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Opening Quote: "Stronger than lover's love is lover's hate. Incurable, in each, the wounds they make." – Euripides

Scene: Hank pushes Monroe out of the way just before Juliette makes Nick's gun go off.

Rosalee: What are you doing?
Nick: I can't stop it.
Monroe: [To Rosalee] Go. Go.
Rosalee: [She runs over by Hank] Nick!
Nick: I can't stop it.
Rosalee: Let go of the gun!
[Hank pushes Monroe out of the way as Nick's gun goes off]
Juliette: [She retracts] Whoo! That was close. So if you really did test your little concoction on Miss Adalind and she's useless, then I suppose you did me a great big favor. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting. [She leaves]
Rosalee: [She hugs Monroe] Oh, my God.
Monroe: Whoever that was, I am done trying to help it.
Rosalee: Me too. She could have killed Monroe.
Hank: I'm out too.
Rosalee: That bitch!
Nick: Juliette's out of control. We need to warn the Captain. [He calls Renard]
Jack: [Answering the phone] Hello?
Nick: Who is this?
Jack: Well, you called me. Who is this?
Nick: I'm looking for Sean Renard.
Jack: You don't have 'im. But this is his phone.
Nick: Where is he?
Jack: We're home. But I'm afraid he can't come to the phone right now. He's... resting. We had a bit of a rough night. This last one was a real fighter. We're quite fatigued, so if it's not a bother, call back at a more convenient time. Cheers. [He hangs up]
Hank: Who the hell was that?
Nick: I think we just heard from Jack the Ripper.
Monroe: Wait a minute. He's with Renard?
Nick: Yeah.
Hank: I'll have Wu meet us. [He and Nick leave]

Scene: Nick and Hank arrive at Renard's house, where Wu is waiting for them.

Nick: When did you get here?
Wu: Just now.
Hank: You see anything?
Wu: Nothing. Where do you want me?
Hank: Take the back.
[Nick checks the front door and finds that it is unlocked. He and Hank enter, and they look around as Wu comes in through an open door in the back. Nick and Hank make their way upstairs to Renard's room]
Renard: Hey! Whoa!
Nick: Stay there.
Renard: What the hell is—
Nick: Shh. [He and Hank check the room and find that no one else is there]
Hank: What the hell?
Nick: I don't know.
Hank: You called the Captain's cell.
Nick: That guy said he was here. You heard him. [He and Hank go back to Renard]
Hank: Where's your cell phone?
Renard: Why?
Nick: I called your cell. Somebody answered. It wasn't you.
Renard: What are you talking about?
Hank: Where is your cell phone? It's not here.
Renard: I don't know. Maybe in the living room. Somebody want to tell me what's going on?
Nick: [He calls Renard's phone, and they all follow the ringing downstairs] Check the calls.
Hank: Last call was received at 10:08. Your number.
Renard: Well, I didn't talk to you, Nick. I must have missed the call.
Nick: Where were you 15 minutes ago?
Renard: I was sleeping.
Hank: You leave that door open?
Renard: No.
Wu: It was open, sir.
Nick: I talked to somebody on your phone. They said you were at home and you were resting.
Renard: Are you saying the killer was in my house?
Hank: That's what he said, and he was talking on your phone.
Nick: Where were you tonight before you came home?
Renard: I was at Henrietta's. What does that have to do with anything?
Hank: You might want to get dressed, Captain.

Scene: They all go to Henrietta's house, where they find her body.

Renard: Henrietta? Henrietta! Oh, God, no. God, no. God. No. No, no, no.
Wu: [Calling in Henrietta's body] We got a body. 1118 Old Stable Drive, off Williams Road.
Operator: [Over the radio] Copy that. 1118 Old Stable Drive.
[Soon, investigators arrive to the house]
Hank: [To Nick] He said, "we."
Nick: Who?
Hank: The guy you talked to on the phone. He said, "We had a rough night. She was a real fighter."
Nick: Yeah, he did.
Hank: Doesn't "we" imply more than one? Let's figure this out. We need to figure out who "we" is.
Renard: [He walks over to Nick and Hank] This guy is targeting me, and I don't know why. He must have seen the press conference, but he was probably waiting outside my house. Followed me here, killed her, then came back after me. It's a good thing you called when you did. You probably scared him off.
Nick: Let's get you home. Let us handle the investigation.
Hank: You're dealing with enough right now.
Renard: Yeah, okay. [He sighs] You just have to find this killer. All right, whatever you need, get it.
[Hank and Renard walk away, and Wu walks over to Nick]
Nick: We're taking the Captain home. We want surveillance on his house-all night.
Wu: Okay, I'll put someone on him.

Scene: Verrat agents kill several of Nick and Juliette's neighbors and then set up inside and around the houses to watch for Kelly and Diana.

Verrat Agent in van: [His voice is heard through a communication system as each house is taken over] Position one secure. Position two secure. Position three secure.
[Juliette and Kenneth pull up in front of Nick and Juliette's house and go in]
Kenneth: Home, sweet home.
Juliette: He took down all our photographs.
Kenneth: Painful memories.
[Flashbacks of Nick and Juliette happy together in "Danse Macabre," "The Waking Dead," and "The Bottle Imp"]
Kenneth: How many ways in and out?
Juliette: Front door, side door, back door. Back door's in the kitchen.
Kenneth: This must be the computer you used to email his mother.
Juliette: Yes.
Kenneth: Weston Steward had his head cut off here. Sean was shot here. Such a happy home. Good place to raise a family. Anything else I should be aware of?
[Flashbacks of Juliette throwing boiling water on Oleg Stark's face in "Game Ogre," Juliette and Adalind fighting in "Trial by Fire," and Juliette killing Jonathon Wilde in "Maréchaussée"]
Juliette: Not really.
Kenneth: And what's upstairs?
Juliette: Two bedrooms, two baths.
Kenneth: Let's have a look.
[They go upstairs]
Juliette: And this was our bedroom.
Kenneth: And this would be where Nick and Adalind made their baby.
Juliette: It would.
Kenneth: Anything else?
Juliette: Yes. If I'm going to be working with the Royal Family, you need to have a very clear understanding... [She pushes Kenneth onto the bed] of just how valuable I can be. [She gets on top of Kenneth and they begin kissing]

Scene: Nick makes sure no one is inside Renard's house.

Nick: It's secure. Why were you at Henrietta's?
Renard: I've been having some problems lately.
Hank: What kind of problems?
Renard: I keep dreaming that I'm getting shot again. It's been happening over and over. The scars on my chest, they-they start to bleed almost as though I did just get shot.
Nick: Have you seen a doctor?
Renard: Yeah, they can't find anything wrong with me. I've been waking up in places, and I don't know how I got there.
Hank: So you're blacking out.
Renard: I don't know. That's why I went to see Henrietta. I was hoping she could tell me what was wrong.
Hank: What'd she tell you?
Renard: Nothing! It was a waste, so I left. Look, I don't know. Maybe this killer is trying to make me think I'm going crazy. What if he's gonna pin this murder on me? Or what if what if he's drugging me?
Hank: Look, Captain, the best thing you can do right now is get some sleep. We've got an officer outside who'll stay here all night.
Nick: Put your alarm on. Keep your phone with you.
Renard: Okay. Okay.
[Nick and Hank leave]
Hank: If he's blacking out, anything could happen.
Nick: Do we really think this Jack guy is following him, drugging him?
Hank: I don't know. Something doesn't sound right. Is it possible this thing is controlling him somehow?
Nick: What if it's in him? [He and Hank walk up to Franco in his car]
Franco: Hey, fellas. What am I looking for?
Nick: Anybody shows up outside this house, we want to know about it.
Hank: Anyone comes out of the house, we want to know about that too.
Franco: Somebody after the Captain again?
Hank: Maybe. We don't know yet.
[Nick and Hank leave as Renard watches from his window]

Scene: Nick arrives home and notices his bed is a mess.

[Nick pulls out his gun and searches the bathroom. He comes out and looks at the bed again. Flashback of Nick and Juliette finishing having sex to help Nick regain his Grimm powers in "Highway of Tears"]
Nick: Adalind. [He calls Hank]
Hank: Nick, what's up?
Nick: Adalind would know.
Hank: She would know what?
Nick: What's going on with the Captain.
Hank: All right.

Scene: Renard dreams about when he got shot and then wakes up.

Renard: [He goes to the bathroom and looks in the mirror] What the hell is going on? Ah!
[Jack the Ripper takes control of Renard's body]
Jack: You've been a bad boy, Sean. And it's only gonna get worse.
[Renard regains control. His bullet wounds start to bleed, and he collapses onto the floor]

Scene: Bud is asleep in a chair, holding a bat, when Nick calls, startling him.

Bud: [Answering the phone] Hello?
Nick: Bud, it's Nick. We need to talk to Adalind.
Bud: What's wrong? She's asleep. Do you want me to wake her up?
Nick: No. Let me do it.
Bud: Okay. How long will it take you to get here? [There's a knock at the door and he briefly woges before retracting. He then goes to look out the window] There's-there's somebody at the door. What should I do?
Nick: Bud, it's us.
Bud: [He sighs and answers the door] You almost gave me a heart attack. What's wrong? What's happening? Are we in trouble?
Hank: No, Bud, everything's good.
Nick: Where's Adalind?
Bud: Uh, first bedroom on the right, down the hall.
[Nick goes to Adalind's room]
Bud: Oh, man, I'm out of breath.
Hank: Are you getting enough sleep?
Bud: Huh? Sleep? Uh, yeah, yeah, sure. No problem. No, not really. [He sighs] I don't know how you guys do it, living with all this tension all the time.
Hank: For one thing, we don't use bats.
[Nick opens Adalind's door, waking her up]
Adalind: What happened with Juliette? She drank it, didn't she? It worked. I saved her. And now you're here to get rid of me.
Nick: Adalind, I'm not gonna hurt you.
Adalind: Well, why not? If she's better, then—
Nick: It didn't work.
Adalind: What? It had to. It worked on me. I can't do anything anymore.
Nick: She didn't drink it.
Adalind: Well, no wonder it didn't work. You got to get her to drink it.
Nick: She destroyed it.
Adalind: Why? Isn't this what she wanted?
Nick: Not anymore.
Adalind: I don't understand.
Nick: She likes what she is. She likes the power. She's not gonna give it up.
Adalind: Oh. So that's what you wanted to tell me.
Nick: That and there's another problem. There's something wrong with Renard. He keeps dreaming about being shot, and when he wakes up, his scars are bleeding.
Adalind: As if the bullets had just gone into him?
Nick: Yes.
Adalind: Is he having blackouts?
Nick: Yeah, he's waking up in strange places. He can't remember how he got there.
Adalind: Did he die?
Nick: What do you mean?
Adalind: When he was shot, at the hospital, was he ever pronounced dead?
Nick: I don't know. I know they didn't expect him to survive.
Adalind: Was anybody there with him?
Nick: Well, his mother.
Adalind: Then he did die, and she brought him back. That must have been what opened the portal.
Nick: What are you talking about?
Adalind: When he died. Sean was dead just long enough for something to hitch a ride, and when his mother brought him back, Sean brought that something back with him. That's why he's bleeding. It's taking control. Does he know?
Nick: Oh, he knows there's something wrong, but he can't remember anything.
Adalind: That's good, 'cause when he does, it'll be too late.
Hank: [Coming into the room] Too late for what?
Adalind: Whatever he brought back with him will have taken over. Spirit possession. That's how that happens.
Hank: So how do we get it out of him?
Adalind: You can't unless you open the portal again.
Nick: Then how do we do that?
Adalind: You have to kill him.

Scene: Nick and Hank go talk to Monroe and Rosalee at their house to tell them what Adalind said.

Monroe: If we kill him, he's kind of dead, isn't he?
Hank: We were thinking maybe there's a way to do this, like the Dead Faint, the same one we used on Monroe when they hired Angelina to kill him. The only way to prove she had done it was to show them his dead body.
Rosalee: The tetrodotoxin. It slows down bodily functions, but it's very dangerous.
Monroe: I'll say. It almost killed me.
Nick: Well, if we don't figure out a way to get rid of it, we will end up killing him.
Rosalee: Are you sure he's involved in all of this? 'Cause I'd like to be real sure before we do it.
Hank: We haven't been able to tie him to the crime scenes yet. We're going back to recheck surveillance footage, see if there's something that we missed.
Nick: [His phone rings and he answers] Burkhardt. Okay, good. Stay with him. We're on our way. [He hangs up] That was Officer Franco. Captain's on his way in.
Rosalee: We'll start working on it.
[Nick and Hank leave]

Scene: An unknown person goes inside the trailer and looks around.

Scene: Nick and Hank go recheck surveillance footage at the precinct.

Hank: There's nothing in this one. Maybe we missed it.
Nick: Maybe we're wrong.
Hank: Maybe we're just too damn tired. What do we got left?
Nick: [He sighs] Bank footage on Alder. Looking at it now.
Hank: There's more footage from West Burnside. I'll pull it up. All these cars are starting to look the same to me.
Nick: Whoa, wait. I got something. Is that the Captain's? [He zooms in on the vehicle]
Hank: It's him.
Nick: It puts him in the area within one hour of the first killing.
Hank: He's here.
Renard: [He walks up to Nick and Hank] I need to see you both now.
[Nick and Hank start following Renard to his office]
Hank: Hold on. Before we go in there, if he's dealing with what we think he's dealing with, who the hell are we gonna be talking to?
Nick: Or what?
Hank: Okay, that didn't help at all. [He and Nick go into the office]
Renard: There's something very wrong with me. I'm starting to think I'm losing my mind.
Nick: What happened?
Renard: Last night, I thought I was bleeding again. I saw it. I felt it. It was real. Then I remember falling. Then I woke up, and I was in bed, as though nothing happened. And there was a voice. I heard-I heard this voice. I don't know.
Hank: You blacked out again.
Renard: I guess I did.
Nick: Do you remember driving about 11:30 three nights ago?
Renard: What? Why?
Hank: We have some surveillance that puts your car at Northwest Couch and Second about that time.
Renard: No, that that wasn't me. I was at home, asleep.
Nick: Your car was a couple of blocks away from where the first victim's body was found the same night, within an hour of the estimated time of death.
Renard: No, no, no, no, no. No, I would-I would remember something like that.
Hank: During a blackout?
Renard: I would remember something!
Nick: We talked to Adalind. She said that when you died, a portal opened up. And when your mother did whatever she did to bring you back you didn't come alone.
Renard: Are you saying that I'm possessed?
Nick: You're blacking out, waking up in places you don't remember, bleeding from where you were shot.
Hank: You know you went to see Henrietta, but you have no idea when you left.
Renard: Are you suggesting that I killed those women?
Nick: We're suggesting you may no longer be in control of what you're doing.
Renard: And if that's true, what should I do, lock myself up?
Hank: Monroe and Rosalee are working on something. But until we figure it out, it may be a good idea for you to stay at home.
Nick: Under surveillance.
Renard: No, no, no, no, no, I want to know what the hell is happening to me!
Hank: [He takes his gun out and holds it by his hip] You need to give us your gun, Captain.
Renard: [He thinks about it] All right. Okay. But you have to know, whatever happened, it wasn't me. [He hands his gun to Nick]
[Hank puts his gun away]
Renard: I want someone watching me who understands.
[Nick and Hank go talk to Wu]
Wu: You think there's some kind of Jack the Ripper spirit inside him?
Nick: Pretty sure.
Hank: Except we can't arrest him without having to explain it.
Wu: Yeah, don't do that.
Nick: So basically he's under house arrest.
Hank: Unofficially.
Wu: And he's okay with that.
Hank: For now.
Wu: What about this other guy inside him? Is he okay with that?
Nick: Just don't let either of them go anywhere. If anything happens, call us.
Hank: We'll relieve you in a couple of hours. [He and Nick walk away]
Jack: [While in control of Renard, he watches Nick and Hank leave and looks at Wu from Renard's office window] Well, this should be a jolly good romp.

Scene: Kenneth, Rispoli, and a Verrat agent watch from the house across the street as Juliette is dropped off at home.

Rispoli: To be honest, sir, I didn't really think she'd go this far.
Kenneth: I'm not certain there's a limit to what she'll do.

Scene: Wu drops Renard off at his house.

Renard: [He sighs] Sorry to put you through this.
Wu: Oh, don't worry about it, Captain.
[Renard gets out of the car and goes inside, and Wu calls Nick, who is at the spice shop]
Wu: Nick, Captain's inside his house.
Nick: Thanks, Wu. Soon as we're done here, we're coming over. [He hangs up] Captain's in. So far, so good.
Rosalee: Okay. The Dead Faint is done. I think it'll work, but Sean can't know what he's taking. We have to assume whatever Sean knows, Jack knows.
Monroe: Right, I mean, the dilemma here is, if that thing inside him knows he's not really dying, then he's probably not gonna cross back over.
Nick: I think they both have to believe they're dying. What if the Captain thought he was taking something that would help him remember what he was doing during the blackouts, some kind of memory reboot?
Rosalee: There's something called Gedächtnishilfe, which sort of does that.
Hank: Well, so we tell him that's what we're giving him.
Rosalee: It's pretty tame stuff. It wouldn't kill him, and he might know that. I think we have to do something that makes it look like he's really dying. We have to convince Jack that this is the end and it's time to move out.
Monroe: Hit the road, Jack.
Rosalee: Falling asleep might not be enough to do that.
Monroe: We're gonna have to put on a show.
Nick: We may just have to shoot him.

Scene: Wu watches Renard's house as Renard tries to remember what happened during his blackouts.

Renard: No, it's not right. I would have remembered something! The place-if it was cold, if it was raining. [He breathes heavily] Their screams-you never forget something like that. [His bullet wounds start to bleed] Oh, God, no. Oh, no. No, no, no. No! [He rips his shirt open and goes to the bathroom. He looks in the mirror, rubbing the blood all over his chest, trying to stop the bleeding] Stop, stop. Stop! Stop! [Jack suddenly takes control and writes a message in Renard's blood on the bathroom mirror. Renard regains control and sees the message]
[The scene shifts to Wu in his car as he yawns, and Renard comes running out of his house]
Renard: He's inside! He's inside!
Wu: Inside where?
Jack: [Taking control of Renard] Inside 'ere. [After pointing to himself, he smacks Wu in the face, knocking him to the ground] Now... [He grabs Wu's shirt] what say you and I have a bloody good time? [He punches Wu]

Scene: The person from the trailer walks up to Nick and Juliette's house as Kenneth, Rispoli, and a Verrat agent watch.

Verrat Agent: Got something.
Kenneth: Is that Kelly Burkhardt?
Rispoli: I can't tell.
[The Verrat agent walks away, and the scene shifts inside Nick and Juliette's house as Juliette finds all the pictures of her and Nick together in a dresser drawer. Flashback of Juliette meeting Kelly for the first time in "Synchronicity." Juliette's phone buzzes and she answers]
Juliette: What?
Kenneth: Someone's on the front porch.
Juliette: Is it her?
Kenneth: Don't know yet. There's no child.
Rispoli: Want us to make a move?
Kenneth: We have to be sure.
[The person leaves the porch]
Rispoli: It's not her.
Juliette: Who is it?
Rispoli: Just some kid.
[The Verrat Agent follows the person down the street]

Scene: Jack drives Wu's patrol car with Wu in the backseat.

Jack: You're probably asking yourself, "How on earth did this bloke learn to drive?"
Wu: Oh, Captain, you got to stop this.
Jack: Oh, he'd love to stop it. But I've other plans for him.
Wu: Please. Please listen to me.
Jack: God, it's good to be alive.
Wu: Please listen to me. Listen to me.
Jack: Best hold on, mate. [He makes a sharp turn and laughs]

Scene: Nick and Hank arrive at Renard's house.

Hank: Where the hell is Wu? [He looks down] I got Wu's gun. I don't think it's been fired.
Nick: [On the phone] I need to track patrol car 421.

Scene: Jack continues to drive Wu's patrol car.

Jack: [Singing] As I set out from Londontown upon a foggy day, I came across a fair young maid and stole her heart away. But not the way you think it done, I did not use me charm. Instead I used a blade so sharp... [He stops singing as Wu's phone vibrates] Bloody 'ell. [He throws the phone out the window and begins singing again] She could not raise alarm. [He stops singing] All together now! [He starts singing] As I set out from Londontown.

Scene: Nick and Hank search Renard's house.

Nick: Where the hell are they?
Hank: [Looking at the message on the mirror: "Welcome back Jack"] Nick.
Nick: Let's go.

Scene: Jack stops the car as he spots his next target.

Jack: I hope you don't fancy the blonde, because I do. I tell you what, I'll bring a piece of her back for you.
Wu: No, no, please, Captain, don't. This is not you. There's something inside you—
Jack: Hey! Come on. We're here to have fun. Don't ruin it. I'd hate to have to cut out your tongue, 'cause I wouldn't do it through your mouth. I might get bit, after all. Now watch and learn. [He gets out of the car and walks towards the girl]
Wu: No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Jack: Nice night.
Judith: For a lot of things.

Scene: Hank gets a call about Wu's patrol car.

Hank: Griffin. We'll take it. [He hangs up] They got Wu's car.

Scene: Jack walks away with the girl.

Wu: No. No. No! No! Oh, God. [He tries to kick out the window]

Scene: The Verrat Agent continues to follow the person down the street.

[The Agent soon loses track of the person and woges into a Hundjäger. He is then quickly decapitated by Trubel from behind. She kicks his head away and checks his hand to confirm he's Verrat]

Scene: Wu continues to try to kick out the car window.

Wu: No! No! Come on.
[Nearby, Jack and the girl walk down the street]
Jack: This is far enough.
Judith: You want to play right here?
Jack: I do.
Judith: We need to talk about price.
Jack: Oh, now, I'm sure you're worth every penny. Aren't you a pretty one?

Scene: Nick and Hank pull up to Wu's car.

Hank: Wu!
Nick: Where's the Captain?
Wu: He's got another woman! [Nick lets him out of the car] He's got another woman. He's down the street. This guy is crazy. He's not the Captain. You're right, he's possessed. He's gonna kill her.
[They start running in the direction Jack and the girl went, but they quickly stop when they don't see anyone. Nick uses his enhanced hearing and hears Jack in the distance]
Jack: [In the distance] I love your hair. It smells so good.
[Nick, Hank, and Wu start running again]
Judith: Kissing's extra, honey.
Jack: No, darling. There won't be any kissing. [He pulls out his scalpel and is about to slit her throat, but Nick grabs his arm, forcing him to drop the scalpel, and Nick and Hank get Jack onto the ground]
Judith: What's going on? I wasn't doing anything.
Nick: Get out of here!
[Hank handcuffs Jack]
Renard: [Regaining control] What's going on? What are you doing? Ah! Nick? How'd I get here? What happened?

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu bring Renard to the spice shop.

Nick: You got it? We're ready.
Renard: What are you giving me?
Nick: You said you can't remember what happened.
Rosalee: This is gonna help you remember what happened.
Monroe: I took it once. I just went to sleep, woke up feeling fine, remembered everything.
Renard: [He sighs] What if I remember killing those women?
Hank: We know it wasn't you.
Nick: But we have to know what we're dealing with.
Renard: Okay.
Wu: [He takes out his gun] This is just in case, sir.
[Nick takes the handcuffs off Renard, and Monroe hands the Dead Faint to Renard]
Renard: Maybe it's best I do remember. [He drinks the potion] So what now?
Rosalee: We wait. You might want to lie down.
[Renard lies down]

Scene: Kelly and Diana pull up in front of Nick and Juliette's house.

Juliette: [She sits on the bed and the phone rings, so she answers] Kelly?
Kelly: Juliette. Is everything okay?
Juliette: Thank God you're here. Um, Nick's not home, but I am, and the front door's unlocked. [She hangs up]
[Kelly and Diana walk up to the house]
Verrat Agent in van: It's her, Kelly Burkhardt. She's got the kid.
[Kelly and Diana enter the house]
Kelly: Juliette?
[Kelly is attacked by Kenneth and some Verrat agents as Juliette listens to the fighting from her room]
Kenneth: Let's take this outside.
[Juliette slowly walks downstairs, where she finds Diana sitting in the middle of the floor]
Juliette: Thank God. Diana. [She picks Diana up] Hey.
Kenneth: [He comes back inside with blood on his face] We got her. [Looking at Diana] And we've got her.

Scene: The gang waits for Renard to fall asleep.

Renard: I'm getting sleepy. Is that supposed to happen? Uh, I'm not remembering anything.
Rosalee: If you feel like you're going to fall asleep, that's fine. Just means it's working.
Renard: Yeah, I'm just so tired. [He closes his eyes and gets quiet]
Monroe: [Whispering] It's working.
Rosalee: Yeah. Let me check his pulse. His pulse is slowing down. We'll only have a few seconds. Getting slower. Slower. Almost.
Jack: [He takes control of Renard, wakes up, and grabs Rosalee's throat] One step closer, and I'll snap her pretty neck. Trying to kill me. Is that it?
Monroe: Nick, shoot him!
Nick: It's still the Captain.
Monroe: Shoot him!
Hank: We've got to do it, Nick! We've got to take him down!
Wu: We don't have a choice, Nick.
Jack: You shoot me, we both die. Don't want that, now, do we?
Monroe: You got to kill him, Nick, now!
Nick: He's the Captain.
Monroe: He's strangling her!
Jack: Tell me what you gave to him!
[Rosalee woges and bites Jack's hand, allowing her to get away. Nick, Hank, and Wu then shoot him many times each, and Jack falls to the ground]
Monroe: [To Rosalee] Oh, my God. Are you okay?
Hank: I hope Jack bought it.
Wu: He may not be dead, but he's not gonna be feeling so good after that many rubber bullets.
Nick: How much longer do we have to wait?
Rosalee: Not very.
Monroe: Will you just make sure he's dead?
Nick: I'm not getting a pulse.
[Dark gray smoke comes out of Renard's mouth and disappears]
Wu: Whoa. Was that it?
Monroe: No, wait.
Hank: What if Jack's not gone?
Rosalee: Then shoot him for real. [Monroe hands her a syringe] I hope this hurts. [She injects the syringe into Renard's neck]
[Hank and Wu take out their guns]
Monroe: He's not coming back.
Hank: He might need CPR.
[Renard suddenly gasps and coughs as he wakes up]
Nick: Captain?
Renard: [Weakly] Yeah?
Monroe: It's really you?
Renard: What happened? I feel like I got hit by a truck.
[Nick, Hank, Wu, and Monroe help Renard up]
Rosalee: What do you remember?
Renard: [Holding his chest] Oh, God. I remember-I remember coming here, and you gave me something.
Rosalee: Yeah, to help you remember.
Renard: I-I don't think it worked. [He suddenly gets a sharp pain in his chest] Oh! Oh! Oh, my God, no, I can't be bleeding again. [He rips his shirt open as his bullet wounds fully heal] What'd you do to me?
Renard: I think we cured you.
Nick: Jack's gone.
[There's rapid knocking at the door]
Monroe: What now? [He opens the door] Hey. I can't believe you got here.
[Trubel comes into the shop]
Nick: Trubel?
Trubel: Nick, there's a lot of people at your house. Something big's going on there. I just killed a Hundjäger. We got to go. Now.
[Nick, Hank, and Trubel leave]

Scene: Juliette, Kenneth, and Diana are in a car after leaving Nick and Juliette's house.

Kenneth: All in all, I'd say this has been a rather good night.
Diana: [To Juliette] Where's my mommy?
[Kenneth and Juliette briefly look at each other]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Trubel arrive to the house.

[The three of them search the house, and Trubel finds a box in the living room]
Trubel: Nick.
Hank: Clear upstairs.
Trubel: Nick.
[Nick and Hank see the box]
Nick: [He holsters his gun, slowly walks over to the box, looks at it for a few moments, and opens it, finding his mom's head] No.
[Hank and Trubel look inside the box]
Nick: No. [He gasps and slowly slides to the ground against a cabinet, trembling. He then starts screaming] No! No! No!


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