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Hadrian's Wall
509-Hadrian's Wall Command Center
Notables: Dead Martin Meisner (Oregon leader)
Dead Katrina Chavez
Theresa Rubel

Hadrian's Wall, or HW, is a secret government organization that is a branch of the Federal Government opposing Black Claw. ("A Reptile Dysfunction") It is so secretive that most of the government doesn't know about it, as the organization doesn't trust a lot of people in the government. ("Wesen Nacht") They have an interest in recruiting Grimms in order to help support their cause, and they are extremely diligent in their efforts to cover up their actions or the actions of Black Claw. According to Katrina Chavez, there is too much at stake to disclose virtually any crucial information to anyone that's not a part of their group or to anyone who does not know about them or Black Claw. Members of the group are never all together at the same place. ("The Grimm Identity") They have an extensive Wesen database to keep track of anyone who is Wesen and what type they are. ("Map of the Seven Knights") They also control a well-secured facility fully stocked with various firearms in a remote location in Tillamook, Oregon. The facility has several rooms resembling max security cells that are all adjacent to a long hallway, as well as a command center with a monitor that displays the hot spots of Black Claw uprisings and attacks. Outside the building in the woods are where several fallen HW agents are buried, including Chavez. Kelly Burkhardt's body is also buried there. ("A Reptile Dysfunction")

Chavez first mentioned the group after abducting Trubel and taking her to an abandoned warehouse. ("The Last Fight") Chavez told Trubel that she was working for "a select group, all working together, all with the same goal." Chavez woged to determine if Trubel was a Grimm, and she then attempted to recruit Trubel by telling her, "There are people who find what you are and what you can do very important. They would be extremely interested in your services." Chavez went on to say, "Being able to identify and destroy dangerous Wesen influence in society is a very valuable gift. It should not be wasted."

Destruction of Tillamook Compound

Conrad Bonaparte devised a plan to specifically lure Eve away from HW's headquarters in Tillamook, Oregon when two bodies of dead Black Claw agents were dumped at Hank's house, giving members of the police, who were also a part of Black Claw, an excuse to take him in under their custody. Nick, Eve, and Trubel left the HW compound to go rescue Hank, and, having found out the location of the compound after Zuri Ellis was taken there, ("Bad Night") several Black Claw agents, Renard, and Bonaparte all invaded the facility, destroyed it, and killed everyone inside, including Meisner. ("Set Up")

Victory Over Black Claw

When Trubel returned back from a long mission with Black Claw that was only for Grimms,"Trust Me Knot" she revealed that HW had destroyed every last Black Claw cell remaining and that Black Claw was "finished." ("Zerstörer Shrugged")

Known Headquarter Locations

Known Member Types Involved


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  • The original Hadrian's Wall was the demarcation boundary of the Roman Empire in the British Isles (in what is today Northern England), and like the Great Wall of China was at least as much a symbolic statement as a military reality. It was a visible indicator that civilization ended here.
  • The coordinates shown on one of the cameras in "A Reptile Dysfunction" puts the location of the HW building in a remote location in Tillamook, Oregon. It is approximately an hour drive from Nick and Adalind's loft.

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