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Harrison Berman

517-Harrison Berman

517-Harrison Berman woged

Actor: Shelly Lipkin
Gender: Male
Type: Lausenschlange
Relationships: Adalind Schade, employee
Dead Serena Dunbrook, former employee
Dead Camilla Gotleib, former employee
Lane, employee
Status: Living
Job: Lawyer

Harrison Berman is a Lausenschlange who first appeared in "Beeware".


Season 1Edit


Harrison Berman was a partner in the law firm that employed Serena Dunbrook, Camilla Gotleib, and Adalind Schade. After Dunbrook had been murdered, Berman authorized police access to company records to assist in the investigation.

Season 5Edit


He met with Adalind at his office and welcomed her back to the law firm, allowing her to bring Kelly as well. He woged and commented that he was glad to have a Hexenbiest back in the firm, before not-so-cryptically asking about Adalind's current status as a Hexenbiest. Adalind confirmed she was still a Hexenbiest when she woged.

"The Taming of the Wu"Edit

He introduced Adalind to Conrad Bonaparte, telling her he was a very important client and that he wished to speak with her in private for a moment.


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