Gilda Darner
Actor: Amy Gumenick
Gender: Female
Type: Human
Relationships: Handcuff Rocky, boyfriend
Status: Living
TV Show: "Bears Will Be Bears"

Gilda Darner is a young thrill seeker who appeared in "Bears Will Be Bears".


"Bears Will Be Bears"Edit

She broke into a family residence for fun to steal food and abuse the surroundings. She and her accomplice, Rocky, were discovered. They attempted to flee, but Rocky was trapped, and Gilda fled alone. She was arrested for driving under the influence. While being questioned, she told the police that Rocky had been taken prisoner, but when the police investigated, the family claimed that she was lying. She later tried to shoot Diane Rabe as part of an attempt to rescue her friend, but was instead assaulted by Barry Rabe and held captive, along with Rocky, to become human prey in a rite-of-passage ritual known as the Roh-hatz. After Nick and Frank Rabe stopped the Roh-hatz, she and Rocky were arrested for breaking and entering.



  • Her name and appearance is a reference to the folktale Goldilocks, which is the theme of "Bears Will Be Bears". Gelde, which is close to 'Gilda' means Gold in German.
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