Opening Quote: "The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones." – Julius Caesar

Scene: Kevin Salesky starts driving home drunk.

Kevin: Don't drink and drive. [He chuckles] How am I supposed to get home? [After driving for a little while, he crashes into a tree causing him to fly through his windshield]

Scene: Nick arrives home and gets out of the elevator.

Nick: Is Kelly asleep?
Adalind: Finally. I think he's teething.
Nick: Already?
Adalind: Yeah, I think. I'm not sure. I've never really gotten this far before.
Nick: How's work going?
Adalind: Okay. Feels good to be back.
Nick: Is Kelly liking it?
Adalind: Yeah, we make a pretty good team. He makes some pretty tough clients relax; they kind of forget about their problems.
Nick: Maybe I should bring him to the precinct.
Adalind: I'm sure he'd love a little detective-man-dad time. Which... I wouldn't mind myself, except substituting "dad" with "lover."
Nick: Yeah, I-I... guess we've both been a little too busy lately.
Adalind: Yeah. I know things have been a little tense, and... I'm sorry. This isn't the easiest relationship because of how we started. Trust isn't a natural thing for us, but... I think we need to work on that. [She and Nick start kissing] This is not stopping here. [She and Nick head to their room]

Scene: Kevin Salesky regains consciousness and gets up while Charlie Higginbotham sits in his van nearby and sniffs the air.

Kevin: [He looks around for help] Oh. Hey, hey, you got to help me. I had an accident.
Pinky: Had an accident? Man, you are an accident. Oh, uh... [He takes out his phone]
Man: What are you doing?
Pinky: I'm calling 911.
Man: Man, don't-don't call nobody. Put your phone away. We out. [He and Pinky start walking away]
Kevin: Hey! Where are you going? You have to help me, please! [He falls to the ground and passes out]
[Charlie walks up and takes Kevin's phone and wallet out of his pockets, and throws them into a bush. He then drags Kevin away]

Scene: Hank runs into Zuri Ellis at a grocery store.

Zuri: Hank?
Hank: Zuri.
Zuri: How are you?
Hank: Good. How are you?
Zuri: I'm fine.
Hank: What are you doing on this side of town?
Zuri: Oh, I have a client over here. I still do physical therapy. By the way, how's your ankle?
Hank: Good as new.
Zuri: No other problems?
Hank: No. How's your brother doing?
Zuri: Believe it or not, he's a sophomore in Eugene; he's doing really well.
Hank: Oh, well, it was good to see you. Take care of yourself.
Zuri: Well, Hank, wait. I've thought a lot about what happened with us. I'm-I'm really sorry about the way things ended.
Hank: Hey, don't be. It's okay.
Zuri: Well, I'd like to make it up to you.
Hank: Really, it's okay.
Zuri: No, it's not okay. I mean, when I said "I thought a lot about things," I thought a lot about things so, um... how about dinner?
Hank: Okay, I'll call you.
Zuri: No, you won't. No, you won't-listen, I am not leaving here until I know when I'm gonna see you.
Hank: Okay. How about tomorrow night?
Zuri: You're on. [She chuckles] Um, I have a new address, so... [She writes down her address and gives it to Hank]
Hank: Okay. I'll pick you up.
Zuri: Or I could make something.
Hank: Or you could make something.
[Zuri laughs as Hank leaves]

Scene: Charlie finishes dragging Kevin.

Charlie: I apologize.
Kevin: For what?
Charlie: For what I have to do.
Kevin: What do you have to do?
[Charlie gets into his van and runs Kevin over. He then backs up, running him over again. He gets out of his van and walks over to Kevin]
Kevin: [Weakly] Help...
[Charlie woges into a Barbatus Ossifrage and sticks his tongue down Kevin's throat. He begins dissolving Kevin's bones so he can suck them out]

Scene: Charlie arrives at a trailer and goes inside.

[Charlie woges and advances towards an older couple who are playing a game]

Scene: Wu wakes up and goes to brush his teeth.

[Wu starts coughing and choking before taking a bloody hairball out of his mouth, and throwing it in the sink in disgust]

Scene: Nick arrives at the precinct.

Officer: Desk assigned all these forms...
Nick: What have we got?
Hank: Just reviewing a deposition on the Ryan case, but guess who I ran into last night.
Nick: You really want me to guess?
Hank: No. Zuri.
Nick: Physical therapist Zuri?
Hank: Yeah, ran into her at the grocery store.
Nick: And?
Hank: She asked me out.
Nick: I thought she didn't want to do the whole Wesen-Kehrseite thing.
Hank: Apparently she was feeling guilty over that very same thing.
Nick: How much guilt are we talking about?
Hank: She's cooking dinner for me tonight at her house.
Nick: That is very guilty.
Hank: [He looks at Renard's office] Yeah, speaking of guilt, I wonder if the Captain's feeling any over not being here. I found this on my windshield this morning. [He hands Nick a flyer about Renard for mayor] I think he's got a real shot at winning this thing.
Nick: If Black Claw starts controlling politics, they'll be able to manipulate the entire system.
Hank: And Wesen will control the whole city.
Nick: That would not be good.
Hank: [The phone rings and he answers] Griffin. Yeah. Uh-huh. Got it. [He hangs up]
Nick: That sounds like we're busy.
Hank: We are.

Scene: Rosalee gives instructions to a customer.

Rosalee: Remember to apply it just before bedtime, and be sure to wash your hands before and after you use it.
Customer: Thank you. [He leaves]
Rosalee: [She notices Eve] Eve.
Eve: Adalind has her powers back.
Rosalee: I know.
Eve: How long has she had them back?
Rosalee: I'm not sure. Maybe three or four weeks.
Eve: Does she know you know?
Rosalee: Yes.
Eve: Does Nick know?
Rosalee: Yes.
Eve: Did Adalind tell him?
Rosalee: No.
Eve: You did.
Rosalee: I waited for Adalind to tell him, but she didn't, and I felt I had to.
Eve: Has Nick told Adalind that he knows?
Rosalee: I don't think so.
Eve: You were in the tunnel, weren't you?
Rosalee: Uh, yeah. It wasn't because of you we didn't come out.
Eve: It was because of Adalind. She didn't know you were there. I sensed you; she didn't. She's out of practice, Rosalee. She won't be for long. [She starts to head for the exit]
Rosalee: You threatened her. You said if she did anything to Nick, you'd go after her.
Eve: You have a problem with that?
Rosalee: It's what I would have said...
[Eve leaves]
Rosalee: ...If I was Juliette.

Scene: Nick and Hank meet Wu at the scene of Kevin's body.

Wu: Sanitation worker found him at 7:35 this morning. He was a little on the freaked-out side-and with good reason. I know I've said, "This is a really weird one," before, but this is a really weird one.
Nick: Is there more than one piece?
Wu: No.
Hank: Bite marks?
Wu: Not that I could tell.
Nick: Is there something missing?
Wu: Uh, I believe there is. I don't think there's a bone left in this guy's body.
Nick: Well, this guy got boned.
Hank: Well, no wallet, keys, or phone.
Nick: Looks like a crusty residue around his mouth.
Hank: You had to say "crusty."
Wu: Okay, I have no idea if we're gonna get any useable fingerprints; these are gonna be pretty distorted. There is no bone in the fingers.
Hank: Those are tire tracks. It looks like he was run over.
Nick: Yeah, more than once.
Wu: Then somebody took his wallet, keys, phone, and bones. This is one sick dude.
Nick: Well, let's see if we can get an ID on the vic and send him over to the M.E. [He and Hank walk away]
[Wu continues to try to get a fingerprint]

Scene: Nick and Hank find recent cases that were similar.

Nick: Well, this is not the first flat body on the books.
Hank: That's sort of depressing.
Nick: One case in Fresno County, California, January of this year. Two more cases in Humboldt County in February.
Hank: Well, if he's moving to Oregon, Portland makes sense.
Nick: All right, if there's three cases this year, there's got to be more.
Hank: We should take it back five more years.
Wu: [He walks up] Took a little squeezing, but I finally got a readable fingerprint. Our victim is Kevin Carl Salesky, and he does have a bit of a record. Arrested for a couple drunk and disorderlies, public urination, three DUIs, the last one resulting in a vehicular manslaughter charge, of which he was acquitted on a technicality, and that was just last year. I ran his license. His car was reported about 30 minutes ago, crashed and abandoned at Dekum Park.
Nick: The Graveyard? That Dekum Park?
Hank: It's on the other side of the river. How the hell did he get where he did?
Wu: Car's still at the park, pending investigation. Blood was found at the scene but no body. [His phone rings and he answers] Yeah? Okay, I will do them now. Send him up to get them. [He hangs up] Assignment reviews have got to be signed. You guys good?
Hank: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[Wu goes to his desk]
Hank: So we got a car smashed up in the park. Car could have been stolen before he was killed or after he was killed.
Nick: Or maybe it wasn't stolen at all. I mean, this guy's got three DUIs. He could have crashed it on his own.
Hank: I'm gonna make sure no one touches that car before we get there. [He makes a call] Hey, this is Detective Griffin. Who's the officer on duty?
[Wu shakes his hand at his desk and when he looks at it, it starts to morph. His hand becomes hairier and it grows. Flashback of Wu thinking he was dreaming about running through a forest in "Inugami." Wu stands up and falls over]
Nick: Hey, Wu! [He and Hank go over to Wu] You okay?
Wu: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, don't worry. Uh, I got dizzy. [Hank helps him into his chair] Must have gotten up too fast.
Hank: You might be having low blood sugar. When was the last time you ate?
Wu: Um... [He thinks about the bloody hairball] I think I had something last night. I'm fine. I'm fine now.
Nick: You sure?
Wu: Yeah, yeah, I'm good.
Hank: Look, we're gonna go check out that car. Make sure you get something to eat.
Wu: Yep.
[Nick and Hank leave as Wu looks at his hand which has returned to normal]

Scene: Nick and Hank meet Franco at Kevin's car.

Franco: Hey, fellas. Scavengers got here before we did, stripped it pretty clean. I got a guy who says he saw the driver last night. Not much of a witness, but he's all we got.
Nick: Where is he?
Franco: Sleeping in the back of my car. I think he kind of had a rough year last night. [They walk over to his car] Name's Pinklon Williams.
Hank: Pinky?
Franco: You know him?
Hank: Yeah, I know him. Pinky! Wake up!
Pinky: Oh, no, uh, Detective Griffin, man. What are you doing here? I didn't do nothing.
Hank: Pinky, you look awful.
Pinky: I know, uh, I do, Detective. I know I do.
Hank: Hey, man, come on out of there.
Pinky: Am I under arrest?
Hank: No. You were wearing that jersey the last time I arrested you.
Pinky: Yeah, I've been wearing this jersey every day since 1999. Look, this is my man. This is Scottie Pippen. This is Trail Blazers. This is Rip City. Everybody said that his career was over when Jordan retired. They was wrong!
Hank: All right, listen, the sergeant here says you saw the person who was driving that car.
Pinky: I saw a guy who looked like he went through a windshield.
Nick: [He shows Pinky a mugshot of Kevin] This him?
Pinky: Maybe, if you threw him through a windshield.
Nick: Did you talk to him?
Pinky: Not really. He was extremely inebriated. Not that I'm judging.
Hank: All right, did you see where he went?
Pinky: Uh, last time I saw him, he was down here by the trash cans.
[They walk over to where Pinky saw Kevin]
Hank: So what-what'd he do? Did he say anything to you?
Pinky: I didn't stick around. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Do I get, um, like a-a-a reward for all this pertinent information?
[A cell phone rings]
Hank: No.
Pinky: Oh...
Nick: Where is that coming from?
Franco: Go on, Pinky, get out of here.
[Pinky leaves]
Hank: I got a wallet. Let's dust it for prints and see what we get.
[Nick picks up the phone]
Hank: [He looks at the ID] There's our guy.
Nick: Credit cards and cash still in there?
Hank: Yep. Wasn't a robbery.
Nick: Well, let's talk to the M.E. See if she's ever seen anything like this before.

Scene: Nick and Hank go talk to Bindra at the Medical Examiner's Office.

Bindra: I have never seen anything like this before. The entire skeletal structure has dissolved. I mean, it's gone. The only way I can explain it is, I found a high level of chitinase throughout the body.
Hank: And chitinase is what?
Bindra: A digestive enzyme usually found in bats. The only other thing I found in his system was alcohol. [She whispers] A lot of it. But that doesn't dissolve bones.
Nick: What about all the crusty stuff around his mouth?
Bindra: I believe that's liquefied bone.
Nick: So somehow he regurgitated his entire skeletal structure out of his mouth?
Bindra: It-it's a possibility, but I-I'm not gonna put that in my report. Sorry, guys, I wish I could be more help. [She walks away]

Scene: Pinky tries to make a drug deal.

Pinky: What is this? I gave you $40. This is only $20 worth. What are you doing?
Man: No, man, you gave me 20.
Pinky: Come on. Don't give me that. Give me what I paid what are you-
[Pinky is shot and everyone runs away. Pinky crawls and tries to get up as blood pours out of his mouth. Nearby, Charlie sits in his van and sniffs the air. He gets out and goes to Pinky, and starts emptying Pinky's pockets]
Pinky: [He groans] Oh, God. Don't rob me, man. What are you I was just sh-I was shot, man, call 9- [He whimpers and coughs]
Charlie: I apologize.
Pinky: Wha... what?
Charlie: Really. I mean it. If I didn't have to do this, I wouldn't. But I don't expect you to understand.
Pinky: [He moans] Please... No, no! No!
[Charlie drags Pinky in front of his van. He then reluctantly runs Pinky over twice as Pinky screams in pain]

Scene: Charlie drives to the trailer and goes inside.

Mrs. Higginbotham: Charlie?
Charlie: Yeah.
Mr. Higginbotham: Did you bring us something?
Charlie: Yeah, Pa.
Mrs. Higginbotham: You are such a good boy. What would we ever do without him?
Mr. Higginbotham: We'd starve.
Charlie: I know. [He and his parents woge. He sticks his tongue into his mom's mouth, and begins to feed her Pinky's bones]

Scene: Hank arrives at Zuri's house.

Zuri: Welcome. Come on in.
Hank: Um... [He hands Zuri a bottle]
Zuri: Pinot Noir. I love Pinot Noir.
Hank: Yeah, I, uh... I was hoping you loved Pinot Noir, 'cause, uh, that's what I got.
Zuri: Well, let's open it. Here you go. [She hands Hank a corkscrew] I hope you like salmon. I figured, you know, that was safe.
Hank: Yeah, who doesn't love salmon?
[Zuri chuckles]
Hank: You know, um, I never thought this would happen.
Zuri: [She laughs] Yeah, I didn't either. So do you still work, uh, with the Grimm?
Hank: I do.
Zuri: Does he know that you're here tonight?
Hank: Well, I told him we ran into each other.
Zuri: Yeah. How long have you two been working together, now?
Hank: Uh, going on six years.
Zuri: Wow. How are you dealing with all that?
Hank: [He hands Zuri a glass of wine] Well, I try not to judge.
Zuri: Well, then, you must be very open-minded.
Hank: What changed your mind?
Zuri: You know what I am, and you accept me for what I am. I was too quick to overlook that. Then I just got mad at myself, 'cause I knew I blew an opportunity. [She laughs] Then when I saw you in the frozen food section, I just figured, you know, well, "He really needs someone to cook him a decent meal."
Hank: Well, that works for me.
[They clink their glasses and take a drink]
Zuri: Okay, well, you can give me a hand and stir this sauce while I finish setting the table.
Hank: [He chuckles] Um... I can do that.

Scene: Adalind wakes Nick up in the middle of the night.

Adalind: [Whispering] Nick. Nick. You need to wake up.
Nick: What's wrong?
Adalind: I need to tell you something.
Nick: Okay.
Adalind: I talked to Sean Renard.
Nick: Why?
Adalind: He called. He wouldn't tell me on the phone what it was about. He wanted to meet. It's Diana. He said she's with the Resistance.
Nick: Why would he be telling you this now?
Adalind: I don't know. I think he's gonna use Diana to get to me for some reason. I'm sorry. I should have told you sooner.
Nick: We think Renard is working with Black Claw.
Adalind: Are you sure?
Nick: Yeah. But he doesn't know that we know, and, for now, it's better that way.
Adalind: I'm scared.
Nick: If you hear from him again, tell me.
Adalind: Okay.

Scene: Hank meets with Nick at the precinct.

Officer: [To Hank] Hey.
Nick: So how was last night?
Hank: Very nice.
Nick: You didn't sleep with her?
Hank: I did not. Doesn't mean I won't, but we're just getting reacquainted. I'm in no hurry.
Renard: [On the phone] No, I spoke with him just the other day. Yeah.
Nick: The Captain contacted Adalind, didn't tell me anything about it.
Hank: Okay, what don't I know that I should know?
[They step aside]
Nick: Said that Diana is with the Resistance.
Hank: I thought she was with the Royals.
Nick: So did I.
Hank: If the Captain is working with Black Claw, they're gonna use Adalind to get to you. [His phone rings] We're associating with some very unsavory characters. [He answers] Wu. Where? [He hangs up] We got another flat one.

Scene: Nick and Hank meet with Wu at the scene of Pinky's body.

Hank: Number 33, that's Pinky.
Wu: Bullet wound to the gut.
Hank: The likelihood of him getting shot here is pretty small. Pinky never left that park.
Nick: And it's just like the last one. Now, I'm thinking our perp finds his victims in the park, takes them elsewhere to run them over. We need to find out exactly what we're dealing with.

Scene: Nick and Hank meet with Monroe and Rosalee at the spice shop.

Rosalee: They stalked places of death, battlefields, workhouses, and slums.
Nick: Barbatus Ossifrage?
Monroe: Yeah, they prey on the mortally wounded.
Hank: So they kill the already dying?
Monroe: Exactly. So technically, they're not killers. They sort of serve the same purpose in the ecosystem as, like, vultures, providing clean-up and recycling of dead bodies, which, in turn, prevents the spread of plague and pestilence.
Rosalee: They roam in packs called "tristitudo," which translates to "a group of grief."
Nick: So we could be dealing with more than one.
Monroe: Definitely, but the thing is, unlike vultures, these guys don't hang around one area for more than, like, three or four bodies because, you know... [He chuckles] hauling off a human corpse is a little more obvious than, like, pecking at carrion.
Rosalee: Were the bodies dropped from a high place? Because they'd have to break the bones before they could dissolve them and suck them out.
Hank: Our bodies were run over.
Monroe: Well, I guess that's a sacrifice you have to make when you don't have a cliff.
Nick: Both of our victims were taken from Dekum Park.
Monroe: Well, then the Barbatus Ossifrage is probably scavenging Dekum Park.
Rosalee: That's where you're gonna find him.
Hank: We have no idea who this guy is. He has no relationship with the victims.
Monroe: How can you even arrest this guy for murder, anyway? I mean, he didn't kill anybody. I guess he helps it along.
Hank: He's an accessory, and he screws up our crime scenes. There's no way we'll be able to get a conviction with a boneless body.
Rosalee: I don't know how you're gonna find an Ossifrage without another body.
Nick: Well, it says here that, "They're attracted to the smell of blood."
Rosalee: Not just the smell of blood; it has to be the scent of imminent death.
Hank: Maybe we can borrow a body from the morgue.
Rosalee: Um, that won't be enough. The victim is gonna have to smell like it's alive.
Nick: So we have to find someone who's alive but dying? How are we gonna do that?
Rosalee: Well, there is something called the Parfum de la Mort; it's the scent of dying. You know, if you get me a body, I could probably make that up.
Monroe: Well, I guess one of us could do it. Any volunteers? [Everyone looks at him] Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, wait a minute. I've already done this once before.
Rosalee: Well, technically, no, you don't have to ingest anything that's gonna actually risk your life. Sweetie, you just have to lay there and endure the Parfum de la Mort.
Monroe: How bad is it?
Rosalee: It's no worse than certain cheeses.
Monroe: When do you want to do this?
Nick: Tonight.

Scene: Adalind gets a call from Renard.

Adalind: Hello?
Renard: Can you talk?
Adalind: Yeah.
Renard: I need to see you tonight, alone. Don't bring Kelly or anybody else.
Adalind: Well, what am I supposed to tell Nick?
Renard: Well, I heard you're working again. Why don't you tell him you're meeting with a client?
Adalind: Is this about Diana?
Renard: I'll text you where and when. Don't be late. [He hangs up]

Scene: A notification pops up on Eve's computer screen that an asset is missing and two people are dead.

[Eve looks up who the asset is and finds that it is Diana]

Scene: Rosalee works on making the Parfum de la Mort in the back room of the spice shop.

Monroe: Hey, is that stuff just about done? [He opens the door]
Rosalee: No, no, no! You don't want to—
Monroe: [He is extremely grossed out by the smell] Oh! Oh, my God! [He quickly leaves the room, covering his nose]
Rosalee: You do not want to breathe this stuff!
Monroe: Thank you! Thank you for that. Just make it stop.
Rosalee: I'm almost done.
[Nick, Hank, and Wu arrive]
Nick: Is it ready?
Monroe: Almost done. [He blows his nose and sees Nick, Hank, and Wu going into the back room] No! No! No! No! No!
All three: Oh! [They plug their noses and quickly close the door]
Wu: My brain is on fire.
Hank: Oh!
Monroe: Just wait a second, you guys. She's almost done.
Rosalee: [She comes out of the room] I'm s-I'm so sorry. This stuff is-it's really potent.
Wu: That is unlike anything I have ever smelled before.
Rosalee: [To Nick] Okay, here. Don't spray this until you have to and only on his clothes, not on his skin. [She hands Nick the Parfum de la Mort. To Monroe] And you need to wear these. It's not fresh blood, but... [She hands Monroe something to plug his nose] if there are any Barbatus Ossifrage in the area, trust me, you will get their attention.
Nick: You ready?
Monroe: Can we get this over with? [He takes the Parfum de la Mort from Nick]
[Nick, Hank, and Wu leave]
Monroe: I'll be back as soon as I can.
Rosalee: Remember, take off your clothes before you come in the house and go directly to the shower; I think that would be best.
Monroe: All right. [He and Rosalee kiss and he leaves]
Rosalee: [The phone rings and she answers] Spice & Tea.
Adalind: Oh, hey, it's me. I have a big favor to ask of you. I have a meeting tonight, and I know Nick's working late, and I was just wondering if there's any way you can watch Kelly for a couple of hours?
Rosalee: Sure. Should I come right over?
Adalind: Um... [She gets a text from Renard telling her when and where to meet] Uh-no, no, no, no. I'll bring him to you.
Rosalee: Oh, okay. Then I'll get cleaned up, then. See you in a few. [She hangs up]

Scene: Nick, Hank, Wu, and Monroe walk in a field at the park.

Nick: All right. This is good enough.
Monroe: [He sighs] Okay. Can you hold this, please? [He hands Wu the Parfum de la Mort and plugs his nose] You guys might want to, you know, clear. [Wu hands him back the Parfum de la Mort] Thank you. [He inhales deeply and sprays the Parfum de la Mort on his clothes] Oh, my God. I can feel how bad this stuff smells.
Nick: Time to go. [He, Hank, and Wu go hide]
[Monroe coughs as he lies on the ground]
Charlie: [Nearby, he sniffs and sighs] Yes. [He gets out of his van and heads towards Monroe]

Scene: Adalind arrives at the spice shop with Kelly.

Rosalee: Hi.
Adalind: Hi. I can't thank you enough for doing this.
Rosalee: Gosh, I should be thanking you.
Adalind: It really should only take a couple of hours.
Rosalee: Don't even worry about it. Take your time. Kelly and I have a lot to talk about. Huh? [She takes Kelly from Adalind] Yes, you-we do, don't we? Ah, we do. [She giggles] How are things at work, going back?
Adalind: Oh, good. I mean, I like not being at the loft all day, and I think it's good for Kelly to get out and meet other people.
Rosalee: Yeah.
Adalind: I just couldn't be without him right now.
Rosalee: I know, I think if I ever have a baby, I'd want to bring him to work too, so... this will be good test run, huh? How are things with you and Nick?
Adalind: Uh... [She sighs] I haven't told him, if that's what you're asking. Every time I'm about to, I just freeze up, and nothing comes out.
Rosalee: You can't keep it from him forever.
Adalind: I know. Uh, well, everything you need is right here. And I-I have my cell, so if you need anything.
Rosalee: [She chuckles] We're gonna be okay. Don't worry.
Adalind: Bye, bud. Okay, okay. [She leaves]
Rosalee: Bye. Are we gonna have some fun here? You gonna have some fun?

Scene: Monroe lays in the field, waiting as Charlie approaches.

[Near Wu, garbage rattles behind him and he quickly turns around. A dog sniffs and whimpers before growling at Wu. Wu suddenly morphs into a Neanderthal-like creature and chases the dog. Charlie continues getting closer to Monroe and sniffs the air. Nick and Hank get their guns out as Wu chases the dog. He ends up tripping and hitting his head. He gets knocked out, causing him to return to normal. Just before Charlie gets to Monroe, he pauses and sniffs the air multiple times. He then heads in Wu's direction, so Nick and Hank come out of hiding]
Hank: Was that him?
Nick: I don't know.
Hank: He didn't take the bait.
Nick: Maybe something spooked him.
Hank: All right, where's Wu?
Nick: We better find out.
[Charlie stands over Wu and starts dragging him. Nick then finds Wu's wallet]
Nick: Hank! Over here!
Charlie: [He drags Wu closer to his van] I can't do this anymore. I can't feed them day after day, month after month. What about me? What about my life? Doesn't that mean anything to anybody? I hate them. They are ruining my life. I wish that they would both just die. Oh. Damn it! Don't they see? Don't they even see what they're doing to me? They don't see it. They never have. [He squats down] I apologize. I really do. This isn't something that I want to do. I don't have anything against you. Believe me. It's just... who we are. You can never get away from that. [He walks up to his van] You know how they say you can't go home again? [He gets into his van] I don't want to go home again!
[Nearby, Nick and Hank meet up]
Nick: He got him. I think he's got Wu.
Hank: That means he came in from this way. He's headed that way.
Charlie: [He prepares to run Wu over] "I'm hungry, I'm hungry, feed me, Charlie, feed me." I'm sick of it! [He revs his engine]
Hank: There's the van!
Nick: Police!
Hank: Out of the van!
[Charlie runs out of the back of the van. Back at the field, Monroe sits up]
Monroe: Guys? Guys? [He gets up]
[Nick and Hank chase after Charlie]
Nick: Stop!
Hank: Put your hands on your head.
[Charlie pauses and woges]
Nick: Yeah, Barbatus Ossifrage, we know.
[Charlie starts to run again, but is hit by a truck]
Driver: He ran right in front of me. I-I couldn't stop.
Charlie: My parents... depend on me. They're always so hungry. Tell them that I tried. [He dies]
Driver: He came out of nowhere.
[Monroe walks up]
Driver: I didn't see him until it was... oh-oh, my God.
Monroe: Oh, sorry. That's me.
[Soon, Wu is loaded into an ambulance]
Nick: Hang in there, Wu. We'll check in with you at the hospital.
Hank: He gonna be okay?
Nick: He hit his head pretty hard, but I think so, yeah.
Hank: I found a registration for a trailer in the glove box. I put a BOLO out on it.
Nick: If we find the trailer, we'll find his parents.
Hank: Yeah. So what do you want to do about Monroe?
Nick: [He sighs] He's not coming in our car.
Hank: I'll call him a cab.

Scene: Adalind meets with Renard.

Renard: Adalind. [He walks up to Adalind] I'm sorry it has to be this way.
Adalind: What way?
[Multiple men start walking towards Adalind]
Adalind: No! [She woges, but a man drugs her from behind] You bastard... [She passes out and falls into Renard's arms. She retracts]
Renard: I know. [He picks Adalind up to put her in a car]

Scene: Nick and Hank arrive at Charlie's parents' trailer.

Hank: Yeah, that's it. Registration matches.
Nick: [H knocks and Charlie's mom answers] Hi, I'm, uh, Detective Burkhardt. This is Detective Griffin.
Mrs. Higginbotham: Oh. [Shakily] No. Charlie...
Mr. Higginbotham: Is that Charlie? I'm hungry.

Scene: Charlie's parents are taken to the morgue to identify Charlie.

Mrs. Higginbotham: He was such a good boy. [She cries]
Mr. Higginbotham: He took good care of us.
Mrs. Higginbotham: [Sobbing] Yes. That is our Charlie.
Mr. Higginbotham: God, what-what happened to him? Looks like he got hit by a truck.
Mrs. Higginbotham: Oh...
Nick: We're very sorry for your loss.
Mr. Higginbotham: Could we have a few moments alone with him?
Hank: Of course. [He and Nick leave]
Mrs. Higginbotham: [Sobbing] Can't let this go to waste.
Mr. Higginbotham: You're right. He-he'd want it this way. You-you go first.
[Mrs. Higginbotham woges and starts feeding on Charlie's bones]
Mr. Higginbotham: But leave some for me.
Hank: You hear something?
Nick: Yeah.
Hank: You don't think they're...
Nick: You think we should stop them?
Hank: Not a chance.

Scene: Renard wakes Adalind up.

Renard: Adalind.
[Adalind quickly sits up]
Renard: No. Wait. [He steps to the side]
Adalind: [She sees Diana] Diana?
Diana: Mommy.
Adalind: Diana!
Diana: [She runs up to Adalind and they hug] I missed you so much.
Adalind: I missed you too. [She glares at Renard]


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