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Hannah R. Loyd
Hannah R. Loyd
Character: Diana Schade-Renard
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Hannah R. Loyd is an American actress and dancer. She is best known for her recurring role on Grimm portraying Diana Schade-Renard.

Hannah is the youngest of four children and has three older brothers, and she and her family reside in the area of Vancouver, Washington. She has a true passion for the performing arts that led to her interest in acting. She first started getting involved in gymnastics; in fact, one of her favorite skills to perform is tumbling. Hannah later switched to dance, which she now performs competitively as well. Her many dance forms that she has learned include ballet, jazz, acro, and lyrical. As part of her dance studio, she has been in two productions of The Nutcracker.

When she was just 8 years old, Hannah was asked to be in a local high school musical, Once Upon a Mattress. She truly found her comfort zone on stage and tremendously enjoyed the experience. Simply put, Hannah completely fell in love with musical theater, and she has consistently worked with the high school on musicals ever since. She has performed in Oliver, Hello Dolly, Guys n Dolls, Pajama Game, Shrek the Musical, and Catch Me If You Can. She is currently working on Pippin.

Only adding to the impressiveness of Hannah's early accomplishments is that her dance studio and the high school theater she works with are considered some of the very best in the area, and it is never a given that she will land a role in the musicals she's involved with because she auditions just like all her other peers auditioning to land a part in the theatrical productions. However, what has already set Hannah apart is how hard she works. Indeed, the director of the drama department has observed that she is one of the hardest workers and is like a sponge, incredibly adept at picking up instructions: "You tell her once and she's got it." Her family, too, has observed that she "comes alive on stage and on the camera."

After Hannah began acting in the high school theater, her family helped her get an agent, and she auditioned for about a year before she was chosen for the part of Diana on Grimm. Hannah says she has absolutely loved the experience and would like to do even more, along with continuing to pursue her love of singing and dancing. In the meantime, Hannah keeps up with her schoolwork and is a great student; perfectly demonstrating how diligent she is, when she's working on Grimm, she also has a tutor right on set to help her with her classes in school.

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