Hasenfussige Schnecke
506-Hasenfussige Schnecke woge
Other languages: Farsi: هاسن فوسیگ اشنکه
Notables: Dead Xavier Arivaca

A Hasenfussige Schnecke (HAH-sen-foo-sikh-uh SHNEH-kuh; Ger. Hasenfüßig "cowardly" + Schnecke "slug") is a blobfish-like Wesen that first appeared in "Wesen Nacht".


A Hasenfussige Schnecke's woged form is notorious among Wesen for its hideous appearance and is quite extreme. Hasenfussige Schnecke are also well-aware of their grotesque appearance when woged. Their skins gains a watery, mucous quality, and some of the underlying vasculature is visible. Their eyes turn entirely black and become sunken in and fish-like, while their mouth widens and gains the characteristic frowning appearance of the blobfish. Their teeth sharpen and become somewhat unaligned and crooked, and their nose enlarges, loses its nostrils, and gains a fleshy, droopy appearance, accentuated by how it slightly overlaps the upper lip. They also lose the hair of their human form, and their ears become barely visible, with mostly just the helix of the ear remaining.

They are physically weak creatures. Additionally, soft tissue injuries like a bruise in their human form disappear when they woge. In moments of extreme distress or conflict, they have a hard time keeping themselves from woging.


Despite their inherently friendly nature and innocuous disposition, Hasenfussige Schnecken are cowardly and easily intimidated and coercible, especially when it comes to saving their own lives and even if it involves betraying their friends. When they do not perceive any threat to their own lives, however, and see that someone else's life is in danger, they will try to do something to help save that individual, even if they don't know that person. They are fairly emotional in nature and are not very good liars due to the clues they give off with their body language. If pushed far enough, they will confess to any secrets they are keeping. Like most Wesen, they are afraid of Grimms; they are also generally very fearful of anything that they believe poses a threat to them.

According to Monroe, they consider flies to be a delicacy.

Season 5 Blu-ray Grimm Guide ProfileEdit

Universally regarded as one of the most unpleasant looking Wesen species, this slug-like creature isn't a threat to anything beyond the occasional fly.


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