This page lists characters, including Wesen, who appear only in "Headache"


Actor Barbara Deering 421-Woman
Gender Female
Type Human
Status Deceased
Comments As the Verrat secured neighboring homes around Nick and Juliette's home, two Hundjägers entered her home after her husband opened the door. One killed him and the other killed her.


Actor Kate Holdaway 421-Judith
Gender Female
Type Unknown
Status Living
Comments Her full name was Judith Nichols. She was working as a prostitute when Jack the Ripper, possessing Sean Renard's body, approached her. He led her to a deserted area by a street, where she told him they needed to discuss the price. He responded that she was worth every penny and started kissing her, but she told him that kissing was extra. He then said that there would be no kissing and was about to slit her throat with a knife when Nick grabbed his arm, and Nick and Hank took him to the ground. Nick then told her to get out of there, and she ran off.

Man in Black 3

Actor Todd E. Williams 421-Man in Black 3
421-Man in Black 3 woged
Gender Male
Type Hundjäger
Status Deceased
Comments He was with Kenneth and Rispoli watching Nick and Juliette's home when Trubel approached the home, looked inside through the windows, and then left. Rispoli nodded at him, signaling for him to go follow her. As he was following her, she turned a corner, and he continued to track her with his sense of smell. He was led into an alleyway where he checked underneath a car and didn't find anything. Seeming to have some difficulty in tracking her at that point, he woged but was immediately decapitated by Trubel's machete. Trubel then checked the palm of his hand and found the tattooed symbol of the Verrat.
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