Frankie Gonzales


311-Frankie woged

Actor: Emily Rios
Gender: Female
Type: Steinadler
Relationships: Dead Adam Desai, former CO
Status: Living
Job: Army Veteran
TV Show: "The Good Soldier"

Francesca "Frankie" Gonzales is an Army veteran Steinadler who appeared in "The Good Soldier".


"The Good Soldier"Edit

Frankie was seen sitting in her car outside the VFW bar. She then unrolled her sleeve and sliced her arm with a pocket knife.

In the VFW, Frankie sat herself at the table where Ron Hurd was seated. Ron at first did not recognize her, but he then later realized who she was and angrily snapped that she needed to leave. Frankie was furious about something that she could not put behind her. She then showed him her scarred arm, pressing a napkin on the cuts she had made in the car earlier, and slammed the napkin down onto the table. As Ron left, Frankie yelled, "I'm not going away until you admit what you did."

Frankie later appeared at Ron's home and was thrown back by Ron, who told her that he would throw her in jail if she didn't leave. She screamed that she was never going away until Ron admitted what he did.

Later on, Frankie appeared at Troy Dodge's home and was let in by his wife. When Troy came home, he furiously questioned what Frankie was doing in his house and demanded that she get out. Before leaving, Frankie asked him how sex was with his wife and questioned if he thought of her (Frankie).

When Nick and Hank talked to Colonel Adam Desai, he told them what happened to Frankie in the military; Ron Hurd, Troy Dodge, Robert Hammonds, and Jim McCabe had gang raped Frankie and gotten away with it.

Frankie then appeared in front of Jim McCabe's car, screaming at him that she was never going away. She was then arrested and taken in by Nick and Hank.

At the precinct, Frankie was accused of murdering Ron, Robert, and the Dodges out of revenge for what they did and was accused by Nick of being a Manticore, the Wesen that killed them. She then woged into a Steinadler, showing that she did not kill them. She later helped them trace a call to Desai's location, the VFW bar.

Afterwards, Hank and Nick told Frankie what Desai had done for her, and she left, finally obtaining the justice and closure she wanted.



  • Her birthday is March 13, 1987 according to her military profile, but in her police record, her birthday is shown to be April 27, 1989 (April 27, 1989 is also the birthday of Emily Rios, who portrayed Frankie).
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