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Hank Griffin
608-Hank Griffin.png
Actor: Russell Hornsby
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Relationships: Nick Burkhardt, partner and close friend
Jarold Kampfer, friend
Carly Kampfer, goddaughter
Juliette Silverton, former friend
Eve, friend
Monroe, friend
Rosalee Calvert, friend
Drew Wu, friend
Bud Wurstner, friend
Trubel, friend
Adalind Schade, former sexual relationship
Pogue, temporary partner
Zuri Ellis, former sexual relationship
Nadine, ex-wife
Unnamed second ex-wife
Andre, uncle
Greg Neilson, former partner
Status: Living
Job: Police Detective
Languages known: English
Comics: X
Books: X
Comic Hank.png

Hank Griffin is a homicide detective with the Portland, Oregon police force. He is Nick Burkhardt's partner and close friend. Like Nick, Hank is laid back and fair. He is a skilled detective, and, although initially unaware that Nick had a secret, he knew that Nick's ability to "see something" in people was uncanny, bordering on impossibly accurate. Nearly driven to the brink of insanity, he finally learned Nick's status as a Grimm and about Wesen, and, in the process, got further involved into the supernatural world. ("Bad Moon Rising") ("Quill") Learning about Wesen proved especially valuable to Nick, as Hank not only helped him find information on various Wesen in the Grimm Diaries, more significantly, he helped save his life on more than one occasion. ("Over My Dead Body") ("Cold Blooded") ("Hibernaculum") After solving many Wesen-related cases with Nick, and later Wu, Hank came to suspect that most crimes they investigated involve some type of Wesen. Hank was married three times, with the second marriage being to an anthropologist. ("Bears Will Be Bears") Hank has a weak stomach for gory human carcasses and is murophobic. ("Danse Macabre")



Season 1


Hank shows up to the murder scene of Sylvie Oster and is revealed to be Nick's partner. He later helps in the search for the missing schoolgirl, suggesting that they search the park as "kids don't always do as their told". He ends up finding her backpack and then assists Nick in following her trail to Monroe's Home.

Nick calls him out into the woods after the kidnapper's house was discovered in the woods. Once there he helped in taking down the Postman and saving the schoolgirl's life.

"Bears Will Be Bears"

After waiting in the hospital for Nick to get over the effects of the neurotoxin PhTx3, the two travel to the Rabe Home where Gilda Darner claimed to have seen her boyfriend dragged back through a window will trying to escape. Upon arriving, they listen to the complaints of Frank and Diane Rabe, who say that their house had been broken into. As he examines the premises, Hank is amazed by all the cultural artifacts in the mansion.

Later, when Hank and Nick return to the Rabe's they almost run into three juveniles who were riding on motorcycles. One of these turned out to be Barry Rabe, the son of Frank and Diane. After talking to the family again, they are both told to "contact him at his law firm if they want to talk more".

Hank returns for a third time and begins searching the woods for the now-missing Gilda and her boyfriend while Nick is talking alone with Frank.


Hank responds to the street car murder scene with Nick and later reviews the security footage of the incident. He then leaves with Nick to go talk to Harrison Berman and Camilla Gotleib at the law firm where the victim worked. Berman claims to know nothing of the incident, but allows them to look through their firm's files.

Hank and Nick later follow Doug to an abandoned paper mill, where he meets with two others. After discovering they were being watched, they send a horde of bees after the two detectives. These bees give Nick several stings, which are later patched up by Juliette Silverton.

Hank is called in to investigate Melissa Wincroft's mansion and is one of the people who went into the attic, finding her hidden hive. He is then called to a second murder scene, with the victim being Camilla from the law firm.

He then is assigned to protect Adalind Schade, the third lawyer who worked at the firm, along with Nick. When bees start trying to get into hotel room, he helps fight them off and close the windows. He eventually shows up after Nick while Melissa and Adalind fight, which ends with him seeing Nick shoot Melissa.


After being called out to the murder of a young woman Hank and Nick follow the 'trail' to the Bramble Haus bed and breakfast. After talking to the owner Billy Capra, they are taken to the inn's garden where Hank inadvertently squishes a toad.

Back at work he walks past a Reaper and is then informed by Nick that glass shards removed from the victims arms appear to be from regular window glass.

He installs a remote tracking device on Billy's car, then goes to search the Inn's premises when Billy leaves. When he finds broken glass in the lawn, he sees it as probable cause and enters the Inn. After he enters the Inn, he hears noises through the vent and investigates. Entering the basement, he finds several women locked in cages, before passing out from the gas.

He is later rescued by Nick who gets him out of the room and assists in capturing Billy.

"Danse Macabre"

Hank arrives at the scene of the murder of a music teacher and gives authorization to open his car. When this is done a flood of rats comes out (revealing his fear of rats). He is later present at the interrogation of the string quartet (Sarah Jennings, Carter Brimley, Trey Harrison and Marvin) along with Nick, where the group mention a fellow student (Roddy Geigerbeing suspended a few days ago.

Hank and Nick then go to the Geiger home, where they talk to Roddy and his father. His father objected to the questioning and swung at Hank, who promptly arrested him while Nick was chasing Roddy.

He was then shown the autopsy of Lawson, which showed that he had died of a heart attack induced (most probably) by the appearance of rats. A rat had been dissected as well, and had some odd fibers found in its stomach. He later brings a report to Nick showing that the fibers came from an expensive German car and some blankets. He is then interrupted and forced to listen to Sarah's Mom filing a complaint about Roddy.

After work, Hank goes with Wu to drink, later running into Adalind Schade who asks him to dinner.

He also asks Renard for a search warrant after finding the fibers from the rat's stomach match fibers from Carter's car. After Hank and Nick search the car (while being berated by the father), they find a banner with holes and rat poop. They then go to Sarah's house and find out, by reading a text, that she and the three other band members had went to a Retchid Kat rave. After Hank and Nick arrive at the warehouse, the four teens begin to be attacked by rats. Hurrying downstairs, Hank fires his pistol into the air to scare off the rats.

He and Nick decide to let Roddy off the hook, as no one would believe he could control rats and he hadn't made the teens go to the warehouse.

"The Three Bad Wolves"

Hank and Nick question Hap Lasser about his houses explosion. While Hap is distracted by his ruined belongings, he does tell them about his brother dying in a similar incident.

Feeling like that it is not a coincidence that both brothers have a home blow up, Hank goes to Lt. Peter Orson, the arson investigator. He explains to Hank that it appears to just be a coincidence, caused by electrical issues. After Hap is murdered in Monroe's house (where he was staying) his sister is brought in for questioning. Hank then points out the blood on her shirt, causing her to take it off and throw it at him, yelling "Go ahead and test it then".

After some investigating, Hank and Nick see Orson as a serious suspect, as two of his brothers were murdered (supposedly by Angelina). Being an arson investigator, he would also know how to blow up the houses and have it look like an accident.

"Let Your Hair Down"

Hank arrives on the scene of a murder of a dead drug dealer. He notices the fact that the neck was snapped and that the head is at an odd angle. He later debriefs Renard about the case, which becomes more interesting when he finds out it intersects with an older kidnapping case (a girl named Holly Clark) he worked. He then goes to Clark's mother and tells her they have reason to believe her daughter is still alive. After talking with her more, He learns that the family had went on camping trips in the area, borrowing camping supplies from their neighbor.

Hank later receives a call from Nick, telling him that Holly had been found, alive. He is then with her when she is reunited with her mother and when she identifies James Addison as her kidnapper in a line up.

"Game Ogre"

Hank appears on the scene of the gruesome murder of Judge Logan Patterson, who was murdered with his own gavel. When they get a match on the prints from the gavel, to a man named Vince Chilton, Hank goes with the team to investigate and finds him dead and missing a hand. He finds a watch on the victim and remembers that Nick knows a watchmaker and goes with him to ask about it.

Hank and Nick find out that it had last belonged to Mary Robinson, and go to her house to talk to her. They find her dead in her house, with her tongue cut out and placed on a scale.

Back at the station, Hank explains how he knows the killer Oleg Stark. He had been the arresting officer on the case and had to 'lose' a security film that might have let Oleg walk free. He had worked with Judge Patterson who had presided, Mary Robinson who had prosecuted and Vince Chilton who had been the jury foreman.

Hank is then put into protective custody, but when Nick gets hurt he allows himself to be used as bait for drawing out Oleg. After visiting Nick at the hospital however, he decides to take matters into his own hands and leads Oleg to a quarry.

There, Hank confronts Oleg and they fight. Things head south and just when Hank is about to be crushed by a slab of concrete Oleg is felled by a shot. Unbeknownst to Hank, the shooter was Monroe. Hank later states to Nick that he owes the shooter.

"Of Mouse and Man"

Hank and Nick arrive at the scene of a murder, where the victim was left in a dumpster and then dropped into a garbage truck. After investigating the scene, they discover a blood trail leading back to a parking garage. The victim is I.D.ed as Leonard Drake, a tenant who lived in the Apartment Complex adjacent to the parking garage. They find that he lived with a woman named Natalie Haverstraw, whom they interviewed. She told them that she and Leonard had gotten into a fight and that she had left the apartment when Mason Snyder and Martin Burgess intervened on her behalf.

Hank and Nick then go to Martin's junk shop and interview Martin. He says almost exactly the same story as Natalie says. He also says his dad can verify that he returned to their apartment after the argument. They then go to Snyder's law office, were after interviewing he gets a call from a client and yells at said client. Hank and Nick then politely leave.

After investigating a similar murder at a car repair shop, Hank finds out that Martin was one of the man's recent customers. Him and Nick then go and search his apartment, where they find Martin's father dead in his bedroom. They then find Snyder's body at the law firm and realize that Martin is dangerous and at large.

They then hurry to Martin's junk shop, where he was holding Natalie hostage. Hank and Nick end up freeing her and taking Martin into police custody.

"Organ Grinder"

After finding a homeless boy's (Steven Bamford) body, Nick and Hank locate his P.O. box. While this did not give them any leads, there was a girl there wearing a puka shell necklace just like the one Steven had on him when he was found. The sellers of the necklaces (Gracie and Hanson, who were also homeless) knew Steven well and had heard that he had found work at a ranch. Their last encounter with him was at the local free medical clinic. Nick and Hank go to the clinic to follow up on the lead, but Steven's medical records don't provide any clues.

Hank then gets called to an unusual car accident. In the vehicle, they find some of Steven's blood, along with several young organs from other people. This leads Nick and Hank to believe that homeless kids are the target.

Hank in 'Organ Grinder'.

When Nick finds the possible source of the organs, Hank responds along with other policemen. On the premises they find lots of organs drying and apprehend a suspect.

Through the suspect, they find out that he has received a number of calls from the Free Medical Clinic. Hank then goes with the officers and Nick to the Clinic, where they find out the location of the kids.

Nick, Hank, and Captain Renard lead a SWAT team to a woodland facility where the organ removal takes place. He takes out a few of the Geiers in the firefight and helps calm the kids once they are saved.


Hank arrived at the scene of the murder of the late Ryan Showalter, whose body had been completely desiccated. That degree of deterioration doesn't happen overnight; Ryan's girlfriend had talked to him (Ryan) earlier that night. When he and Nick view the security footage from the art gallery that Ryan had visited that night, they notice a black hatted woman whom they immediately mark as a suspect.

Later, Harper examines the dead body and explains her discovery to Nick and Hank. The body was forced to ingest a highly corrosive acid, killing the victim from the inside out. The acid, suspiciously enough, is found in spider venom.

After finding prints on the scene of a second murder, Hank and Nick find out they are linked to several other murders in groups of three, five years apart.

Later, after finding a watch stolen from the second victim in the hands of a young girl, they investigate her family and eventually link her to the murders. Hank also helps Nick in saving the third victim and arresting Lena Marcinko.

"Last Grimm Standing"

Hank arrived at the Weller home where both husband and wife had been killed. After examining the bodies, he goes outside with Nick. Outside they find numerous horse tracks and drag marks. Made even more suspicious by the fact that the couple did not own any horses.

With Dimitri Skontos as their primary suspect, Nick and Hank pay a visit to his probation officer, Leo Taymor. Leo says Dimitri was released on probation last month, and he had missed his last probation appointment. Hank and Nick then went to the gym where they were told Dimitri had worked.

At the gym they find Dimitri's buddy Brian Cooney. After talking to him, Nick and Hank find out about a running trail that Dimitri and Brian used a lot. This trail was near the Weller home, so they decide to check it out.

Later, Hank gets a call from Franco who said that he had found Dimitri's car. Nick and Hank arrive at the lot, but find the car picked over by looters. Hank sees someone enter the warehouse nearby and they both go into pursuit. Though they lose their suspect, they end up finding a fighting ring with Latin writing and an assortment of medieval weapons.

Hank arresting Dimitri.

Hank later arrives just in time to help save Nick and Monroe from an angry crowd at the Löwen Games. After making sure the crowd was handled, he hoped into the arena and arrested the incapacitated Dimitri.

"Three Coins in a Fuchsbau"

Hank arrives at the scene of the bank robbery accompanied by Nick and Sergeant Wu. They head into the vault to see it stripped and Sam Bertram's body filled with glass shards. They go to check the security cameras only to find them ripped out by the burglars.

Harper brings his report to Nick and Hank about how Sam died. She tells them that Sam had actually died by having his body shut down and the culprit appears to be the coins he swallowed. Hank then decides that they needed to be collected for evidence.

Nick and Hank went to the house where the BMW (that had been seen at the bank robbery) had been found. After getting inside, Hank and Nick subdue (Hank being rather forceful) Farley Kolt and bring him back to the precinct.

When Nick and Hank debrief with Sean Renard in his office, Nick is elected to interrogate Farley due to Hank's unnecessary roughness. Renard also takes the coins from Hank, who had not taken them to evidence, and kept them in his office.

With the third robber at large, Nick and Hank go to his last known location, a hotel room. Once there they find a suitcase with a film reel and several odd papers from the 1940s. Hank becomes convinced that Renard still has the coins and that they were responsible for making himself act odd.

Hank arrives in the parking garage with Nick and Farley and gets involved in the gunfight with Soledad that ensues. He later helps Renard when Nick goes after Farley.

"Plumed Serpent"

When Hank arrives at the scene of the burned bodies (brothers Stu and Joe Oliver) accompanied by Nick and Sergeant Wu. The Fire Inspector tells them that the victims were burned by a very hot blaze, but not gasoline. When Nick and Hank talk to the warehouse owner, they find out that this is the third building that had been hit. Afterward, Hank noticed an oily substance on the ground. Touching it with a lighter, he causes a small fireball from the substance before it burned out.

Hank lighting the strange substance

When a 9-1-1 call comes in from the owner of the warehouse, Hank and Nick rush to his location. After seeing the owner alive and finding out that the suspect is in the warehouse, they rush into the location. While searching the warehouse, Hank and Nick hear that Wu is in trouble and run over to help. They get there just in time to save him from a huge fireball. While the culprit gets away, Hank and Nick get a good enough look at him to look up his I.D. back at the precinct and find his name is Fred Eberhart.

Hank accompanies Nick on his second trip to Fred's daughter Ariel Eberhart. When they find no one home, Hank breaks the glass and enters the house. They find no one inside, and that the house is filled with copper (mainly wire). Seeing nobody and hearing thunder and static electricity outside, they decide to leave.

"Island of Dreams"

Hank, Nick and Wu arrive at the scene to see Freddy's dead body. Hank finds a piece of skin in Freddy's mouth like he had taken a bite out of his killer. They suspect that he was dealing drugs "under the table" since his spices weren't worth much at all. They decide to test all of the things in the shop.

Adalind shows up at Hank's house and offers him cookies for saving her life. He takes them gratefully and eats one to sample it. Adalind then instructs him not to give them to anyone else.

Over the night Hank starts to have hallucinations and weird dreams caused by the cookies. He decides to bring a couple to work with him and Wu asks for some, with Hank denying him. Hank is then called away to track down the criminals, allowing Wu to sneak a bite.

When Hank and Nick locate the criminals, they are shot at by one using a sub-machine gun. When Hank is in pursuit of them, he has a hallucination about Adalind and loses the suspects.

"The Thing with Feathers"

Hank is sitting at his desk in the precinct when Nick comes to check that he is not needed that weekend. Hank is then surprised when Nick tells him he is going to propose. He is then given a brochure by Nick so that he will know where Nick and Juliette are staying. After Nick leaves, Hank looks up information on Adalind Schade including the location of her house. Wu walks up and asks him what his plans for the weekend were, to which Hank responds that he doesn't have any. Wu states his plans and then eats a paper clip and walks off.

Hank later becomes so obsessed with Adalind that he spies on her apartment. He calls Adalind while watching her through a window and sees her refuse to answer it. He watches as another man goes inside the house and kisses Adalind while both enter another room. Hank then waits for him to leave. Hank holds him at gunpoint when he does and tells him to never come back.

Hank and Adalind dinning.

He later calls Adalind, who answers after being told to by Renard. She tells him that she has had 18-hour workdays and has been very busy. They both agree to go out to dinner at a French restaurant the next day.

"Love Sick"

Hank, Adalind, Nick and Juliette have a double date dinner. When Nick arrives at the restaurant he finds out that Hank's mystery date is Adalind and is not pleased. After a few minutes Nick and Adalind leave the table and Hank follows shortly. Finding Nick in the restroom, he asks Nick if he is okay. Nick then tells him that there is an issue between himself and Juliette. Hank then receives a call to a murder scene and goes to respond.

Nick and Hank arrive at the scene to be greeted by Wu. Wu thinks that the two victims shot-each other, but that the investigation is still under-way. Hank then talks to Nick about Adalind. After talking for a moment, Hank notices a cell-phone under the one of the victim's cars and bags it for evidence.

Back at the station Hank and Nick review the evidence they have found so far with Renard. Hank mentions that they found a cell-phone at the scene, which surprises Renard. He asks if they have gotten anything from it and Hank tells him it has not gone down to the lab yet. Wu then meets Nick and Hank and tells them about the Airline records, stating that "the guns knew each-other". Hank then leaves for the night saying they can continue in the morning.

Instead of going home, he drives in front of Adalind's house and calls her. He asks if she would like to go to dinner, but Adalind tells him she can't because she is with her mother.

The next morning he goes to the precinct like usual and talks to Nick about the case and Adalind. During this conversation, the later calls saying she had 'missed' Hank.

Hank in a coma.

That evening Hank goes by her house with roses for her. A dinner is laid out but neither of them touch it, heading straight for the bedroom. There the potion takes full effect and puts him into a deteriorating coma. Rosalee, Monroe and Nick arrive but it is too late to stop him from getting into the coma. So Nick goes to cure him by destroying Adalind's Hexenbiest spirit. When this is done Hank wakes up and is back to normal, though confused as to why Monroe and Rosalee are in Adalind's bedroom.

"Cat and Mouse"

Hank and Nick arrive at the scene of the shooting and question the bus driver who witnessed it. They investigate the scene and locate were the victim was shot due to traces of blood. They also get a photo identification of the victim, whose name is Ian Harmon.

Later, Hank and Nick respond to the murder of a bartender, and when they find Ian's passport at the scene, they suspect him as the murderer. Hank is then with Nick when they report to Renard that the real killer has announced himself.

Hank responds to the murder scene at the camera store, where they find Reginald dead and suspect Waltz. Shortly afterward he is part of the group to find Waltz's body, who has been shot with his own Luger.

"Leave It to Beavers"

Nick and Hank arrive at the scene of Robert Grosszahn's murder. There Wu tells them that the victim had apparently been drowned in cement. They then go check = the victim's car, where Hank finds Robert's phone, and that his last appointment was with someone with the initials of S. B. Dispatch then calls and tells them the identity of the witness, Arnold Rosarot. They then drive of to his place of residence.

Arriving there, they find the door unlocked and no one answers, so they enter the premises. Hank notices that Arnold had lots of "whirligigs" and Nick finds a photo with Bud, John and someone who he presumes is Arnold.

Hank then meets up with Nick at the Grosszahn Construction building and they question Robert's secretary. She says that she had no knowledge of his 9 o'clock appointment or what S. B. stood for. She did say that Robert had been arguing with Mr. Butrell and the planning company and gets someone to lead them over to him.

Hank arresting Sal Butrell.

They enter his office and question him. He states that he had an alibi for 9 o'clock that night, saying he was playing poker with six other people. When Hank mentions that his initials match the ones in the phone, to which he replies that they were trying to work something out, but that it fell through. Sammy comes into the room to tell Sal about a meeting. He then gets called over to confirm Sal's alibi, which he does. Nick and Hank then leave, satisfied that the questioning can't go any further at that time.

He is later present with Nick when they arrest Sal and Arnold identifies him in a line-up.

"Happily Ever Aftermath"

Hank and Nick arrive at the scene. Wu says it could have been an accident, except for the claw marks and exploded eyeballs that wouldn't be from the fall. Nick and Hank go upstairs, only to find more glass. Nick thinks that the glass could have been from light-bulbs were broken to keep it dark, but Hank is sure it must be otherwise when he notices that the mirror is broken too. They question Taylor and Tiffany who are waiting in the dining room. The two sisters tell the detectives that Arthur Jarvis and Spencer Harrison had been by yesterday asking for some money, which their mother had denied them.

Nick and Hank pull up at the Jarvis home to question the couple. Spencer is inside as well, and the couple insist that he stay will the police question them. Nick tells them that Mavis has been murdered. This shocks Lucinda, but they don't understand why they are suspects. Nick then goes on to mention that since they had met with Mavis the day before for financial aid, they are thereby suspects. This news angers Spencer and Arthur, who had been keeping it a secret from Lucinda.

They then interrogate Arthur back at the precinct. He tells the detectives that he met Lucinda at a Black Tie fundraiser and he says it was love at first site. The family relationship was stained at best and his marriage had been 'the straw that broke the camel's back.' He also says that he only went to ask Marvis for money because that was his last option. Lucinda says there were strained relations after her dad died and that the family didn't get along well after that. Nick asks if she knew of a will. Lucinda said she was not kept in the loop, but that if there was one it would be for the step-sisters. Spencer said that, among other things Lucinda's father was never a good judge of woman and that Lucinda was supposed to receive money from Mavis. Nick and Hank conclude the interrogations and brief Renard on the findings.

Hank is with Nick when he interrogates Spencer, but believing Spencer's story to be crazy he leaves the room.

"Big Feet"

Hank arrives at the murder of the two cryptozoologists. He is also present on the scene when Vera Saldona appeared from the bushes raving about Bigfoot. The police find a camera at the scene and Hank and Nick view it at the precinct. The murderer is caught on film, but he is wearing clothes and is definitely not Bigfoot.

Hank is with the group of police when the call in the K-9 squad to follow the suspect's scent trail. He follows the dogs into the forest a ways, only to see them turn back scared. Monroe then appears from the bushes shifted into a Blutbaden to scare the dogs away. He accidentally knocks Hank down and scares him.

Hank and Nick go to the scene of the murder of another man by Alan Evercroft who was killed in self-defense by the victim's friend. The lab finds one of the pumps in his neck and after calling the supplier, the detectives find that four were ordered by Konstantin Brinkerhoff. They head over to his office, only to have him leap out the window and head on a rampage toward a nearby theater. Once there, Konstantin grabs a woman and leaves her in the top balcony area of the theater as a trap. Nick goes to save her while Konstantin readies to jump on him. Hank, seeing Konstantin, shoots him causing the Wildermann to fall to his death. On the ground, Hank sees him Woge from a Wildermann into a normal human and begins to think he is crazy.

"Woman in Black"

Hank and Nick go after Akira Kimura after he attacked Renard. Using his description, the detectives track him to a hotel. The man at the desk says that Kimura had checked in that morning and gives the detectives the room number. When they break into the room, they find a woman in black, who puts up an impressive fight and escapes the police.

Later, Hank returns to his house with police protection. He enters his house only to find it trashed like Renard's had been. He enters cautiously, and ends up being startled and shooting through his closet door. Though nothing was inside, he propped himself up in a chair with a shotgun and a handgun.

Season 2

"Bad Teeth"

Hank is seen having nightmares again of seeing Konstantin Brinkerhoff retract back into human form and running into Monroe in Blutbad form. He and Nick are called to the scene of the vicious murders on a French carrier ship.

"The Kiss"

Hank and Nick are called to the scene of the death of Marnassier. The two FBI agents taking over the scene dismiss them, to which Hank and Wu say they're going home. Later, at the precinct, Nick is approached by the FBI agents regarding his whereabouts the other day, as he is now a suspect. Hank defends Nick, and even waits outside the interrogation room that he was brought into with the agents. They walk towards their cars, where Hank asks why he didn't say the dead FBI agent called him before she died and says that he knows Nick is going through a lot, with Juliette in the hospital, but if he had something Nick wanted him to know, to tell him.

"Bad Moon Rising"

Hank is at the precinct when his old friend Jarold Kampfer, arrives saying that his daughter Carly has gone missing. Hank is disturbed by the news, and is revealed to be Carly's godfather. He goes to get some coffee to calm them both down while Nick talks to Jarold. He comes back to hear that Jarold's brother-in-law Hayden Walker is the prime suspect.

He and Nick arrive at the auto shop listed as Hayden's place of work. He is not there however, and the owner is wondering where he is too, as he has not shown up for work the past couple of days. They then go to Hayden's listed place of residence, an apartment. No one answers, so they break in to search around. Inside they find several rotting animal carcasses in the bathroom and paperwork showing Hayden had recently closed on a farm.

The detectives go to investigate the farm. Jarold wishes to come as well, and though Hank is against it, Nick says it is okay as long as he stays in the car. Hank and Nick go confront Hayden and his 'pack'. After getting nowhere, Jarold comes out and confronts the Walkers. Hank wanders around looking for Carly when he sees the rope for the well wiggling. He goes to check it out to see Carly dangling in the well. He calls Nick over and they get her free, only to have Hayden and his family start to shoot at them.

Hank, Nick and Carly take shelter inside a barn on the property. Carly freaks out when she finds out Nick is a Grimm, she runs to Hank for protection, inadvertently woging and showing Hank her Coyotl self. Hank freaks out in turn and pulls his gun on Carly. Nick then explains to Hank that he is not crazy and the things he had seen were real. Between Nick and Carly, Hank is calmed down and brought into the loop involving the Wesen. They then trick Hayden into coming into the barn and quickly overpower him and the other Coyotls.

When they get back in the police station, Hank writes up the report for the case. Jarold apologizes for not telling what he was, but Hank assures him that it does not change anything about their friendship, and that he is glad Jarold finally let him in on it. Hank then tells Nick that this was one of the better days of his life, because he might still be crazy but at least now he is not alone.


Nick begins to share what he knows about the Wesen World, along with his role and heritage of policing them as a Grimm, with Hank. He states that if Hank did not have him as a partner, he probably would not have known that beings like them exist. They then both get paged to report to a car accident. Once there, they follow a blood trail to find Carl Stanton trashing an office. The two detectives tell him to drop his weapon, and Nick tells Hank that he saw him Woge. Carl then charges at them and they are forced to shoot him.

Later, Hank and Nick go to the morgue. Dr. Harper tells them that Carl appears to have been infected with something similar to the Ebola virus. Hank is worried about it being contagious, but Harper reassures him by saying that they look healthy enough after one full day since coming in contact with the virus.

They then go to Carl Stanton's house. There, Wu had to kill Phyllis Stanton when she attacked him. The two detectives investigate the body and find that she too is infected with some sort of virus. They also find a briefcase that had documents showing a couple of pigs who had fallen to a similar virus. They then get a call about the Park Ranger. When they go check it out he runs towards them, then collapses. They then put him in the car and take him to the spice shop.

At the spice shop, Hank finds out that Monroe and Rosalee Calvert are Wesen and that Monroe specifically is a Blutbad. He then stays with Monroe when Nick goes out to find Rosalee.

"The Good Shepherd"

Hank is called in to investigate some funds stolen by a church accountant. After him and Nick talk to Lance Calvin (the reverend of a church that was stolen from), they go to the accountant's workplace. At the mulching company, they find the accountants the wood chipper.

The detectives then go back to the church to tell Lance the bad news and that the case is now officially a homicide. Lance then calls Hank and Nick back to his office. There, he tries to convince them that he is a Wieder Blutbad, saying that if Nick can turn away from his violent heritage then so can a Blutbad. He also refers to Hank as a Kehrseite-Schlich-Kennen (a human who knows about Wesen).

Nick then takes Hank to Monroe's house to ask Monroe if he would go undercover. After calling a Blutbad pastor and a Seelengut congregation a "recipe for lunch," he agrees.

After investigating further, Hank and Nick find out that Lance's first church was hit with embezzling. Also, Megan Marston was a member of both churches and her husband was the first accountant. They call her in for questioning, and when she gets frightened with Nick being a Grimm, Hank reassures her by saying that "he is not that kind of...Grimm." Megan is shocked that they would think that she would or could kill one of her own when they ask if she had anything to do with the murders.

Hank and Nick go back to the church when they find evidence that Lance and Megan had traveled to the Caribbean several times. They arrive just in time to save Monroe from an angry group of Seelenguter.

"Over My Dead Body"

Nick brings Monroe to Hank to guard Monroe while Nick and Angelina find out who wants Monroe dead. Over drinks, Monroe shows Hank the different type of woge, which Hanks states that, "That was amazing" and asks to be shown it again.

Hank and Nick going after Arbok.

Hank later accompanies Nick to the location where Angelina Lasser is going to turn over the supposedly dead body of Monroe to the Königschlange, Arbok. When Nick follows Arbok into the woods and is losing the fight against the Königschlange, Hank kills the Wesen with a shotgun.

"The Bottle Imp"

Hank and Nick start off investigating the murder of Leo Stiles at a gas station and after looking at the cameras they suspect William Granger is behind the murder. They notice that Granger has his daughter, April with him so they put out an Amber Alert in hopes of stopping William Granger from harming anyone else.

Hank and Nick go to Granger's house to investigate, where they discover his ex-wife, Lilly beaten in the bathroom. Nick notices her briefly woge into something before she passes out. Hank calls for medics and they start searching the house where they discover Granger had recently ordered a lot of building supplies.

Nick takes Hank to the trailer for the first time to figure out what kind of Wesen Lilly Granger was. They discover that she is a Drang-Zorn, so they assume that William Granger is one also. Nick shows Hank the weapons cabinet in the trailer, where Hank recognizes the Siegbarste Gewehr that was used to kill Oleg Stark and save his life. ("Game Ogre") Nick tells Hank that Monroe was the one to shoot Stark.

Based on pictures found on Granger's computer, Wu uses the GPS tracking in a picture to narrow down the area to search for Granger down to 2 square miles. Hank and Nick,along with many other officers and police dogs go searching for Granger in hopes to rescue April. They discover the underground area that William built, and find April. They bring her back to the police station, where a child services woman picks her up to bring her to a foster home for a few days until her mom is out of the hospital.

Hank and Nick go to St. Joseph's Hospital, where they assume William Granger is going since Lilly is there. They find him in Lilly's room and handcuff him, but they discover that William is innocent and April is the one who beat Lilly and murdered that man at the gas station. They head to the foster home that April is at and arrive right after she attacked the foster dad. They go to the backyard where they find April swinging and they bring her back to the station.

"The Other Side"

Hank and Nick are called in to investigate the murder of Brandon Kingston, who was found with his throat ripped out. They find out he was in a school competition and go to question the other competitors. They find out that Brandon was well liked by all the students and didn't have any enemies. When they leave, Hank asks Nick if any of the students were Wesen, to which Nick's states that he is not sure. Coach Don Anker arrives and confronts the detectives, saying that if he finds Brandon's murderer he will personally kill whoever it was. When he leaves, Nick informs Hank that the coach was a Löwen and that they are very aggressive and competitive.

They later arrive at the murder of Jenny Lee, one of the students from Brandon's team. They find Pierce Higgins's watch clutched in her hand. This leads them to go confront Pierce at his house. When they leave after questioning them, Nick says that he saw them Woge and they head to the trailer to find out what they were.

At the trailer Hank finds their entry in a book that labels them as Genio Innocuo. It says they are "intelligent, compassionate, and thoroughly non-violent, which made dispatching them quite easy”. Hank is taken aback that Grimms would slaughter innocent Wesen, to which Nick agrees. They decide that Anker is still their main suspect, and go to his house to question him further. Instead, they find blood inside and break in, only to find him dead with his throat ripped out like the others.

Pierce calls saying that he suspects his mother as the killer and the two detectives rush to his house. There, they find Pierce trying to attack his mother. Nick attacks him, but Hank is confused as to why he is beating up the boy, who was said to be harmless. He is later told that Pierce had some Löwen genes and was woged as his Löwen side at the time.

Pierce escapes and runs up to the top of a building and prepares to jump. Nick and Hank try to talk him out of it but he jumps anyway. Nick was close enough to catch him however and they pull him back to safety. Hank and Nick later tell Renard in the debriefing that the mother had experimented on Pierce before he was even born, and try to put it off as a gene-induced mental illness that had caused him to want to murder his friends. They both felt sorry for Pierce as they think he will have trouble in prison.

"La Llorona"

Hank is called to the scene of a child abduction. Once there, he and Nick find some bikers who had shot a video with the abductor walking by in the background. She is shown walking away with the child (Rafael) calmly holding her hand.

Back at the precinct, Hank and Nick are informing Renard on the situation when Ryan interrupts saying that the Spanish translator is here. Juliette (the translator) then enters the office and translates for Luis.

The two detectives go with Juliette back to Luis's house. Once there, they are shown around to see if they could find any clues as to who the abductor was.

When they return to the precinct, they are introduced to Valentina Espinosa, who had said she had some knowledge with the woman. Hank thinks that Rafael may be dead already, but Valentina says all evidence points to the children being drowned at midnight. Hank and Nick then get a call that a second child had just been abducted. Valentina shows them on a map of Portland, two rivers converging into one. She then says that one child will be abducted from each river, assuming it is the same Woman that she has tracked before.

They go to the crime scene and Renard informs Hank and Nick that Valentina is not a detective anymore, and that she had been discharged a year ago. Nick and Hank try to get her back in the car, but she is worried Nick will kill her. He says he will not, but that Hank will shoot her in the head if she causes trouble.

Hank and Nick go to the trailer and research on the woman, who turns out to be called La Llorona. They see a symbol that is the same as the river shape Valentina showed them. They then decide that she might be telling the truth and rush to go get her. Hank notes, somewhat solemnly, before they leave that "I may never return" was the last entry written.

With the help of Valentina, they find out where La Llorona is going to drown the kids. They arrive just in time to stop her and Hank holds the kids while Nick goes after La Llorona. Hank begins to grow worried, but Nick pops above the surface alive. They then both return the kids to their families.

"The Hour of Death"

Hank and Nick go to Adrian Zayne's house to question him about the kidnapping of Donna Reynolds. Adrian is burning photographs when they arrive, but when Hank rushes over, they are too destroyed to save. Adrian then freaks out and runs, causing the two detectives to follow. When Hank finds Nick beating up Adrian, he asks if Zayne is a Wesen. Nick then tells him that Adrian is a Schakal.

After being forced to set him free on account of lack-of-evidence, Nick tells Hank that he will get the truth out of Adrian. Hank decides to go after Nick fearing he will do something reckless. When Hank arrives, he sees Nick looking at a mutilated Adrian Zayne and holding a Doppelarmbrust. Initially suspecting Nick, Hank is then reassured when he hears that Nick has Monroe as an alibi. They then hear sirens outside, though Hank did not call for backup, causing Nick to go run hide the weapon while Hank greets the detectives.

After greeting the other officers, Wu tells them that they came after receiving Zayne's confession and that he is impressed in the two detectives interrogation skills. Hank then tells him that they had just arrived on the scene, and that Zayne was dead. After studying the record of his 911 call-confession, they determine that he had been tortured for the information and suspect the family members.

After finding the video of Zayne's torture online, Hank and Nick go question the Reynolds. They don't get any information from them, but they do discover a video showing the van that Donna was kidnapped in. They then track it down along with the owner, Richard Berna who also turns out to be a Schakal and freaks out when he finds out Nick is a Grimm.

After finding enough evidence in the van to arrest him, Hank and Nick go back to Richard's holding cell, only to find that he had disappeared. They then go to his house and find him dead, suspecting someone on the task force as they were the only ones to know that Richard had been brought in.

After discovering that Ryan is the culprit, they go in search of him and discover him about to torture Bud Wurstner in his repair shop. Hank and Nick then stop and arrest Ryan, saving Bud's life.

"To Protect and Serve Man"

In a flash-back, Hank remembers an old case he was responsible for. He was called to the shooting of the Kreski brothers and arrested Craig Ferren for their murder. Craig tells Hank to not let the creatures eat him, but Hank thinks he is just trying to play the insanity card.

A young Hank arresting Ferren.

After seeing that his death penalty is to be enacted in two days, Hank wonders if the creatures Craig claimed to have seen seven years ago were Wesen. He asks Nick about it and they decide to look into it.

After looking into the Kreski brothers, the two detectives begin to wonder if they are Wendigo. They test John Kreski by pushing him into Woging, and prove that he is a Wendigo. They believe that the evidence that he is a cannibal is hidden underneath the house where the brothers had lived together. Sadly a shopping center was built over the top of where the house was, so they couldn't test their theory.

They decide to go to John's current house and enter, on the grounds that he had a warrant for skipping jury duty. They find a secret trapdoor underneath the fridge, and climb down to the underside of the house. From there they find a second lift panel, which covered up the remains of several humans.

With substantial evidence, they decide to call the governor for a stay of execution for Craig. John Kreski arrives back at his house however and attacks them, blocking the opening to the tunnel with the fallen fridge. Hank must hold his own until Kreski runs off, and then he lifts up the fridge to get Nick out.

Hank then goes after Kreski while Nick calls the D. A, who then calls the Governor, and ends up shooting Kreski to death when he attacks Hank for the second time.

"Season of the Hexenbiest"

Hank hospitalized.

Hank is heating up his dinner when he hears a knock at his door. He opens it to find Adalind Schade standing outside. She says that she was worried about him and asks him about her mother's death. He ends up telling her that Nick has told him a lot, and shortly afterwards she leaves. He closes the door and walks back inside to call Nick, when he is attacked by two Hundjäger.

Nick goes to visit him in the hospital several hours later. Though savagely beaten, Hank is awake and able to tell him that Adalind Schade had visited him.

"Face Off"

Hank has recovered from his Hundjäger attack and is starting to go back to work. He noticed Captain Renard looking through Nick's desk and calls Nick to tell him about it. Nick tells him to try to keep Renard at the precinct. When Nick shares with Hank that Renard has been conspiring against him, Hank tries to help, but Nick insists he stays out of it because it's between Nick and the captain.

"Natural Born Wesen"

Hank and Nick are called to the scene on the Wesen bank robbery, where Monroe tells them of the Wesen code of honor and how it's been broken. Hank is then searching for history on the code with Nick and Monroe in the trailer. When Monroe goes to the Junkyard Dog Bar to try to find any information on the robbery, Hank and Nick are left to wait in the car. The two detectives then storm the building when a fight ensues between Monroe and the two robbers.

Hank and Nick are later in a firefight with the robbers and Hank makes an arrest on Krystal Fletcher, one of the Blutbaden in the robbery.

"Mr. Sandman"

Hank is having dinner are Monroe's house with Rosalee and Nick, where they are discussing the fact that Renard is a Zauberbiest, along with being a Royal and the man who woke Juliette from her comatose state.

Hank and Nick are called to the scene of Molly Fisk's death, where they find her crushed by her bookcase. They go to her support group leader, who tells them that Molly went with another man who introduced himself as Andre.

At the morgue, Harper is showing the two detectives the nematode-like worms found in Molly's eyes, causing her blindness.

Hank and Nick later corner Andre in a high school, while Hank went one way, Nick went another way and got blinded by the Jinnamuru Xunte. Hank then brings Nick to the spice shop.

After finding what they need for Nick's cure, Hank and Monroe go into Casey's home to search for Andre. While inside the home, Hank tries to comfort Casey, hears a sound outside and goes to investigate, only to find it's Monroe.


Hank and Nick are called to the scene of Brody Crawford's murder. While Hank interviews one of Brody's co-workers, Vicky, her office phone rings. It's the killer, who says: "Play my game."

The next day, Nick and Hank interview Ridley Cooper and his sister Debra Cooper at their home. They are video game testers for Black Forest 2. They determine that Body's game avatar for Black Forest 2 was killed three hours before he died in the same fashion by a character called "Nameless".

Later on, in Renard's office, Hank and Nick ask Renard if he thinks they're dealing with Wesen. When they are at the trailer, Nick and Hank determine that they are dealing with a Fuchsteufelwild, and that all of the names listed share the same letters. One of the names is Trinket Lipslums.

He and Nick later chase Trinket Lipslums up onto a building's roof. Trinket screams that he can't lose, and jumps off to his death.

"One Angry Fuchsbau"

Hank and Nick are called by Monroe to come to the courthouse. Hank wonders what a Ziegevolk is when Monroe suspects that Barry Kellogg is one. Nick informs him that Billy Capra, who they arrested in "Lonelyhearts", was one.

When watching the Ziegevolk lawyer at work, he's shocked that he was able to convince Sergeant Wu to change his story.

Back at the spice shop, Hank and the others come up with a plan to stop the effects of his pheromones.

The next morning after Monroe's fake attack on Kellogg, Nick and Hank question Kellogg about the attack to stall him whilst Monroe injects his toads with the serum. They then watch the trial later in the day to see if their plan worked. The plan succeeded, and they celebrate with champagne in the shop.

Nick and Hank later arrest Kellogg for assault when he attacks Rosalee in a blind rage.


Hank goes on his first vacation from work in four years.

"Kiss of the Muse"

Hank returns from vacation with a torn Achilles tendon which occurred whilst zip-lining with his ex-wife Nadine. He limps after Nick to the murder scene and realises from the look on Nick's face that the suspect Anton Cole was Wesen.

Hank accompanies Nick and Sgt. Wu to Anton's loft and is pleased that Nick and Juliette are having dinner that evening.

He is at the station when he receives the call from Monroe telling him about Nick's strange behavior. He calls Nick and arranges to meet him in a bar. At the bar Hank prevents a fight between Nick and a drunk who wanted to show the picture Nick drew of the woged Khloe Sedgwick to his girlfriend. When Nick leaves without the picture he goes to see Rosalee and Monroe to ask what type of Wesen they are dealing with. When neither of them recognise the image all three go to the trailer and identify Khloe as a Musai.

Next day at the precinct Captain Monroe shows Hank and Nick the video of Anton breaking into the paint shop. Hank and the Captain discuss the fate of Khloe's previous boyfriends. Sgt. Wu advises them of the location of the mural and all 4 head over to look. When Nick leaves, with Wu pursuing, Hank shows Renard the picture of Khloe and says that they need to talk.

"The Waking Dead"

Hank arrives with Nick at the house where Richard Mulpus went on his rampage, after he has been shot by FrancoSergeant Wu briefs them on the case and shows them the undamaged body of Lilly O'Hara.

Back at the Precinct Hank makes the shocking discovery that Richard Mulpus had a death certificate issued three days earlier, and so they assume there has been a mistake. They check with Dr. Harper who confirms his death this time. They then head to the hospital where the attending physician assures them that Mulpus was dead. The Doctor directs them to the hospital morgue where the attendant shows them where the body should be. The attendant assures them that the body has not been moved, as there is no paperwork for such an action.

Hank and Nick then go to the Trailer to see if there is Wesen explanation for the Richard Mulpus and Lilly O'Hara situation, and find the entries about Cracher-Mortel. They return to the precinct and share the information with Captain Renard.

Hank goes with Nick to the Spice Shop where Monroe tells them that Juliette has seen them woge.

"Goodnight, Sweet Grimm"

Hank helps Nick take the unconscious Al to the spice shop where Rosalee tells them that she may be able to formulate a cure for the Cracher-Mortel poison. They leave Al with her and Monroe and head back to the Precinct.

At the precinct they discover that there have been 19 missing persons reports and that an entire bus has disappeared. They talk to Al's boss and determine what Al was doing and the type of car he was called to.

A report comes in about the car so Hank, Nick and Wu go to check the car. In the trunk they find Baron Samedi's Voodoo paraphernalia. Hank then has to leave to have the cast on his leg removed.

Season 3

"The Ungrateful Dead"


"A Dish Best Served Cold"

"One Night Stand"

"El Cucuy"

"Stories We Tell Our Young"

"Cold Blooded"

"Twelve Days of Krampus"

"Red Menace"

"Eyes of the Beholder"

"The Good Soldier"

"The Wild Hunt"


"Mommy Dearest"

"Once We Were Gods"

"The Show Must Go On"

Hank accompanies Nick to the Carnival Metamorphosia and later to the spice shop where the detectives learn about the history of that form of entertainment and its associated problems.


At the precinct, Nick tells Hank that he does not think that he can be best man at Monroe and Rosalee's wedding due to the risk of trouble if his Grimm nature is revealed. Hank ask how Wesen know he is a Grimm, when Nick replies that he does not know, Hank suggests that he finds out.

"The Law of Sacrifice"

"Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen"

"My Fair Wesen"

"The Inheritance"

"Blond Ambition"

Season 4

"Thanks for the Memories"

"Octopus Head"

"The Last Fight"

"Dyin' on a Prayer"

"Cry Luison"

"Highway of Tears"

"The Grimm Who Stole Christmas"




"Death Do Us Part"


"Trial by Fire"

"Bad Luck"

"Double Date"




"Iron Hans"

"You Don't Know Jack"


"Cry Havoc"

Season 5

"The Grimm Identity"

"Clear and Wesen Danger"

"Lost Boys"

"Maiden Quest"

"The Rat King"

"Wesen Nacht"

"Eve of Destruction"

"A Reptile Dysfunction"


"Map of the Seven Knights"

"Key Move"

"Into the Schwarzwald"

"Silence of the Slams"


"Skin Deep"

"The Believer"


"Good to the Bone"

"The Taming of the Wu"

"Bad Night"

"Set Up"

"The Beginning of the End"

Season 6


"Trust Me Knot"

"Oh Captain, My Captain"

"El Cuegle"

"The Seven Year Itch"

"Breakfast in Bed"

"Blind Love"

"The Son Also Rises"

"Tree People"

"Blood Magic"

"Where the Wild Things Were"

"Zerstörer Shrugged"

"The End"



Part 4, "Dance with the Dämmerzustand"

Hank was the backup sent in response to Wu's call from Bud's shop. When he arrived he entered with his gun drawn and called out for Wu and Franco. They emerged from the freezer, followed by Bud, and warned him that there was one of the zombies around. Hank holstered his gun, explaining that he had just had his cast removed and so had not had a good fight in months. The zombie then appeared and knocked over some boxes before charging towards Hank. Hank knocked the zombie out with one punch to its face. Wu then called Hank a show off.


The part of Hank was described as:

38 to 40, Nick's police partner who gets along and they are good friends.

Mid-season, the writers realized it didn't make much sense for Hank and Nick to already be best friends, and decided to make Hank Nick's superior partner, a sort of mentor.(Grimm: Special Collector's Edition issue 2)

Russell Hornsby has indicated that if his role was for real, he'd "go nuts" and not "handle that." After all, Hornsby is cynophobic, so he'd never get past Monroe.(Grimm: Special Collector's Edition issue 2)


Despite his large and muscular frame, Hank was a soft spoken and gentle man who was more than willing to help a friend who was in need. He also had an adaptive and pragmatic approach in life, easily adjusting to the weirdness that had suddenly appeared in his world after Nick explained to him what was really going on beyond what the eyes could normally see. And because of that, he was quick to set aside differences, even if that meant dismissing the fact that some of his best friends (i.e. Jarold and Nick) had been keeping secrets of great magnitudes from him. He also didn't let the difference between species blind him from forsaking his beliefs on morality, as seen when he was shocked after reading an entry in one of Nick's Grimm diaries, where one of his ancestors apparently massacred a group of innocent Wesen. Ironically, despite his affable personality he was never able to hold down a marriage.


Hank was a competent detective with a reasonable amount of skill in memory and deduction, and therefore more perceptive than his tough exterior would otherwise suggest. In fact, his knack for observation may have surpassed Nick's, had it not been for the latter's power to see Wesen. After becoming aware of the Wesen world, Hank showed being able to notice whenever Nick saw Wesen woge in their presence, which was something Hank was never able to do before.

He appeared to be competent in hand-to-hand combat as well, having efficiently subdued criminals, both human and Wesen, in this manner. Perhaps his most outstanding feat in this regard was when he actually managed to fight on even grounds with Oleg Stark, a Siegbarste, for a while. ("Game Ogre") A noteworthy feat, since Siegbarstes are extremely strong Wesen capable of overpowering Grimms in brute strength. Hank was also able to fight toe to toe against a Wendigo, a species that one of Nick's ancestors claimed was ferocious even by Wesen standards. ("To Protect and Serve Man")


  • Nick Burkhardt - Hank had a good relationship with his partner Nick Burkhardt. Hank was often at a loss to understand how Nick was able to "see" what he did in people. Nick even considered telling Hank his secret, but for fears of it driving him insane he didn't. Following Hank's discovery of the Wesen world and Nick being a Grimm, their relationship greatly improved, and Hank managed to aid Nick in his off the record activities as a Grimm. Hank helped Nick apprehend Wesen perpetrators without compromising the secrecy of the Wesen world in general.
  • Drew Wu - Hank had a close friendship with Sergeant Wu, and had full faith concerning Wu's dedication with the law. After Wu's childhood friend, Dana Tomas, was attacked by an Aswang ("Mommy Dearest"), Wu took this very personally and asked both Hank and Nick to keep him informed of the case. When the involvement of Wesen became apparent, Hank was the first among Nick's friends to consider letting Wu know what he was up against. The notion didn't die even after Wu personally encountered an Aswang, leading him to confining himself in a mental hospital for awhile. ("Mommy Dearest") ("Once We Were Gods")
  • Monroe - Hank first met Monroe when Nick tackled Monroe in his own home. ("Pilot") Monroe and Hank didn't initially communicate much, as Monroe and Nick were contacts for each other for the Wesen world. Monroe was the first Wesen that Hank saw woge. ("Big Feet") Hank began to think he was losing his sanity, until the Wesen world was revealed to him. ("Bad Moon Rising") Monroe later explained to Hank more about Wesen and their degrees of woge. ("Over My Dead Body")
  • Jarold Kampfer - Hank's high school friend who came to the police station to get help finding his missing daughter, Carly, who was Hank's goddaughter. After Hank discovered the truth about Wesen, Jarold told Hank he was sorry he didn't tell him the truth about being a Coyotl. Hank told him and Carly that nothing changed and that they were still friends.


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