Actor: Hannah Marks
Gender: Female
Type: Human
Relationships: Hanson, brother
Status: Living
Job: Street vendor
TV Show: "Organ Grinder"

Gracie is a runaway from Pocatello, Idaho, who appeared in "Organ Grinder".


"Organ Grinder"Edit

She lived on the street with her brother, Hanson. She made some money by making and selling puka shell jewellery. Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin questioned her, since the only item found on Steven Bamford's body was a puka shell necklace. Over dinner with Nick and Juliette Silverton, she and her brother admitted that they knew other runaways who had disappeared, including Kevin Standish, a boy who she liked romantically. She was upset that Kevin had not contacted her once he left in a white van to work on a ranch. After she told Dr. Levine about helping a detective who was investigating the disappearances, the Geiers abducted her and Hanson. Dr. Levine, who also proved to be a Geier, was about to remove Gracie's organs when Nick and Hank Griffin rescued her and the others.



  • Her name is a play on Gretel, from "Hansel and Gretel."
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