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Other languages: German: Glühwesen
Hungarian: Tündöklő
Spanish: Glühenvolk
Русский: Светлошкур
Farsi: گلوئن ولک
Notables: Vincent
Vincent & Jocelyn's baby

A Glühenvolk (GLOO-in-folk; Ger. Glühen "glow" + Volk "people") is an alien-like Wesen that appeared in "Endangered". They are extremely rare, humanoid reptilian creatures with magnificent glowing skin, giving them a very extraterrestrial-like appearance in recent times.


When they woge, Glühenvolk gain bulbous heads with a barely visible nose and ears. Their mouths are filled with yellow, peg-like fangs. Most notably, Glühenvolk gain reptilian, bio-luminescent skin that glows a gentle, yet brilliant electric blue. The bioluminescence of these creatures is caused by luciferase, a class of enzymes found in many organisms like fireflies and many marine invertebrates. Their eyes also turn the same shade of blue but do not glow. Their infants are born woged.

As a pregnancy advances in female Glühenvolk, she needs to consume a greater quantity of cow ovaries to prevent the premature delivery of the child. During the third trimester, the female is no longer mobile enough to endure the physical nature of the hunt. During this time, the male Glühenvolk will harvest the ovaries for his mate during the night under the cover of darkness.

They appear to be somewhat stronger than humans, as Vincent was able to rip cow ovaries out with his bare hands. They are also fast creatures and posses great stamina.


Glühenvolk are a benevolent species; they do not like to kill accidentally or intentionally. Male Glühenvolk are extremely caring and protective of their mates, especially if their mate is pregnant. Attempting to harm a Glühenvolk's mate is one of the only ways to elicit a violent response from them. When a female Glühenvolk is pregnant, she must consume cow ovaries to stay healthy. Due to their disdain for violence, Glühenvolk prefer to attack the cows while they are asleep to lessen the rush of adrenaline, and thus, souring the flavor and texture of the meat.


They are a very ancient Wesen species whose roots can be traced back to Africa. In the past, their magnificent skin was thought to have magical properties, and today, it is simply valued for its beauty. Consequently, they have been hunted to near extinction and are considered as such by most other Wesen. Due to their rarity and beauty, many Wesen consider seeing a Glühenvolk to be good luck. In modern times, sightings of Glühenvolk have led humans to believe in the existence of extraterrestrials, and they are of particular interest to ufologists.

Excerpt from Grimm DiariesEdit

219 Gluhenvolk Grimm Diaries

Thought to be extinct, Glühenvolk were considered valuable for their skin's luminescent quality and were hoarded by collectors.

It was thought to be extremely good luck to see a Glühenvolk in the wild.

Their existence and the likelihood of seeing one, was akin to the legend of the leprechaun.

I tracked this beautiful creature to the ends of the earth. It took nearly a lifetime, but it was worth it. His skin so radiant and valuable, I poached him and retired on the fortune I made.

A close view of Glühenvolk skin, which glows like the moon.

219-Glühenvolk in book219 Gluhenvolk Grimm Diaries2

Season 2 Blu-ray Grimm Guide ProfileEdit

A humanoid reptilian creature with glowing skin, this uniquely ancient Wesen species have roots that go all the way back to Africa. The gestating female is known to consume cow ovaries during pregnancy. They are believed to have been hunted into extinction for their skin's unique luminescent quality.



Creature Profile Gluhenvolk - Grimm

Creature Profile Gluhenvolk - Grimm


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Vulpine Wesen Fuchsbau, Kitsune, Vulpesmyrca

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