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"Grimm: The Warlock Issue 3"
GrimmWarlock 3



February 2014February 5, 2014

Comic Information
Page Count: 32
Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Cover artist: Greg Smallwood
Writers: Jai Nitz
Artist: José Malaga
UPC: 725130211057
Diamond Product #: DEC131105
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Grimm: The Warlock Issue 3 is the third of four issues in the spinoff mini series of the Grimm comic book series. It was published in February 2014 by Dynamite Comics and distributed on February 5, 2014 by Diamond.

Plot synopsisEdit

Short synopsis: Nick and Sgt. Wu are wrapped up in a murder during Chinese New Year. The crime involves international politics and international Wesen. Can Nick solve the crime and keep his status as a Grimm hidden from Wu?


Nick meets Wu at the scene of a homicidal drowning at a Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland. Wu fills Nick in on the Taiwanese-American victim Brian Tzu, and Nick hurriedly vanishes to chase down a curious Wesen. He gets more than he bargained for from the lead, who shares only pain instead of information.

Wu invites Nick for a drink to ring in the Chinese New Year. Having dated a Chinese girl back in college, Wu has a wealth of knowledge about Chinese customs that he shares with Nick. Between a trailer visit and a critical piece of information from Wu, Nick realizes yesterday's lead must have been Brian's best friend, Gao Li.

Out of nowhere, Li returns to the crime scene to talk about Brian's murder. Nick learns that the two men had been interracial boyfriends, and that a mysterious man they had met had promised to help them love freely without being hunted. Nick puts two and two together and tells Li he's next on the hit list.

Nick goes to the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown, and there he finds the Warlock, who confesses to not only this crime, but also the basketball game rigging and the murder at the Pittock Mansion, and that he wants to hire Nick to help him destroy all Wesen. While Nick has him at gunpoint, he takes a call from Wu informing him that Li has been murdered. Meanwhile, the Warlock makes his escape.

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