Opening Quote: "Ah! It was colder than ice; it penetrated to his very heart." – The Snow Queen

Scene: Nick is eating at home when he notices a picture of him and Juliette. He walks over and lays the picture frame face down.

Scene: Renard arrives home after his fight with Kenneth.

[Renard grunts and sighs as he walks]
Juliette: Where's Adalind?
Renard: How'd you get in here?
Juliette: You gave me a key, remember?
Renard: I want it back.
Juliette: What happened to you? [She tosses the key to Renard]
Renard: I met the new Prince in town.
Juliette: Is Adalind with him?
Renard: Why?
Juliette: I'm gonna kill her.
Renard: Good idea. She's at the Deluxe Hotel. Careful, though. Kenneth is not Viktor.
Juliette: Apparently. [She starts unbuttoning her shirt]
Renard: What are you doing?
Juliette: Finishing what we started. [She takes her shirt off. She then touches Renard's lip] Does that hurt?
Renard: [He grabs Juliette's wrist] Yeah.
Juliette: So will this.
Renard: Good. [He and Juliette start kissing]

Scene: Knute Gunderson's vehicle breaks down.

[The vehicle rattles]
Knute: Ah, crap. [He pulls over and looks under the hood] Damn it. [He starts walking along the street and soon begins shivering. He then comes across Esther Blake's house as she is on the phone]
Esther: Have you tried giving her a bit of honey? It'll soothe her throat so she stops coughing.
Jenna: Mom, I am not gonna give a five-year-old a shot of honey this late in the afternoon. She's supposed to be taking a nap.
Esther: Just try it. It worked for you.
[Knute knocks on the door]
Esther: Oh, just a second. Somebody's at the door.
Jenna: Are you expecting anyone?
Esther: No.
Jenna: Well, don't just open the door.
Esther: I know. [She looks to see who it is]
Knute: Sorry. My car broke down on the road. I need help. I'm freezing.
Jenna: Who is it?
Esther: There's a man at the door. He says his car broke down.
Knute: Can I use your phone? Please, I'm so cold.
Jenna: Don't open the door, Mom.
Esther: But his car broke down.
Jenna: Tell him that you will call a tow truck for him.
Esther: My daughter says I should call a tow truck for you.
Knute: [He starts pounding on the door] Open the damn door!
Esther: Oh, my God.
[Knute walks away from the door]
Jenna: Mom, are you okay?
Esther: He got very angry when I told him what you said.
Jenna: Where is he?
Esther: I think he's gone.
[Knute breaks in a back door]
Esther: Jenna, he's breaking into the house!
Jenna: Mom, I'm calling 911. Get out of there right now.
[Esther screams and drops the phone as Knute grabs her]
Jenna: Mom, are you there?
[Knute tackles Esther to the ground and woges into a Varme Tyv as Esther continues to scream]
Jenna: Mom?
[Knute bites Esther's neck and begins sucking the body heat out of her]
Jenna: Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom, can you hear me?
Knute retracts, leaving Esther dead and frozen]
Jenna: Mom, answer me. Mom!
[Knute leaves]
Jenna: Mom, answer me! Mom!

Scene: Nick and Hank meet Wu at Esther's house.

Hank: What do we got?
Wu: Esther Blake, 71 years old, was on the phone with her daughter when someone broke into the house through the backdoor. No attempt to be quiet. Daughter heard the whole thing, called 911, rushed right out here.
Nick: So we've got a home invasion?
Wu: Yeah, except the house wasn't ransacked. It looks like the only thing taken was the victim's vehicle, a Toyota Corolla. I've got a BOLO out on that, but that's not the strange part.
Hank: Which is?
Wu: The body.
Hank: Is she frozen?
Wu: Solid.
Hank: It doesn't feel that cold in here.
Wu: It's a balmy 72 according to the thermostat, which is working.
Nick: It's definitely not cool enough outside to do this.
Hank: [He whistles] The body's still cold. You'd have to be exposed to freezing temperatures for hours to do something like this.
Wu: Her daughter called 911 two hours ago.
Nick: Looks like frostbite.
Hank: You usually get frostbite on your face, feet, and fingers. I've never seen it on somebody's shoulders.
[Nick finds marks on Esther's neck]
Hank: That looks like a bite.
Wu: So I'm thinking this is not the usual home invasion suspect we're looking for.
Nick: I think we better talk to the daughter.
Wu: Jenna Blake. In the kitchen.
Nick: [He and Hank go to talk to Jenna] Hi, Jenna. I'm Detective Burkhardt. This is Detective Griffin. We are so sorry for your loss.
Hank: We need to ask you a few questions. Was anyone else with your mother when she was attacked?
Jenna: No, my mom lived by herself. My dad passed away five years ago. I told her to sell the house. It wasn't safe for her to be by herself. But she was always so independent.
Hank: You were on the phone with your mother when the attack happened?
Jenna: Yes. God, it was awful. She said that there was a man at the door, that she didn't know him, that he said his car broke down, and that he needed help. I told her not to let him in, but he broke into the house, and I told her to run to get away from him. [She sniffles] She was so scared. I called 911 and... [Crying] Why would someone do this to her just to steal a car? How could she die like this?
Nick: If you can think of anything else, please give us a call. [He gives Jenna his card]
Jenna: Okay.
Nick: [He and Hank walk away] Well, if his car broke down, he'd need a new one. Must have been in a hurry, otherwise why didn't he get a tow truck?
Hank: Maybe the car was stolen.
Nick: Either way, his car broke down. He had to walk.
Hank: Then his car must still be out there.
Nick: Unless he was just using it as an excuse to get into the house.
Hank: Well, he still had to come from somewhere.
Wu: Unless he was an alien, and his spaceship was parked out back. You never know.
Nick: Check State Police. See if they've located any other breakdowns within about five miles.
Wu: You got it. [He walks away]
Hank: Man.

Scene: Wu calls Nick to tell him that Esther's car was spotted.

Nick: [Answering his phone] Wu, what have you got?
Wu: The victim's vehicle was just spotted leaving a gas station about ten miles from her house, traveling west on Highway 2. It looks like he stopped to refuel.
Nick: Tell officers not to move in. Suspect is dangerous.
Hank: Have them set up a roadblock. We'll intercept from here. Meet us there.
Wu: On my way.

Scene: Monroe is working on a clock at home, when his hand starts to shake as he starts thinking about his encounter with the Wesenrein.

[Flashback of Monroe being brought into the warehouse in "Wesenrein." Flashback of Monroe getting punched by a Wesenrein member in "Tribunal." Flashback of Monroe telling the Wesenrein what real purity is in "Tribunal." Monroe woges as Rosalee arrives home]
Rosalee: [She gasps] What's wrong?
Monroe: [He retracts] Sorry.
Rosalee: What is it?
Monroe: It's just time.
Rosalee: Time?
Monroe: Just... We never know how much we're gonna have. [He hugs Rosalee]
Rosalee: Oh, okay. Well, that's why we have to make sure we never take any of it for granted.

Scene: Knute arrives at the road block.

[Knute does a quick U-turn just before the road block and speeds away as the officers get in their cars and go after him]
Officer: Suspect's car pulled a U-turn. We are in pursuit.
Nick: [Seeing the police chase as he and Hank come from the other direction] That's him.
Hank: Let's give him something to think about.
[Wu speeds up and drives next to Nick and Hank]
Nick: He thinks he's getting past us.
[Everyone slams on their brakes just before they crash. Knute gets out of the car and runs into the forest]
Hank: Stay with the car.
Officer: Yes, sir.
[Nick, Hank, and Wu chase after Knute]
Nick: [Using his enhanced hearing] He's that way!
[After running for awhile, Knute stops and hides]
Nick: I don't hear him anymore. He must have stopped.
Knute: [He shivers as Nick approaches him. He woges his eyes before fully woging. He then comes out of hiding and Nick quickly turns around] Grimm. [He retracts and falls to his knees as he shivers]
Nick: Stay down!
Wu: [Running up with Hank] Did you see him woge?
Nick: Yeah.
Hank: What is it?
Nick: I have no idea.
Knute: [Shivering] Don't let him ki-kill me. I'm-I'm cold.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee make dinner.

Monroe: Once I found out it was an early 1833 brass movement made by Chauncey Jerome, come on. I mean, I had to take it on. I couldn't let anyone else touch this one, not the least of which due to the fact that before 1830, almost all American shelf clocks had wooden works because brass was so expensive. So, you now, this was a real find. [Rosalee hugs him] Oh, that wooden works part really got to you, didn't it?
Rosalee: Why don't you tell me what was really going on today when I came home.
Monroe: I was just working on a clock, and I started thinking about, you know, how much time this clock had ticked its way through... I mean, the Civil War and everything after that. And I thought how important time is and it just keeps on ticking past.
Rosalee: And that's why you woged?
Monroe: No, I was thinking about the whole Wesenrein deal... [He tears up] And how close our clock came to stopping, you know? I mean, we almost ran out of time.
Rosalee: But we didn't, and we're rewound now, and we have a whole lot more ticking and tocking to do.
Monroe: Wow, you really took that clock metaphor and you ran with it.
Rosalee: I love you. [She and Monroe kiss]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu do a background check on Knute at the precinct.

Hank: Knute Gunderson. 32 years old. No criminal record. North Dakota driver's license.
Wu: Car registered in his name, 1997 Ford Explorer registered in Dickinson, North Dakota.
Nick: Guy's a long way from home.
Wu: I'll see if State Police have tagged his car yet. [He walks away]
Hank: So how does he freeze his victims?
Nick: Well, it's gonna be hard to charge him with that, but we've got him for the stolen car, home invasion, and assault. He's not going anywhere.
Hank: I still want to know what we're dealing with.
Nick: Let's hit the books.
Wu: [He quickly walks up] Hey, something happened to our suspect.
[Nick, Hank, and Wu go to the holding cells]
Paramedic: He's dead. Cold as ice. Looks like he froze to death. How could that happen in here?
[Wu's phone beeps]
Nick: Well...
Wu: State Police just found Knute Gunderson's car three miles south of the victim's house. [He, Nick, and Hank leave]
Paramedic: Can't wait to see what the M.E. says.

Scene: Renard wakes up sore from his fight with Kenneth.

Renard: [He gets out of bed and looks over his fight wounds. His bullet wounds then start to bleed] No. [Flashback of Renard getting shot in "Blond Ambition"] No, no, no, no! [He punches the mirror. Flashback of the doctors working on Renard at the hospital in "Thanks for the Memories." Flashback of Renard flatlining in "Thanks for the Memories." He then turns around as he has a vision of his walls opening up, revealing the sky and a bright sun. Suddenly, two giant, demonic, red hands with black fingernails reach for him, causing him to step back against his mirror] Gah! [He then gets a sharp pain and collapses]

Scene: Nick and Hank arrive at Knute's car.

Nick: So Gunderson ditches the car, starts walking, finds the house.
Hank: At least we know where he is.
Nick: Knute ate a lot of fast food.
Hank: A long drive from North Dakota. Looks like two of everything. [He opens up the back door] Make that three. Got another cup and wrappers back here.
Nick: Got a receipt. Three combo meals, three Buffalo wings, three apple pies.
Hank: Three bags in back.
Nick: This all can't be Knute.
Hank: You think there were two more with him?
Nick: Where'd they go? They weren't with him.
Hank: Maybe they had a fight.
Nick: Knute could have killed them, dumped the bodies.
Hank: That'd be wishful thinking, because if he didn't, there would be another two out there like him.
Nick: And then we got a problem.

Scene: Kenneth talks with Rispoli.

Kenneth: Burkhardt must be communicating with his mother somehow.
Rispoli: Everyone says they don't know where she is.
Kenneth: Well, that's probably true, but that doesn't mean they're not communicating, and she does know where he is. But if she thinks something's wrong, she might come to him.
Rispoli: She might very well. He is her son, and she did come to him for help when she had Adalind and the child.
Kenneth: I want to know how they're communicating, whether it be by phone, email, or pigeon. I want his phones tapped and his email hacked.
Rispoli: Yes, sir.
Adalind: [She walks into the room] I have a problem. None of my clothes fit.
Kenneth: Then you'll have to go shopping. I'll send someone with you.
Adalind: I can do that myself.
Kenneth: I'm sure you can, but you're not going to.
Adalind: There's shops just around the corner. I'll walk.
Kenneth: This is not a discussion. [To Rispoli] Send someone with her.

Scene: Jalmer Gunderson walks down the road, shivering as a car pulls over.

[Jalmer falls to his knees]
Beth: Hey, are you okay?
Jalmer: [Shivering] Please, I need help.
Beth: God, you're freezing. You must be suffering from hypothermia. What happened?
Jalmer: Car broke down.
Beth: It's okay, come on. I'm a nurse. I'll get you to a hospital. [She walks Jalmer to her car and helps him get in] You're gonna be okay. The hospital's not that far.
Jalmer: Cold, so cold. [He grabs Beth]
Beth: What are you doing?
Jalmer: I need you. [He woges into a Varme Tyv and tries to attack]
Beth: No, let go! [She gets away from Jalmer and runs]
[Jalmer falls out of the car and starts crawling]

Scene: Adalind walks down the street with a Verrat agent, looking for clothes as Juliette watches from across the street.

Adalind: That's cute.
[Juliette sees gargoyles above Adalind and starts to telekinetically make one move forward]
Adalind: You think that would look good on me? How would you know? [She sees Juliette's reflection and turns around, but Juliette hides]
[The Verrat agent sees the gargoyle falling from above and gets Adalind out of the way as it crashes to the ground. Juliette then walks away]

Scene: Nick and Hank go to the trailer.

Hank: "As I crossed the frozen tundra with my guide Akiak en route to Nordvågen, he told me about the Wesen I was looking for, describing it as a human-like creature his people called an Amarok, fur-covered, whose breath he swore could chill its victims to death."
Nick: The Wesen we dealt with wasn't covered in fur. It had scales like a snake.
Hank: Then this isn't it.
Nick: I don't think this is it either. A Fossegrim, lives in a waterfall, plays the fiddle.
Hank: I didn't see any fiddle in his car.
Nick: You know, Monroe once mentioned a cold-climate Wesen, a Gefrierengeber.
Hank: I don't think we're looking for Santa.
Nick: No, but maybe he and Rosalee would know what kind of Wesen we're dealing with.
Hank: Worth a try. We've got two more of whatever-the-hell-they-are out there.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee go over their new inventory.

Monroe: Did you really order six boxes of Syrian Rue?
Rosalee: I did.
Monroe: Not that I know what that is.
Rosalee: Oh. It's basically a Banisteriopsis with the same active alkaloids. It flies off the shelves.
Monroe: Well, can't argue with Banisteriopsis, as long as you can pronounce it.
Nick: [Coming into the shop with Hank] Monroe, Rosalee?
Rosalee: In here, Nick.
Monroe: What's up, guys?
Nick: We've got a Wesen-related case we're working on. You guys busy?
Monroe: You're kidding, right?
Nick: Couldn't find anything in the books.
Hank: It's some kind of Wesen that freezes its victims.
Rosalee: Freezes? You mean, like, solid?
Hank: Just like a TV dinner.
Monroe: That's a-a Varme... Varme-something.
Rosalee: Varme Tyv.
Monroe: That's the one. If I'm not mistaken, it's Norwegian for somebody who takes heat.
Rosalee: "Heat thief."
Monroe: That's right. Was he a scaly fella?
Nick: Yeah. And snaky.
Rosalee: Mm, that's a Varme Tyv, naturally cold-blooded. Winter is when they're most dangerous. They can't generate their own body heat.
Monroe: So in order to survive, they have to take it from other people, otherwise they, like, freeze to death.
Hank: Why don't they just make their way south for the winter?
Monroe: It doesn't really work like that.
Rosalee: A Varme Tyv's physiology can only process human body heat. Other sources of heat have no effect on them.
Monroe: These guys could freeze to death sitting next to a campfire. Ordinarily they're harmless. They don't bother anybody unless they get, like, caught out in the cold.
Nick: Well, the one we found last night had his car break down. He killed a woman, froze her to death.
Monroe: Well, that must have been why. I mean, if his car broke down, then he'd have to find heat, or die.
Hank: Her heat must not have been enough for him. We locked him up last night, and he froze to death in his cell.
Monroe: Ooh, that can't be easy to explain, can it?
Hank: Well, we still think there's two more out there.
Rosalee: They must have been heading to their hibernaculum.
Hank: Hibernaculum?
Rosalee: Every winter, Varme Tyv hibernate. They crawl into an enclosed space, collectively sharing their body heat.
Monroe: So they can survive through the winter as a group. Sort of like a... It's like an animal heat orgy.
Nick: And where would a hibernaculum be?
Monroe: Anywhere off the beaten path.
[The shop door opens]
Rosalee: Be right there. Hibernaculum is usually somewhere secluded where they wouldn't be disturbed. Kind of like bears in caves. We should go see who this is. We'll be right back. [She and Monroe go to the front of the shop and find Juliette] Hey.
Monroe: What's wrong? Are you sick?
Juliette: It's a side effect of me becoming Adalind and sleeping with Nick.
Monroe: What side effects? What are you talking about?
Rosalee: Juliette, talk to us.
Juliette: I'm... I'm losing myself. I need help.
Nick: [He and Hank walk into the room] Juliette.
Juliette: I didn't know you were here.
Nick: You told them?
Juliette: No, I didn't. You told Hank?
Nick: Well, yeah, he's my partner.
Juliette: So, what do you think, Hank?
[Hank puts his hand up]
Monroe: What is going on?
Rosalee: Oh, my God. Did you guys break up?
Juliette: In a way.
Monroe: Why?
Rosalee: Can someone just tell us what's happening right now?
Nick: Tell them. If you don't, I will.
Juliette: All right. Hold on to your hats. [She woges]
Rosalee: [She and Monroe jump back in shock] Oh, my God.
Juliette: It's the new me. [She retracts] There, it's done. Are you happy?
Rosalee: There's got to be something—
Juliette: You always say that. This time you're wrong. There's nothing anybody can do.
Monroe: When did this happen?
Nick: Sometime after we did what we did.
Juliette: I made a mistake in coming here. I don't know what I was thinking. [Tearing up] You all had a hand in this.
Nick: This is my fault, not theirs. Don't blame them.
Juliette: There's enough blame to go around. [She leaves]
Monroe: You can fix this, Nick, right? You can change this. Like-like when you took Adalind's powers away.
Nick: That's not gonna work this time.
Rosalee: How do you know? Are you sure?
Nick: She met with a friend of Renard's who knows about this. Juliette tried to undo it before she told me, and she can't.
Monroe: This is unbelievable. I mean, how are you two still even living together?
Nick: We're not.
Monroe: Oh. Okay, well, I'm sure you both need time to—
Nick: Time is not gonna help this. She's a Hexenbiest. I'm a Grimm.
Hank: [His phone rings and he answers] Wu, we're at the spice shop with Monroe and Rosalee. You're on speaker.
Wu: Hey, a woman was attacked on the highway. She's okay, but the guy who attacked her is not. Got ourselves another frozen stiff.
Hank: You got a location?
Wu: Route 4, mile marker 17.
Hank: Yeah, we're on our way.
Wu: Yeah. [He hangs up]
Monroe: I should probably go with you guys.
Nick: [Softly] Yeah.
Rosalee: Nick, I'm gonna call Juliette. We're not giving up.
Nick: Thanks, Rosalee. [He and Hank leave]
Monroe: [To Rosalee, quietly] Oh, my God. [He leaves]
Rosalee: She's a freaking Hexenbiest?

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Monroe meet Wu at the scene of Jalmer's body.

Wu: Hey, female driver picked up a hitchhiker. He looked sick, like he needed help. She was taking him to the hospital when he attacked her. Hi, Monroe.
Monroe: Sergeant.
Nick: Monroe knows a thing or two about the Varme Tyv.
Wu: Varme Tyv, is that what we're dealing with here?
Hank: We think.
Monroe: From what I know about Varme Tyv, they need body heat. This is what happens when they don't get it.
Hank: They're really cold-blooded.
Nick: North Dakota license.
Hank: Just like Knute Gunderson.
Nick: This is Jalmer Gunderson.
Hank: I'm guessing brothers.
Wu: Unless they're married.
Nick: Whatever their relationship, Jalmer must have gotten out of Knute's car after it broke down and started hitchhiking.
Hank: Well, this makes two. There's still a third out there.
Nick: If they need body heat so bad, why would they split up?
Monroe: I guess three of them couldn't generate enough heat outside, and one victim wouldn't sustain all three, so—
Hank: Plus, no one's gonna pick up three guys hitchhiking together.
Wu: So it's every Varme Tyv for himself.
Nick: All right Wu, check out the police department in Dickinson, North Dakota, see if any other Gundersons are licensed there.
Wu: Yeah. [He walks away]
Hank: We need to run Gunderson here in Portland. If they're headed for a hibernaculum, there might be a relative here.
Monroe: That makes sense. It's Portland.

Scene: Sven Gunderson gets into a taxi, shivering.

Cabbie: Jeez, buddy, I didn't think it was that cold out. Where you want to go?
Sven: H-home.
Cabbie: I'm gonna need an address. You sure you're okay?
[Sven woges into a Varme Tyv and attacks the cab driver]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Monroe go to the precinct to search for Gundersons in the Portland area.

Nick: Seven Gundersons in the Portland area, from Beaverton to Troutdale.
Monroe: Any one of them could be the hibernaculum.
Hank: Then we'll have to check them all.
Wu: [Walking up] You're not gonna believe this. We got another frozen body.

Scene: Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Wu go to the scene of the cab driver's body.

Wu: [To an officer lifting the police tape] Thank you. [Looking at the body] Do you think this is the third Varme Tyv?
Nick: Let's look.
Monroe: Nope, but he sure looks like he got his heat stolen by one.
[Wu's phone rings so he steps aside to answer]
Nick: Mitchell Gareth. I have a business card with his name on it. He was a cab driver at Bridgetown Cab.
Hank: Both of the others tried to steal cars.
Monroe: So you think that this other guy stole a cab?
Hank: One way to find out. [He makes a call] Bridgetown Cab, this is Detective Griffin with the Portland PD. I'm calling about one of your drivers, Mitchell Gareth. Can you tell me his last pickup? Last pickup was here. Thank you. [He hangs up]
Wu: [Walking up] Just got a call from Dickinson PD. They have three Gundersons licensed in North Dakota. The last known residence was a housing compound for shale oil workers. Knute, Jalmer, and Sven... all brothers. Sven's the only one with a record, all misdemeanor stuff. [He pulls out a tablet] Charged for a couple drunk and disorderlies, spent a couple nights in jail. Booking sheet says he's got snake tattoos up and down his forearms.
Monroe: Snakes, that's original.
Hank: They all headed west after their cars broke down. Which of the Gundersons lives out west?
Wu: Well, of the seven addresses we have, only one is west of here, a farm belonging to Sundvik Gunderson on Lost Mill Road.
Nick: Then that's where we start.

Scene: Adalind talks with Kenneth about seeing Juliette and the gargoyle nearly falling on her.

Adalind: That was not an accident.
Kenneth: What makes you think that?
Adalind: Because I saw her. I saw Juliette across the street. She made it fall.
Kenneth: You're sure?
Adalind: Sure enough. You need to kill her before she kills me.
Kenneth: Don't be stupid. She helped Kelly Burkhardt take your child. She might know how to get in touch with Nick's mother, and now that she's a Hexenbiest, there's no telling how this has affected her relationship with the Grimm. I can't imagine it's good, which is probably why she's coming after you. She blames you for what happened. This could well turn out to our advantage.
Adalind: What, her killing me?
Kenneth: Calm down. No one's going to kill you... unless you keep shouting.
[Adalind scoffs and walks away]

Scene: Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Wu arrive at the Gunderson residence.

Wu: [Whispering] A lot of cars.
Monroe: Maybe they're having a party.
Wu: Well, that could be awkward.
Nick: Pretty dark for a party, don't you think?
Hank: I don't see the stolen cab.
Monroe: Well, if it's a party, maybe he wasn't invited.
Nick: We still need to check. If he's in there, we're bringing him out.
Monroe: Right, but if this is the hibernaculum, we got to be careful. There could be, like, four or five of them in there.
Hank: We could handle that. Only one of them's guilty of murder.
Wu: Hey, this way. [He, Nick, Hank, and Monroe look through a window] Okay, sure doesn't look like anybody's home.
Monroe: I don't smell anything.
Hank: Do you think we should knock?
Nick: Do you?
Hank: He's still a murder suspect.
Nick: I think the answer's no. [He and the others go up to the front door, break the window, and open the door]
Monroe: Whoa, you feel that?
Hank: It's like walking into a freezer.
Monroe: Yeah, I've heard of winterizing a place, but this is ridiculous.
Nick: It's colder in here than it is outside. I thought they were supposed to be looking for warmth.
Wu: Okay, if this is the hibernaculum, where is everybody?
Monroe: Look, I've only heard stories about hibernacula. I've never been inside one, okay, so don't ask me.
Wu: Wait, wait, wait. Do you feel that?
Monroe: Yeah, it's getting warmer.
Hank: And warmer. Wait, I think the heat's coming from the floor.
Monroe: Over here. It's really warm over here.
Nick: [He tries to lift a rug] It's stuck. [He pulls harder] I got a trapdoor.
Monroe: Easy, easy. Wow. That is really hot down there.
Nick: [He starts to go down] Wait a minute, if this is the hibernaculum, what are they doing down there?
Monroe: Hibernaculating?
Nick: [He exhales] It's like a sauna down here.
Wu: [Looking at a pile of people sleeping on top of each other] What the hell is that?
Hank: There's a lot more than four or five down here.
Monroe: I think we found the hibernaculum.
Nick: [Looking at the sleeping pile] Are you kidding? [To Monroe] They're in a deep sleep, right?
Monroe: Pretty deep, as far as I know.
Nick: We've got to find Sven and get out of here.
Monroe: You know how you're never supposed to wake a sleeping bear? [Whispering] A pile of sleeping Varme Tyv could be way worse.
Hank: Then we better be careful who we wake up.
Wu: [Whispering] Hey, I think this is Sven. He's got the tattoos.
Hank: Yeah, but he's got two-make that three-people on top of him.
Nick: We're just gotta be careful. Move slow.
Hank: All right, you get her. And you get him.
Wu: Let me get her.
Hank: I'll move his arm.
Monroe: Um, guys. Careful.
[One of Sven's arms is dropped on another Varme Tyv and the pile begins waking up]
Man: Huh? Huh?
Sven: Hey. Hey.
Nick: Okay, get back.
Sven: Hey.
Hank: Uh, okay, now what?
Nick: I don't know. There are too many of them.
Sven: [He woges his eyes] There's people down here.
Nick: All right, everybody just stay calm. We're the police. We're only here for Sven.
Man: Get them.
Nick: Go, go. Up the stairs, go.
Man: No one can know we're here.
Monroe: Come on, come on, come on. [He closes the trapdoor] We've got to rethink this.
Hank: We're not gonna be able to keep them down there.
Nick: We have to get back to the cars.
Wu: Are we just gonna let them loose?
Nick: I don't think we have a choice now.
Monroe: Three, two, one, go! [He and the others start running]
Man: They went outside.
Woman: Don't let them get away.
Monroe: We'll never make it to the cars.
Hank: To the barn.
Man: Over here!
Woman: It's cold out here.
Man: Don't let them-get them, get them! Stop them!
Woman: Faster!
Man: Oh, my God.
Man: Don't let them get away.
Woman: Got to catch them.
Monroe: [Running into the barn] There's the stolen cab.
Nick: [Trying to close the door] Help!
Wu: I'm calling for backup.
Nick: They'll never get here in time.
Hank: There's a hell of a lot of them coming this way. Get the shovel! [Monroe tosses him the shovel and he locks the door]
Nick: Everybody, get ready.
[Sven and another Varme Tyv start breaking in through the back of the barn]
Nick: Get the door.
[Wu and Monroe hold the door while Nick and Hank go to confront Sven and the other man]
Nick: They're in.
[Sven and the other man woge and attack. Nick and Hank have little trouble fighting. The other Varme Tyv force their way into the barn and Monroe woges, but they start shivering as soon as they get in and fall to their knees]
Sven: [He retracts] So cold. So cold.
Wu: Nick, Hank, get over here. What's happening?
[Monroe retracts]
Nick: They're freezing.
Wu: How do we explain this one?
Hank: I don't think we can.
Monroe: So what do we do?
Nick: We've got to put them back.
Monroe: All of them?
Nick: They're innocent. We can't just let them die.
Monroe: Okay. [He and the others take the Varme Tyv back to where they were sleeping]
Wu: [Whispering] Think they'll survive?
Hank: I hope.
Nick: [Whispering] Let's get it closed back up.
Monroe: [Closing the door, whispering] Quietly, quietly.
Nick: We were never here.
Wu: Ah, probably better that way.
Monroe: Hey, wait a minute. What happened to Sven?
Hank: Frozen solid in the barn.
Nick: Yeah, he was never here either. Otherwise they're gonna find everyone else.
Hank: So what are we gonna do with him?

Scene: A woman finds Sven's frozen body sitting in the taxi.

Woman: Taxi! Excuse me, are you on duty? [She realizes Sven is dead and screams as she runs away]

Scene: Nick arrives home.

[Flashback of Aunt Marie telling Nick he has to end his relationship with Juliette because the misfortune of their family is passing on to him in "Pilot." Nick picks up the photo he set face down of him and Juliette. He sits down and looks at it]


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