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Hank Griffin's Home
307-Hank's house
Location: Portland, Oregon
Regulars: Hank Griffin
Others: Nick Burkhardt
Adalind Schade
Dead Akira Kimura
Dead Angelina Lasser
Dead Andre
Dead Kate Masters
Dead Boyd Baribeau
Dead Thug 1

Hank Griffin's Home was the private residence of Hank Griffin, located at 3045 Hudson Street, Portland, Oregon, where he lived alone.

On at least four separate occasions, Hank's home was either broken into or used to track him down and capture him, with the perpetrators of each of these unrelated events being Akira Kimura, ("Woman in Black") several Hundjägers, ("Season of the Hexenbiest") Andre, ("Cold Blooded") and Black Claw. ("Set Up") In regards to the latter, Black Claw dumped the bodies of two of its own agents, whom had actually been killed by Nick, ("Bad Night") in order to enable two Black Claw police officers to take Hank into their custody and, in turn, lure Eve away from the Hadrian's Wall Oregon compound, leaving it vulnerable to an attack.

Change of AddressEdit

Andre's kidnapping of Hank may have been the impetus to cause Hank to move to a new residence, though it is not officially known if Hank ever did move after this incident. However, it should be noted that the number of his address in "Cold Blooded" was 3055, whereas it was later disclosed in "Set Up" that his address had changed to 3045 Hudson Street.

Former HomeEdit

Hank used to live a block away from the intersection of SE Belmont Street and SE 20th Avenue, Portland, Oregon, while he was working on the Oleg Stark triple homicide case in 2007. ("Game Ogre")
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