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216-Fuchsteufelwild woge
Other languages: German: Wilder Fuchsteufel
Hungarian: Haragoskobold
Russian: Бесогневец
Spanish: Fuchsteufelwild
Farsi: فوکس توی فِل ویلد
Notables: Dead Trinket Lipslums

A Fuchsteufelwild (FOOKS-toy-fuhl-vilt; Ger. fuchsteufelswild "furious as a fox-devil") is a goblin-like Wesen that appeared in "Nameless".


When woged, Fuchsteufelwild gain green skin and sharply pointed ears and noses, as well as fangs. Most notably, their four fingers fuse into two large digits from which extend razor sharp fingernails, which are semi-retractable, and a thicker thumb. Their voices also become higher and more shrill, much like a Wendigo's.

Their nails drip a highly corrosive acid, which is generated from the muscles in their hands, and can be secreted at will. When the acid is used in conjunction with their nails, Fuchsteufelwild can cut through flesh like a hot knife through butter. The acid is also strong enough to cut through much tougher substances, such as wood, glass, and even solid metal. Despite being small in stature, Fuchsteufelwild can leap incredible heights and distances, even while in human form. They are also very fast and agile and can move with great stealth. They apparently possess superhuman strength, as their stump is told to be able to shutter the earth beneth it, however they are likely not as strong as Grimms, considering that they perfer to run away from them.

Fuchsteufelwild are highly intelligent and clever, which allows them to concoct their highly elaborate plans.


Fuchsteufelwild are highly sadistic and love to play intricate games with their victims. While the nature of their games varies, they all have one thing in common: the victim must guess the Fuchsteufelwild's name, which is always an anagram of the letters that make up the name Rumpelstiltskin. Due to their enormous egos, Fuchsteufelwild will become violent if they feel like they are about to lose, and they will frequently try to kill their victims. If they know there is no way they can win, Fuchsteufelwild will often commit suicide. Despite their formidable offensive capabilities, Fuchsteufelwild prefer to take on their prey one at a time via ambush, likely stemming from their small stature. If faced with multiple well-armed foes, Fuchsteufelwild will run. Fuchsteufelwild are particularly terrified of Grimms.

Excerpt from Grimm DiariesEdit

This ill-tempered creature is small in stature but capable of horrible and cunning acts of violence. He has an immense ego for such a nasty little beast.

One might be inclined to laugh at him but it is not advisable for he is equipped (sic) with fierce bone-like fingers and powerful legs. His leap is far and his stomp can cause the earth to shutter (sic) beneath him. Its muscles secrete a highly concentrated acid allowing them to burn and slice through victims.

In the Wesen state, this beast's fingers become two digits and two extraordinary bone-like nails.

  • Kilters Pintslum
  • Stumps Riltecnil
  • Mike Trillspuntss
  • Ski Lentilstrump
  • Prim Lintelstuk
  • Trinket Lipslums
  • Klein Muttpriss
  • Sterlin Splikmut
  • Primue Enkiltte
  • Nerm Pittillus'ke'
  • Merlin Kitspulst
  • Nikel Struptism
  • Murk Tipslintils
  • Skip Strumtillen
  • Pittil Smurklens
  • Kit Spurnmillets
  • Skimps Rutentills
  • Utensils Plirkmt
Each name seems to use the same set of letters.

Season 2 Blu-ray Grimm Guide ProfileEdit

A scary, goblin-like Wesen whose fingernails extend into long, sharp blade-bones. Its muscles secrete a highly concentrated acid, allowing those blade-bones to burn and slice through its victims.



Creature Profile Fuchsteufelwild - Grimm

Creature Profile Fuchsteufelwild - Grimm


  • In "Nameless", the Fuchsteufelwild's name is "Trinket Lipslums," which, like all names of Fuchsteufelwild, is an anagram for "Rumpelstiltskin."
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Accipitrid Wesen Barbatus Ossifrage, Geier, Steinadler
Amphibian Wesen Folterseele
Bovine Wesen Fuilcré, Heftigauroch, Taureus-Armenta
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Rodent Wesen Eisbiber, Mauzhertz, Reinigen, Riesen-Ratte, Stangebär
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Spiralian Wesen Gedächtnis Esser, Huntha Lami Muuaji, Lebensauger
Strigiform Wesen Scharfblicke
Suinan Wesen Bauerschwein, Malin Fatal, Schinderdiv
Ursid Wesen Jägerbar
Vulpine Wesen Fuchsbau, Kitsune, Vulpesmyrca

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