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  • Abartige Aasfresser - a hyena-like Wesen
  • Abath - a unicorn-like Wesen
  • Ak-Moho-Alii - a shark-like Wesen
  • Albträume für Wesen Kinder - a collection of Wesen fairy-tales
  • "Alles hat ein Ende; nur die Wurst hat zwei." - an adage about mourning; literally "Everything has an end; only the sausage has two."
  • Alpe - a nightmare Wesen
  • Amarok - a yeti-like Wesen
  • Ammit - a chimera-like Wesen
  • Amor de Infierno - a powerful love potion that can only be made by Cupiditas
  • Anubis - a jackal-like Wesen
  • APB or All-points bulletin - a broadcast issued from one American law enforcement agency to another. It typically contains information about a wanted suspect who is to be arrested or a person of interest, for whom law enforcement officers are to look.
  • Apgadnieks - a husky-like Wesen
  • Aseveración - a Coyotl rite of passage for young females
  • Aspirateur d'Esprits - a machine used to detach spirits from someone
  • Assourdissant - a medical apparatus worn on the head that is primarily used in the treatment of inner ear problems
  • Aswang - a ghoul-like Wesen
  • Ataktos Fuse - a cicada-like Wesen
  • Auflösen - the process by which a Wechselbalg dissolves its victim into a puddle of basic proteins
  • Augapfel-Aushacken - a bird-like Wesen


  • Balam - a jaguar-like Wesen
  • Barbatus Ossifrage - a bearded vulture-like Wesen
  • Bastet - a feliform-like Wesen
  • Bauerschwein - a pig-like Wesen
  • Bear Claw - a traditional Jägerbar weapon, used in the Roh-hatz
  • Beati Paoli - a somewhat radical Wesen organization dedicated to preserving Wesen culture
  • Betäubende Wirkung - literally translated, a "numbing effect," which can be dangerous and result from altering the percentages of a Zaubertrank in a retrograde inversion
  • Bhari Kadama - an elephant-like Wesen
  • Bienenwesen - German term for Mellifer
  • Bierwürze Milchzucker - a milk-like substance that is consumed by Waschbars
  • "Birds and the Bienenwesen" - Wesen expression that means the same thing as "birds and the bees" - the private conversation parents have with their children about reproduction
  • Black Claw - A revolutionary Wesen uprising group with a complete disregard for the Gesetzbuch Ehrenkodex. Their ultimate goal is to live in a world where Wesen do not have to hide their true selves from society, and they will kill anyone who stands in their way.
  • Blau Teuful - a German single malt whiskey; literally translated, it is German for "Blue Devil"
  • Blood Magic - a particular practice that is considered to be highly dangerous in which blood is used as a form of currency or a price to pay, often to visit another realm or world
  • Blutbad - a wolf-like Wesen
  • Blutbaden - plural form of Blutbad
  • Blutbad-Bauerschwein Feud - a long standing feud between Blutbaden and Bauerschwein that goes back many centuries
  • BOLO - Be On the Look Out


  • Caccia Morta  - another name for Wildesheers
  • CC - carbon-copy
  • to keep a third party in the loop
  • Ceremonia de Desgracia - Translated to English from Spanish, this means "Ceremony of Disgrace," which is one of the only ways to reverse the work of a Vibora Dorada
  • COD - Cause Of Death
  • Coins of Zakynthos - three golden coins tainted with dangerous levels of mercury and arsenic, giving the possessor a rush of power and a charismatic influence over others
  • Contaminatio Ritualis - an event that a pregnant Hexenbiest must complete in order to regain her powers
  • Coyotl - a coyote-like Wesen
  • Cracher-Mortel - a puffer fish-like Wesen
  • Cupiditas - a Cupid-like Wesen
  • Curupira - an unknown forest Wesen from Brazil that has only been mentioned


  • D.A. - Department Authority or District Attorney
  • Daemonfeuer - alternate spelling of Dämonfeuer
  • Daemoni adspicio - a type of protist which causes Grausen in humans
  • Dämmerzustand - a trance-like state several Wesen can induce in others via toxins
  • Dämonfeuer - a dragon-like Wesen
  • Dead Faint Potion - a potion that induces a death-like state
  • Death Grip - an action done by someone who has a fear of dying and getting stuck in the underworld
  • Dēcapitāre - another name for Grimms
  • Dickfellig - a rhinoceros-like Wesen
  • DOA - dead on arrival (indicating the person was found dead upon the arrival of the responders)
  • Doppelarmbrust - a crossbow used by Grimms to kill Blutbaden
  • Doppelgänger Potion - a potion that grants the drinker the appearance of another person
  • Dragon's Tongue - a secret Wesen organization that seeks to acquire the Coins of Zakynthos
  • Drang-Zorn - a badger-like Wesen
  • Dunkelkatzenpissen - Cat urine, an ingredient used in the Inner Ear Potion


  • Eigenes Fleisch und Blut - a Wesenrein law that says Wesen must marry within their own bloodline (species).
  • Eigenverantwortung - A Maréchaussée's authority to kill a particular target, which is granted to them by the Wesen Council
  • Eisbiber - a beaver-like Wesen
  • El Cucuy - a bogeyman-like Wesen
  • El Cuegle - a monster-like Wesen
  • Empousai - a chimera-like Wesen
  • Endezeichen Grimm - a Grimm who sees any and all Wesen as abominations to be destroyed
  • Erklarend - a group of woged Reinigen joined together to form a Riesen-Ratte
  • Erlangen Wieder Weidmann - another name for Wieder Wesen
  • Excandesco - a devil-like Wesen
  • Exsanguinate
    1. to die of blood loss
    2. to kill someone by causing them to exsanguinate


  • Faeteo fatalis - a skunk-like Wesen
  • Faserig membrane - a piece of thin, pliable tissue that develops during the development of a Seltenvogel's Unbezahlbar, holding it in place
  • Fétide Taillader - an unknown Wesen that has only been mentioned
  • Flail - a medieval spiked ball chained to a wooden pole
  • Flesh hunt - English name for Menschenjagd
  • Fluvus Pestilentia - a deadly infectious disease caused by Fluvia pestilis
  • Folterseele - a frog-like Wesen
  • Force du Sang - an extremely difficult potion to make that is very powerful and harmful and requires the blood of a Hexenbiest, another Wesen, and a Grimm
  • Fossegrimm - a frog-like Wesen
  • Frosch Schleimig - a frog-like Wesen
  • Fuchsbau - a fox-like Wesen
  • Fuchsteufelwild - a goblin-like Wesen
  • Fuilcré - an ox-like Wesen
  • Furis Rubian - a horned-toad like Wesen


  • Gallenblase - a substance made from human gallbladders
  • Gebirgeleutewortfuhrerin - broadly translated from German, this means "First/Head (female) Speaker of the Mountain Clans; this is the title of the queen of the Schwarzwald roma, a clan of Roman gypsies. See also: Zigeunersprache
  • Gedächtnis Esser - an octopus-like Wesen
  • Gedächtnishilfe - a substance that can be taken to improve one's memory
  • Gefrierengeber - an unknown Wesen that has only been mentioned
  • Gegengewicht - a movement of Wesen that seek to oppose the Royal Families
  • Gehfleisch - a term used by those in the Mirror Dimension to refer to humans, meaning "walking meat" (literally, "goat meat")
  • Geier - a vulture-like Wesen
  • Gelumcaedus - an alligator-like Wesen
  • Genio innocuo - a tortoise-like Wesen
  • Geölterblitz - another name for Murciélagos
  • Geruck gland - a small gland found exclusively in Ziegevolk brains, regulates Ziegevolk's production of pheromones
  • Geruck Gland Neutralizing Potion - a potion used to neutralize a Ziegevolk's pheromone effects and production
  • Gesetzbuch Ehrencodex - highest Wesen law of honor, forbidding Wesen from showing their true form to humans
  • Gevatter Tod - an assassin bug-like Wesen
  • Gift - German word for poison
  • Gleichheit - the mask worn by the Wesenrein
  • Glock - A gun model. Nick carries one of these.
  • Glühenvolk - an alien-like Wesen
  • Golem - a spirit in the form of a clay (or other single material, like stone or sand) man
  • GPR - Ground Penetrating Radar, a forensics method
  • GQR Industries - a company in Rotterdam that is owned by the Royals
  • Grausen:
  1. a disease caused by Daemoni adspicio
  2. (obsolete) a person affected by Grausen
  3. a horrific monstrosity
  • Grimm
    1. A person who can see Wesen for who they really are. Not usually considered a "normal" human, and not a Wesen.
    2. A really good cop (Made-up definition given to Juliette Silverton by Bud Wurstner)
  • Grimm Diaries - a series of books recording Wesen species and encounters by Grimms
  • Grimmig Freundschafteweisen - a Wesenrein law that says Wesen cannot befriend a Grimm
  • Grimmster - a fan of Grimm
  • Grimmy Awards - an annual Grimm Wiki event in which voting determines the most popular subjects in various categories
  • Grundfalsch - a term to describe a mixed-Wesen relationship
  • Grundverschiedene - a term to describe a mixed-Wesen relationship
  • Gterbestunde - a term that refers to the Sterbestunde (Hour of Dying) G symbol, which was the symbol of the Endezeichen Grimms, something they often branded into the flesh of their Wesen victims


  • Haarlos - a parasitic infection in Blutbaden caused by mites
  • Hadosheru - a rhinoceros beetle-like Wesen
  • Hadrian's Wall - an organization opposing Black Claw
  • Haesslich - alternate spelling of Hässlich
  • Handgefecht - a German term for "hand combat"
  • Hasenfussige Schnecke - a blobfish-like Wesen
  • Hässlich - a troll-like Wesen
  • Heart Purification Potion - a potion used to chemically purify one's heart
  • Heftigauroch - a bull-like Wesen
  • Hexenbiest - a witch-like Wesen
  • Hibernaculum - the location where Varme Tyv go to hibernate
  • Hippos athanatos - a pureblood, horse-like Wesen
  • Hoellentier - alternate spelling of Höllentier
  • Höllentier - a hellhound-like Wesen
  • Holmgäng - a duel to the death
  • Hundjaeger - alternate spelling of Hundjäger
  • Hundjäger - a hound dog-like Wesen
  • Huntha Lami Muuaji - a flatworm-like Wesen
  • Hybrid - a being that is the product of a union between two or more different species (Wesen, human, etc.)


  • Ichor-thanatos - a pureblood, hydra-like Wesen
  • Icy Touch - a secret mafia-like Wesen organization
  • Impuro - a term used by the Wesenrein when talking about a Wesen who marries outside their species
  • Indole Gentile - a sweet, doe-faced (innocent looking/not threatening) Wesen
  • Inner Ear Potion - a medication that treats balance problems deriving from the inner ear
  • Inugami - a ghost dog-like Wesen


  • Jaegerbar - alternate spelling of Jägerbar
  • Jägerbar - a bear-like Wesen
  • Jay - an addictive drug from jacine mold, fatal to humans
  • Jinnamuru Xunte - a fly-like Wesen
  • Jubokko - a type of tree that survives on human blood and has a symbiotic relationship with Kinoshimobes


  • Kackenkopf - a dung beetle-like Wesen
  • Kallikantzaros - a genetic disorder which affects a small portion of Indole Gentile children.
  • Kanabo - a spiked club used by Grimms
  • Karkinos - a giant crab-like Wesen
  • Kasipepo - a cheetah-like Wesen
  • Keep Portland Weird - Portland's unofficial slogan, encouraging people to be different. Often used in Grimm to explain why Portland has such a strange homicide record.
  • Kehrseite - Wesen term for a human
  • Kehrseite-Genträger - a human who is a Wesen gene carrier
  • Kehrseite-Schlich-Kennen - a human who is aware of Wesen
  • Keilhacke - a pickaxe with the pick fashioned in the form of a clawed hand
  • Khepri - a beetle-like Wesen
  • Kinoshimobe - an elemental being of the forest that has a symbiotic relationship with Jubokko trees
  • Kitsune - a fox-like Wesen
  • Klaustreich - an alley cat-like Wesen
  • Klosterhaus - A retirement or monastic retreat home for Wesen
  • Knochen Hof - A bone yard that also has a spiritual meaning, in which the life that has been sacrificed to sustain another life is honored
  • Koenigschlange - alternate spelling of Königschlange
  • Königschlange - a cobra-like Wesen
  • Koschie - a radioactive skeleton-like Wesen
  • Krampus - an anti-Santa Wesen


  • La Llorona - a ghost
  • Labrys - a double-sided axe
  • Laufer - a Wesen resistance group against the Verrat
  • Lausenschlange - a snake-like Wesen
  • L'esprit ailleurs - a substance used to induce memory loss and a comatose state
  • Le mort pour l'amour - a substance used to induce in one person an obsessive state for another
  • Lebensauger - a leech-like Wesen
  • Leeren Stuhl - the last three days of the feasting ritual performed by the Silver Plate Society
  • Leporem Venator - a Wesen who hunts Willahara for their feet
  • Leshy - an unknown forest Wesen from Russia that has only been mentioned
  • Les Rongeurs Roi - an alternate name for a Riesen-Ratte
  • Lob Hombre - a wolf-like Wesen
  • Loewen - alternate spelling of Löwen
  • Löwen - a lion-like Wesen
  • Löwen Games:
  1. gladiator matches run by Löwen
  2. an annual Grimm Wiki March Madness Löwen Gamesevent to coincide with March Madness
  • Luisant-Pêcheur - an otter-like Wesen
  • Luisant-Pescheur - (obsolete) alternate spelling of Luisant-Pêcheur
  • Luison - a wolf-like Wesen
  • Lycanthropia - a rare genetic mutation in Blutbaden


  • Maagd Zoektocht - a tradition of the Weten Ogen in which they complete a quest to win the hand of a female in marriage
  • Maahes - a pureblood, lion-like Wesen
  • Malin Fatal - a boar-like Wesen
  • Manticore - a half lion, half scorpion-like Wesen
  • Maréchaussée - a bounty hunter used by the Wesen Council
  • Matança Zumbido - an electric eel-like Wesen
  • Maul - a medieval weapon that resembles a hammer
  • Mauvais Dentes - a saber-toothed cat-like Wesen
  • Mauzhertz - a mouse-like Wesen
  • M.E. - Medical Examiner (e.g. Dr. Harper)
  • Mellifer - a bee-like Wesen
  • Mellifer Stinger - an injection tool used by Mellifers
  • Mellischwuler - the "queen bee" of a Mellifer hive
  • Menschenjagd - a hunt with people serving as prey
  • Minotaur - a bull-headed man Wesen
  • Mishipeshu - a Native American spirit that is half-cougar/half-dragon
  • M.O. - Mode of Operation, the manner in which a crime is committed
  • Mordstier - a bull-like Wesen
  • Murciélago - a bat-like Wesen
  • Murciélago Matraca - a weapon used to combat Murciélagos
  • Musai - a muse-like Wesen
  • Musasat Alsh-Shabab - a scarab beetle-like Wesen


  • Naiad - a mermaid-like Wesen
  • Nazar - an evil eye charm that is used in the Nuukh Suens spell
  • Nilpferd - a hippopotamus-like Wesen
  • Nuckelavee - a horse-like Wesen
  • Nuukh Suens - a spell that hides children from harm that may be coming their way


  • Occultatum Libera - the motto of Black Claw, which, loosely translated, means "free what's hidden" or "free the hidden"


  • Parfum de la Mort - substance that mimics the scent of dying
  • P.D. - Police Department
  • Peau de la Mort - an unknown Wesen only mentioned by Monroe
  • Pflichttreue - a white panther-like Wesen
  • PFNB - Portland First National Bank
  • Phansigar - a Komodo dragon-like Wesen
  • P.P.D. - Portland Police Department
  • Precinct:
  1. an administrative division of a city
  2. the police station designated for a precinct
  • Prior - a crime that has already been investigated
  • Post-Traumatic Zombification Disorder (PTZD) - a condition developed by Grimms who have been treated after being infected with Cracher-Mortel toxin and recovered.
  • Pure World Order - English name for the Purewelt Orden
  • Pureblood - an ancient race of Wesen, often one that was at one time worshiped as a deity
  • Purewelt Orden - an organization dedicated to keeping the world pure of impure lifestyles or blood
  • P.W.O. - Purewelt Orden


  • Quijada Vil - A Gila monster-like Wesen


  • Rat King - an alternate name for a Riesen-Ratte
  • Raub-Kondor - a condor-like Wesen
  • Reaper - a Wesen bounty hunter dedicated to killing and beheading Grimms
  • Reinheitsgebot - an ancient Wesen purity law which declares the interspecies marriage as taboo
  • Reinigen - a rat-like Wesen
  • Riesen-Ratte - a bunch of Reinigen joined together in the Erklarend
  • Rissfleisch - alternative spelling of Rißfleisch
  • Rißfleisch - a tiger-like Wesen
  • Roh-hatz - rite of passage for young Jägerbars
  • Rotznasig Carcaju - a wolverine-like Wesen
  • Run a plate - to check to see if a vehicle's license plate has had any traffic violations or been linked to a crime


  • Sairento Shi - a mantis-like Wesen
  • Sangrienta Manos - a Wesen that has only been mentioned that eats human intestines after killing its victims
  • Santero - a Santeria priest, who is also typically a Vibora Dorada
  • Saugendampf - a horn-like pipe used to inhale Jay and other drugs
  • Sauver Sa Peau - a preservation fluid used to sustain a Wesen specimen's Woge after death
  • Schakal - a jackal-like Wesen
  • Scharfblicke - an owl-like Wesen
  • Schinderdiv - a warthog-like Wesen
  • Schlaftrunk - a substance that puts Wesen to sleep
  • Schmerzen-Kaninchen - a rabbit-like Wesen
  • Schneetmacher - an unknown Wesen that has only been mentioned
  • Schwartzkralle - the German name of a revolutionary Wesen organization, Black Claw
  • Scythe - a farm tool, used by Reapers to decapitate Grimms
  • Secundum Naturae Order Nam Wesen - an ancient organization founded during the middle ages to keep Wesen pure
  • Seelengut - a sheep-like Wesen
  • Seltenvogel - a rare bird-like Wesen
  • Serum Exomologesis - a truth serum made specifically for canine Wesen
  • Sete ervas - Portuguese for "seven herbs," these are a primary ingredient in a powerful cloaking spell, the Nuukh Suens
  • Seven Houses - the seven Royal families that had power over the whole Wesen world, until WWI
  • Shaphat - a "child bride," of whom a prophecy states is to be chosen by a devil-like being, the Zerstörer
  • Shnabeltiermoerder - alternate spelling of Shnabeltiermörder
  • Shnabeltiermörder - a platypus-like Wesen
  • Siegbarste - an ogre-like Wesen
  • Siegbarste Gewehr - an elephant gun used by Grimms to kill Siegbarstes
  • Siegbarste Gift - a poison that is used to kill Siegbarstes
  • Silver Plate Society - a secret upper-class Wesen society
  • Skalengeck - a lizard-like Wesen
  • Skalenzahne - a crocodile-like Wesen
  • Sorglosgoer - alternate spelling of Sorglosgör
  • Sorglosgör - a Wesen which appears young when not woged, but its true age is shown in its Woge
  • Spedigberendess - a practice that is believed to provide good fortune and fertility to newlywed couples having difficulty conceiving a child
  • Spinnetod - a spider-like Wesen
  • Stangebaer - alternate spelling of Stangebär
  • Stangebär - a porcupine-like Wesen
  • Steinadler - a hawk-like Wesen
  • Sterbestunde G - the symbol of Endezeichen Grimms, stylized to look like a human skull
  • Straffe Kette Abendessen - the final evening meal where the food is served live and is performed by the Silver Plate Society


  • Taureus-Armenta - a minotaur-like Wesen
  • Taweret - a hippopotamus-like Wesen
  • Tefnut - a lion-like Wesen
  • Tik-tik - another name for Aswangs
  • Tränke - a German term for "potions"
  • Trasque - a dragon-like Wesen
  • Trauminsel - a slang term for a Jay crackhouse
  • Tribunal - a trial run by the Wesenrein
  • Tristitudo - a pack of roaming Barbatus Ossifrage; translated from Latin, it means "a group of grief"
  • Trust Me Knot - a blood oath that will kill anyone who betrays it


  • Uhranuti - a falcon-like Wesen
  • Ukufu Okusheshayo - a cheetah-like Wesen
  • Umkippen - the state of the Wesen side eclipsing and overtaking the human side due to constant forced woge
  • Unbezahlbar - rare golden "eggs" produced once in a Seltenvogel's lifetime
  • Ungeziefer Greifer - a weasel-like Wesen
  • Unnamed Red Herring-like Wesen - a red herring-like creature


  • Vambrace - a leather arm protector that is used to fight against Gelumcaedus
  • Varme Tyv - a snake-like Wesen
  • Verfallserscheinung - a medical condition with symptoms of dementia and rotting flesh
  • Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester - a Hexenbiest curse that removes a Grimm's powers
  • Verrat - a German peacekeeping force that aims to keep Wesen from becoming too powerful
  • Vertrautheiten - act of smelling and rubbing against another Wesen's face, used between two different Wesen to bond and trust one another
  • Vibora Dorada - a chimeric snake-like Wesen
  • Vle di Bouyi - A green liquid substance that is only harmful to reptilian Wesen, causing them to have a skin rash
  • Volcanalis - a demon
  • Volkodlak - a wolf-like Wesen
  • Völlige Verzweiflung - German mushroom, fatal to Blutbaden when cooked
  • Vorherrscher - term for the offspring of two Wesen that are different types
  • Vulpesmyrca - a black fox-like Wesen


  • Waage - an unknown Wesen only seen in a Grimm diary
  • Wældreór - a Wesen suffering from a rare blood disease related to Dengue fever
  • Waschbar - a raccoon-like Wesen
  • Wasser Zahne - an aquatic reptilian-like Wesen
  • Wechselbalg
    1. A changeling
    2. A Doppelgänger
    3. The Wesen responsible for both of the above legends
  • Wendigo - a cannibal-like Wesen
  • Wesen
    1. A were-person. See the article on Wesen for more information.
    2. To exsanguinate (Made-up definition given to Wu by Trubel)
  • Wesen Council - a group of Wesen that govern Wesen Law
  • Wesenrein - another name for the Secundum Naturae Ordinem Wesen
  • Weten Ogen - a lynx-like Wesen
  • Wettbewerbsgewinner - an avian and reptilian-like Wesen
  • Wildermann - a bigfoot-like Wesen
  • Wildesheer - a wolf-like Wesen
  • Willahara - a rabbit-like Wesen
  • Witch's hat - an object used by Hexenbiests to inhale the vapor of certain potions
  • wog - imperative form of woge
  • Woge - the transformed state of a Wesen
  • woge - to enter or exit the Woge
  • woged - alternate spelling of wogt, pronounced the same way
  • woging - present tense of woge
  • wogt - past tense of woge
  • Wolfsangel - a symbol used by the Secundum Naturae Ordinem Wesen in attacks against inter-species marriages
  • Wolfsbane - a plant that can be used to prevent Blutbaden from detecting one's scent
  • Wuetende Taube - alternate spelling of Wütende Taube
  • Wütende Taube - a pigeon-like Wesen



  • Yaguaraté - a jaguar-like Wesen
  • Yanbue - the somewhat viscous, liquid substance extracted by a Musasat Alsh-Shabab from a youthful victim
  • Yellow Plague - another name for Fluvus Pestilentia


  • Zauberbiest - a warlock-like Wesen
  • Zaubertrank - a substance, similar to potions, concocted by Hexenbiests for a certain task
  • Zerstörer - a devil-like being, of whom a prophecy states will come to earth seeking a Shaphat, or "child bride"
  • Ziegevolk - a goat-like Wesen
  • Zigeunersprache - a term for Romany or Gypsy language
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