Actor: Matthew Willig
Gender: Male
Type: Gelumcaedus
Relationships: Dead Andre, brother
Dead 1 other brother
Status: Living
TV Show: "Cold Blooded"

Gregorek is a Gelumcaedus who appeared in "Cold Blooded".


"Cold Blooded"Edit

Gregorek traversed through the sewers with a full bag. He walked up to a couple of filled barrels and dumped the new items into one of them.

Later, Gregorek broke into a house and started taking items from the house, such as candle holders and China plates, making a huge mess. Hearing a voice from outside, he paused and saw a person being dropped off in front of the house. When the person entered and noticed the mess, Gregorek woged into his Gelumcaedus form and attacked.

When Nick and Hank searched the sewers, they stumbled upon the Gelumcaedus hideout. Hank was attacked from behind by a woged Gregorek and was thrown into a shelf. Gregorek managed to bite down on Nick's arm, but his vambrace protected him, and Gregorek threw Nick to the ground. Before Gregorek could attack Nick again, Hank hit him in the back with his rifle, knocking him down. Nick quickly stood up as Hank warned Gregorek not to move. Gregorek woged back into his human form and said to Nick, "Dēcapitāre."

Gregorek was handcuffed in a precinct interrogation room. Nick and Hank attempted to get a confession from him, but he denied them one, so Nick and Hank left the room.

After Hank was kidnapped by Gregorek's brother, Andre, Nick let Gregorek out of his cell and brought him to the sewers where Hank was being held. Before going into the sewers, Nick received a call from Andre. Nick told him if he didn't hear Hank's voice, he would shoot Gregorek. Andre told Nick to leave his gun in the car and to bring "my brother to me."

In the sewers, Gregorek commented on how he had been frightened of the "Dēcapitāre" as a child when his grandfather used to scare him with stories. He added that Nick didn't seem so scary. Andre waited deep in the sewers with an immobilized Hank. He demanded Nick to free Gregorek, or he would cut Hank's throat. Nick complied without caution, and they exchanged hostages. Nick freed Hank while Gregorek informed Andre about Nick being Dēcapitāre. The brothers decided that they could not allow Nick and Hank to escape alive. As soon as the tape on Hank's mouth was removed, he warned Nick that there were three brothers. A third Gelumcaedus attacked Nick from behind as Andre and Gregorek woged. Nick killed Andre and the third brother. Gregorek pinned Nick to the wall, but Hank hit him with a pole, and the duo once more subdued him. Gregorek was devastated by the death of his brothers, but Nick and Hank were apathetic.


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