adalind: I didn't choose Portland. Kelly did.
Viktor: Kelly?
Adalind: The woman. Nick's mother.
Rispoli: Nick Burkhardt's mother?
Adalind: You didn't know that either? I didn't know who she was or where we were going until we got there. And she took me to Nick's house.
Rispoli: The Resistance was supposed to deliver you to Brazil.
Adalind: I think Nick's mother figured that one out.
Viktor: Do you suppose this was the woman who was with Burkhardt and Sean Renard at Weston Steward's house?
Adalind: Who's Weston Steward?
Viktor: Oh, no matter. He's dead. But I'm curious. How did Renard convince you to give your child to me in the first place?
Adalind: He brought me to the police station to talk about my mother's murder, which I found out was committed by Nick's mom.
Viktor: That must have been awkward.
Adalind: A little. And then he took the baby and said he gave her to you. So... now I'm curious. How did you lose her?
Viktor: The Resistance was waiting for us at the airport.
Rispoli: Except the Resistance had no idea they were going to Portland. That was Kelly Burkhardt's idea.
Viktor: Kelly Burkhardt seems to be everywhere.
Adalind: She said something to me at the police station. [Flashback of Kelly talking to Adalind in the interrogation room in "The Law of Sacrifice"]
Viktor: Perhaps you'd like to share that.
Adalind: "Sometimes we have to sacrifice what we love most." That's what she said.
Viktor: I do believe we now know who has the child.

Scene: At Nick and Juliette's house, Elizabeth, Rosalee, and Monroe finish the potion to help Nick get his powers back.

Elizabeth: Ferula tingitana. [To Rosalee] One drop less than last time. Time for the hat.
Monroe: I got it. [He hands the hat to Elizabeth]
Elizabeth: [She puts the hat on top of the cauldron. To Juliette] Now it's up to you. Take three deep breaths. No more. Unless, you want her to be permanent.
Everyone: No.
Juliette: How long will I have to be her?
Elizabeth: Not long. So don't waste your time.
Monroe: When they're done, Nick will be a Grimm again?
Elizabeth: If it works, it'll work in its own time.
Nick: If it works?
Elizabeth: There are a lot of unknowns. The same if you do nothing.
Juliette: Let's just get this over with. [She inhales from the top of the hat three times]
Trubel: You okay?
Juliette: How do I look?
Rosalee: Like you.
Juliette: Maybe I didn't get enough of it?
Elizabeth: Look at your hand.
Juliette: [She looks at her hand as it changes] Oh, my God. [She suddenly changes into Adalind]
Monroe: Wow.
Trubel: Yeah, that's her.
Juliette: It worked?
Rosalee: Big time.
Juliette: [She looks at her blonde hair] Oh, that's really weird.
Nick: How do you feel?
Juliette: Like me.
Rosalee: Which me are you talking about?
Juliette: Me. Juliette.
Elizabeth: Enough talking. [She grabs the hat] It's time to leave.
Rosalee: Trubel.
Trubel: Yeah, I'm-I'm going with you.
[Everyone leaves]
Nick: This... this is so... I don't even know what to call it.
Juliette: At least it's me this time.
[Nick takes Juliette's hand, and they go upstairs to their room. Juliette turns off the light]
Nick: Yeah, that'll help. I hope. Maybe if I just close my eyes.
Juliette: No. We're not doing it that way.
Nick: Really?
Juliette: [She begins unbuttoning Nick's shirt] You love me, Nick. What you see isn't me. But you know it is. [She takes Nick's shirt off]
Nick: Yeah, that helps.
Juliette: [She takes off her shirt] This is your one and only chance to have an affair with my blessing. You may as well enjoy it. Because it's still me. And I can only see you. And I'm gonna have at it.
Nick: [He chuckles] Well, if you put it that way.
[Juliette chuckles, and they begin making out]

Scene: Monroe, Rosalee, and Trubel arrive at Monroe and Rosalee's house.

Rosalee: I can't imagine how difficult this must be for them.
Monroe: I think the word is creepy.
Trubel: I really hope it works. It's been kinda strange, you know, him having to ask me for help when he was the one that taught me what a Grimm was.
Monroe: I'm sure it's pretty awkward for him too. You know? Sort of like the Professor asking the student to explain what he taught.
Rosalee: You should stay here tonight. We have a guest room.
Monroe: [He hands Rosalee a beer] Nick will call us. Right? If things start to happen. He'll call.
Rosalee: I'm sure they'll tell us when they're ready. We should just get some sleep.
[Monroe and Rosalee start drinking their beers]
Monroe: All right, yeah. Sleep. 'Cause I gotta stop thinking about Nick and Juliette, or Nick and Adalind, or Adalind with Juliette. I mean, the whole thing is like some bizarre, convoluted ménage à trois.
Rosalee: Monroe, we have a guest.
Monroe: Sorry, Trubel.
Trubel: Oh, I know what convoluted means.
[Monroe and Rosalee look at each other and drink more beer]

Scene: Nick and Juliette finish having sex.

[Juliette laughs, and they both breathe heavily]
Juliette: Do you feel any different?
Nick: Not really.
Juliette: So... how was it?
Nick: [He laughs] Are you really gonna ask me that?
Juliette: Well, I'm sort of interested.
Nick: If I say it was good, you'll never forget it. If I say it was bad, you'll never forget it. This is a no-win situation.
Juliette: Well, just so you know, it was good for both of us. [She gets up and goes to the bathroom]
Nick: Which one of you said that?
Juliette: [She turns her head to look at Nick] Me.
Nick: This isn't even funny.
Juliette: [Looking at herself in the mirror] So strange. I really hate you.
Nick: I am going to get all of us a drink.
Juliette: Talk about getting under someone's skin. [She suddenly gets a severe pain in her stomach. She yells and falls to the ground in pain]
Nick: Juliette? You okay?
[Juliette lies on the ground, moaning]
Nick: Juliette? [He goes into the bathroom] Oh, my God. I'm gonna call 911.
Juliette: No! I'm-I'm okay. [She starts to get up]
Nick: No, don't move.
Juliette: Whatever it was, it's gone now. Okay.
Nick: [He helps Juliette up] You should lie down. [He walks Juliette to the bed]
Juliette: No, I'm fine. The pain is... oh, God, coming back again. [She lies on the bed and changes back into herself] Oh, my God, that really hurt.
Nick: But you're back.
Juliette: What? [She looks at her brunette hair]
Nick: You're you again.
Juliette: Thank God. Can I just say, that woman is such a bitch.

Scene: Renard talks with his mother at his house.

Renard: How are you feeling? [He hands his mother a cup of tea]
Elizabeth: These rude épreuve take more and more out of you the older you get.
Renard: Well, you still look very beautiful.
Elizabeth: Not without effort. I underestimated its power. [She picks up the witch's hat] I can feel it in the cloth. I believe it's French. Quite old. Fabric's exquisite. This could be one of the original trente-sept.
Renard: From the Malleus Maleficarum?
Elizabeth: Hammer of the Witches. A brutal time for our ancestors. How do you think Adalind acquired this?
Renard: From her mother, after she died.
Elizabeth: Yes, but where do you think she got it from?
[Renard shakes his head to indicate he does not know]
Elizabeth: Treat it with proper respect. It could come in handy. Which is... why I'm leaving it with you.
Renard: When are you going?
Elizabeth: I'm not certain. But I think it's best we say goodbye now. [She chuckles] You know I'm not very good at these things.
Renard: I will miss you.
Elizabeth: And I you. Please be careful. You know what I did for you can only be done once for both of us. I want my granddaughter.
Renard: If I could give her to you, I would. But I believe Nick when he says he has no idea where his mother is.
Elizabeth: Well, that's his mother. She'll be in contact at some point. I need you to be ready for that.
Renard: I promise you... I will.

Scene: Nick greets Juliette in the kitchen while she is making breakfast.

[Nick hugs Juliette from behind]
Juliette: What?
Nick: I'm just so glad to have you back.
Juliette: Mm. Well, the question is do we have you back?
Nick: I have no idea. And I'm not gonna find out by hanging out with you.
Juliette: Well then, I guess you have to go out and find some Wesen butt and kick it.
[Trubel knocks on the front door]
Nick: I got it. [He opens the door] You lose your key?
Trubel: No. I-I just didn't want to come in if-you know, you two were—
Nick: We're done.
Trubel: Done, done. Like, I mean, Adalind done?
Nick: Adalind is gone. Juliette's back.
Trubel: We're good!
[Monroe and Rosalee come out from around the corner]
Monroe: Hi. Just wanted to be sure.
Rosalee: Good.
[Everyone goes inside]
Rosalee: [To Juliette] Oh, I am so relieved it's you.
Juliette: Oh, my God. I'm so sorry. We really should have called to tell you it was finito.
Monroe: No, don't worry about it. We didn't give it a second thought. Went right to bed. [To Nick] Did it work?
Nick: I don't know.
Monroe: Maybe we should find out. [He takes a deep breath]
Nick: Not happening.
Monroe: I haven't woged yet.
Nick: Oh.
[Monroe woges briefly before retracting]
Nick: Any time you're ready.
[Monroe looks around the room]
Nick: Oh. I... guess that answers that question.
Monroe: You know what, I shouldn't have pushed it.
Trubel: Maybe it's too soon.
Rosalee: Elizabeth said it could take some time.
Nick: [His phone rings and he answers] Hank. Nope, nothing yet. I can meet you in 20. I gotta go. [He kisses Juliette and leaves]
Rosalee: [To Juliette] Are you okay?
Juliette: I'm fine.
Trubel: [She hugs Juliette] I'm really happy you're you.
Juliette: Me too. 'Cause let me just tell you, I did not like being a blonde.
[Monroe chuckles]

Scene: Wu shows Nick and Hank to the Turners' vehicle as Suleka is taken away on a stretcher.

Wu: Car looks to have gone off the road late last night. Discovered this morning by a bicyclist.
Nick: We know who it is?
Wu: Suleka Turner. Portland address. Car's registered to her husband, Dix Turner. First responders got here about an hour ago. She said something came out of the woods, took her husband, and dragged him away. We're searching for the husband, but no sign of him. Seat belt's been cut and there is blood, so...
Deputy Medical Examiner: She's pretty out of it, but she's trying to say something. You might want to listen before we sedate her.
[They walk over to Suleka]
Hank: Ma'am? We're Detectives and we're trying to find out what happened.
Suleka: They tried to take me. They took my husband.
Nick: Who?
Suleka: They were terrible. I've never seen anything like that. He said, they have to get another. Because they couldn't get me.
Deputy Medical Examiner: We gotta take her.
[Suleka is loaded into an ambulance]
Wu: County sheriff got here before we did. They secured the area and made the determination there was a possible kidnapping, which is the reason you're here.
Hank: [Looking at one of the tires of the Turners' vehicle] Well. They definitely hit something. This tire is shredded. Aw. Think I find something. [He pulls out a piece of wood with nails sticking out]
Nick: Yeah, I'd say they hit something.
Farris: [She walks up] What'd you find?
Wu: Detectives Burkhardt and Griffin, Deputy Sheriff Farris.
Farris: Good to meet you.
Hank: You too. Well, it looks like they hit a piece of wood with some nails in it.
Nick: I've seen something like this on this road before.
Farris: When?
Nick: About five, six years ago. One of my first cases. Maybe 15 Miles east. Same deal. Wrecked car, two missing people. A spiked strip just like that in the tire.
Wu: Oh, yeah. I remember that case. Nobody was ever found.
Nick: We need to take another look at that evidence.
Hank: Better get some dogs out here. [To two men from a salvage yard] All right, guys? We're not done over here.
Farris: I'll tell them to hold off.
Hank: Thank you.
Nick: Let's get that tire off.
Farris: [To the men from the salvage yard] Hey, guys. We're not done with the investigation yet.

Scene: Trubel comes out of the bathroom after taking a shower and notices a car parked in front of the house.

[Trubel starts riding her bike]
Mann: [From the car, on the phone] She's on the move.
Trubel: [She knocks on Mann's window] You watching me?
Mann: [He rolls his window down] I was waiting for a friend.
Trubel: You gonna follow me?
Mann: I don't know what you're talking about.
Trubel: Call your boss, Chavez. Tell her you can't follow me. [She takes out a knife and stabs the front right and back left tires]
Mann: [Quickly getting out of the car] What the hell are you doing?
Trubel: Don't know what you're talking about. [She gets on the bike and rides away]
[Mann woges into a Pflichttreue as he watches Trubel ride away]

Scene: At the precinct, Nick and Hank look at the case file and go through the evidence from the similar case Nick worked on previously.

Hank: November 27th. Six years ago.
Nick: [Looking at a piece of wood with needles in it] Homemade. Look familiar?
Hank: Hmm. Yeah. The victims were Keith and Jennifer Blakely of Spokane, Washington. Reported missing at the scene. Bodies never found. It looks like there was a survivor.
Nick: Penny Conner. Jennifer's sister. She was 13 years old. Asleep in the backseat. Wasn't wearing a seat belt. Got knocked to the floor during the accident.
Hank: You really know this.
Nick: I remember what she said to me. Monsters took her sister and brother-in-law.
Hank: Well, you wouldn't have known that six years ago.
Suspect: [As he is being brought into the precinct, handcuffed] Get off! I told you, man, I didn't hit her.
Officer: Come on, settle down.
[Nick sees what appears like the suspect partially woged]
Hank: You okay?
Nick: Yeah, I thought I, uh... never mind.
Wu: [Walking up] Heard from the dog handlers. Picked up a trail, but it dead ended back at the highway. So... there was probably a car waiting for them.
Nick: [Referencing a reptilian figure made of scrap metal] This was buried where the car went off the road. Search dog dug it up.
Hank: What the hell is this?
Wu: Stuff nightmares are made of. Or bad art.
Nick: Now, if these crimes are connected, there may be another one of those where we were this morning.

Scene: Trubel returns to the house and goes in through the back door with the bike.

[Trubel peeks out a window and sees Mann talking to two other people. Then there is a knock at the back door. Trubel pulls out her knife before answering the door]
Josh: Oh, my God.
Trubel: Josh?
Josh: Trubel?
Trubel: Get- [She grabs him and pulls him into the house, causing him to fall to the ground]
Josh: No, no, no, no.
Trubel: Stay down.
Josh: I didn't do anything.
Trubel: I know.
Josh: Then why are you doing this to me?
Trubel: Stay down!
Josh: What's going on?
Trubel: A lot. What are you doing here?
Josh: I had no place else to go.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu return to the scene of the crime to look for a reptilian figure using metal detectors.

Hank: You know, my Uncle Andre had one of these things. He spent hours and hours going up and down beaches. One time, he found a watch worth $5,000.
Wu: Wow, that's pretty good.
Hank: He lost it the week before. [He laughs]
[Nick's detector whirrs]
Hank: You can't make this stuff up.
Nick: Found something. [He starts digging] Another beer can.
Wu: Popular spot.
Hank: [His detector whirrs] Hey, working on a six-pack. [He digs]
[Deputy Farris drives up]
Wu: [He takes pictures of the find] Not a beer can.
Hank: Yeah. Looks like we got a connection.
Farris: [Walking up] Hey. Said I could find you guys here. You got something?
[Hank picks up a metal reptilian figure off the ground]
Farris: That's kinda weird. It's important?
Nick: Just like another one I found six years ago.
Farris: What is it? Some kind of totem?
Nick: Could be a signature?
Farris: I did some looking into related accidents on this highway. I went back ten years. The first was your case, six years ago. Another case with similar circumstances three years after that. Young couple, last seen on route 406. They were camping. Their SUV was found abandoned near a trailhead, so everybody assumed they got lost in the woods.
Hank: Campers get lost all the time. What's the similarity?
Farris: Left their camping gear behind.
Hank: Where was the SUV found?
Farris: About four miles down the highway. That's why I came, I thought you guys might want to check it out.
[They go to the area where the SUV of the missing campers was found and use the metal detectors. Hank's detector whirrs]
Farris: I can dig.
Hank: All yours.
[Farris starts digging, and Nick hears an echoing metallic thud]
Farris: Nothing here.
Nick: Wait. I thought I heard something.
Hank: Just, uh, keep digging where you were digging.
Farris: Okay. [She digs more and finds one of the metallic reptilian figures]
Wu: Anybody know any artists slash welders around here?
Farris: Couple of junkyards. They might know. I'll look into it.
Hank: Al right, thanks.

Scene: Nick and Hank go to the trailer to do some research.

Nick: [Reading a Grimm diary entry] "June third, 1893. Calcutta. After six weeks in the foul bustee, I encountered my first. It attacked. Fortunately, I had my dagger and was able to slit its throat before it was able to tighten its tongue around mine."
Hank: [Looking at the drawings] That's one hell of a tongue.
Nick: "Upon close examination, I have concluded that the Phansigar is a particular type of Skalengeck, not dissimilar to the visage of the Komodo dragon."
Hank: That's what it's called? Phansigar?
Nick: Yeah. There's more. "Here in India, the Phansigars hide among the Thuggees, the dreaded Hindu cult of thieves that strangle travelers as a sacrifice to Kali. But I have discovered that the Phansigars have their own brand of human sacrifice. Using their filthy tongues, they choke their victims into silence. These unfortunate souls... always a young couple... are then buried alive. This evil practice must be performed every three years to placate Kali." Guess who signed this one.
Hank: Who?
Nick: Rudyard Kipling.
Hank: Rudyard Kipling. Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling? He was a Grimm?
Nick: Apparently his sword was as mighty as his pen.

Scene: Nick and Hank go talk to Renard in his office to catch him up on the case.

Hank: Every three years, fits the timeline of the kidnappings.
Nick: Only this time, they only got their male victim. Dix Turner.
Renard: [Looking at one of the reptilian figures] That means they still need a woman to complete their sacrifice.
Hank: We found one of those buried at each accident site.
Renard: So it's Wesen?
Nick: Didn't know that the first time around.
Renard: What about now?
Nick: I'm not sure it's coming back.
Renard: You're gonna need some help.
[There's a knock at the door]
Renard: Yeah?
Wu: [He opens the door] Got the preliminary lab report on those little guys. They traced a paint on the metal. It's all automobile paint.
Renard: Scrap from the salvage yard.
Wu: There's one out on that highway. Been there for 35 years. But, it was bought out seven years ago by JP and sons.
Hank: Around the same time the disappearances started.
Wu: Address, anyone?
[Nick grabs the piece of paper from Wu's hand as he is holding it up]

Scene: Dix Turner is removed from a car in a salvage yard by Adesh and Sharat.

Dix: What's going on? What-What are you doing? [He is dragged and thrown into a pit] Unh!
[Adesh and Sharat woge into Phansigars and hiss]

Scene: Josh watches as the men outside the house leave, and Trubel brings him a sandwich.

Josh: They're leaving! [He takes the sandwich from Trubel and takes a bite] Mm. Mmm! Sorry. I haven't eaten since yesterday.
Trubel: I know what that's like.
Josh: How long have they been watching you?
Trubel: I'm not really sure. What about you?
Josh: My life's a complete wreck. Soon as I got home, there were men in my dad's house. They ripped the place apart. I barely got out.
Trubel: You think it's 'cause your dad was a Grimm?
Josh: [He scoffs] What do you think?
Trubel: Sorry. Dumb-dumb question. Probably Hundjägers.
Josh: How would I know? I gotta talk to Nick. He's the only one who can help me.
Trubel: Oh, you don't know. Do you? I mean, you wouldn't... how could you?
Josh: Could I what? What? He's not dead, is he? So I just talked to him on the phone. He's the one that told me to get out. I-I mean, I left my job. I left my car. Everything.
Trubel: He's okay, but... things are a little different now.
Josh: Different now? Okay. What does different now mean?

Scene: Nick and Hank go talk to Monroe and Rosalee at the spice shop about Phansigars.

Rosalee: [To a customer] Thank you. Come again.
Customer: Will do.
[Nick and Hank come in as the customer leaves]
Monroe: Okay, so. What's the problem?
Nick: Phansigars.
Monroe: I... never heard of them.
Hank: They're into human sacrifice.
Monroe: That I've heard of.
Nick: I need you to come with me.
Monroe: Dude, I-I can't leave Rosalee alone, not with what's going on.
Nick: I know.
Rosalee: I hope you're not bringing a Phansigar here, because I have heard of them.
Nick: Well, I wish what Juliette and I had gone through had worked, 'cause if I had another way to do this, I would.
Rosalee: Nick, it could still work.
Nick: Yeah, well. It's taking it's own damn time.
Juliette: [Coming into the spice shop] Sorry I'm late. I had to pick up more ammo.
Monroe: I'm sorry. You brought your gun?
Juliette: Yeah. [To Rosalee] Hey.
Rosalee: Hey.
Trubel: [Coming into the spice shop] Hey, sorry I'm late. Hey.
Rosalee and Juliette: Hey.
Rosalee: [To Monroe] You're good to go.

Scene: Deputy Farris arrives at the salvage yard near where the disappearances have taken place.

JP: Could I help you?
Farris: Deputy Farris. I'm following up from the accident this morning. You towed the wreck.
JP: Oh, yes. To the police impound lot.
Farris: I know, but I'm looking for someone who is buying small quantities of scrap metal, like this.
JP: Oh, you mean like, uh, for artists or something?
Farris: Could you put together a list?
JP: I don't know if it's possible. You see, I don't ask the customers what they use it for.
Farris: It would be someone who's been here more than once in the last few years.
JP: I can't remember.
Farris: You think you can check?
JP: Oh, of course.
Farris: [Her phone rings] Excuse me. [She answers]
JP: Sure.
Farris: Deputy Farris. What'd you find out?
Nick: JP and sons was bought out seven years ago, just before the disappearances began.
Farris: Well, I'm at the yard now. They are cutting up a lot of scrap metal. I'm trying to get a list of buyers.
Hank: All right, be careful. We'll be there as soon as we can.
Farris: I'll be here. [She hangs up]
[Just after Deputy Farris hangs up, Adesh, woged, uses his tongue to choke Deputy Farris out]
JP: What have you done?
Adesh: We needed a woman, now we have one. She's perfect.
JP: You idiot! Can't you see she's a police officer?
Sharat: We'll cut up the car. They'll never find it or her. He's right. She's perfect.
JP: Well, we must do it now. [He woges into a Phansigar]

Scene: JP and his sons begin the sacrifice ritual to Kali.

JP: [After speaking a native language to a giant Phansigar figure] Bring her.
[Nick, Hank, and Monroe arrive to the salvage yard gate]
Hank: It's padlocked.
Nick: [He cuts the chains around the lock, opening the gate] Stay close. I need your eyes.
Monroe: I'm right behind you.
[Deputy Farris is dragged by Adesh and Sharat to JP as he continues to speak the native language]
Monroe: Sounds like some kind of ceremony.
Nick: Yeah. A ceremony where they bury their victims alive.
Hank: Let's hope we're not late.
Nick: [He suddenly gets a severe pain in his head] Oh!
Hank: Nick, are you okay?
Nick: I don't think so.
Monroe: Should we get him out of here?
Nick: No. I can hear something. [He hears Deputy Farris groan and then get dropped into a pit] We have to get there.
[They advance on the location of the ritual as JP continues speaking the native language]
Hank: There they are.
Nick: I can't tell what they're doing.
Hank: Me either.
Nick: Are they woged?
Monroe: No.
Nick: Can you see anything else?
Monroe: Uh-uh.
Hank: Woged or not, I don't like what I'm seeing. We have to take them down now.
[JP and his sons all speak the native language as Nick has more severe pain in his head. The Phansigars hear him and move away from the pits]
JP: Let's go.
Monroe: What is happening?
Nick: It's my head.
Monroe: We gotta get him out of here now.
Dix: [From a pit] Aah!
Hank: Where did they go?
Dix: Help! Help!
Hank: Stay with Nick. [He searches the pits and finds Deputy Farris] She's here. I'm going in. [He jumps in the pit and checks for a pulse] Monroe, I need your help!
Monroe: Nick, I gotta help Hank, okay. I'll be right back.
[As Monroe leaves, Nick turns gray for a couple seconds]
Monroe: [Looking at the giant Phansigar figure] Oh, my God. What the hell is going on here? [To Hank] Are you okay?
Hank: Yeah. She's alive.
Monroe: Hank, there's a guy in this one too.
Hank: Help me get her out first!
Monroe: [To Dix] Hey! You all right?
[JP, woged, pushes Monroe into the pit and then retracts]
Nick: [Clutching his head] Ahh!
Monroe: Oh, God. Hank!
JP: [To Hank] You've defiled our sacred ground. Now you must be sacrificed.
Hank: You first. [He fires two shots from his gun]
[Adesh and Sharat grab Nick]
Monroe: Hank!
Hank: Nick! Nick!
[Nick is dragged to JP]
Sharat: We found another one, but there's something wrong with him-he's sick or something.
Adesh: What do you want us to do with him?
JP: I'll take care of him. [He woges]
[As Nick looks at JP, he suddenly starts to see JP woged as his Grimm powers return]
Nick: You're done.
[JP wraps his tongue around Nick's throat]
Hank: Nick!
Monroe: Hank!
[Nick grabs JP's tongue and uppercuts him in the face, causing JP's tongue to be ripped from his mouth. Nick then turns his attention to Adesh and Sharat as they woge]
Sharat: A Grimm?
Nick: Yeah, I am. [He then starts fighting JP, Adesh, and Sharat]
Monroe: Nick!
Hank: Nick!
Monroe: Hank!
[Nick continues fighting the Phansigars with no problems]
Monroe: [He suddenly sees Adesh standing at the top of the pit he's in, woged] Not good.
[Adesh retracts and falls into the pit, knocked out. Nick then finishes off Sharat and goes to check on Monroe]
Monroe: Dude... you were right. It was a Phansigar!
Nick: I know.
Monroe: You mean you saw him woged?
Nick: Yeah. [He goes to check on Hank]
Monroe: [He laughs] That's awesome!
Hank: [He is startled as Nick runs up, and he points his gun at him for a second] Whoa.
Nick: How is she?
Hank: She'll be okay as long as she doesn't remember any of this. How are you?
Nick: I'm back. Let's get you guys out of there.

Scene: Nick and Hank report back to Renard.

Hank: Six possible victims and six graves.
Nick: Pretty good chance the DNA will match the missing vics going back six years.
Renard: An idol in their own image?
Hank: That's what I'm told.
Renard: Monroe do the I.D.?
Hank: Turns out, we didn't need him to.
Renard: [To Nick] It's good to have you back.

Scene: Nick and Monroe return to the spice shop.

Trubel: It's okay, it's them. [She opens the door]
Rosalee: How'd it go?
Monroe: Pretty good. How about here?
Juliette: No problems. [To Nick] You okay?
Nick: Better than.
Juliette: You can...
Nick: Yeah. I can see them again.
Juliette: [She hugs Nick] It worked.
Nick: The peace and quiet we never had is over.
Juliette: [She laughs] Well, then I won't know what I missed. Too bad Adalind can't be here to celebrate with a little champagne. Emphasis on the pain part.
[Trubel suddenly goes to the back room, and Juliette points her out to Nick]
Nick: Hey. Are you okay?
Trubel: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm good.
Nick: You're not the only one anymore.
Trubel: That's good. [She hugs Nick] That's really good. Uh... 'cause we got another problem.

Scene: Nick, Juliette, and Trubel return home and find Josh with Trubel's machete.

Juliette: Oh, boy.
Nick: Josh? You know how to use that thing?
Josh: [He looks at the machete] Not a clue.


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