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Gedächtnis Essers are fleshy colored with a dark maw and multiple tentacles. They appear to stronger than humans, as Timothy managed to fight on even terms and knock out Trubel (although Trubel had her hands tied behind her back).
Gedächtnis Essers are fleshy colored with a dark maw and multiple tentacles.

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Gedächtnis Esser
401-Gedächtnis Esser
Notables: Handcuff Timothy Perkal

A Gedächtnis Esser (guh-DAYKHT-niss ESS-er; Germ. Gedächtnis "memory" + Esser "eater") is an octopus-like Wesen that first appeared in "Thanks for the Memories".


"Thanks for the Memories"

Timothy Perkal, posing as Lawrence Anderson goes to Henry Slocombe's house and tells him that he is a friend of Danny Rivera's. Henry says that Danny has always spoken highly of him. Timothy then tells him that Danny has been in a terrible accident. Henry invites Timothy in and asks what he's heard and how bad it is. Timothy tells him it was some sort of severe head injury before he woges. Timothy grabs Henry with his hands as he uses four of his tentacles to go into the back of Henry's head as they fall to the ground. After a few minutes, Timothy finishes his attack on Henry. He stands up while Henry is disoriented on the ground. Timothy grabs his stuff and is about to leave when Henry's girlfriend, Alexandra walks in. Timothy grabs a little statue and hits her over the head, killing her.

"Octopus Head"

Timothy, having dyed his hair black and donning a pair of thick black glasses, accesses Henry Slocombe's memories to obtain Kent Vickers' phone number and address. He calls Kent and spins him a story about Henry having been in an accident. He arranges to meet Kent at his home so he can fill him in on everything.

Kent lets Timothy into his house and questions him about Henry's injury. Timothy then asks for a glass of water. Kent leaves the room to get it and Timothy sees Trubel outside looking around the house. Trubel approaches a glass door and peers inside where she sees Kent knocked out on the floor. As she turns around, Timothy hits her in the head with a piece of firewood. Timothy brings Trubel into the house and slaps her back to consciousness, and questions her as to why she was following him. He tells her it doesn't matter because he will find out. He says "it's all in there" as he taps her forehead. He woges and Trubel squeezes her eyes shut. Timothy goes over to Kent, who is still unconscious on the floor and rolls him onto his back and begins stealing his memories.

Trubel, whose hands are tied behind her back, runs up and attacks using just her feet and knees. After a short fight, Timothy overcomes her and throws her through a glass coffee table, knocking her out. He tells her that she can lie all she wants, but he will get the truth out of her. He woges and latches his tentacles onto Trubel's head. Timothy starts consuming Trubel's memories and sees the traumatic things she's dealt with because she is a Grimm. He breaks off contact and looks into her eyes, retracts, and scrambles across the room shouting that she is a Grimm as Trubel's memories keep going through his head. Nick and Hank burst in and Hank handcuffs Timothy.


Gedächtnis Essers are fleshy colored with a dark maw and multiple tentacles.


Gedächtnis Essers use four tentacles to burrow into their victim's heads to steal their memories which can be used to take over their identities. It takes considerable effort for them to process these stolen memories. Furthermore, it seems the memories extracted from a Grimm will leave them in a traumatic state given the violence they often inflict upon Wesen. Consequentially, they are quite fearful of Grimms.

Excerpt from Grimm Diaries

It is not known how this Wesen removes the memories of its victims, only that it can. I surmise it has something to do with the electrical charges in the brain. After an attack the victims are usually diagnosed with advanced dementia.

From interviewing some of these unfortunate souls, I can see why. This is one of the most heinous Wesen I have ever encountered.

They rob the victims of their very lives by stealing their past and leaving them void of any human connection, devastating to their loved ones, and leaving the victim unable to identify the attack or the attacker. Justice within the confines of the law is therefore impossible.

I witnessed this Wesen attack a woman -- four of his tentacles pierced the back of her skull.

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Grimm - Creature Profile Gedachtnis Esser (Digital Exclusive)

Grimm - Creature Profile Gedachtnis Esser (Digital Exclusive)

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