Hayden Walker

Hayden Walker


Actor: John Pyper-Ferguson
Gender: Male
Type: Coyotl
Relationships: Dead Lisa Kampfer, sister
Jarold Kampfer, brother-in-law
Carly Kampfer, niece
Handcuff Kyle Walker, son
Handcuff Todd Walker, son
Status: Living
Job: Former mechanic
TV Show: "Bad Moon Rising"

Hayden Walker is a Coyotl who appeared in "Bad Moon Rising".


"Bad Moon Rising"Edit

He wanted to exact justice from Jarold Kampfer for disgracing his family name. This may have had something to do with his recently deceased sister, as Coyotl have a strong pack mentality.

His family was later confronted by Jarold with Hank and Nick in tow. During the skirmish, the detectives retrieved Carly from the well where she was being kept, but her father got captured by Hayden's sons.

Planning to kill the detectives, Hayden pretended to want to negotiate, entering the barn with them, thinking he had the advantage as they didn't know what he was, but he was unaware Nick was a Grimm. Nick had managed to explain things to Hank, enough to allow Hank to function. When Hayden woged and attacked them, Hank was ready and managed to knock him down with a single punch to the face. Realizing he was facing a Grimm as well, he gave up. He and his family were then arrested. ("Bad Moon Rising")



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