Opening Quote: "Maybe this world is another planet's hell." – Aldous Huxley

Scene: Nick and Renard remain in shock after Renard unexpectedly killed Bonaparte.

Nick: I guess I should thank you. [He looks at Bonaparte lying dead on the ground] I thought you were on his side.
Renard: You killed all of them. You were shot. You're not even wounded. They said you were dead.
Nick: I think I was.
Renard: How does that happen?
Nick: I'm not sure. Why'd you stop him?
Renard: I'm not sure either. [He drops the sword and leaves the loft]
[Nick heads toward the tunnel door]

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee head back towards the others to see if anyone found a way out of the tunnels.

Rosalee: [She sighs] Maybe one of the others found a way out.
[There's a metallic clutter beneath Monroe's feet]
Rosalee: What-what was that?
Monroe: [He picks up a hatchet] We got to go back.
Rosalee: Yeah.
Monroe: We break out. We can circle back for Nick. [He and Rosalee head back the way they came from]
[The scene shifts to Hank and Wu]
Wu: We shouldn't have left Nick.
Hank: He gave us no choice. This fight's not over.
Wu: It is for Nick.
Hank: It would have been for us if we had stayed. I'm not letting Renard get away with this.
Wu: Yeah, that son of a bitch is going down.
Hank: You hear that?
[Water rushes faintly]
Wu: Sounds like water. [He and Hank walk forward] There's an opening. [He tries to pull the grate off of the opening] It must connect to the city's storm drain.
Hank: Yeah, there's no way we can get out through there.
[The scene shifts back to Monroe and Rosalee as Monroe uses the hatchet to try and break off the lock of the opening]
Rosalee: [She and Monroe both sigh just before he manages to break the lock off] Oh, my God, this has to lead somewhere.
Monroe: [He pushes the gate door open] There. This could be the way out. [He climbs up a ladder] Looks like there's some kind of door up here. [He opens the door and looks around] Oh, my God. [He closes the door and starts heading down the ladder] We can get out this way. We got to go back and tell the others. [Once he is down the ladder, he tries to take Rosalee's hand to head back to the others, but she stands still] What?
Rosalee: I don't want to tell anybody about me being pregnant.
Monroe: Okay, right. I guess it's not really the time or the place for anything remotely happy.
Rosalee: I mean, why bring it up, right? We may not even be getting out of here.
Monroe: Hey. We are getting out of here.
Rosalee: I don't need you to cheer me up right now. We have no idea how many people attacked Nick or even if he's still alive or if they haven't found these tunnels and they're coming down here right now to kill us. I mean, I think I actually need you to cheer me up right now.
Monroe: Shh. Listen to me. If they come down here after us, it is gonna be their mistake. Okay?
[Rosalee chuckles]
Monroe: Come on. Let's go.
[The scene shifts to Trubel and Eve]
Trubel: What are we supposed to do now?
Eve: We keep fighting.
Trubel: Meisner's dead. Nick might be too. We can't do this alone.
Eve: We regroup. We rebuild.
Trubel: Not in Portland. [She sighs] I'm tired of waiting. I'm going back for Nick. [She and Eve stand up]
Eve: You stay here. You wait for the others. I owe him.
Trubel: Now who's talking?
Eve: I am. [She woges, but quickly falls to her knees]
Trubel: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
[Eve retracts]
Trubel: What's wrong?
Eve: I don't know. Something's in the way.
Trubel: You're feeling stuff.
Eve: No, I won't go back.
Rosalee: [She and Monroe walk up] What's wrong?
Eve: Nothing.
Trubel: Did you guys find a way out? [She pulls Eve back to her feet]
Monroe: Yeah, we can all get out, but it's back that way.
Trubel: I'm going back for Nick.
Hank: [He walks up with Wu] Us too.
Rosalee: Hey, guys, we found a way out.
Trubel: Nick didn't. [She takes out her machete]
[The group heads back towards the ladder into the loft. They stop when they hear footsteps]
Trubel: There's somebody coming.
Hank: All right, turn off the lights.
[They turn off their lights and slowly step forward as they see a flashlight getting closer]
Hank: Now.
Trubel: [She swings her machete up to Nick's throat] Nick!
Rosalee: Oh, my God.
Trubel: Sorry.
Wu: You're alive.
Hank: How many are behind you?
Nick: None.
Monroe: What? We saw tons of them.
Nick: Yeah, they're all dead.
Trubel: All of 'em?
Nick: Including Bonaparte.
Eve: You killed Bonaparte?
Nick: No. Renard did.
Rosalee: Renard?
Wu: Um... kind of looks like you were shot.
Monroe: Like, more than once.
Wu: You're not a ghost, are you?
Nick: I hope not.

Scene: Adalind stands around with Kelly.

Adalind: Daddy's gonna be all right. It's okay. Daddy's gonna be all right.
[Kelly coos]
Adalind: Daddy's gonna be all right. Yeah. [She hears a door close so she lays Kelly in his bed] It's okay.
[Renard walks into the room]
Adalind: Is Nick dead?
Renard: No.
Adalind: What did you do to him?
Renard: Not much. [He looks out a window]
Adalind: Is he okay?
Renard: He's alive.
Adalind: Well, then how are you here? What are you doing still alive?
Renard: Thanks for your concern.
Adalind: You and Bonaparte went to kill Nick. Why should I be concerned about you?
Renard: Bonaparte is dead.
Adalind: What?
Renard: Yeah, you must be relieved.
Adalind: Nick killed him?
Renard: No, he had nothing to do with it.
Adalind: Then who did?
Renard: I'm not entirely sure.
Adalind: You were there. How did you not see who killed him?
Renard: I saw it.
Adalind: You're not making any sense.
Renard: Because none of this makes any sense.
Adalind: Who killed him?
Renard: I killed him. I think. Maybe. I'm not sure.
Adalind: How can you not be sure about something like that?
Renard: I stabbed him. I stabbed him, but I didn't realize what I'd done until I saw that- that bloody sword in my hand. [He looks at Adalind] But you already know about that, don't you?
Adalind: I had nothing to do with this. Do you think I would risk that knowing what he can do to my children?
Renard: Has Diana been asleep all night?
Adalind: You're gonna blame Diana for this too?
Renard: Well, somebody made me kill Bonaparte, just like somebody killed Rachel. Who else has that kind of power?
[Flashback of Adalind and Diana watching as Rachel's sheets wrap around her face in "Set Up"]
Adalind: Diana saw the bruises on my neck, and she asked me if you had done it.
Renard: And what did you tell her?
Adalind: I said no, one of your friends did it and that she shouldn't worry about it.
[Renard walks towards the door]
Adalind: What are you gonna do?
Renard: I'm not gonna let Diana control our lives.
Adalind: If Diana made you kill Bonaparte, I'd go a little easy on the discipline.
[Renard stops as he opens the door]
Adalind: [She sighs] Bonaparte brought this on himself. He would have killed me. Maybe Diana just wanted her daddy to be a hero and save Mommy.
Renard: [He closes the door] Well, she got her wish.
Adalind: We better be careful what she wishes for.
Renard: Black Claw's gonna find out about Bonaparte, if they haven't already. And they're gonna go after whoever did it. [He goes to his closet]
Adalind: I assume you're not gonna confess?
Renard: No. [He grabs a shirt and tie] Somebody is. [He walks back towards Adalind]
Adalind: Who?
Renard: You should have never fallen in love with Burkhardt. Now you're gonna regret it. [He leaves]

Scene: Renard calls Stancroft.

Stancroft: [Sleepily answering his phone] Hello.
Renard: Wake up.
Stancroft: Who is this?
Renard: Sean Renard. I'm coming over.
Stancroft: At this hour?
Renard: I'll be outside your house in five minutes. [He hangs up]
[Stancroft sighs]

Scene: Adalind goes into Diana's room and sees a doll next to a needle on the foot of her bed.

Diana: Mommy?
Adalind: I'm sorry to wake you, sweetie.
Diana: That's okay. Is something wrong?
Adalind: Were you playing with your dolls again tonight?
Diana: [She looks at the doll on her bed] Mm-hmm. I couldn't sleep.
Adalind: Why not?
Diana: Because of that man who hurt your neck. He was mean, and I didn't want him to ever hurt you again, Mommy.
[Adalind lays down with Diana]

Scene: Everyone goes back up to the loft from the tunnels.

Rosalee: Oh, my God, Nick.
Monroe: Dude, there's so many.
Nick: They came here to kill all of us.
Trubel: Killed Bonaparte?
Nick: Renard didn't know what he was doing. He's gonna be trying to figure out a way to explain it.
Eve: [She walks up to Nick and lifts up the bottom of her jacket] You healed me. How?
Nick: It's the same way I was saved. [He takes the stick out of his pocket] Monroe and I found this in the Black Forest.
[Eve reaches for the stick]
Trubel: I wouldn't touch that if I were you.
Eve: What is it?
Trubel: It's connected with those keys.
Monroe: It's some kind of stick thing the Crusaders took when they sacked Constantinople. They hid it in a chest and then buried it under a church in the Black Forest behind a bunch of skulls that, when you turn the lights down, they kind of glow green and—
Rosalee: Long story. Basically, we don't know what it is.
Wu: All we know is, it has some kind of power to heal.
Hank: You were dying. Nick used it on you.
Nick: And it worked.
Hank: Then you had some kind of seizure.
Nick: And when you came to...
Eve: [She picks up her wig] I felt different.
Nick: How do you feel now?
Eve: Something's changed.
Trubel: Yeah, a lot's changed. I'm gonna have to tell HW what's happened.
Monroe: We should probably figure out how to deal with all these bodies. I mean, we can't just leave them here, you know? Not if you ever want to have a dinner party for the living.
Hank: Yeah, we have to deal with this.
Rosalee: Well, we can't put them in the elevator and walk them out the front door, so...
Wu: The tunnel. There's a big hole down there, dumps right into the storm drain.
Rosalee: What about the three bodies at the spice shop?
Nick: We're gonna have to deal with them, too, while it's still dark.
Eve: [She ties her hair up] I'll go with Monroe and Rosalee.
Trubel: I'm gonna go with them too, seeing as I'm the one that killed them.
Nick: Meet up with you later.
[Monroe, Rosalee, Trubel, and Eve leave]
Wu: So, uh, how do we get these guys down into the tunnel?

Scene: A body is dropped into the opening in the tunnel.

Scene: Stancroft gets into Renard's vehicle.

Stancroft: The hell do you think you're doing?
Renard: I need search warrants.
Stancroft: You woke me up for search warrants?
Renard: I need a lot of them.
Stancroft: I don't care if you are the new mayor. You don't come here in the middle of the night demanding anything.
[Renard woges, causing Stancroft to woge into a Hundjäger]
Renard: [He grabs Stancroft] Bonaparte's dead.
Stancroft: What? [He and Renard both retract, and Renard lets go of him]
Renard: Burkhardt killed him.
Stancroft: The Grimm killed Bonaparte?
Renard: And I'm taking him down for it.
Stancroft: How many warrants do you need?

Scene: Renard arrives at the precinct and sees the bodies of the two Black Claw cops that Wu killed.

Renard: What the hell happened here?
Franco: We're not sure, Captain. All we know is what the jailer told us. Seven North Precinct cops were sent to transport Burkhardt to the North Precinct, and somehow, between the time he was taken out of his cell to before he got out of the building, these two got into it with somebody... or something. There were no witnesses. The rest of us were out on a bunch of bogus 911 calls. And, you know, Captain, I think it's a little too coincidental that we got those calls just when they were coming to get Burkhardt.
Renard: He broke out before they could get him to the North Precinct.
Franco: What?
Renard: My guess is, Burkhardt had some help.
Franco: Nick?
Renard: I want him found, and I want him arrested. Put out an APB. Consider him armed and dangerous.
Franco: Sir, Nick wouldn't do this.
Renard: If he resists, shoot to kill.
Franco: [He looks at Renard] Yes, sir.
[Renard walks away]

Scene: Nick climbs out of the tunnel opening into the loft after the last body is dumped.

Hank: You probably shouldn't stay here now. Too many of the wrong people know where you live.
Wu: You stay out of sight till we find out what's going on.
Nick: You guys head back to the precinct. See what you can find.
Hank: We'll call you when we know something.
Nick: Watch your backs.
Wu: [Nick's phone buzzes in his pocket] Oh, this was on your desk at the precinct. [He hands the phone to Nick]
Nick: [He answers his phone] Adalind.
[Hank and Wu leave]
Adalind: I'm so happy to hear your voice. Are you all right? Yeah, are you? Renard was here. He told me what happened. He said Bonaparte's dead. Is that true?
Nick: Yeah, but I didn't kill him.
Adalind: I know. Renard said he did.
Nick: Where is he now?
Adalind: I don't know. He left. Nick, I really need to see you. So does Kelly. But I can't leave the house, not with the children here. Can you come over? The guards that were here are gone. Nick, please, I need you.
Nick: I'll be there as soon as I can.

Scene: Monroe, Rosalee, Trubel, and Eve arrive at the spice shop.

Trubel: Sorry for the mess. [Looking at the bodies] This one's a Hundjäger, and the other one was actually something I've never seen before.
Eve: Let's get 'em out of here.
Monroe: All right, you get the arms. I'll get the legs.
[As Eve grabs the arm of one of the dead agents, he suddenly grabs her and electricity crackles, as Eve's eyes go black]
Monroe: He grabbed her!
Rosalee: Eve!
Monroe: Eve! [He tries to free Eve from the dead agent's grip]
Rosalee: She's not responding. She's in some kind of trance.
Monroe: He won't let go.
[Glass shatters]
Trubel: He's dead.
Monroe: Try telling him that.
[The scene shifts to Eve's trance as she lets out a little yell. She is feet up, floating in the air, with lightning all around and a water vortex below. She is being held by the dead agent, who has three markings on his face. The man stares up at Eve. The scene shifts back to the spice shop]
Monroe: I can't get his hand off her.
Rosalee: I think I know what this is. It's a death grip.
Trubel: You've seen this before?
Rosalee: Read about it.
[The scene shifts back to Eve's trance briefly, before switching back to the spice shop]
Rosalee: [She looks for a book] Has to do with the fear of dying and getting stuck in the underworld. [She looks through a book] They believed that if you took a pure soul with you, you could trade your way into eternal afterlife or something.
[The scene shifts to Eve's trance as she grunts, before shifting back to the spice shop]
Rosalee: Ah, here it is. First documented by Egyptian Wesen under the reign of Merenre Nemtyemsaf II in the sixth dynasty.
Monroe: Oh, my God. Does it say anything about how to stop it?
Rosalee: Yes, actually, it does.
Monroe: I don't think we have time for a complicated spell.
Rosalee: Not that complicated. [She goes over to the others]
[The scene shifts back to Eve's trance for a few moments, and then shifts back to the spice shop]
Monroe: Hurry up. I think we're losing her.
Rosalee: [She grabs Trubel's machete] Give me some room.
Monroe: Oh! [He and Trubel move out of the way]
[Rosalee cuts off the hand of the agent. In Eve's trance, the man falls into the water vortex below. Eve gasps as she comes out of her trance]
Trubel: Eve?
Eve: Yeah.
Monroe: Where the hell were you?
Eve: I'm not sure.
Rosalee: I don't think you should be handling dead guys right now.
Eve: Thanks.
Rosalee: The death grip supposedly trades a pure soul for freedom from hell.
Eve: Pure soul? I don't think so.
Monroe: Yeah, that doesn't really make so much sense. I mean, after everything she did? No offense.
Trubel: Maybe this has something to do with the stick. Maybe your soul is not as dark as it used to be. You know, like she got her soul cleaned.
Rosalee: I guess we could all use a little of that.
Monroe: I just wish I knew what the hell we were dealing with, 'cause this piece of wood is scaring the crap out of me.

Scene: Hank and Wu arrive at the precinct.

[Wu sees the crime scene unit around the two bodies. Flashback of Wu morphing into his primal state and going after the two Black Claw agents in "The Beginning of the End"]
Wu: [Quietly to Hank] Oh, crap. Those are the guys I killed.
Hank: Don't worry. They'll never connect this to you. There are no surveillance cameras. I saw you do it, and if I didn't know it was you, I wouldn't know it was you.
Franco: Hey. [He walks up] I'm glad to see you guys. I was worried you might be involved in this.
Wu: What? In this? Are you kidding us?
Franco: I don't know who's involved with what anymore. All hell's breaking loose around here. We just got word that North Precinct is basically wiped out. It's FBI now, and Captain's on the warpath, blaming Burkhardt for everything. I don't know what's going on between him and the captain, but it's getting bad. Why would Nick do any of this?
Hank: What are you talking about?
Franco: Captain thinks Burkhardt killed these two cops when he was busted out.
Wu: What?
Franco: Yeah, and now Burkhardt's on the run. We just put out an APB on him with a shoot-to-kill order. This is going south fast.
Hank: Where's Captain?
Franco: He's in his office. Listen, has Nick contacted you?
Hank: No.
Franco: Well, I'm thinking he should be turning himself in... or getting the hell out of the country, because I don't want anything to do with taking down one of our own.
[Hank and Wu walk away and go past Renard's office]
Wu: What's he doing?
Hank: Looks like he's cleaning out his office. If Renard's looking for a legitimate way to kill Nick, you can bet we're on his list.
Wu: Well, Renard's on my list.
Hank: We need to warn Nick. [He sits down at his desk]
[The scene shifts to Renard in his office as is phone rings and buzzes]
Renard: [He sighs and answers his phone] Yes.
Black Claw Member: Are you with Bonaparte?
Renard: No.
Black Claw Member: Where is he?
Renard: He's dead.
Black Claw Member: When?
Renard: Tonight.
Black Claw Member: How did he die?
Renard: The Grimm killed him.
Black Claw Member: We were told the Grimm was dead.
Renard: He should have been. Something's protecting him. I don't know what.
Black Claw Member: You find out and deal with it. We have suffered a major setback in Portland. It's imperative that you take control of the city.
Renard: I will. Don't worry. I'll have the Grimm in 24 hours.
[The Black Claw member hangs up. Renard then sees blood all over both of his hands and he drops his phone]
Franco: [He knocks and opens Renard's office door] Captain. Search warrants just came in. [He walks over to Renard and holds the warrants out for Renard to take]
[Renard looks down at his hands and no longer sees them covered in blood, so he takes the warrants from Franco]
Franco: Anything else?
Renard: Just get ready to go.
[Franco leaves and Renard looks down at his hands again]

Scene: Nick arrives at the Black Claw mansion to see Adalind.

Adalind: [She and Nick kiss immediately] Thank God you're alive. This has been awful.
Nick: Did Renard do this to your neck?
Adalind: No, Bonaparte. Nick, I'm the one who told him where you live. He would have killed me and our son.
Nick: I know. I know. You didn't have a choice. Where's Kelly?
Adalind: In my room. [She leads Nick upstairs]
[Kelly coos]
Nick: Hey. Hey! [He picks Kelly up] Has he been okay?
Adalind: Yeah, but I know he misses you.
Nick: Hey, bud. [He notices the ring on Adalind's finger] What is that?
Adalind: An engagement ring for me and Renard. Bonaparte put it there-and not normally. He said if I ever took it off, it would cause great pain to my children. I hate it, but I'm afraid to take it off without knowing how to break the spell. Even if he's dead, it could still survive.
Nick: We'll find a way to break it.
Adalind: I need to be with you.
[Kelly coos as Nick puts him back in his bed]
Nick: And what about Diana? She's with you now.
Adalind: I don't know. I know she wants me and her father to be together, but I'm afraid of what she might do. You don't know how powerful she is. But I hate him. I hate all of this. I got to get out of here.
Nick: You can't leave yet, not until I deal with Renard.
Adalind: I don't know how much longer I can do this. [She hugs Nick]
Nick: [His phone rings and he checks it] It's Hank. [He answers] Yeah, what have you got?
Hank: Renard wants you dead. We just got back to the precinct. He's got an APB out on you with a shoot-to-kill order. He's blaming what happened at North Precinct on you, among other things. He wants to take you down with the legitimacy of the city behind him. You need to find a place to lay low till we can figure this out.
Nick: Yeah, I'll call you when I get there.
Hank: I think we should stop using our cell phones.
Nick: Yeah.
Adalind: I'll warn the others. Good luck.
Nick: You too. [He and Hank hang up]
Adalind: If he hurts you, I will kill him.
Nick: You can't take any chances. But if I don't come back, feel free.
Adalind: Where are you gonna go? No, no, no, no. Don't tell me. [She and Nick make out]

Scene: Eve and Trubel arrive at the loft.

Trubel: Nick?
Eve: He's not here.
Trubel: Maybe they're still in the tunnel dumping bodies.
[Eve looks at the bed. Flashback of Nick healing Eve's wound with the stick in "The Beginning of the End"]
Eve: How much do you know about the stick that he used to heal me with?
Trubel: Not much more than he told you.
Eve: Does he always carry it?
Trubel: No, he got it out to help you.
Eve: Got it out from where?
Trubel: Where he keeps it hidden with the cloth wrapped around it. [She takes the cloth out of her pocket] Kind of forgot I had it. Nick left it on the bed when he got out the stick to heal you. It's really old. Ancient writing on it. Can't really see most of it.
[Eve takes the cloth from Trubel and looks at it]
Trubel: [Her phone rings and she answers] Yeah.
Hank: Trubel, where are you?
Trubel: We're in the loft. Nick's not here.
Hank: I know. Is Eve with you?
Eve: I'm here.
Hank: What about Monroe and Rosalee?
Trubel: They were headed home.
Hank: [To Wu] Monroe and Rosalee are home. [To Trubel] Listen, there's not much time. Renard's got a APB out on Nick. He's got every cop in the city looking for him. He wants Nick dead. Now, they'll be hitting Nick's loft, so get out of there.
Trubel: Got it. [She hangs up as sirens approach the loft] Hank was right. Here they come.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee get into bed.

Monroe: How are you feeling?
Rosalee: Tired.
Monroe: Me too. But I'm happy. Despite everything that's going on, the thought of being a dad and you being a mom and—
Rosalee: And us being a family. I know. [She and Monroe kiss and she snuggles up to him]
Monroe: Although...
Rosalee: What?
Monroe: I've just been thinking. Maybe Portland isn't, like, the safest place to raise a family right now, you know? I mean, with Renard as mayor, who knows what's gonna become of this city?
Rosalee: Let's not think about that stuff anymore tonight. Let's just try to get some sleep.
Monroe: Okay.
Rosalee: I love you.
Monroe: I love you too. [He and Rosalee kiss and he turns off the light, but right after, his phone rings] It's the precinct. [He answers] What now?
Wu: [Whispering] Hey, are you with Rosalee?
Monroe: Yeah.
Wu: Okay, good. She should hear this too.
Monroe: Okay. [He puts the call on speaker]
Rosalee: What's wrong?
Wu: Renard put out an APB shoot-to-kill on Nick.
Monroe: What?
Wu: He's got search warrants. They will be hitting your shop and your house. Do not try to stop them.
Rosalee: Where's Nick?
Wu: We don't know. And it's better that we don't.
[There is pounding on the door]
SERT Officer: This is the police!
Rosalee: Oh, my God, they're here.
Monroe: You stay here.
Rosalee: I'm not staying here. If they're gonna shoot one of us, it's going to be in front of the other.
[More pounding on the door]
SERT Officer: We have a warrant!
Rosalee: Nope, that didn't come out right. [She and Monroe head downstairs]
Monroe: All right, all right.
SERT Officer: Open the door, now!
Monroe: Just a second.
[The door suddenly bursts open and multiple officers come in]
SERT Officer: We have a warrant for the arrest of Nicholas Burkhardt and a warrant for the search of the premises.
Monroe: Okay, he's not here, man, and my wife is pregnant, so take your hands—
SERT Officer: [He points his gun at Monroe] Do not attempt to interfere.

Scene: SERT officers search the spice shop for Nick.

Scene: Trubel and Eve hide in the tunnels while SERT officers search the loft.

SERT Officer: No Burkhardt.
SERT Officer 2: Clear!
[The elevator whirs while Eve examines the cloth as a symbol starts to appear]
Trubel: I think they're leaving.
Eve: There are patterns on this cloth. [She holds the cloth out for Trubel to see] Here?
Trubel: I don't see 'em.
Eve: You don't? [She puts the cloth up against a wall] They're right here and here and here.
Trubel: I can't see what you're seeing.
Eve: I've seen them before.
Trubel: Where?
[Flashback to the symbols on the Black Claw agent's face in Eve's death grip trance]

Scene: Franco updates Renard on the search for Nick.

Franco: No sign of Burkhardt yet. All these locations have been checked and cleared. A surveillance team has been left at each location.
Renard: What about his vehicle?
Franco: Hasn't been located.
Renard: What about his phone?
Franco: It's no longer operational. He probably took the SIM card out.
Renard: He's somewhere in the city.
Franco: Well, by now, he knows it's a full-on manhunt. And he's not stupid. He knows how this works. So he might not even be in the city anymore.
Renard: I don't care where he is. I don't care what it takes. I want him found! [He suddenly sees blood around Franco's eyes and nose]
Franco (Meisner's Voice): You chose the wrong side, Sean.
Officer Welsh: [From the doorway] We located Burkhardt's car.
Franco: Where?
Officer Welsh: Laurelhurst.
Renard: [Shaken by what he saw and heard from Franco] Seal off the area. Search every house, block by block. One mile perimeter.
Franco: Sir, that's not—
Renard: Just do it!
[Franco looks at Renard for a couple seconds before leaving Renard's office with Welsh]

Scene: Bud arrives at his repair shop.

Bud: [He opens the door to a back room and starts to freak out when he realizes he isn't alone] Oh, my God! Hey, take anything you want.
Nick: Bud!
Bud: Huh?
Nick: It's me.
Bud: Nick? Oh, thank God. You scared the living—
Nick: I need your help.
Bud: Well, yeah. Of course. Anything you need. I'm guessing it's not your refrigerator.
Nick: No, but I'm on the run, and I need a place to hide.
Bud: Oh, that's why you're here. Oh. Yeah, okay, okay. What do you need me to do?
Nick: Do you have a cell phone?
Bud: Yeah, yeah. Right here, right here. [He takes his phone out of his pocket]
Nick: Okay, I need you to make some calls.
Bud: Yeah. What... this is serious, isn't it?
Nick: Renard wants me dead.

Scene: Hank and Wu talk about the latest news in the search for Nick.

Wu: They haven't found him.
Hank: Good.
Wu: But they found his car.
Hank: Where?
Wu: Laurelhurst. Nick know anyone there?
Hank: Not that I know of.
[The phone rings]
Hank: [Answering] Griffin.
Bud: Hey, Hank. It's me, Bud.
Hank: Yeah, hi. Look, we're kind of busy, Bud.
Bud: Yeah, yeah, I heard. I kind of got a little problem.
Hank: What kind of problem?
Bud: I think I had a break-in in my repair shop. You don't suppose you and Sergeant Wu could come over and check things out? Because the perp, uh, that's what you call 'em, right?
Hank: Uh-huh.
Bud: Could still be in there. I mean, what if he was a wanted man?
Hank: Yeah, yeah, that could be dangerous. We're on our way. [He hangs up. To Wu] You might want to change your clothes.

Scene: Hank and Wu arrive at Bud's shop.

Bud: [Looking out the window] They're here, but-but they took a cab. Why would they take a cab? [He opens the door]
Wu: Hey.
Bud: [He closes the blinds on the door] You took a cab so you wouldn't be followed, right?
Wu: Two cabs, one train, and a little walking. Not in that order.
Hank: Where is he?
Bud: This way. [He leads Hank and Wu to the back where Nick, Monroe, Rosalee, Eve, and Trubel are waiting]
Nick: They put a tail on you?
Hank: They did.
Wu: We lost it.
Monroe: We were followed too, but I'm pretty sure we lost them in a bar downtown.
Trubel: Yeah, they were watching the loft when we left.
Hank: You left your car in Laurelhurst.
Nick: Last night.
Wu: They are searching the hell out of that area.
Nick: Well, that should keep 'em busy for a while.
Trubel: We contacted HW.
Rosalee: Is anyone still alive?
Trubel: Not here in Portland.
Eve: But Black Claw was badly compromised here too. Renard is on his own.
Trubel: Yeah, make it easier for us to kill him.
Hank: Not really. He's got cops with him day and night.
Bud: So what do we do about Nick?
Wu: I think he has to leave Portland. Renard won't stop until you're dead.
Rosalee: Then maybe that's what you have to do.
Nick: If I leave Portland, Renard will control everything.
Rosalee: Nick, we can't afford to lose you.
Monroe: Look, we need to think of someplace safe, and obviously it's not here. So I hate to say this, Nick, but maybe they're right. Maybe you got to go.
Nick: You should go back to the precinct. Get back to work like everything's normal. I don't want you getting drawn into this any more than you already have.
Hank: I don't like it, but okay.

Scene: Franco talks with Renard about the search around where Nick's car was found.

Franco: We're still searching the Laurelhurst area, but so far, we got nothing. We've already checked several blocks away from the parked car.
Renard: He dumped it there for us to find.
Officer Welsh: [He knocks on the door] Captain?
Renard: Yeah.
Officer Welsh: We've run every incoming and outgoing phone call on Burkhardt's cell phone. Besides the ones we've already checked, there's only one other number that has any kind of frequency.
Renard: What is it?
Officer Welsh: Probably doesn't mean anything. We checked it out. It's a refrigerator repair company owned by a...
Renard: Bud Wurstner.
Officer Welsh: Yeah, that's him.
Renard: Check his house. Check his repair shop. I want teams at both places. Now!
[Franco and Welsh leave]

Scene: Franco talks with Renard about where teams are going to as Wu and Hank walk by.

Franco: We're moving teams from here to here. What do you want us to do when they're in place?
Wu: I don't like the look of that.
Hank: How do we stop that son of a bitch? There's always a bullet.
Wu: I'm sort of half joking.
Hank: I'm sort of half laughing.
Wu: Something's going on.
Hank: That something's coming at us.
Renard: [He walks up] I know you know where Burkhardt is. I will find him, and if either one of you gets in my way, I'm coming for you next.
Hank: And we won't be hard to find.
[Renard walks away]
Wu: If he finds Nick...
[Hank's phone rings]
Wu: ...they're not gonna be bringing him in. Renard wants uniforms to do his killing for him.
Hank: [He answers his phone] Griffin. Where? Yeah, white female body. Uh-huh. Yeah. I got it. [He hangs up] Got a body ID'd as Rachel Wood.
Wu: Rachel Wood?
Hank: Yeah, I think you should come with me on this one. We need to be watching our backs for the time being.

Scene: The group talks about transportation for Nick.

Monroe: I mean, we could take you in our car, but if they're watching us, they're watching our car.
Trubel: Why don't you just steal one?
Nick: 'Cause there's a risk in that too.
Rosalee: What about Bud?
Bud: Right, what? What-what-what about me?
Rosalee: Your truck. You're off the grid.
Monroe: Mm, for now.
Trubel: Any chance we can see what vehicles the police are tracking?
Nick: Whatever car they put a BOLO on should be in the system.
Monroe: Can you get into the system?
Nick: If I access it, they'll know. Wu could help, but somebody else is gonna have to make that call.
Trubel: I'll call Wu. Nobody can track my phone.
Eve: Do you know what these mean? [She shows Nick her drawings of the symbols she saw on the cloth and the Black Claw agent's face]
Nick: No.
Eve: When I was with Monroe and Rosalee, I touched one of the Black Claw bodies.
Monroe: Oh, yeah, right. That was fun. First time I've ever seen a death grip from a dead guy.
Eve: I saw these symbols on his face when I was there... and also on the cloth.
Monroe: Maybe there was more on that cloth than we could see.
Eve: Do you still have the stick with you?
Nick: Yes.
Eve: I'm not sure you should be carrying it all the time.

Scene: Hank and Wu are led to Rachel's body.

Officer: Miss Wood's coworker grew concerned when he couldn't reach her. He came over and discovered this.
Hank: All right. Bring in CSU. Get this whole place fingerprinted.
[The officer leaves]
Wu: She was Renard's campaign PR person.
Hank: Yeah. When you're murdered in bed, it's usually by someone you know.

Scene: Franco parks near Bud's shop to watch it.

Dispatch: 274, go ahead.
Franco: This is Unit 274, near the corner of Marks and Milwaukee. Just completed a drive-by. There's one truck parked in front. Belongs to the company. No sign of the suspect. No activity at the exterior of the premises. We're gonna have to send somebody in.

Scene: Hank looks at information on Rachel and Wu updates him on BOLOs.

Wu: This is not good. There are BOLOs out on Monroe and Rosalee's cars, your car and mine- and Bud's.
Hank: Bud's on the list?
Wu: Yup, and the BOLO just came back on his truck. It's at his shop.
Hank: Son of a bitch. We need to get Nick out of there now. Call Trubel.
Wu: On it.

Scene: The doorbell buzzes at Bud's shop.

Bud: Oh, jeez! Oh, jeez. S-s-somebody's here. What do I do? What do I do? What do I—
Nick: Just calm down. Probably just a customer.
[Trubel's phone rings]
Nick: Why don't you go find out what they want?
Bud: Right, right. Business as usual. Okay. [He walks away]
Trubel: [She answers her phone] Wu. Okay. Yeah, I'll put you on speaker. [She puts the call on speaker]
Wu: They know about Bud. They put a BOLO out on his truck. It's in front of his shop.
Hank: They're watching it, Nick. You got to get out of there now.
[Monroe sighs]
Nick: Got it, thanks.
Trubel: Check in with you when we can.
[The call ends]
Hank: I'm gonna find out if Tactical's making a move. Check with Franco.
Wu: Yup.
[The scene shifts back to Bud's shop]
Nick: [He looks out a window] Well, looks clear.
Bud: [He returns to the others] Oh, I hate that.
Monroe: What?
Bud: Oh, you know, people coming in here with a problem, asking me how much it's gonna cost to repair the refrigerator, and they don't even know what kind of refrigerator they got.
Nick: Bud, I don't think that was a customer. That was a cop.
Rosalee: Oh, God.
Nick: They're watching the shop.
Trubel: Nick, you got to get out of here, now.
Nick: We need a diversion. If they think I'm in here, they're gonna send in a SERT team. Bud.
Bud: Huh?
Nick: Back your truck into the loading bay. Help him load in a freezer.
Bud: W-why?
Monroe: So they think you're in it.
Eve: Bud.
Bud: Wh-?
Eve: You're the diversion.
Bud: Right, right, right. They follow me. Uh, hey, you could fit in that one if you were gonna fit in one. I haven't fixed it yet, but, uh, but I guess that doesn't matter right now.
Trubel: I don't see anybody.
Nick: You won't.
[The scene shifts to Franco outside as his phone rings]
Franco: [He answers] Franco.
Wu: Hey, it's Wu. Where are you?
Franco: Captain ordered me not to talk to you guys.
Wu: Captain's out of control.
Franco: Seems like, but he's still got rank.
Wu: I got to ask you something.
Franco: Drew, you're putting me in a tough spot here.
Wu: Okay, then you don't need to. I'm gonna give you an address. If that's where you are, don't say anything. 4046 Marks.
[Franco stays silent]
Wu: Thanks. [He hangs up]
[The scene shifts to the precinct]
Hank: SERT team's been ordered to Bud's shop.
Wu: Franco's there. It's going down.
Hank: What the hell are we gonna do?
Wu: Wish I knew.
Tech: [She walks up] We ran the fingerprints from the Rachel Wood apartment. This is where it gets a little awkward. Well, that's why I brought it up personally.
Hank: What kind of awkward are we talking about?
Tech: Captain Renard's fingerprints are all over that place. I know she was working on his campaign, but I think she was working on something else.
Hank: [Softly] All right.

Scene: Bud and Monroe load a fridge into the back of Bud's truck.

Bud: [He grunts] Oh, okay. Okay. Okay. [He grunts]
[The fridge is successfully loaded into the truck and Monroe goes back inside. Bud hears tires squealing and sees multiple vehicles pull up and SERT officers get out. Renard also gets out of his vehicle and stands with Franco and the SERT Team Commander]
Franco: Suspect's vehicle just pulled into the loading bay. They loaded in a freezer big enough to hold a man.
Renard: They're getting ready to go. Get in position.
[The scene shifts inside the shop]
Bud: Nick! Nick! We're too late. They're surrounding the place. We're all gonna die!
[Nick looks out the window. The scene shifts back outside]
SERT Officer Over the Radio: All clear. Let's go. Let's go.
[SERT teams begin to get into position. The scene shifts back inside]
Rosalee: [To Eve] Isn't there something you can do?
Eve: I can try. [She tries to woge, but she's unable to and starts to fall to the ground]
Nick: Eve! [He grabs Eve as she falls to her knees] Oh!
Eve: I'm so sorry.
[The scene shifts back outside]
SERT Commander: We're in position, sir.
Renard: Take them down.


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