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Gesetzbuch Ehrenkodex
Purpose: Safety of all Wesen
Location: Book of Law
Referenced: "Natural Born Wesen"
"The Show Must Go On"

The Code of Honor or Code of Swabia (Ger. Ehrenkodex or Schwabenkodex) constrains Wesen from exposing themselves woged in public or from killing Kehrseite.

This rule and others were written in the Book of Law (the Gesetzbuch) by the Wesen Council of Wallenstadt in 1521. Wesen came from all corners of the Earth to discuss what was to occur, and "it establishes guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of the Wesen Community." This was also an important Grimm moment, as Nick found details about the Council in one of his Grimm diaries, implying that at least some Grimms were also involved in the Gesetzbuch Ehrenkodex creation. The reason for its creation and its goal is to prevent problems being created for the Wesen community, as Monroe reveals the 16th and 17th Century "witch hunts" were caused by several Wesen not obeying this rule, leading to "300 years of hell" for the other Wesen. According to Monroe, it is the most important law of honor Wesen have. The rule is enforced by the Wesen Council, who will punish any violators with death. ("Natural Born Wesen")

The code is not violated in the case of Wesen exploitation if said Wesen were only presenting their woge before the public in such a way that Kehrseite will instantly assume it to be fake, such as a "magic trick," rather than intimidation. ("The Show Must Go On")


  • The German 'Gesetzbuch' has, like the analogous English 'statute', a sense of the fixed and rigid, the hidebound record of immutable law. However, there is also a difference, since the 'setz' root gives rise to the English 'sit', whereas the Latin 'stat' leads to 'stand' and 'stay'.


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