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Freddy Calvert


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Actor: Randy Schulman
Gender: Male
Type: Fuchsbau
Service of: Laufer (activist)
Relationships: Dead George Calvert, father
Gloria Calvert, mother
Rosalee Calvert, sister
DeEtta Calvert, sister
Lois, aunt
Monroe, brother-in-law
Triplet niece(s) and/or nephew(s)
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot by Clint Vickers
Job: Spice shop owner

Frederick "Freddy" Calvert was a Fuchsbau who owned the Exotic Spice & Tea Shop and was Rosalee's older brother.


"Organ Grinder"Edit

Monroe told Nick about a Wesen spice shop that sold human organs as "spices" and "herbs" in addition to traditional botanical spices and herbs. Monroe then went to the shop and purchased some Gallenblase for $300 from Freddy. Nick then entered the shop and threatened Freddy to make him inform him of his contacts and the locations of the organ harvesters. Nick proceeded to destroy his organ stock and ordered him to stop selling human organs.

"Island of Dreams"Edit


Freddy dead and getting the skin he bit off Clint Vickers' leg removed from his mouth

Adalind Schade stopped by his shop to pick up the ingredients for the Zaubertrank 23 she was making for Hank. Freddy, realizing who and what she was, did not charge her and said it was "on the house." After Adalind left, Joshua Hall and Clint Vickers came in and demanded an exotic spice, Jay, at gunpoint. Freddy told them the Jay was in the basement, and the robbers went to take it after beating Freddy to the ground. While they were getting the drug, an injured Freddy pressed the panic button on the alarm system. Realizing that the police would arrive soon, the robbers left hastily. Freddy managed to bite the leg of Vickers as they tried to leave the shop. In order to escape, the robber fatally shot Freddy and fled the scene.

Hidden LifeEdit

After his death, his estranged sister Rosalee Calvert came to Portland to identify his remains and close up his shop. She eventually decided to remain and take over the store herself. Several months later, when she and Monroe were stocking shelves, they came upon passports issued to Freddy from three different countries in different names: ("The Thing with Feathers")

  • Brazil: Hintz, Martin
  • Canada: Marantz, Jerad
  • Germany: Banholzer, John

A few weeks later, Rosalee and Monroe discovered that Freddy had been aiding the Laufer, hence the need for fake travel documents and cover identities. ("Cat and Mouse")

During the panic created by the robberies carried out by Cole Pritchard, Krystal Fletcher, and Gus Campbell, frightened members of the Wesen community gathered at the spice shop, demanding that something be done. Rosalee revealed to Monroe that Freddy had a contact on the Wesen Council. ("Natural Born Wesen")


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